tagNon-EroticDress to Kill

Dress to Kill


The fancy dress party was in full swing as the Hunchback walked through the door of the night club, none of the other people seem to noted him as there more famous monsters in there five and sixes vampires all with chalk white faces and gelled back hair, ghosts of many shapes and colours and many other creations from angles to nylon wearing nuns each dancing, swinging and at the bar drinking, added to the waiters and other bar staff dressed in the same way it was easy of the Hunchback to go around without anyone changing him, the strange thing was that he hadn't taken too much time, into his costume compared too any of the others, all it was a old green coat turned inside out a moulded face mask and even older pair of black trousers with patches on there knees and what looked a mis-shaped hump on this back the only thing that like any effect had gone into was the fake iron leg bracelet around his left leg, but this didn't stop him from dancing around the dance floor and as the hour of midnight slowly came he made sure he had moved all round the club,

From one end to the other, making sure he coved every inch of it, thought ever one of the seven hundred relieves pushed into the small club all now half-drunk but still dancing and swinging to ever growing loud music. In fact the Hunchback had been plan this for weeks and had made sure that no one had touch him as he moved around and around the club to hide what was under his hump, unimpressive on the outside it may have looked but on in the hump was a work of art, in fact the hump was made up of a five gallon drum of high grade alcohol tied to his back with old power cable, the leg iron which looked so out of place was in fact holding the end a long rubber tube which ran from the bottom of the drum and which the patch work trousers hid at the end of the tube was a small piece of cork which was holding the alcohol in the drum, and it was all working as planed. The hunchback only had to bend down and pull out the cork and let the alcohol run down on to the dance floor, when ever he whished it too and oh how he whished it too,

There wasn't an inch of the club the hunchback had not dance that night and every were he went, bar area, seating area, dance floor, pool rooms and the toilets slick pools of alcohol were left behind him sometimes socking into the old dark carpet other times running in little streams along the floor were people walked in them but no one paid much attention to them always think there were the fact someone had spilt there drinks, the dark light of the club made the it really hard to see.

The hunchback had never known power like this in his life before as walked and danced thought the club oh how fun it was, the fact he could control the flow of the alcohol made him feel like a God, moving past the and sometime thought the crowds of people. Now he could punishes those he felt need it, the door men who last week who didn't let him in, had been they last mistake they would ever make, now were ever they went the hunchback followed making sure that they were well truly up to there knees in it, the most beautiful women and girls years of inference to his effects of a date with them, the villains of the night it was hard too tell a part with everyone in fancy dress he danced without out fear around them, in the course of his life he been under the thumb of most of them. He stopped dancing for a while and made shore that all the small pool he had made was linked.

He was very impressed how far the drum was going, he had coved the club more then four times as the hour of midnight came at least two of the five gallons were left sloshing around on his back. He was going out of his way to cover the dance floor as that would be were everyone would be at the clock stock midnight if nothing else went up he would make sure that would.

At a few minutes to midnight the hunchback didn't what to push his luck to far so after one last walk around the club he found just the right place to set up his little firework, so what if he had a few gallons left time wasn't on his side.

He bent down again and put the cork back into the tube, he then took a cigarette and a lighter out of his pocket, and he lit the cigarette and then very carefully stood the cigarette up right on the floor with lit only inches from the floor. The slick carpet held the cigarette nicely and it would do till it was pushed over by the door as he shut when he walked away, levering a small fire burning quietly,

The hunchback walked past the now packed dance floor and too the main doors of the club, no one notice him of course as the time slowly moved up too midnight the other monsters in the club crowed the floor.

The small fire could only be seconds away from reaching the others around the club so the feeling to run as hard to resist but it was something he didn't what to do, the big flare up didn't happen so quick how every in fact the hunchback had time to walk out of the club and into the cold night air, he even had time to walk about half way down the cannel pathway and sit on the bank and wait. He wasn't shore how much he would be able to see, but when the flare up came it wasn't hard to see, in fact the whole club was lit up like a Christmas tree the air was filled with a hundreds of screams and yells as the people tried to push there way to freedom and fresh air, the flames got higher and higher as the fire got to the large pool of alcohol around the dance floor, the hunchback smiled something he had not done for a all time, the smile got wider as somewhere the glass windows fell in as people tired to get out anyway they could. The screams got louder and the hunchback started to dance which was a little hard too but he tired his best, he herd the door crash up and he saw what was a person or what once had been a person but it was to coved in flame to tell whether or not it was a man or a woman,

The drum on the hunchback's back was being to fell a little heavy so he walked a little down the pathway away from the now almost dead and dying people he found a quite area with some cover from the tree with lined the path and stated to remove the drum from his back first me untied the cable and pulled the rubber tube from around his left leg. The drum slid from his back and rolled to the ground the shirt he was wearing now looking to big on him but he unbutton it a few times and made it look at lest semi-right, he finally removed his mask he did this carefully as fire-engines and police car were starting to appear, he pull his trousers a little high above his waist then using the power cable the tied the mask and the leg iron to the drum and using his leg kicked the it all in the cannel and he waited until it sank under the water and out of site in the deep green water.

And with that, ex-hunchback walked away from the cannel across the bridge and into the dark streets of the town knowing that no one could get him for the murder of five hundred people.

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