Dressing for my Master


But I had no choice, no word in this. I felt the hard rubber push at my cheeks and then come to the entrance to my little rosebud. It did not stop long and he continued the pressure, pushing the head inside me. Initial pain and then the bottle of poppers at my nose again. I took a deep sniff and then he pushed the dildo into me and did not stop pushing. In the initial popper rush all I felt was ecstasy as I felt him fill me with the device. Throughout I groaned and whimpered at the dildo filling me, loving me.

"Oh god please Master, more, fuck me with it please"

But to no avail. He had moved again

I finally felt the plug pushing against my bottom and he pulled my tight panties up round it, settling my girly cock down in the correct position again. I felt so full and although I was disappointed that it was not him, nonetheless, it was exciting that he had planted this monster in me.

I wriggled my bottom experimentally and felt the dildo move within me, brushing against my prostate. My girl cock tingled with that feeling and I tried again to regain it.

But Master had other ideas for me now. "Lay down on your back"

As I complied, he straddled me, his knees above my shoulders so my face was trapped. His cock was just in front of my mouth and I opened my mouth wide to show I was ready. I saw him taking poppers and then he pushed his cock forward.

Slowly, so slowly, he pushed his manhood back into my mouth. A it came in, I closed my lips around it to make my mouth as much like a cunt for him as possible. He pushed it in until my nose was against his crotch, choking me a little. I made little choking noises which I thought would turn him on. They did – he pushed it in further. Just as I thought that I could take no more, he pulled it back and the rammed it in again, once again in slow motion.

Whilst he was doing this, I frantically wriggled my bottom. It was brushing my prostate again and leaving me in a high state of excitement. Despite the fact that my girl cock was pushed down I was now so turned on, anything could have happened to me. The position of the dildo inside me now, pushed in by my weight was driving me into a sexual frenzy.

My Master was into his stride now and as he fucked my mouth, it made loud slurping noises. He too was very excited "Oh, yes, Sarah, so nice, so very nice, take my dick, fuck your dildo, you hot little pretty queen"

His words spurred me on. When he left his cock in my mouth, I frantically sucked on it, lathing my tongue up and down it's length. The he would fuck me equally frantically, using my throat like another cunt to be used and abused.

I knew he was close to cumming – I could feel the tightness in his cock, the stretched skin on his sac and his moans becoming more sexually provocative.

Then he pulled out of my mouth, and his cock was in front of me. He had big balls and I thought he would cum a lot and I was not disappointed.

He jerked his cock once more and a great spurt shot out over my despairing mouth and shot over my right cheek and into my hair. Desperately, I put my mouth up , opened in supplication by the tip of his weapon and stuck my tongue out.

I was rewarded by three massive jets of cum landing in my mouth. I quickly closed and swallowed the precious liquid. While I was doing these Master wiped his great mushroom head around my face, spreading the cum there. I eagerly opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in again and I milked the last two dying spurts from his manhood.

He pushed his cock in front of me and I took the chance to lick and clean the glans, my tongue eagerly lapping for as long as he wanted me too.

"That was good slut" he said, his voice low. He went to my panties and pulled them down and pulled the dildo out of me. It came out with an audible 'pop' and I felt immediately empty.

Pulling up my panties, he rearranged my girly cock so it was laying against my stomach.

Getting up off the bed, he picked up my digital movie camera and said "rub yourself until you cum Sarah"

As he started the camera, I rubbed my cock through my panties. He put the amyl to my lips one last time. As I inhaled I felt nearly as turned on as when he was face fucking me.

Here I was, dressed as a woman, with cum all over my face, an anus that felt like I had just had a particularly cruel fucking and rubbing myself off. It was all too much for me.

"Oooohhh Master" I moaned and felt my cock spurting my load into my panties. I shuddered as my orgasm swept through me, pumping out my load of semen.

"Now take your panties off and put them in your mouth" my Master ordered.

Quickly, I took them off and shoved them in my mouth, tasting my own fresh cum on them.

"Take them out and lick the cum off them"

Obediently, I took them out and turned them inside out. In the gusset lay my fresh cum. Making sure the camera could see it, I licked my cum carefully off the gusset.

After that, things slowed down. We both stripped completely and got into bed, where I snuggled into my Master's arms and fell asleep.

When we woke in the morning.... Ah but that's another story!

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