tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDressing Room Fantasies, Part One

Dressing Room Fantasies, Part One


I had always liked jerking off in public places. I'm not really sure why but it did give an extra sort of 'rush' to the procedure. Lately I had been frequenting local department store dressing rooms to do my naughty business. I would take a few pairs of sexy looking underwear, my camera and a paper towel in with me, all discreetly hidden of course, and jerk and cum to my hearts delight. Later, if I felt 'up' to it I would watch that day's antics later and have another good cum.

I was walking through the mall again last Sunday when I decided I wouldn't mind a good jerk off. So I started searching through the closest department store for some clothes to bring in with me. I grabbed a pair of tight black Euro shorts and matching tank top that I thought would fit well. Next I grabbed some male thongs that I knew my butt would look good in. Not sure how they would ever hold my throbbing cock inside them but hey, I'll give it a try. I already had some napkins with me from lunch and my camera in my pocket so I collected everything and headed for the dressing room.

I looking into the dressing room area and noticed it was empty. This was on of my favorite places to go, as it usually was empty at this part of the store. I set all my things down, kicked off my shoes and started to undress. I took off my jeans, shirt, socks and then finally my regular boxer briefs. I took the euro shorts and slid them on. They were indeed pretty tight and grabbed to my butt cheeks as I pulled them up over my hard, athletic butt. I admired myself in the mirror for a bit, my bulge instantly growing in the shorts. Then I pulled the tank top on to complete the outfit. I was getting hard quick and pulled the shorts down to give myself a few tugs. I didn't hear that someone else had to come into the dressing rooms.

I set up where I wanted the camera to be when I would undress from the shorts and tank and put the thongs on when the door to my stall suddenly opened. I instantly turned to see who it was, my heart racing a thousand beats a minute, and turned to see one of the middle-aged women who work in the women's department whose room I was in. She just stared at me, focusing on my package for a few long seconds, and then smiled at me. I was speechless, as I didn't think I would ever be caught here. She broke the silence first.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" she said. "Are you supposed to try those things on?"

"Uh...Yea I don't think its a problem, is it?" was all I could muster in my stupor.

"Mmmm, its definitely not a problem by the looks of It." she said as she gave me a wink.

My hard on started to throb in my pants from her glances in its direction.

"I've heard you in here before and now I want to see what I've been hearing."

This totally caught me by surprise, as I was pretty sure no one had heard anything, I was usually pretty quiet.

"You've heard what?"

"Oh please," she started "I know you jerk off in here, I've heard you cum before you know, it's pretty sexy. Now I want to SEE you cum."

She looked around the room and saw my camera.

"Give me your camera."

I did as I was told. What else could I do? I was pretty sure you could get in trouble for this stuff in public.

She flipped the camera on and as it was already set to the video setting she pressed the shutter button and started taking a movie of me.

"Now just do what you normally do in here," she said.

So I did.

I pulled the tank over my head and throw it aside. Next I slowly started taking off the shorts. My hard cock popped out the shorts once they were lower enough. My tight ass was visible as well. I slid them off slowly and was totally naked in front of this woman with my camera. And she was capturing everything.

I pulled out a thong and started to pull it up and on. My cock was so hard and throbbing now that there was no way the thong was going to hold it back. I pulled it on and turned to see myself in the mirror. The top 3 inches of my 8-inch cock were outside the top of the thong. My balls pushing the tiny amount of material out as well. The back of the thong was going right up my butt crack showing my tight butt to the camera.

"Damn, your cock is gorgeous. It's bigger than I even imagined. I want to see you play with it."

I was amazed she had even envisioned me in this way, but I found it as a huge turn-on nonetheless.

So I turned around to face her and the camera and dropped the thong enough to pull my cock all the way out and give it on long stroke my head to base. She moaned a little bit behind the camera and kept the lens pointed directly at my cock.

I put one leg up on the bench in the room and started to stroke my cock, feeling like I could cum at any minute with her watching me.

I started stroking a little harder and I felt like I could cum for hours and could not wait to explode in front of her. I had never felt this horny in my entire life.

I kept my eyes on her and she started to fidget behind the camera. I could tell she was definitely enjoying this as much as I was. I kept up my stroking, gently starting to moan as well so the camera could pick up my noises. I felt I was pretty close to cumming when she asked me if I was close.

"Yes, I am close to cumming all over, right in front of you." I moaned.

After she heard this she couldn't take it anymore. She dropped the camera on the bench and bent down in front of me. I couldn't believe it.

"Give me your cock, now!" she told me.

I did and she immediately started to suck my cock down into her mouth and throat. I had never had a blowjob this good before. She was pulling me into and out of her mouth so fast I was amazed she didn't gag.

I put my hands onto her head and pushed myself deeper down her throat. She took it well and kept her tongue thrashing around my hard cock. I couldn't last like this for long and after two more pumps I was cumming down her throat.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" was all I could get out, I had no way to warn her before hand.

To my amazement so took it all with my cock firmly lodged in her mouth. She was deepthroating my cock while I was spewing cum right down her throat. I was cumming so hard my body was convulsing and shaking.

After my final thrust into her mouth and the last of the cum trickling out of my cock I withdrew my cock for her mouth and leaned back against the mirror.

She was still kneeling in front of me licking my cum off of her lips.

"That was amazing, that was the best blowjob I've ever had."

"I don't know what came over me, I've never done that before. I have fantasized about it though. Ever since I heard you the first time." she purred.

"Thank you" was all I could think of to say.

"I have to get back to work now, but thank you and please, let me know when your 'cumming' back."

I told her I definitely would.

At that she got up, took a few of my napkins, gave me one last smile and turned and left the room leaving me breathless.

To my delight I had noticed that the camera was still pointed my way and had gotten the entire thing. I wasted no time getting hard again and stroking and stroking till I came once again. It wasn't as the first cum but it was still damn good.

After that I cleaned up and gathered everything and after putting everything back I headed home. I had another great cum to the video that night and made sure I was headed back to that store very, very soon.

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