Dress Up


I don't know how to explain it. I am not gay although I may be passive bi. I have had sex with men, but not a lot and I have always been the one receiving, you know once a friend showed me a pack of pictures of his wife from fully dressed in conservative suit to complete nude with some action photos, her sucking his dick and fucking her self with a rubber dildo. I thumbed thru them while he suck my cock. Later I fucked his wife while he took pictures, but that another story. What I want to tell you about now is when I was younger. I loved the feel of women's under garments. I would sneak into the bathroom or laundry rooms of my friends and dig through the dirty closes until I found their mother or sisters panties and bras. Then I would smell and lick the crouch and cups and even the parts of the bras that ran under the arms and rub them over my face while I jerked off. I love the smell of women.

Then one day when my parents were gone out of town over night and left me at home by my self I got a idea. I went to one of my friends house down the street and while there asked to use the rest room, I knew that in there was hamper that was where his mother put her things when showered. Once by my self I opened the hamper and dug out her bra and panties, I held the panties to my face and breathed in the aroma from her long days work, my dick jumped to attention. I stuffed them down into my pockets and went back to my friends room and continued our discussion. After a respectful amount of time I excused myself and went back home.

Once in my bedroom I quickly stripped off and lay across my bed, sniffing the crouch of my new prize, while I stroked my cock. Then the thought came over me I don't know from where, but I thought, Wanda, my friend's mom was as big woman, about my size with nice big tits, the bra was 38, c-dup, I was five foot eight inches tall with a slim build so I thought I might be able to get he under garments on, I just wanted t see how it would feel to whack off with her them on so I pulled the bra straps up my arms but found it hard to fasten the clasps in the back so I took them off of my arms and fastened them in front then I worked the cups back to the front and pulled the straps up onto my shoulder. Immediately my dick grew harder. I stepped into the panties then pulled them up my legs and over my muscular ass, my rock hard cock held the material away from my pubic area. I lowered the front of the elastic and started stroking my cock again as I lay across my bed.

I soon realized that I was not getting to full effect from the panties so I took a knife and cut a slit in the front of the silky white under pants and poked my dick through then I lay back down and continued whacking off while with my eyes closed I played my nipples through the bra cups and rubbed the sticky crouch of the panties between my balls and ass hole. In just a few minutes I shot the largest loads I had ever had on the towel laying on my bed. From then own I was hooked. Ever change I got I took undergarments from my friends houses, some were too small for me to get on but I still jacked off using them.

After a while just the under garments were not enough I began taking dresses, and I even got a wig from one of my Aunts, then I would dress completely like a woman and whack off. I know it sounds like I am gay but the weird thing is I never think about men when I dressed up I always imagined of what it would be like, being a woman fucking another woman.

I began to collect a large amount of women's clothing, and was afraid my mom might find them and I would be in deep trouble, so I asked if I could use the shed out back, that used to be a pump house years ago when my grandfather had a well where the got water. My parents said that would be ok, as long as I kelp it clean and took care was not drinking or smoking out there, little did they know. I would spend hours out there dressed up like a housewife, a hooker or even a cheerleader, whacking off to visions of hot slutty women. I had my friends over to what we called our clubhouse none of them knew what I was doing when they were not around. To prevent my secret from being discovered I made as trap door in the ceiling where I stored my alter ego's clothing. A pleasant surprise was that t the sun on the tin roof kelp the garments heated up and the smell of the women who had last had them on stayed with them for a long time, which help enhanced my experience.

I would pull all the clothing around me while dressed up and smell, lick and suck on deferent women's panties and bras while jerking off, I even had pictures of the women whose clothing I had taken, that made it even better. Then one day I must have been in a hurry to get started and forgot to lock the door, because while I was in the middle of a extremity hot session, the door opened wide. There I was, with my wig on, the front of my dress pulled up my dick sticking out the cut slit in my panties my bra, filled with panties and pantyhose straining at the material of the red flowery dress, and my dick in my hand. I froze, my nineteen-year-old cousin, Joan stood looking at me with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey Birdie, come and see what I have found!" She called to her sister as she stepped inside my Clubhouse. Then my other cousin looked in the door and broke out into a loud laugh. "Oh shut up and get in here!" Joan said closing the door behind her. "What are you doing, Johnny?" she asked pulling at the hem of my dress as I tried to hide my deflating cock.

"Oh come on sis you know what he's doing, the little sissy is whack'n off." Birdie said walking over to my side and yanking the panties I had to my nose from my hand and pulling wig from my head. "I bet he would like to suck a big dick." She laughed.

"Is that it?" the older sister asked sitting down beside me and taking my now limp dick in her hand. "Do you want to suck a dick?"

"No!" I answered loudly, "I don't like dicks."

"Lets see then." Birdie said pulling down her tight jeans, "If he don't want to suck a dick maybe he wants to lick my pussy." She said as she stepped forward and pulled my face between her spread legs. The smell of her hot cunt was intoxicating as she smeared herself up and down my face. I never dreamed it would be so arousing. My dick began to harden.

I could not believe how much better panties smelled with a pussy in them compared to the used ones that I had here to fore been able to snatch from my friends' mom's laundry.

"Look Birdie, you making him get hard again." Joan said as she took my dick in her hand and started to stroke it up and down. Her sister looked down and laughed, she then pushed me back until I was lying on the couch.

"You can suck him I want his tongue in my pussy." She said dropping her wet under ware down and kicking them into the corner. She straddled my head and lowered her hairy cunt down on my face, spreading her pussy lips at the same time. Then I felt something wet and warm on my dick and I could feel hot air blowing the hair around the base as Joan's mouth moved up and down my cock. I licked my tongue up and inside my cousin's hot hole and then took her clit into my mouth and sucked down on it.

"Oooh yeah! That it sissy boy, suck my clit like a little dick!" She ordered as she began to buck faster on my face, and her older sister took all of my cock deep into her mouth. While I was licking at Birdie's pussy Joan was going to town on my dick her wet lips were wrapped around my hard shaft with her hand squeezing the base, and her head moving up and down sliding it in and out of her throat.

Birdie got two hands full of my hair and began to fuck my face with her cunt, shouting obscenities as she rocked back and forth. "That it eat me suck my hot cunt!" She yelled as she moved he wet slimy cunt back and forth on my face.

I could feel my load building up inside of me then as my cousin pulled my mouth up tight into her opening and started gushing, her head flew back in orgasmic bless, I shot my first load deep into Joan's hot mouth, she swallowed it down then pulled back and stroked my cock as I empted my seed. She let me finish shooting high in the air and landing back down on my belly.

When she was through birdie got off of my face and bent dipping two fingers into my cum splattered on my belly and shoving the gooey mess into my mouth.

"There you go Cus, eat that cum like the sissy you are." She laughed then Joan joined her scrapping the cum from my body and feeding it to me. When they were through they both kissed me on the forehead and said we'll have to do this some other time and left me in the shed along.

Over the years we did repeat the events in the shed, even to this day when one of them calls me I stop doing what I am doing and go to them, but that is another story.

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by lingerie6505/28/18

In the family

Real cool but I sure wish you would have invited a male friend so he could have given me some real thick dick

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