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Dressing Room Exposure


This story takes place when Sue was 24 years old. We had been dating for a year. We were at the mall when she decided to look for a new bathing suit. It was May and Sue was looking forward to going to the beach that summer.

I knew that Sue loved to sunbathe in her backyard or at the beach with the least amount of clothing. I also knew that if it were up to her and if she could get away with it, she probably would sunbathe nude. Since we lived in a conservative town and there was no place to sunbathe nude, the next best thing would be a sexy bathing suit.

Sue led me to a small shop where there were all kinds of one and two piece bathing suits that ranged from the very modest to the very revealing. I followed her to the bikini section where she picked out a couple of skimpy string bikinis. Then I followed her to the back of the shop to a dressing room where she could try them on.

The dressing room had an unusual set up. There were three booths, each with their own curtain. Each booth had a mirror facing the entrance of the changing area. Anyone who wanted to could see each booth from outside the dressing room.

Sue told me, "Wait here while I try these on."

Sue went into the first booth and pulled the curtain. However, I noticed that she had not closed the curtain completely. Sure, she had closed it enough so that no one could directly see her, but the way the mirror was and the way the curtain was open, I could see her in the mirror taking her clothes off. I assumed that Sue did not realize that she could be seen.

I noticed that there was a guy who, like me, was waiting outside of the dressing room while his girlfriend was also trying on clothes. They appeared to be an attractive couple in their early twenties. From the place where the young man was standing, he had an even better view of Sue than I did. I could see his girlfriend take off her blouse because she did not have her curtain completely closed either. I could see the girl in her bra, but it was the other guy who got the real treat.

I watched as Sue took off her blouse and bra. She was topless and both I and the stranger could see everything. Her tits stood up in the air and they were so beautiful! I glanced at the young man and I could tell that he was staring intently at Sue's naked tits in the mirror.

I thought maybe I should say something to Sue, but I couldn't very well shout to her to cover up. It was a little late now and, besides, I couldn't blame the guy for staring at her. If his girlfriend were standing there topless and if her tits were as beautiful as Sue's, I'm sure I would be staring at her too.

Sue continued to perform this delightful strip tease, unaware that she was being observed. She took off her shoes and jeans and had nothing on except for her white panties.

I glanced at the young voyeur, avoiding eye contact. He was staring at Sue's reflection in the mirror. His face appeared red. He also appeared a little nervous, occasionally glancing around, as if he didn't want to get caught in public doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. It was obvious that he was getting very turned on.

By this time my cock was very stiff! I was getting very turned on by the thought that this stranger could see my girlfriend completely naked without her realizing it.

Sue came out of the dressing room for a moment and stood facing me in a blue bikini.

She asked me, "How do I look?"

She did look very sexy except for one problem. Sue was wearing white cotton panties under the bikini bottom!

The blue bikini bottom was very skimpy with strings that tie on each side. It didn't leave very much to the imagination. Sue looked even more exposed and erotic wearing those white panties underneath the bikini. Of course, I didn't tell her that.

I told her, "How can I tell you how you look when you are wearing those panties under the bikini?"

She said, "I'm wearing them because of sanitary reasons."

I said, "Well, you look ridiculous! Take them off!"

I noticed that the young man was looking at Sue and that he also could see her panties under the bikini bottoms. He was smiling. I think he heard what I had said to her.

Sue went back into the dressing room and proceeded to take the white panties off. I observed that the young man was standing there watching her. I could see Sue as she paused to glance in the mirror. She stood there bottomless. Her observer could see her naked pussy and her bottom! It was obvious to me that he was getting quite a show. I'm sure he had an erection. I know that I did.

I watched in the mirror as Sue put on the bikini bottoms. She looked in the mirror again to admire the fit. She adjusted the strings once more. She brushed her hair.

Finally, Sue came back out of the dressing room. She modeled the blue bikini for me and asked me what I thought.

I said, "That's much better now that you don't have those silly looking panties on. You look very nice."

Finally, Sue decided on a bathing suit and got dressed. When she came out of the dressing room, she smiled at the young man.

I said to Sue, "You know, you left the curtain open and that guy could see you getting undressed."

Sue kissed me and replied, "Yes, I know. I could see him in the mirror looking at me."

I realized then that Sue knew that the guy was watching her all along and that she deliberately let him see her. She enjoyed being the exhibitionist and I found myself getting very turned on by the idea of another man seeing my girlfriend without any clothes on.

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No disrespect but...

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