tagIncest/TabooDressing Daddy Ch. 02

Dressing Daddy Ch. 02


My Daughter Becky and I woke up in each other’s arms after our first night of beautiful love and sex. We looked at each other almost not believing it had really happened. Then we both grinned at the same time. She snuggled into me, and I began kissing her on her forehead, and kissing the hair on the top of her head.

Soon her hands found their way to my cock and I started getting hard.

She giggled, then jumped out of bed and turned the computer on. She clicked her way to her own story on Literotica, then clicked on the picture in her profile. She turned the computer so it was facing directly at me, and grinned a mischievous grin at me.


“Yes, sweetie?”

“Would you like to have sex with Ginger and Suzie too?”

“Well, Becky, what do you mean? You, know we just can’t bring people over her for sex just because we want to.”

“Come on, Daddy. They’re just as horny as I am. I know they’d jump at the chance to have sex with you. And you can’t tell me you don’t like them. I saw you jerking off to our group picture here last night.”

“Well. . . .okay, if that’s what you want, and that’s what they want, then sure, why not?” I was feeling a little guilty about Janet, but my daughter and her naughty thoughts were just blowing me away—and making my dick so hard I couldn’t say no.

While I spent a good part of the day doing chores around the house, Becky was on the phone telling her girlfriends about her seduction of her father. I felt embarrassed about it, but also turned-on. Hearing my daughter’s sweet voice talking sex to the other girls kept me in a constant state of arousal. I think also, the embarrassment of having my daughter tell her girlfriends about me jerking off in her Mommy’s panties helped turn me on even more. I never realized that before about myself, but it seemed there was a turn on in the embarrassment itself.

The bottom line was she invited them all over for an all night slumber party—but it wasn’t just Ginger and Suzie(who had returned from Phoenix that morning) but several other girls Becky knew from school.

I was a little apprehensive at first about inviting that many over for something as sensitive as my daughter had planned, but she assured me that everything would be okay.

“All of my friends are real cool—and very, very horny.” She assured me.

Finally the evening rolled around and the girls started showing up. I was supposed to hide in the bedroom until they all arrived and Becky gave me the signal to start the party. I left the bedroom door cracked a bit so I could watch the girls enter through the front door because I was curious who all the new girls would be.

Suzie was the first to arrive. Suzie was a leggy blond, and she was wearing a shimmering one piece dress that barely covered her butt. She had pumps and nylons with a garter belt (Her skirt was so short I could see plenty of her garter straps).

Becky greeted her at the door wearing an usually skimpy T-shirt and micro mini. She also had pumps and stockings with garters. I had to admit my daughter really looked sexy, decked out like that. I felt a great deal of pride—but was also hugely turned on by it. I became even more turned on when I saw them embrace and start to kiss each other—these two beautiful girls dressed in minis and hose, oh, so sexy.

. This was a girl my daughter had been having sex with since God knows when, and whose picture I had jerked off to. Now, there she was right in front of me kissing Becky with a little tongue. They fondled each other’s tits.

Becky patted Suzie on the butt and sent her on in to the family room when the doorbell rang again.

Ginger was a cute little redhead several inches shorter than my daughter. She still had freckles on her face. Like my daughter she was wearing a T-shirt and a micro mini, but sandals instead of pumps, and she had no hosiery.

They embraced and kissed. Ginger slid her hands down to Becky’s butt and fondled my daughter’s ass. Becky slurped her face and toyed with her little nipples, then showed her into the other room.

The next girl was Sally. Sally was a brunette about Becky’s height, but she had one of the nicest set of tits I’ve ever seen. She wore a one-piece dress showing plenty of cleavage down the front. She had a support bra that held her tits in place from underneath but left everything from the nipple up exposed. The neckline of her dress barely covered her nipples, but the material clung so tightly to her that I could easily see her nips were aroused. She too wore pumps, stockings, and garters.

The way she and Becky kissed each other told me my daughter had already made love to this girl, in addition to Ginger and Suzie, at some time. As they kissed, Becky played with Sally’s tits.

“Awesome outfit, Sally. My Dad will go ape over you.”

Sally giggled and sashayed her way to the family room.

And then came Heather. Heather was an incredibly beautiful girl. She was a couple of inches taller that Becky, and had one of those faces you see only in magazines. Her long brown hair cascaded down her shoulders like angle dust. She wore a tight-fitting T-shirt that barely came down to her ribs, and a very micro mini exposing lots of gorgeous girl skin in between. Pumps and nylons and garters completed her ensemble.

As they embraced, Becky tilted her head up towards Heather’s. Heather took my daughter’s face in her hands and planted a kiss on her lips. Heather’s beautiful hair cascaded around Becky’s face like a waterfall. When the kiss turned nasty, with lots of tongue, Becky frantically fondled Heather’s pert ass while Heather played with my daughter’s erect nipples.

From my vantage point I could also look into the family room where the girls were gathering. As Heather joined the other three, they were strutting and modeling their outfits for each other. Heather kissed Ginger and Suzie, then she turned to Sally. After kissing her on the face, she leaned down to plant loving kisses all over Sally’s ample cleavage. Suzie and Ginger came up and fondled Heather’s butt.

Back at the front door, Veronica had arrived. She was the tallest girl of the bunch. She was taller than I was, and well over six feet. Like Ginger, she was a redhead, but about twice the size. Her tits compared with Sally’s. She too wore skimpy T-shirt and an incredibly small micro mini for such a large girl. She showed more mid-riff than most girls have body.

Veronica was too tall for my daughter to kiss her on the lips. In order to kiss her, she had to bend making her ass almost pop out of her skirt. As they kissed and tongued each other’s faces, the big girl snuck a hand under my daughter’s skirt to give her pussy a little stroke.

Becky groaned and fondled the big girl’s tits until the doorbell interrupted them.

Last to arrive, but by no means the least, was Lisa. Lisa was a blonde, about Becky’s size. T-shirt, micro mini, sandals and no hosiery was her ensemble. This girl had a look in her face that just oozed sex. When Becky greeted her she immediately started slurping at my daughter’s mouth and feeling up my daughter’s nipples sticking out through her T-shirt.

As they kissed and fondled each other, Lisa’s nipples erupted into the most magnificent twin erections I’ve ever seen. They were well over an inch long, and tented her T-shirt most lewdly.

Becky tugged on Lisa’s huge nipples and led her into the family room.

As the girls arrived one-by-one, the air of excitement really mounted. Each of them knew from Becky’s phone calls that tonight’s party would be all sex, and would have something to do with Becky’s father. The smell of hot pussy was so strong that I could detect it clear from the bedroom where I hid.

When the girls had finished modeling for each other and examining each other’s sexy outfits, Becky had them sit side-by-side on a pair of armless couches Becky had arranged side to side. Becky turned on the stereo real loud and joined them.

That was my signal to enter the party.

I came out dressed in a three-piece suit, strutting and dancing to the loud rock Becky had on the stereo. The girls all let out a cheer when they saw me. They began swaying and twisting their upper bodies and arms in time to the music as I danced in front of them. Each article of clothing I removed brought renewed shrieks of joy, laughter, and pleasure.

I thought I was in heaven. All these gorgeous young ladies sitting in front of me in their micro minis with their legs crossed. Some were in hose, some not. All those gorgeous legs right in front of me mere inches away made my cock start to get hard—even while I was dancing. The contrast between naked leg and nylon enshrouded leg, one right next to the other, was incredibly erotic. And skirts so short I could see almost all the way up to their butts. The stocking clad girls were showing plenty of garter belt.

Occasionally, a girl would uncross and recross her legs and I would get a nice shot of white panty. I soon learned that they were all wearing white panties—and my hardening cock suddenly throbbed with full life. Last night, in my daughter’s arms, I had told her that white panties on a woman were much more erotic than any other color so she had apparently told all her friends that.

I was bare-chested now, down to my trousers. As I started loosening my belt the girls stopped their chimmying and shaking, and sat back to stare.

I lowered my pants real slow, teasing the girls a little—until I had the cuffs down below my feet.. Then in seemingly one quick motion I stepped on one cuff with my opposite foot whipped my leg free, stepped on the other cuff, whipped it free—and as my second leg pulled free I kicked my pants in the air so they landed on the girls’ laps.

As I continued dancing in my white jockey shorts in front of them, they made a game of taking turns sniffing my trousers crotch.

I moved up close to Becky and she parted her thighs beckoning me closer. I danced between her legs, then turned around and wriggled my butt in her face.

My daughter fondled my butt and reached a hand down between my legs to fondle my balls and cock.

“Ohhhhh, Becky,” Heather said. “That’s your own father you’re feeling up!”

“Ummmm, but that is so sexy,” Lisa said, licking her lips. She reached across Veronica’s lap to stroke Heather’s thigh.

I stepped away from my daughter, making mock “shame” signs with my fingers, and shaking my head no—but with a mischievous grin on my face.

All of the girls laughed.

I danced up close to Suzie then until she started fondling me too. I made the rounds until each girl had fondled my butt, balls, and cock through my underwear. By then I had ended up back in front of Becky. This time when I wriggled my butt in her face she pulled my shorts down in back and started kissing my butt checks.

I lingered a little longer in front of her as she kissed my ass cheeks and fondled my throbbing cock.

The other girls suddenly fell silent. They watched intently.

I pulled away from Becky and then facing the girls slowly lowered the front of my underwear. As my shorts passed my pubic hair, I pushed my hard cock down. Then I paused with my underwear down off my ass in back, the front part was covering only my balls and my depressed cock. Most of my pubic hair and the base of my cock were exposed. I laced my hands behind my head, and leaned back slightly, giving the girls a nice pose of my abs while moving my hips and crotch real slow and sexy.

They erupted into shrieks of joy. And I was glad we didn’t live in an apartment, or the neighbors would be calling the police.

“Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!” They all started chanting.

I resumed lowering my jockey shorts—but oh, so very slowly. The girls were shaking and twisting their bodies in time to the music again. Legs were crossing and recrossing. They were purposefully flashing me lots of panty. I smiled at each one of them, thoroughly loving the views up their skirts.

Every eye in the room was glued to my crotch as I lowered, lowered, and lowered my shorts.

Suddenly, my throbbing cock jerked free of my underwear and with a “sprong” so loud you could almost hear it, it sprung back to full mast, bobbing and quivering from the momentum.

The girls let out another round of screams of delight.

I quickly stepped out of my underwear and tossed them in Becky’s face. She giggled, sniffed, and then the girls were almost fighting over my shorts. They started climbing all over my daughter trying to get their own sniff of my shorts. They giggled and fondled each other in the melee.

I danced my way up close to them again, and they lost interest in my shorts. All eyes now were fixed on my hard, throbbing, fully exposed cock.

I moved in between my daughter’s thighs, dancing, moving my hips and butt as seductively as I could. My throbbing hard cock bobbed up and down right in front of her face.

She started flicking her tongue at my cock and fondling my butt.

“Ummmmm, God, that’s hot,” Suzie said.

Becky then took me in her mouth and gave me a nice suck.

“Jesus, Becky!” Sally said.

“God, yes, Becky,” Lisa almost yelled. “Suck your Daddy, suck your Daddy. Go for it.”

Lisa sprawled her self across Veronica’s and Heather’s laps to reach over and slip her hand up between my daughter’s legs. She continued to mumble encouragements at Becky while diddling her pussy. Lisa’s T-shirt-straining nipples racked back and forth across Heather’s thigh as she played with my daughter’s pussy.

Veronica ran her hand down Lisa’s back then up under her skirt to fondle her ass and her twat while Lisa diddled my daughter.

Heather had slipped an arm around Becky and was playing with my Daughter’s nipples while kissing her on the side of the face.

Becky pulled my cock back out of her mouth making a loud “pop” sound. Then she yanked her shirt off and started rubbing her hard-on nipples back and forth against my horny cock.

While all this was going on, Ginger was almost sitting on Sally’s lap, playing with her huge tits. Sally toyed with Ginger’s pert nipples as both girls tried to watch the rest of the action. Suzie had scooted up next to Sally to kiss her on the side of the face as one of her hands found Ginger’s butt and the other worked its way down the redhead’s tummy to slip up under her micro mini.

Becky gave my cock one last quick suck, then with one hand on my cock, and one hand on my ass, she guided me over to Sally.

Ginger pulled Sally’s tits up over the low “neckline” and started sucking greedily until Suzie pulled her off.

Ginger sat on the other side of Suzie and sucked at her tits through her dress. Suzie rewarded her with a hand up her skirt, rubbing her pussy. Suzie’s other hand played with Ginger’s nipples.

Meanwhile, Sally had spread her legs so I could stand up real close. My daughter scooted up next to her, put one arm around her, and the other in her lap and started kissing her lovingly on the side of the face and neck.

“Sally, suck my Daddy’s cock for me. I want to see the way your beautiful mouth bulges when his cock is in you. Please suck my Daddy’s cock.” To drive her point home Becky stuck her other hand up Sally’s skirt to rub her pussy.

Sally moaned with pleasure as she took my dick in her mouth. As a treat to Becky, she opened real wide and made my cock poke the side of her cheek out.

My daughter went ape and started sucking Sally’s cheek where my cock was.

Heather scooted up close to Becky so she could play with my daughter’s rock hard nipples. Heather was going ape to, planting hot kisses all over my daughter’s neck

Veronica snuggled against Heather, rubbing her huge tits across Heather’s beautiful bare back. She stuck one hand up Heather’s crotch and one hand in my daughter’s.

Lisa wrapped both her arms and legs around Veronica and humped her crotch all up and down the big girl.

Sally pulled my cock back out of her mouth and made me fuck the cleavage between her huge mounds.

All the girls shrieked with delight watching my cock appear, then disappear from between Sally’s mounds of flesh as I humped my dick up and down between her tits.

Becky and Suzie started licking Sally’s tits, trying to catch a lick at the head of my cock each time it popped up through Sally’s tits.

Lisa climbed back off of Veronica and came around to Suzie and Ginger. She made Suzie stand up then she and Ginger started fondling her all over from her ankles to her face. Lisa rubbed herself all over Suzie’s shimmering dress then squatted down behind her showing her own very wet panties to everyone. Lisa ran her hands up and down Suzie’s nylon enshrouded legs. Ginger stood in front of Suzie making out with her and feeling her tits.

Lisa ran her hands up Suzie’s dress fondling her ass and her cunt, then she began lifting Suzie’s dress up exposing the blonde girl’s wet panties to everyone.

Ginger helped Lisa remove Suzie’s dress, then they sat her down on the couch to await my cock.

I stood between her spread legs, staring at the sweet wet spot on her panties and her exposed tits with the swollen nipples.

She leaned forward and placed one of those erect nipples right on the tip of my cock, as if she were trying to fuck it into the little worm’s hole there. Then she slowly twirled it around the head of my cock, around and around and around driving me absolutely crazy.

Becky practically crawled over Sally to get to Suzie, kissing her all over like she’d done Sally. Sally put her arm around Suzie and kissed her all over the back of her neck and where ever she could put her mouth without moving my daughter out of the way.

Becky had one arm around Suzie’s waist, and the other between her thighs rubbing her wet panties. “Yes! Suzie, yes! Play with my Daddy’s cock. It makes me so fucking hot to see you doing that..”

Sally’s free hand toyed with my Daughter’s exposed nipples while she kissed both Suzie and Becky.

My daughter’s legs were sprawled all over Heather while she was kissing Suzie.

Heather shifted her position so she was kneeling on the couch facing Sally. She put one knee between my daughter’s thighs, so that she straddled Becky’s leg. From this angle she was able to stick one hand up Becky’s skirt to play with her pussy, while her other hand played with Sally’s tits. She bent over to rub her nipples across my daughter’s back and her tongue shot out to lick at Sally’s huge tits.

On the opposite side of my daughter, Ginger fondled Lisa while Lisa kissed and fondled Suzie. Then Ginger saw Veronica sitting alone so she came around to sit on her lap.

While Suzie was frantically rubbing her nipples against my cock, I glanced over to watch Ginger and Veronica. The two redheads made a truly erotic pair. The petite

Ginger snuggled into the larger girl’s lap like a daughter-mother pair. But the way Veronica kissed the smaller redhead was anything but motherly.

Suzie took my cock in her mouth and sucked it so hard her cheeks caved in from the sides.

Becky and Lisa kissed the depressions in Suzie’s cheeks like a couple of maniacs. When I started moving my cock in and out of Suzie’s mouth. Lisa and my daughter both moaned with pleasure, feeling the sensations through Suzie’s cheeks.

To the side of us, Ginger had straddled Veronica’s thigh and was humping her pussy on the larger girl’s sexy leg while kissing her huge tits through her T-shirt.

Veronica stuck her hands up Ginger’s shirt to play with her little nipple buds. Then she pushed the smaller girl away from her tits so she could pull the shirt over her head. Then the big girl started sucking Ginger’s little rose buds and diddling her pussy up under her skimpy shirt.

Becky saw what I was looking at and grabbed my cock away from Suzie to hand me over to Ginger.

Veronica made Ginger turn around to face front then spread her giant’s legs wide so Ginger was sitting on the edge of the couch, her butt snug against Veronica’s hot panty-covered pussy. She held Ginger in her arms, but her hands found their way to the smaller girl’s nipples, keeping them good and ready. She kissed and licked Ginger’s face and neck.

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