tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDress Up For The Girls Next Door

Dress Up For The Girls Next Door


I’m just your ordinary guy, you know the type, women love me, I’m an electrician by trade and there isn’t a single or married woman out there who hasn’t asked me, “Can you really install my ceiling fan for me.” 6’, 200 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, I keep active so I’m not out of shape. So what happens with the ones I hook up with, why do they end up dumping my ass? Usually, it starts out real simple. I forget something. Then, it’s because I just don’t care enough to listen to her. And then it’s because I’m just not mature enough to have a serious relationship. Why, because I like to go to concerts and the ball game? Because I laugh at fart jokes, because I can quote lines from Animal House but I can’t remember to make plans for the weekend.

So I like to fish and play pool. So I like to “waste” money on my 68 Camaro or ride my quad with my buddies in the woods. Hey, I work hard and I play hard. I do stuff with my girlfriends all the time, so just give me space once in awhile and don’t analyze everything I do. Your comfortable going to a counselor, that’s cool. I tried it, it didn’t get me anywhere. So the sex is the best you ever have had, I love pussy and getting you off is my number one priority. But you had to go and ruin it by saying your no good because I won’t cum inside you. I do, sometimes. She likes to suck my dick and that got me off all the time, except for when you would push my hand out of the way, hell, you stopped using your hand all together because you felt like I did that enough. So if it got me off, what’s the problem, oh that’s right, you feel like I don’t need you. Then you wonder why I won’t fuck you anymore, because why bother if your just going to get all emotional when I don’t cum in you. Go to a doctor, blah, blah, blah.

Then I met Lisa, and she changed my life. She was like no other woman I had ever been with. Hot looking, 42, twice divorced, she held up very well. And what was it you might ask that kept me coming back for more, it quite simple, you see she takes control, total control.

Lisa worked in the office next door. Her and Karen had a nice business going. They had been friends for 20 years. Lisa brought her onboard and the business took off. What they imported was beyond me, but there they were, two hot blondes working next door. It started out easily enough, our conversations often turned to sex. I’d talked to them alone and together. I’d tell them anything and they shared their desires as well. Karen was the more reserved of the two, but what a set of tits. They were big and round and firm. They bounced when she walked. The summers were the best, they wore the hottest clothes, and let’s not forget about the sandals! You see, I have a fetish for open toed sandals. So when the packages came from Spiegel and Victoria’s Secret, I was always asked my opinion.

So Lisa and Karen were changing in the bathroom when I walked in the office. “Close the door and sit down”, I did as I was told. Out comes Lisa in a very hot two-piece bikini, with Karen right behind her in the same. I said nothing, but my mouth was open. They walked in front of me and turned to show me their ass. Lisa bent over and Karen did the same. Lisa walked over to my chair and straddled me, pinning my arms down. She looked me in the eye and smiled, she leaned forward and shook her tits in my face while slowing beginning to gyrate on my lap. A lap dance, and she was very good. Her hips gyrated into mine, her pussy rubbed against my stiffening dick through my pants. I started to speak, when she leaned forward and said, “ssssshhhhh, just watch and enjoy.”

Karen and Lisa returned to the bathroom, which was around the corner. The suits they had been wearing came flying across the room. Did I mention the giggling, they were giggling like college girls. They came back into the room, oh those bikinis were hot. There was nothing to them and this time Karen came over to my chair. Her tits were barely covered, I could see her hard nipples stretching the skimpy cloth. She straddled me and I was able to reach up and play with her tits. She moaned as I kneaded her nipples and massaged them, all the while trying to work her top off. She let me work my hands under the top and let those tits free. What a sight! Then she totally surprised me by leaning forward and letting me suck on her nipples. I was in heaven. And just like that, she went back to the bathroom, giggling away.

Lisa had made her way out, she was wearing a very hot bra with very skimpy panties. The black thigh highs outlined her perfect legs, she even wore some very slutty black pumps. She told me to relax and enjoy myself. She straddled me and once again began to give me a lap dance. I reached up to play with her nipples and she slapped me across the face. Her hand grabbed at my now hard dick as she leaned forward and spoke to me. “You like this don’t you. I’m in control, do you understand.” All I could say was, hell yes. Her tits were let out and once again I reached up to touch them. She slapped me harder and I turned away. “In good time,” she said.

Her ass is so hot. She had bent over in front of me. The outline of the back of her stocking was such a turn on. Between her bending over and fingering her shaven pussy, I was going to lose it. Somehow, I had unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. Lisa turned and saw me playing with myself. Then she turned and left me, with my dick in my hand. More giggling from the bathroom followed.

Karen and Lisa both called to me and told me to join them. I pulled my pants up and walked towards the bathroom. There standing before me were two of the hottest women I had ever seen. They were dressed in leather, Karen was topless. Her tits were beautiful. Lisa had a tight leather skirt on and a very skimpy top on. They were both wearing fishnet stockings and garters, and the boots, oh the boots, were just too hot. Lisa took a swipe at my ass with a riding crop she held in her right hand. “Strip”, that’s all she said.

I stood there naked for a few minutes. They were kissing, French kissing, very slowly. My dick was getting hard once again. That’s when they started to talk about what they were going to do to me.

“We saw you watching porno on your computer, you’re pretty fucking kinky.” Lisa was sucking on Karen’s tits.

“Jerk off for us.” They didn’t have to ask twice.

Karen was told to get on her knees. She did, in front of Lisa.

“Join her” Lisa smacked me with her riding crop. I joined Karen in front of Lisa.

“Keep your eyes straight ahead”, Lisa ordered. Karen and I lifted Lisa’s skirt, she had a strap on dildo staring me straight in the eye.

“Suck it, you know you want to.” I had spoken to Lisa about this once before, about her dominating me. But never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. I didn’t hesitate, I took the tip and put it in my mouth, then I took the entire length. Karen reached down and began to stroke my hard on. She whispered in my ear, you’re so good, I know all about you. I worked the dildo like a real dick, sucking and licking, nibbling on the head. Lisa grabbed the back of my head and worked her hips into my open mouth. “That’s it, suck my dick slut.”

Karen was letting me play with her tits as I sucked. She slowly removed my hands and led them down her belly. She began stroking my dick and leaned into say something to me. “We are going to treat you like the whore you want to be.” She took my hand and placed it on a strap on dildo she had between her legs. She made me stroke it as I sucked Lisa deeper into my mouth.

We went upstairs, they locked the door behind them. There was a couch and a desk up there. They were both very turned on, as was I.

“Put these on”, Karen handed me a bag. Black thigh highs, a lacy bra and panties, I quickly put them on. I had told Lisa I liked doing this, I made a video of me wearing her panties and stockings. I jerked off and swallowed my cum for her. I told her I would do anything for her, even suck a real dick. That was months ago. Karen then told me to sit at the desk. She began to apply lipstick and rogue. The eyeliner followed and then the wig. The black pumps were a little tight, but I managed. They both stood back to admire their work.

“Look at that slut. I bet he will let us do anything we want to him.” They were right.

“Stand up slut,” Lisa ordered. Her hand was on my ass, probing at my hole. She worked her lubed finger in and I exhaled. Karen was slowly stroking my now hard dick, which she had freed from my panties. Lisa led me over to the desk and ordered me to bend over. Two, then three joined her one finger. I moaned a little more. Karen had jumped up on the desk and began working her strap on into my mouth. Then I felt Lisa begin to work the head of her dildo into my tight hole. I was in heaven and she knew it. Some of my lipstick left a red ring on Karen’s dildo, they both laughed as Lisa began to fuck me. She worked the dildo all the way in, I moved my hips in unison with hers.

“Your such a slut, you like getting fucked in the ass, don’t you sissy.” Lisa smacked my ass as she fucked me harder.

“Look at you with your pretty panties down around your ankles, look at you suck Karen’s dick. You’re a cock sucking whore.” She started to fuck me faster.

“Tell me you want it, tell me you want me to fuck your tight ass like a pussy.” Her hips were pounding into me.

“I want it, I want you to fuck my ass like a pussy.” I couldn’t say much more. I looked to the side and caught myself in the mirror. I was sucking and fucking like a whore.

“I want you to be ready because you’re going to suck a real one for us, right slut.” I muttered yes, Karen was working her hips into my mouth and she was getting off.

“And from what I can see you would have no problem taking a real one up your ass either.” I muttered yes again.

“That’s good, real good.” Lisa was a fucking me and spanking my ass. My dick was ready to cum. Karen had stopped working her dildo into my mouth to concentrate on my dick. She took it into her mouth and I exploded. She took all my cum and milked me for more. Lisa was still fucking me the entire time. I couldn’t stop cumming. The white streams filled Karen’s mouth. When I was through Karen brought he lips to mine and shared the load with me. It was a lot, we kissed and she gave me all the cum. Lisa told me not to swallow it, not yet. She began to slow her pace and then removed the dildo from my ass.

“Open your mouth slut.” She looked in and smiled.

“Good, now swallow it just like you did in the video.” I loved every second of it. Lisa had shared my video with Karen and they had been planning this for some time. I would often IM Lisa and Karen was right there, reading the messages the entire time. She knew all along what I had dreamed about doing. The girls looked down at me with satisfied faces. Lisa then bent over the desk and Karen began to fuck her very wet pussy. I played with Karen’s tits, sucking on her nipples. She began to pick up the pace and fuck Lisa hard. My finger found Lisa’s clit and I rubbed it in time to Karen’s dildo going in and out. Lisa let out a scream when she came, my dick was hard once again and I wanted to see if she would suck it for me. I positioned myself in front of her and she took my dick in her mouth without a fight. She stroked it and worked it nice and hard. Before you knew it, I exploded into her mouth, except for this time she swallowed it all. We were all sweaty and panting. The shower downstairs worked and we all headed down to clean up. This was just the beginning of a wonderful summer.

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