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Dressed to Thrill, Myself


I wanked lots when I was younger and this didn’t really stop as I got older; you’ve got to keep it working while you’re ‘in between’ girlfriends. I had a stash of things that I use when I wanked, trophies I called them, things that I collected from girlfriends over the years. The problem was that as I got older and the number of exes increased, there was a need in me to collect more than just a pair of knickers! By my mid twenties I had got myself a full outfit and I wondered how many of the exes missed the stuff and work out where it went!

I have some stockings (thank you Georgia). I got a hold of these quite early on and I would often slip them on along with a pair of knickers and rub my nylon clad legs while I rubbed my swollen cock through the stretchy knicker material. The first time I put these on I knew I was a pervert. Not because I was doing it, but because of how it made me feel… I would sit in front of a mirror and observe myself, stroking my panty bulge and imagining that I had a girl’s body. I would rub and caress myself lovingly all the while, working my cock and make it harder and harder. Sometimes I would go as far as to put on a bra (34B – thank you Lucy) and pad it out. I would squeeze my cloth tits through a tee shirt and tell myself how naughty I was. The hardest part was not coming too soon! Many was the time that I got my stocking belt and stockings on and then took to my cock straight away and shot over my full length mirror! Once I drove into town wearing my knickers and stockings under my jeans. I was so turned on that I had to go to Macdonalds and use their toilets for a wank (and so I found out I like wanking in public places – more of this later!) But now back the bedroom.

I lie back and feel my cock tucked firmly in your panties. Your stockings cling to my legs and my hand slides over them, moving from inside thigh to inside thigh. My other hand plays with my top, I play with each of my soft tits and feel my cock swell more in its confines. Tits always get me hard and I know that there is only so much stretch in these lycra briefs. I pull the front of them down and my cock springs up. My hand rubs my inner thighs while I take the hot shaft in my hand. I pull my hand to the base, pulling back my foreskin I feel the cool air blow over my sticky helmet. I grab at my stockings with both hands, clawing at my flesh. I am so horny. I put my finger to my clammy tip and then to my lips. I lick my cock sweat and savour the taste. My hand goes back to my shaft as I shut my eyes and suck my finger deep into my mouth. My cock is hard in my hand and I move it up slowly, closing the foreskin over the tip before pulling it back down, just as slowly. I take my finger out of my mouth and drag it slowly down my chin and neck. It keeps going until it finds my fake tits. I clamp my hand tightly onto my left tit and breath out, heavy and hard. My right hand quickens the pace and I know it will not be much longer. I start to encourage myself, “Yes come on, play with my tits!” I love hearing these words, “Wank that dick for me while you play with my titties!” I squeeze harder and rub faster too.

“Yes, that’s it!”

I aim my dick high as I head to the finish in a frenzy. My legs are rigid and my back arches, fighting my bodies urge to spasm, doubling itself over. I call out loud, “OOOOhhhhh Fuck YES!” and I feel the first hot wad of come land on my top and pump my dick hard with more deliberate strokes, trying to get my come higher and higher. My cock tip feels like it is going to explode and I am suddenly rewarded by a hit of my come landing warmly on my cheek.

The wave of ecstacy subsides and my pace on my dick slows. My hand is sticky with come as my dick starts to soften. I smell my come and my tongue traces out across my cheek to collect it. I savour its taste and takes my dick and balls in my hand and squeeze gently. My hands wander over my crotch and I find more come in my knickers and on my stockings. I rub it and massage it into my skin. I tuck my cock back into my knickers and get into bed. I drift off to sleep wondering if I will wake up and find myself hard… probably I think and I turn out the light.

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