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Dressing Room


My friend Jeannie and I have a thing. We shop together, try on clothing, and fool around in the dressing room.

We have always liked it when people watch us kiss and touch under tables and such, but since we found one particular clothing store, we can't stop going there. It is a small shop that sells the sort of dresses we like, and the same saleswoman is always there. She watches us.

We leave the double doors of the dressing room partly open while we try on clothes. We make out, touch, and have quiet intense orgasms while the saleswoman stands at her desk. Afterward, we pull ourselves together, get dressed, and go out to pay for what we want to buy. The saleswoman has never said anything to us. Rarely, if ever, are there any other people there.

We wait until we get home to go completely crazy. The way the saleswoman, with her refined and restrained demeanor, watches but doesn't mention anything is so hot to us. After we leave the store, Jeannie and I talk about the saleswoman and fantasize about her together – that watching us has made her wet, that she masturbates in the store after we leave. We talk about being with her and about what she would feel like and taste like. When we're home we fantasize that she is there with us.

Jeannie and I arranged to meet at the store yesterday after work. I got there first and brought two sundresses into the dressing room to try on. I had been excited on and off all day from anticipation. I get wet easily, and my thong was wet just from waiting for Jeannie and from being near the saleswoman.

I was alone in the dressing room, the familiar yet distant saleswoman at her desk. Her long, straight brown hair was perfectly in place down her back, and she wore a thin beige blouse with a long loose skirt.

I took off my clothes and sensed her watching me. I looked up through the partly-open door, and she was writing something. I thought she had just looked down. I faced the dressing room doors, meaning I faced the saleswoman, as I stepped into the button-down sundress. She looked up at me, but her expression didn't change. I buttoned the dressed halfway, and she openly watched me. I turned around to look at myself, and caught her eye in the mirror. I don't wear a bra and my breasts were completely uncovered. My pussy was getting moist from her eyes on me. I faced the mirror and buttoned the dress the rest of the way up the front. The saleswoman looked down and continued to write.

I looked at myself in the dress and Jeannie arrived, looking exhausted. She came into the dressing room and dropped her bag onto the floor.

I kissed her hello. Her kiss was tender but a little too brief; then she slumped down onto the stool in the dressing room. I looked in the mirror, and the saleswoman was watching us.

"Worst day," Jeannie said.

"Oh, that sucks. I've been looking forward to seeing you," I said.

"I wish I were in a better mood. My last case killed me." Jeannie is a social worker.

"Oh Jean...would you feel better if you tried on some new clothes?" I leaned over to kiss her puffy lower lip and bite it gently.

"I'm so wiped out."

"Are you okay, or not up for it?" I asked her, not wanting to be disappointed nor insensitive.

Jeannie took my finger to her mouth and kissed it. "I thought I might be too spent, but I think I'm starting to feel better," she said. She gently licked the underside of my finger. She looked up at me and smiled. She checked out the sundress.

"How does it look on me?" I asked her.

She looked at the dress from the bottom to the top. "Cute. It's really cute." She bit her lip and touched the hemline, which was just above my knee. "It's sexy," she said. I like the color. Your legs look great in it." She smiled, her adorable smile with the twinkle in her eyes, then put her hand on the back of my leg and gently moved her fingers up my thigh.

Jeannie and I have been friends for years, and even if we never fooled around I would love her like a sister.

"It's nice to see you smile," I said.

"I like the neckline too," she said and stood up. She ran her fingers along the lacy neckline, touching my skin slightly as she did. I felt goose bumps at her touch. "Yes, I definitely think I'm feeling better now," she said and smiled at me again.

I looked out the door to the saleswoman at her desk, and she was watching every move. "The material is nearly as soft as your skin," Jeannie said. She moved her fingers from the neckline down over the material to my breast. My nipple hardened under her touch.

"Mmm nice," she said. "The dress is even nicer now," she said looking at my hard nipples.

"I think she's liking it too," I said and looked to the saleswoman.

"Yeah? My back is to her. Tell me what she's doing."

"Looking. Looking at you make my nipples hard."

"Mmmm," Jeannie said.

Jeannie held my tits then went back up to the neckline and undid the top button. She kissed my chest softly, then looked at me.

"Think she's horny?" Jeannie asked.

"If she feels like I do, I think she's dripping wet," I said.

"Fuck, Carly, touch my ass for her." I did, and the saleswoman watched my hands move to Jeannie's ass and pull her toward me. Jeannie and I kissed soft and wet.

"I want out of my work clothes. Can I try on the dress?" Jeannie asked.

Jeannie and I wear the same size but are built differently. I have smallish perky tits, and Jeannie's are bigger and rounder.

I took off the dress and, wearing just my thong, handed the dress to her. She put it on the stool, then took off her button-down shirt and conservative pants. She was wearing white silky panties and a white lace bra. I turned her back to me so we both faced the saleswoman, and I cupped Jeannie's breasts and squeezed her nipples. The saleswoman licked her lips. I hadn't seen her do that before, and I thought it was involuntary.

Jean turned back to me, picked up the dress and stepped into it. Suddenly its cute sweetheart neckline was filled with her cleavage. She looked better in it than I did.

My pussy was getting wetter, and I touched her cleavage at the top of the dress as she had done to me. Her round soft breasts were half above the neckline. I caressed the visible area, down the neckline as she had, and ran my fingers down between her tits.

"Feels good," she said.

"Me too," I said, my lips swelling and my thong wet.

We made out, our tongues softly pressing into each other's.

I looked through the doors of the dressing room out to the saleswoman, and she stood frozen watching us.

I kissed Jeannie's puffy bottom lip, and ran my tongue across it, then kissed her full mouth again. She always tastes so good and smells a bit like coconut. I bit her lip.

"Oh Carly," she said.


"How do you do that to me?"

"What?" I asked.

"This," she said. She took my hand and put it under the dress and against her panties. Her soft panties were wet through to the outside. My cunt swelled from feeling her. My fingers over the outside of her panties, I felt her swollen outer lips and her slit. She sighed quietly in my ear. "God, yes," she said. "This is exactly what I need." My own pussy was aching. We don't normally get overly excited in the dressing room, but I felt we were beginning to lose control. I knew I was.

I looked up toward the saleswoman. She looked down quickly and began to write something. She seemed to have her cunt pressed into her desk.

"Jeannie, I think she's masturbating," I said.

"Describe. Tell me."

I ran my fingers up Jeannie's wet pussy and pressed my finger into her slit over her panties.

"She pressing her cunt into her desk," I said.

"Oh god, you're fucking kidding. That's so hot. Is she moving against it?"

"Just pressing." I looked at the saleswoman, and she was no longer looking directly at me. Her cunt was pressed into her desk, and I thought she might be trying not to get too excited.

"Keep going, Carly. Touch me, touch me," Jeannie said. My pussy was so hot and wet.

I rubbed my fingers against her so-wet lips, over her panties. She breathed heavily, the cleavage of the dress straining against her.

I looked up at the saleswoman and thought she was moving herself slightly against the desk. I told Jeannie, and it made her moan.

I kissed Jeannie's chest, took my hand from her pussy, and pulled down the top of the dress to expose her nipples. I bit her gently as I unbuttoned the dress then unclasped the front of her bra. The saleswoman's nipples were erect under her thin shirt. "God, Jean, her nipples got hard when I bit yours."

"I have to see," Jeannie said.

I moved her so her back was pressed to the mirror and she could see out the dressing room door. My pussy aching, I pressed my crotch against Jeannie's thigh. She obliged and pushed her thigh into my pussy. Her eyes were on the saleswoman, who I could now see by looking in the mirror behind Jeannie.

Jeannie was breathing heavily and more loudly than we had before in the store. I couldn't stop though. I bit her hard nipples and sucked them hard, one then the other. "You are so fucking hot," I said to her and kissed and licked and sucked. I ran my tongue around one nipple, also keeping my eyes on the saleswoman's hard nipples in the mirror, and put my hot mouth over Jeannie's nipple to suck it hard. It was long and erect, which turned me on so much because my nipples are smaller and don't get that long. I used my teeth gently on her nipple, and she moaned and arched back to press breast farther into my mouth. When I looked at her face I saw her looking out the door. I took her other hard nipple between my fingers and squeezed.

The saleswoman moved in short but hard motions against the desk, her nipples straining against her shirt, as she looked down and her hair fell forward. It was the first time I'd seen her lack composure at all.

I pressed myself into Jeannie's thigh and hip bone and felt a small yet hot orgasm rise. My cunt was on fire.

My fingers squeezing Jeannie's tit, I ran my other hand up between her thighs, up to the top where I could feel her wetness, and stopped just shy of her pussy. She shivered a little and seemed to weaken. "Do you want to sit?"

"God I better," she said. "I am so fucking losing it, Carly."

She sat on the dressing room stool, and I knelt between her legs, pressing my face between her breasts. Her skin was so soft, her nipples so hard. She arched back, put her hands on the back of my head, and pulled me into her.

I would have had to crane my neck to see the saleswoman and, entirely turned on, I instead focused on Jeannie.

I kissed down her soft body, unbuttoning the length of the dress as I went. I kissed her between her breasts, down between her ribs and across her soft skin to her rib cage. "Yes, don't stop," she said. I kissed and nibbled and licked her body, her flat stomach, the sides of her waist. She spread her legs, and I moved closer to her, between her legs.

On my knees in front of her, I kissed her everywhere, feeling her tits and hard nipples, moving my fingers to her mouth for her to suck. I wanted every square inch of her to feel touched by me. I kissed down to her panties and ran my tongue across the top band. She flinched and moaned, and she pulled my head to her. "Umm, wait, wait," she gasped.


"I'm fucking losing it. Carly, oh god."

I kissed and licked along the band of her panties and asked her what the saleswoman was doing. "Fuck, I wasn't even looking. I don't see her now."

I looked at Jeannie. "Is she offended?" I asked.

"No way, she's probably cleaning herself up!" We both laughed.

There was something a little liberating about not being watched, and I licked Jeannie's pussy over her panties, licking the material and feeling her soft, wet stickiness. She rocked her hips and let out a low sigh. She tasted and smelled intoxicating. I licked, over her panties, down the length of her pussy, down her wet slit and back up, bypassing her clit and licking her outer lips through her panties. Her lips were swollen, reaching out beyond the sides of her panties, wet. I licked down the seam of her panties between her outer lip and inner thigh. I tasted her salty sweetness and gently yet hungrily licked her juices. She moaned and moved her hips back and forth more rhythmically.

"Take them off," she said. "I can't take it, please take off my panties."

I pressed my tongue into her clit, over her panties one more time, which made her moan and press into my face. I was just about to pull down her panties when she pressed her clit into my tongue and began to make circular motions with her hips, her hard clit pressed into my tongue but separated by the thin silky material of her panties. She moved faster and harder and pulled my head into her, then arched her back and, in a rhythmic back and forth motion, came hard against my face. Her lips were swollen out of her panties and her juices dripped down over my lips and chin. She rode my face, and I put two fingers inside her from the side of her panties and she came again, her hips rocking, her pussy in spasms.

I pulled her panties down, and put my tongue and lips on her pussy, covering her hot clit with my mouth. Her naked cunt made me hot and horny as fuck, and I put my fingers inside my own thong and began to touch myself.

"Yes, masturbate for me Carly," Jeannie said. "I want to see you while you eat me."

Her words set me on fire, and I pulled down my thong. I got a bit tangled in the nearly-soaked string thong but quickly got my ankles free from it. My pussy felt amazing uncovered, and I touched myself and continued to taste Jeannie.

I moved my tongue to the very bottom of her pussy, on a soft wet spot. Instant response of hips moving up to me. "Oh wow, there, that spot," she said. I licked and let my tongue slide into her just small bit. Her moan was guttural. I slid my tongue up her inner lips to just under her clit, then back down. She was so wet, so swollen. I moved my tongue back up near her clit, then down and into her. She thrust herself forward and fucked my tongue slowly until her heat and wetness spilled onto my tongue and her pussy spasmed around it.

I put two fingers inside Jeannie and ran my tongue up her inner lips to the fold next to her clit. I took the fold of pink between my lips and licked her. I moved my tongue softly next to her clit in up and down movements. I did the same to my own pussy with my other hand, and I felt my own orgasm begin to build.

"Oh Carly I'm going to come again; make yourself come while I do. Rub your clit Carly; rub it for me.

I heard a sigh from outside the dressing room. I could barely make myself stop, but I wanted to know if our saleswoman was here – had been here the whole time.

"Don't stop," Jeannie said. I put another finger inside her and slid them in slowly.

"Do you see the saleswoman?" I asked Jeannie.

"No. Where is she? Don't stop." I slid my fingers in then out, then slid them gently up each side of Jeannie's inner lips toward her clit. I went up to but didn't touch her clit with my fingers. "Yes, yes," she said.

I rubbed my own clit faster and harder now. I used my fingers and my tongue on the sensitive spot next to Jeannie's clit. I moved my tongue to directly on her clit and continued to rub the sides with my fingers. I rubbed my clit. An orgasm built, my pussy swollen and aching and it felt like I would explode. Jeannie grinded into my face.

The sigh again. I looked into our mirror, saw into the dressing room across from ours, and there was the saleswoman. She was sitting on the stool. She had her hand up her professional skirt, her mouth was slightly open, and she was looking at us. My pussy began to spasm. "Jeannie look," I gasped. Jeannie looked up and across.

"Can't see," she said.

I used my foot to kick our door wider open. Jeannie was facing our dressing room doors, and she could now see directly across to the saleswoman's room. "Oh fucking shit," Jeannie said. My mouth over Jeannie's clit, my orgasm now in growing and intense waves, and Jeannie said, "Fuck yes," as she lurched her hips to my mouth, grinded, and came hard, pulling my head into her cunt. Her pussy tightened around my fingers and spasmed and her hips kept jerking into me, her hands pressing the back of my head into her.

When Jeannie's orgasm subsided, I licked and kissed her pussy, her thighs, her stomach, her pussy some more. My fingers were in my own cunt and now sitting on my knees on the floor, I looked into the mirror at the saleswoman across the way. She lifted her skirt shamelessly and looked me in the eye. She was using two fingers to circle her clit. Jeannie simply sat and watched her, as she had done with us so many times.

The saleswoman stopped playing with her clit and moved her fingers down and into her pussy. She was doing it for us!

The saleswoman moved her fingers faster in and out of herself.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I knew I liked it when she watched us, but had no idea how much of a turn on it would be to watch her. She took her other hand and circled her clit again as she fucked herself with the fingers of her other hand.

I moved my fingers back up to Jeannie's pussy – it was involuntary; I was so turned on -- then up to her clit, and back down, feeling her everywhere, stopping anywhere she responded and lingering on her sensitive spots. I was surprised Jeannie was into it again, but when I looked at her face I saw her glazed eyes glued to the saleswoman's cunt. Finding my way around every sensitive area of Jeannie's pussy with my fingers, I brushed my tongue across the tip of her clit then quickly looked back up to the mirror to see the saleswoman. All three of us were moaning.

I put my tongue back on the tip of Jeannie's clit and moved it in tiny circles. "Oh fuck, fuck, oh god," she said. I was pressing my legs together and rubbing my aching wet pussy. I was so fucking turned on.

I slid two fingers into Jeannie's cunt, palm up, then slid them outward pressing into the top of the inside of her pussy. I pressed up inside her pussy behind her public bone and slid my fingers back and forth. "There! That's it, that's the fucking spot!" she said as I was inside her pussy rubbing a ridge. "Yes!" She moved her hips, and I rubbed back and forth the spot inside her. I continued to circle her clit with my tongue. "I'm not going to last, Carly!"

I looked up into the mirror at the saleswoman, and her hand was moving at lightning speed on her clit, her other hand in and out of her cunt. I could hear her the wet sounds of her fucking her own wet pussy.

Jeannie got suddenly wetter and her cunt swelled around my fingers. She stopped moving entirely. "So good, Carly, I'm going to...I'm coming!" Her thigh and pelvic muscles quivered and her breathing was fast and becoming a moan. I looked up at her face and saw that she was still looking straight on at the other woman. I heard the woman moan, looked at her in the mirror, and she too had stopped moving her hips and was pressing harder and faster in circles into her clit as she fucked herself with her fingers.

A loud moan from Jeannie. "Ohhh yesss" and her hips bucked and jerked and shot up into me as she grabbed my head from behind.

At the same time the other woman moaned loudly. I looked at her and saw her hips bucking and shaking, coming up off her stool. She was standing, her back arched. "Yess, yess, yess," she said. "Oh fuck yesss."

She straddled the stool and continued to fuck her fingers, her skirt tucked into its waistband everything visible. Her stool was wet with her juices and for an instant I wanted to run over and lick her stool and her. She was still rubbing her clit, and Jeannie was still coming against my fingers. Both women began low moans, looking at each other, and both seemed to be making the same exact circular motions with their hips at the same time. Their breathing and moans grew stronger and louder and faster at the same time.

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