tagGroup SexDressed and Alone

Dressed and Alone


She had welcomed this...invited it. Her mind sought rationality as it waded heavily through the lust.

She planned these evenings out weeks in advance: always alone and liking it that way.

But tonight...

Tonight as she sat at her table she had overheard the hostess tell this couple that their wait, without reservations, could be close to two hours; and so she had invited them to sit, and they had accepted.

...And now she found her hand on the man's thick cock, his wife (or was it girlfriend?) seemed oblivious as she sipped her wine and watched the dancers.

They had sat on either side of her in the cushioned horseshoe shaped booth...minutes after they had introduced themselves he had scooted closer to her, chatting easily, he smiled and said "I can't hear you over the noise."

She was instantly attracted to him. He was not a particularly handsome man but his gaze was direct and intense...There was something primal in his stare. She was not an innocent and recognized his desire...Her own rose in her like a slow wave. It burned in her belly almost numbing.

She hadn't objected when he had reached for her hand under the table and guided it to his already exposed and hard cock. It was so thick her hand could not close around it. She was finding it difficult to act naturally when all she could think of was taking that thickness in to her mouth.

As she rubbed him his glare never wavered...though the chatting had ceased.

She wanted him...badly.

It was then that she felt the hand slide under her dress and caress her thighs...moving up, slowly. She shivered at the touch. She wanted this...her legs drifted apart almost involuntary as she allowed the hand access. She could feel the fingers pushing her panties aside to find her wet cunt waiting...a finger slipped in easily and began a gentle fucking. She moaned and his voice came to her..."Shhh."

Not realizing her eyes had closed she opened them to look at him. He was looking at her smiling, a drink in one hand and his other on hers guiding it over his cock...

She looked at the woman who was sitting close to her now and realized whose hand was fucking her...but was too late, she didn't care...Her cunt dripped.

She reached between her legs and grabbed the woman by the wrist pushing her deeper into her pussy.

The woman looked at the man and said, "Baby, it's time." He lowered himself in the seat and stretched his legs out, resting his feet on the other side. The woman lowered herself beneath the table.

She felt her knees being pushed apart... her mind telling her she was not allowing this but she was, and did.

The woman's hands caressed her thighs as they pushed them even further apart...and then she felt the tongue lick her pussy, teasing her, tasting her...Her mind swooned.

Her hand still on the man's cock she squeezed it tightly as she gave in.

The woman took in her clit...sucking it softly. Moving her lips over it with soft kisses, her tongue also working.

The man pulled her close kissing her he slid his own hand between her legs. Together they worked. His finger fucking her wet cunt while the woman's tongue danced on her clit.

She then reached down...lifting her dress higher she put her hands on the woman's head and began to grind. The man held her tight..."easy," he whispered, "we don't want an audience.

She was beyond caring.

Her orgasm started deep...shaking her being, she pushed the woman's head firmly into her pussy until all movement except her own was impossible...it seemed endless.

The man had closed his mouth around hers to silence the groans...

He kissed her as she came a second time...

It was almost too much as she attempted to push the woman's head away...but she held firm...sucking her clit into another explosion.

She released a small cry "please..." But still the woman pressed her tongue, sucking...and savoring her clit: Which was pulsing and aching with need.

Another orgasm came, reeling her mind she let go and slumped into exhaustion.

It was then the woman came up from her place...her mouth and cheeks wet with cum, she leaned over the table and pulled the man to her and they kissed: Him licking the wetness off her face.

They stood up together to leave...without a word.

She looked at them both and all she could manage was... 'How did you know?"

They both smiled at her and said simply, "You were dressed, and alone."

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