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Dressing Room Cocksucker


"Very nice," Ms. Warren said, looking over the candidate. "There aren't many Asian women around here who are busty with an exotic, golden brown tan. I'm certain my clients will love that combination."

Jade Chang smiled with pride. She had always been self-conscious about her curves and shape; especially in this high-end area of Los Angeles, where skinny blondes were the standard bearers. Now those curves seemed to be working in her favor, helping her land this part-time job to pay for engineering grad school expenses.

They were both sitting in the downtown clothing store. It was 9 am so the place hadn't opened yet. They sat inside the store with the lights off; the bright sunlight from outside was more than enough.

"I'm pleased to hear that," Jade said happily. "I have some experience in modeling, so I'm fine using my assets in a reasonable manner."

"Yes, I saw that in your resume. What I'm asking is much different than modeling for car shows."

"I understand. As you can see, I also worked part-time in retail when I was in college. I know how things work-- I can run the cash register, or anything relating to a client's needs."

Ms. Warren's eyes narrowed, focusing on Jade. "This is a very different game. My clients are mostly successful men who have, shall we say, exquisite taste in both fancy clothing and beautiful women. It comes together in one package here. That's why my business thrives. And that's why I'm willing to pay so generously."

Suddenly, Jade tensed. She had an idea of what Ms. Warren was implying.

"I'm familiar with your store policy," Jade replied.


"I'm interested in pursuing the job."

Ms. Warren gave a slow nod. "Tell me, Jade. What's an intelligent, beautiful, young, engineering student doing in a place like this? Don't get me wrong. I think you have a perfect look and my clients would love you. But I need reassurances for a job this risque."

She knew this was coming. Her answer had already been rehearsed.

"To be honest, I know a lot of tech executives come here, and I've heard that I'm able to introduce myself this way."

Ms. Warren raised an eyebrow. "Networking? I like that. Yes, I allow my employees to socialize with clients, but only during appropriate hours. If you're on duty, then I expect your full attention. Is that understood?"

"Of course, yes. I understand."

"Good. Now, what else have you heard regarding duties?"

"Nothing specific," Jade replied. "I know I'll have to help with stocking items and operating the cash register. I have experience helping clients find the appropriate attire they need, and I've also done fitting prep before sending items to be tailored. As for the specifics... I've heard that it varies."

"Are you okay with that? I assign different duties to employees based on their skill set." She waited for Jade's nod of ascension. "So, Jade, tell me what your skills are."

The suggestive tone in Ms. Warren's voice made Jade feel small.

"I... I'm not sure," Jade stammered. "What options are available?"

"I guess we'll have to find out. Are you okay with a deeper interview and trial period? I like where this is going. You certainly have a lot of potential."

"I'd love to continue."

Ms. Warren nodded. "Good. Now stand for me. Remove your clothes too."

It was a sudden shock and Jade's body jerked in surprise. She knew this job interview was going to be unconventional, but this? Naturally, her eyes veered towards the window.

"People can see us outside."

"Not really," Ms. Warren replied. "At this hour, the sun's glare makes it difficult for anyone to see inside, that's why the lights are off. But then again, people might see if they look closely enough, which means you'll have to be fast."

Jade's eyes widened. She knew better than to ask again. She stood. Her eyes glanced at the window while a few office workers and tourists walked down the street, minding their own business, completely oblivious to what was going on behind this storefront window.

She only hesitated for a second before proceeding to remove her shoes, then she took off her fitted black blazer, which she folded neatly and placed on the chair next to her.

Ms. Warren nodded. "Good. Being obedient is a requirement for this job. No questions asked. You will be expected to do things and you will need to deliver without a fuss."

Jade's fingers worked frantically, rolling up her dress from the bottom. In one quick movement, she pulled everything off until she was in her undergarments.

"Keep going," Ms. Warren said. "I don't have all day. Take your bra and panties off. I need to get a good look at you and I still have questions to ask."

Uncertain, Jade still obeyed. She needed this job. She removed her undergarments to expose her body completely. Her skin was evenly bronze and her figure was voluptuous. Her dark nipples turned hard from the exposure, and she wished she had shaved this morning, as she had a little dark patch between her legs.

Ms. Warren's eyes looked up and down, the same way a building inspector would carefully examine safety regulations. Her eyes revealed nothing. This was all business.

"Very nice," Ms. Warren said with a poker face. "Like I said, my clients would love you. We've never had an Asian employee here before. Variety is the spice of life, isn't it?"

Jade held her head high. "Yes it is. Diversity is a good thing, in my opinion."

"Ms. Chang, do you do anal?"

Jade's butt cheeks involuntary clenched. "Not really."

"Are you good at giving blowjobs?"

Ironically, the lewd question made Jade gulp audibly. This was the kind of question asked in private between lovers or best friends. Not during a job interview. Nonetheless, she knew what she was getting into, and she was already naked.

"I'd like to think I'm excellent at it," Jade replied. "I've only ever had compliments and I do enjoy it very much."

"How many men have you blown? In your entire life."


"How many at the same time?" Ms. Warren asked nonchalantly.

Was that really a serious question? Jade wondered.

"I've never gone beyond one at a time."

"Would you?" Ms. Warren asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, I could handle it."

In reality, she wasn't so sure. But she knew it was what the boss wanted to hear, so she told the small fib, thinking it would never come to that.

"Do you swallow cum? Is that an issue for you?"

"To be honest," Jade said, "it's not exactly something I crave, but I know men love it, so I do it. After all, oral sex is about pleasing your partner."

"That, my dear, is an excellent answer." Ms. Warren was smiling this time. "I have one more question before we move along."


"Are you comfortable being naked for clients?"

Jade was weak in the knees for a second. She had expected this. She knew it was coming. But still, being naked in the workplace? It's not something you can prepare for. The thought sexually excited her in the most unusual of ways.

"I can manage that," Jade said, mustering her confidence. "Especially since these are professional men."

"That's right. They know how to treat women and they're often quite generous with their... well... you'll see when the time comes."

Jade ignored the sexual innuendo. "I look forward to it."

"Next, I'll need to examine your technical expertise. I'm a firm believer in real world testing. That means you'll be working with a couple of my clients when they arrive soon."

Jade gulped. "Soon?"

"Are you still interested in the job? Keep in mind that these three work for a nearby tech company. One of them is an executive. They need a fitting for a black tie event later this week. Who knows? If you become a good employee for me, I just might slip them your resume and put in an amazing word on your behalf."

Jade's eyes widened. Not only was she sexually excited, but she was also delighted at the potential career advancement as well. There was, however, one lingering question in the air.

"If I'm naked while they're here," Jade said, "won't they lose respect for me? I'm working so hard on my engineering degree and I don't want them getting the wrong idea about my character."

Ms. Warren roared with laughter, which seemed so uncharacteristic of her.

"This is the modern tech industry," the boss said, still giggling at the assertion. "It's filled with the most liberal and hedonistic people you've ever met. Don't you read the news? Haven't you read articles about the types of parties they're involved in? Trust me, Ms. Chang, these people won't lose an ounce of respect for you. If anything, they'll admire your character."

"That's reassuring," Jade said pleasantly, hoping it was true.

"It is. As you must have heard, a few of my previous employees have gotten internships or full-time jobs because of me. Think of it as a mutual exchange of services. We all win."

Jade nodded. "When will they be here?"

"Soon. My other employee called in sick, so you'll be off to a busy start. Don't make any mistakes. Listen to what I have to say. Follow instructions. If you do that, the job is yours. Understood?"

"Yes, Ms. Warren."


Shortly after the store opened, the three clients were shown to the backroom. The backroom was large and elegant, the kind where several people could stand around for fittings. Mirrors surrounded the clients on all sides as they openly dressed and undressed.

Jade's knowledge of fashion, textiles, and measurements were put to the test. She was expected to measure these men and choose suitable fabrics, prints, and cuts for them.

She did this while still completely naked and barefoot. To her surprise, it was conducted like a regular business transaction, the kind any retail employee would make.

The men didn't seem to mind her nudity. Aside from the occasional lewd staring, which was to be expected, the men were respectful and appreciative of her bare figure while she worked.

It was the strangest turn-on in her entire life.

The fitting had gone far smoother than she imagined. These men were plain techies. They wouldn't know fashion if a famous designer hit them over the head. Their faces and bodies were average looking and anything they wore only enhanced them. It was an easy job.

"Excellent work," Charlie told the store owner, looking himself in the mirror. "I think we're about ready, once these guys figure out how to get out of their tuxedos. It'll be on my credit card again."

The other two men in the room, who were much younger, stood in front of the mirror and fixed their tuxedos. It was their first time wearing anything like this and they got comfortable the best they could.

"It all looks so beautiful," Ms. Warren said of the three men.

Ever since these clients had arrived, Ms. Warren had been all smiles and pleasantries. This was a different side to her, and Jade wondered what the boss' personality would be like once the clients left.

"How about a complimentary gift?" Ms. Warren asked suggestively. "A perk for loyal customers."

Jade tensed, knowing that any 'complimentary gift' would be referring to her, and her alone.

Charlie smiled at the notion. "Just for me? Or for everyone?"

"Everyone, of course. There's enough to go around."

"Only if it's what I think it is," he replied.

Ms. Warren gestured to Jade. "She's new here. An engineering student, if you can believe it. I'm close to hiring her; she's doing a good job so far."

"An excellent job, I might add," he said, looking over Jade with eyes full of lust.

"That's a fair assessment. Apparently, this girl is skilled in the art of oral gifts, and she's a swallower too."

Jade clasped her hands together as they stood there talking about her like she was just a commodity to be traded.

The man's eyebrow rose. "Is that so?"

"That's what she claims. Of course, I haven't exactly had a real-world test yet."

"Trial periods are very important," he replied. "Personally, I never make a hire without a careful examination of the applicant's abilities. Even then, I take a few days to make a final decision."

Ms. Warren smiled. "Well then, maybe it's time we take this further. Your advice is always valued."

The boss snapped her fingers, which signaled for Jade to stand in the center of the dressing room.

"Yes?" Jade asked professionally, hiding the anxiety she was feeling at the moment.

"Ms. Chang, you told me earlier that you give the best blowjobs, right?" the boss asked nonchalantly.

"Actually, I..."

Ms. Warren cut her off. "Our clients are spending nearly $3,000 on tuxedos. Charlie himself has spent more than $15,000 in the past year as a loyal customer of this shop. Here, we show gratitude for loyalty like that. So on your knees you go. These men are busy and I'm sure they have things to do after this."

"Of course," Jade said with nervous energy. "It would be my pleasure to show them our gratitude."

Jade wanted this job and this was her time to shine. She was going to give those men what they wanted and impress the boss at the same time.

She sank to her knees in the most graceful manner.

With her best smile, Jade looked at them and said, "If you are ready, gentlemen, I would like to demonstrate for you our store policy, which focuses on customer satisfaction. If you don't get the happy ending you're expecting, that means I'm not doing my job properly."

The two young men were instantly ready for oral attention.

"I'll be right back," Charlie told his employees, almost laughing off the situation. "You two hurry it up. We need to get back to the office after this."

Ms. Warren and Charlie left the dressing area to head to the cash register.

Suddenly, Jade felt a sudden sense of urgency. She knew she'd impress the boss if she made these two men cum before the bill was paid. All she had to do was deliver the service and the job would be hers.

The two younger men in the room also seemed eager to get this going. They approached her and unzipped themselves, ready to get their dicks sucked, but seemed tentative at the same time. Their exposed cocks were already hard. Jade appreciated that these guys were just as nervous as her.

Her heart was beating fast, and if there was one thing Jade was good at, it was keeping her composure in times of stress. Focusing on the task at hand was all she needed to do to ease her nerves.

Looking at the two cocks in front of her, Jade felt her body responding with excitement. Her pussy was wet and wanting, but she'd have to do without a good fucking and focus all that hunger into her mouth's abilities.

The guys were standing at a close distance from one another and Jade could tell how badly they wanted to get started. She went straight for the kill and grabbed both of their erect penises in her hands and squeezed gently while she invited them to get closer by tugging at their cocks.

Her saliva was pooling. Then she took each guy between her lips, one at a time. She started to moan. Maybe this job was going to be more rewarding after all. Great pay, free networking, and the opportunity to suck cocks on a regular basis.

The men groaned and grinned at each other.

"I love this girl's enthusiasm."

"I know. She's eager to please. A great cocksucker."

As she sucked, she almost wanted to laugh at how mechanical and almost dorky they sounded, even while getting sucked off. How desperate she was to join that world someday. She sucked and stroked some more.

The heads of their stiff cocks were both inside of her stretched mouth, fighting each other, bulging on each side of Jade's cheeks as they fought for prime real estate. She tried her best to give each of them a proper blowjob (at the same time), but instantly found that it was impossible. There was simply no room to showcase all of her oral talents to these men.

She realized that what these men wanted wasn't just pleasure, but control. And she was happy to give them that. Client satisfaction is everything, isn't it?

Licking, sucking and stroking, it was simply a matter of time before one of them came. Her eyes went up to look at them and she could tell that the guy on the left was nearing his climax. The excitement was showing on his face.

Jade moved her head back and took both of them out, but continued thoroughly stroking their hard-ons. The guy on her right grunted that he was about to cum.

"Where do you want to finish?" Jade asked, maintaining her stroking motion.

Both men agreed; her mouth was the prime location.

She flicked her tongue on the tip of each cock head, one at a time, twirling her tongue around and gave each of them one last good suck. She separated her knees to balance herself, pulled her shoulders back to stick her tits out, and opened her mouth as wide as possible.

The guy on the left was the first to jolt his cum, hitting Jade right in the mouth. It was warm and thick in texture. Salty and bitter, it reminded Jade of the first time she ate oysters. He kept stroking his dick, sending the last of his load to the side of her face.

As she turned her head to the guy on her right, he came violently and let out loud grunts. Jade made sure to position herself in his direction to catch as much as possible. It mostly hit her on the neck and cheek, but she managed to catch some in her mouth. It was thicker and saltier than the first guy; Jade appreciated the difference in taste.

As the men looked down at their handiwork, Jade heard footsteps from the side. Ms. Warren had returned, and she had the biggest smile on her face. Charlie, next to her holding his receipt, looked equally pleased.

"Looks like I've missed the fun," Charlie said with feigned disappointment. "What a mess."

"No, no," Ms. Warren said insistently. "This girl's oral talents are incredible. She was blessed with a strong jaw and an endless supply of saliva. Realistically, she can do this for an hour and she's done groups before."

Jade remained silent about the blatant lie, but whatever would help her career was appreciated. She remained on her knees with her face a cummy mess, anticipating the possibility of having to entertain another cock.

Charlie contemplated for a moment. "Why not? I don't mind taking sloppy seconds. Or sloppy thirds, actually. This girl seems worth it."

He instructed his employees to remove their tuxedos and wear their normal clothes once again. They'd be leaving soon. Charlie undressed also, removing his tuxedo, and he remained in his boxers, while still looking at Jade.

Once he was ready, he stood in front of Jade and pulled his penis out.

"Lick your lips clean," he said. "Then take me in."

Through the corner of her eye, Jade saw the urgent expression on Ms. Warren's face, egging her on. It was obvious that this particular client meant a lot to the boss, and that this man needed to be rewarded for the business he brought to this establishment.

Jade licked the cum off her lips, gulped it down, and bent forward to take the next erection. Her jaw was sore, but she persisted. She sucked and stroked, giving a slightly above-average blowjob. She could have done a lot better if she was 'fresh,' but she did the best she could in her current state and sore jaw.

He twisted his fingers in her hair. "Do you mind if I go deep? It's my favorite."

She nodded, careful not to accidentally use her teeth in the process.

"A good cocksucker like you must be great at deepthroating. Here it goes."

Actually, she had never deepthroated before. This was a first. It had always been a fantasy, and as the cock slowly inched its way further, it was about to become a reality. Charlie clenched his fists in her hair and slowly pushed his hips forward, while also pulling her head towards him. It slide across Jade's lips, past her tongue, before finally hitting the entrance to her throat, nearly making her gag.

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