tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDressed to Tease

Dressed to Tease


I woke up this perfect morning after a night to remember. I look out the window to see how beautiful Vancouver looked at this hour and our great view of the Bay. I made coffee before I popped into the bathroom for a pee and a shower. I walked out just as Jean was waking up, she held out her arms for a good morning hug and kiss. I love it when she's warm and fuzzy in the morning. Jean smelled the coffee and said thank you for doing that. She stumbled into the bathroom and I turned on the TV, jumped around the channels until I found a silly show.

Jean came out and poured us both a coffee and sat next to me. I asked what we were doing and she said that Halley and I planed to go shopping this morning and you men are coming with us. I asked her if she thought about last night and she said yes, I thought about it a lot. Well! Tell me what you were thinking, don't keep me sitting here in suspense. It was very interesting and I keep thinking was it wrong but I keep getting wet as my mind wonders about all of the different happenings. I am not sure if it will happen again and I said why? Jean said it was because we were all under the influence of that strong rum drink and a little spontaneous. I'll bet Halley and Jim is having the same conversation. I believe we will all talk about this over breakfast. Breakfast? Yes, we are meeting them at the restaurant at 9. Well you women sure have made a lot of sneaky plans.

We drank our coffees and got dressed I put on a jersey, shorts and my boat shoes. Jean came out of the bathroom wearing one of her new sundresses. WOW! I said you are so beautiful in that dress. It was a pretty colorful reddish pink with a soft pattern. It came about 6" to 8" above the knees, the under arms were cut low. She looked so hot in it. I told her how much I liked her in that dress and she said she heard it was going to be very warm today and wanted to be comfortable. We went down to the lobby and asked the concierge were he was going to recommend us to go shopping today. He said he has the perfect area for us with lots of stores, gallery's and restaurants. He gave us a map and circled it for us. He said we could easily walk to it.

We went into the restaurant and saw Halley and Jim waving to us. They were so excited to see us and gave us both a big hug. They said it was all paid for and we got us the breakfast buffet.

We said "thank you" and all got in line for food. We sat down, a little quietly at first then Halley spoke first.

She said, "that Jim and I had to say", "We had a wonderful time last night". God, I was so relieve to hear this because I had no idea what they were going to say.

They said it was the first time they ever done anything like that, actually they said, "they never even thought about doing anything like that" and Jean said, "Neither have we", it was our first time as well.

Jean said, "We loved it and was looking forward to our shopping adventure". Jean told Halley about the map showing a new shopping area to explore, recommended by the concierge.

Halley was wearing a short jean skirt and a half shirt with clogs. She looked so sexy yet very classy. We finished breakfast and left for our recommend area. As we walked we talked about how beautiful our hotel was and how friendly everyone has been. There is something romantic about this city that we all enjoyed. We walked by a café' and the smell of coffee smelled so good we all got one to walk with. I spotted an art/antiques gallery and said I wanted to check it out. The two women said they would go across the street sit on the steps have a talk and drink their coffees. Jim and I look around the gallery for a while and walked across the street to the women and we were shocked by what we both saw. The women were sitting I would say the fifth step up with their knees together talking and sipping away not realizing they are not wearing underwear and displaying all for the world to see. They had no idea they were so exposed. I look at Jim and he looked at me and said I am not going to tell them are you and he said no way! The streets were rather busy so I knew we weren't the only ones that noticed. We both chuckled and helped the women down.

We walked slowly checking out all of the stores, talking with lots of flirting by all. I spotted Jim sliding his fingers up the back of Jeans dress and sneaking a feel of her bare tush. Jean had a nice smile on her face when she looked at me. We came to an up-scale women's clothing store in an old brick building. It was very inviting so we all wondered in. The woman got excited with so many wonderful choices. We looked around for over a half an hour. The women look at all the clothes on the racks and we looked at the clothes on all the women in the store. Jim and I didn't mind how many beautiful women there was everywhere and watching our two sexy women wasn't so bad ether. I couldn't help but notice when Halley reached up to get a jersey on a high shelve I saw the bottom of her beautiful breast and her soft pink nipples. Two women working there saw her also then looked at us with a smile.

The women said, "come with us" we want to try these things on. There were seats close to the changing rooms. The women took turns putting on a show for us. The show was rather arousing for me and I know for Jim as well because he couldn't stand up. The women were so brave this time because we were the only men in the store, except one that the women didn't that had come in while they were changing. I watched him get a show of his life. He was wearing a shit-eating grin. Jean called for me to come in and help her with a hook. I went into the changing room.

She was just sitting there, half naked and said, "Come over here". She unzipped my pants slid my hard penis out, put her lips around it and sucked until it got even harder. She said sit down and she straddle me, then slid my penis into her very wet slippery vagina.

She said, "She has been dying to do this". It felt so dangerous as she moved up and down, yet a real turn on. I got nervous as I heard the door slowly open, I saw it was Halley, she walked over to us and slid her hand under my butt and softly fondled my balls and her other hand slide softly across Jean soft warm breast and nipples. This put both of us over the edge and we both came.

I stood up and Halley asked, "If she was of any help with a silly smirk on her face?" Halley then got on her knees and licked my penis clean, then moved over to Jean and also licked her clean and sucking some of my cum from Jeans vagina, got up and walked out. Halley went over to Jim and gave him a kiss dripping our sex juices into his mouth.

Halley said, "Guess what Art and Jean were up to?" Jim smiled and said, "You are driving me crazy Halley". Halley, I have never seen you like this, please don't ever change back.

We got decent and went out to join Jim and Halley. I said to Jim, "Guess what just happen?"

Jim said, "yes" "I know, Jean showed me". The women made a couple of purchases.

As we walked out and went by the man with that had the great view and I said to him "you missed the best part", I told him. "I now have rubber legs". He smiled and said, "He wishes it were him".

We left that store, walked in and out of several more stores having many laughs and shocking poor innocent shoppers. I became aroused again in no time, like a cat in heat. I was walking behind Halley and couldn't help smelling her Dream Angles by Victoria's Secret; it was such a turn on.

I said to everyone, "I think it's time for lunch", they all agreed. We found a nice quiet café, went inside and a beautiful maitre d' escorted us to a booth. As she bent over to hand out the menus we got a view of her soft white uncovered breast. She was totally unaffected by this and asked what would we like to drink.

She walked away the same time both women said, "wow" "she was brave".

Jean said, "I guess we should invite her to go shopping with us and we all laughed". Our waitress came over to take our orders and she was also young and very sexy also not wearing a bra with a slightly sheer jersey. We sat with the men inside and woman outside the booth. As we talked I noticed a couple sitting at a table opposite of Jean. He was facing her and kept looking at her. I guess it was because she is so pretty. Before our sandwiches came I said I had to go to the men's room. I got up walked past the starring man as I went to the bathroom. As I returned I walked past the same man again, that's when I saw why he was looking at Jean. I could easily see her bushy vagina and pink lips, it was such a sexy a view and turn on because she had no idea she was on display.

I also noticed the people in the back also watching us because they had a perfect view of Jeans opening in her dress under her arm when she leaned forward with her elbows on the table to talk to Halley. Her dress arms were cut low exposing her from the sides. I also assume they could see up Halley's dress if she was sitting just right. That was an unbelievable turn-on for me because our women had no idea what's-so-ever. The man looked at me with a red face and I gave him a thumb up, he smiled and went back to his sight seeing. We finished our food left a very handsome tip walked past the couple and I pat him on the back. I heard his wife say, "Do you know him?" He said no his wife look familiar, with a grin!

We went out of the café and talked about what was next. The women said for us men to go back to hotel and take a well-deserved nap and we will continue our shopping. Jim and I did not argue and walk back to our hotel.

I said to Jim "I think the women wanted got rid of us because they seem to be up to something" and he said, "he thought so too but really wanted a nap". Well Jim, I know we will find out tonight, right?

We went to our rooms; I took a nice warm bath in the hot tub, which put me even in more of a nap mood. I lied down on the bed naked fell directly into a deep sleep. I woke up with a set of wet lips sucking on my penis, oh God! I have always wanted to be woken like this. It's even better then I fantasized. Jean was naked and clean from her hot tub bath. I grew very hard very fast and moved around placing my lips on her drenched vagina lips.

I was able to say, (as I drank and sucked from her lips?"

I asked Jean, "what made her so wet?" She said, "I will find out later". We made wonderful love for over an hour. I gave her a royal orgasm, the kind that can only happen after a morning of naughtiness. She moved her lips down to my vagina juice covered penis and sucked it until I came all over her lips face and in her mouth.

She then gave me a wet kiss and said, "Lets take a shower together". Jean believes strongly, that it's very important to share everything to do with lovemaking, fluids and all.

It's almost time to meet Jim and Halley at the bar. I asked, "Where are we going?"

Jean said "A four star restaurant that was highly recommended by the concierge". Jean said, "We must dress nicely". I wore a light purple Polo Oxford shirt and a dark blue blazer and beige chinos, no tie!

Jean put on her long black dress with the very low cutout back. "Oh my God" I said, "are you wearing that?" Jean said, "Yes!" "Is there something wrong?"

I said, "no, it just I am getting so turned on again and I have already cum three times today".

Jean, "You are making me feel like a teenager in heat". We left our room got on the elevator that was well lit. There was another couple going down. I noticed them sneaking looks at Jean. I looked to see if something was wrong and I noticed in strong light her dress was slightly sheer. I know she would be self-conscience if she knew this. Oh God! It was so erotic seeing the out line of her sexy naked body through the dress! I am not going to tell her.

As we left the elevator the couple said, "Have a nice evening with a very nice smile". Jean said, "Those people were very friendly!" I said, "Yes, "they seem to be!"

We joined Halley and Jim at the bar.

Halley stood up to give us a warm hug and "My God" she was also very hot. She was wearing a long dark purple silk pants suit outfit with the lowest cut front I have ever seen, not to mention the openings along the loosely flowing legs that went up almost to her hips. The cuffs were tied together. When she sat down her whole smooth soft legs were exposed and Halley made no attempt to cover them up. Everything about her was beautiful and sexy. Jean and Halley looked and smelled in a way that turns men into mushy animals.

I said to Jim, "We are two of the luckiest men alive especially tonight".

Jim smiled and said he is going to have trouble standing and at that moment Jeans softly reached over and rubbed his bulge and said, "Don't worry Jim we will fix that later". Halley smiled at Jean and I spotted Jackey with a slight grin.

Jackey the bar tender asked us what were going to have and Halley said, "I think we needed to get going now but we will be back later".

Jackey said, "You all looks so delicious, I wish I was going with you".

Jean said, "Thank you, we will stop back for a night cap".

Jackey said, "Perfect, the drinks will be on me". I had little trouble looking at Jackey because I was just having a wild fantasy about her. She seems to always wear a low cut top that shows us lots of cleavage when she bends over. She has beautiful milky white breast about 34B, I believe she has a very nice mouth full size. I know that Jackey knows we all stare at her but she is the type that doesn't seem to mind at all.

We left our usual handsome tip even though we didn't get anything this time. We walked to the restaurant because it was only three blocks away. We entered a very nice dimly lit room filled with a soft sound of chitter-chatter and soft music in the background. Walked up to the well-dressed maitre d' standing in front of his podium with a soft light over the reservation book.

He asked, "If we had a reservation" and I said, "Yes and gave him my name." He said, "Please follow me". As we walked through the dinning room, I could feel people watching us. I love the show Jean and Halley were putting on. We had a nice table in a dimly lit corner, which was as private as you can get in a large room filled with people.

Our waiter asked us, "If we would like cocktails from the bar?" Halley ordered a gin and tonic, Jean asked for rum and coke, I order a glass of fine red wine, (I believe life is to short to drink cheap wine) and Jim got a 12-year-old Scotch on the rocks with splash water with a twist. We all talked about how nice the ambience was as we looked over the menu. The drinks arrived and we all toasted to a wonderful sexy two days and to new friends.

We had a meal to remember, paid the bill, slowly walked past our hormonal aroused audience, loving every minute of it. We walk through the streets for a while in the warm soft clean air of the night. You know the type of air that rejuvenates you, makes you feel young and alive!

We walked the softly lit streets for a while to work off our meal and then we meandered our way back to the hotel. We stopped at the bar for our complimentary nightcap. Jackey made us all her famous Strawberry rum drinks without asking what we wanted. She handed them to us with a warm smile.

Jackey said, "Drink slowly". She said, "She didn't want to be responsible for what might happen later". We all looked at each another, thinking how does she know.

The last couple left and Jackey came over for a visit.

I asked Jackey, "What made you say that to us?"

She said, "Well I have worked here long enough to know what goes on and plus the servants all gossip in the kitchen." You are referred to as "The hot couples". Jackey also had to say, "I am a little jealous".

I said, "I think I can speak for all of us, we all have enjoyed you as well and maybe sometime before our vacation is over you could sit and have a drink with us and maybe dinner too?"

Jackey said, "Really?" Yes!

If you want, we will tell you all about our naughty shopping adventures. Jackey said, "Well!

I happen to be off tomorrow" and we looked at each another and said, "We have a plan, right?" We all nodded enthusiastically. We will all meet here at 6:30 for a drink and we will all go out to dinner if you can join us Jackey?

Jackey said, "Yes"! I asked Jackey if she was married and she said no but has a long time man friend. I asked if it would be all right if he comes and we all said, "of course?"

I said to Jackey, "and this will be our treat". Jackey smiled and said, "We made her day". We all slowly sipped on the powerful drinks said good night to Jackey and headed or I should say, staggered up to our room. We were all so touchy, feely in the elevator and giggling all the way. I love the look on the man face behind us. He never expected a ride like that. We all stepped out of the elevator and Halley turned around and quickly before the door closed and pulled her top apart flashing her breast to the man. The look on his face was priceless.

We giggled like kids all the way to our room. I opened the door then walked over to the wingback and dropped.

Jean said, "No, no you don't!" Halley and I have plans for you two. Jean walked over to a bag on the table. She took out two black blindfolds. Jean said, "Now both of you men stand over here and don't say a word". We obeyed!

Halley and Jean put the blindfolds on us fairly tight and asked, "Can you see?" Jim said, "No" and I said, "not at all". They slowly undressed us, then once completely naked they moved us so we were back to back. One of them pushes us together so we were touching. I could feel Jim's nakedness. I could hear the bag rustling again, now I can feel soft ropes being wrapped around me, first the ankles, then above the knees, then my waste with my hands inside and last around my arms above the elbows. The rope was tied firm but not uncomfortable, it felt soft.

I started to say something and a hand covered my mouth and it was Halley saying, "Do not speak until we say so". She was very firm with me. I couldn't help wonder what Jim was thinking; we were naked against each another.

I am now feeling small kisses and very light finger touches around my feet and legs, it's a strange but a sensual feeling. She (which woman, I don't know) was now moving slowly up my legs and kissing around my penis area to my belly, then chest, all over my face and ears. I don't know about Jim but I am damn hard. I am getting kiss and touched all over my chest, arms and neck, everywhere! I still can't tell who is kissing me. I think they are both wearing the same perfume. They planed this well! Now I can feel another set of lips and hands exploring me. One is kissing my face and neck the other is working her way up my legs and belly. Now they both have moved to both of my hips and slowly heading to my rock hard penis. I can feel pre-cum dripping. Oh God! I now have a mouth on each side of my penis. Going back a forth all so slowly. Wet lips, tongue, finger the works! One slides their mouth over my penis then another, takes her turn. I am so close to cumming and then they stop!

I now feel no one but I can hear them attacking Jim. Jim is moaning, I think he is also so turned on. Jim is a man of few words but I have learned to read his facial expressions and his noises. Jim is a very happy man!

I can only hear and fantasize what they are doing to Jim. They stop doing what they were doing to Jim. They untie our ankles and guild us to the bed. They carefully lied us down on the bed on our sides. I feel a mouth on my penis and I have been given a vagina to suck on. I know its Halley because it's naked and very wet. I can't help but notice is smells and taste like Jean; maybe they were doing things to each another?

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