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Dressing Room Show


It was one of those days that most husbands don't look forward to; going shopping with your wife. But it was a Saturday in early spring, and I wasn't to thrilled with the idea of doing yard work either. While we were on the way to the mall Sam told me that she wanted to look for a new swimsuit at a certain store that was having a sale.

As usual the mall was quite crowded but eventually she found some things to try on. The dressing rooms were in the back of the store, but had just curtains that stopped about 2 feet above the floor over the doorways. It was interesting to watch the women change clothes, since you could see their legs and feet it was easy to tell how undressed each of them were.

I was patiently waiting outside Sam's dressing room, just like the other husband/boyfriends that were there. I could tell Sam had taken her clothes off, and then see her step into the first suit to try on. You could tell she'd gotten it on, and was looking in the mirror by the way her feet turned and twisted. Eventually she peeked out to get my opinion, always tell them they look great, before trying on another one.

When she pulled the curtain shut she somehow managed to leave it open couple of inches. Now I had a front row seat as I watched my wife bend over and take off the swimsuit. Through the opening I could easily see her white ass, and small green panties. I presume that if I could have been looking in at more of an angle I could have seen even more. I quickly glanced around to see if there were any lurkers watching and sure enough a couple people were standing behind me, and one of the other husbands had also noticed.

Soon Sam reached out and grabbed another suit to try on. She was still oblivious to the show she was giving as she had her back to us all. I could tell as she bent over to step into the suit that a couple of the men had caught a view of her bare breasts as they were looking in from the side. When she had pulled it up I thought that I'd better save the day and quickly got up and went to see how she was doing. She pulled the curtain wide open and showed me the suit. I complimented her on how well it showed off her body, but she thought it fit wrong.

She pulled the curtain closed as she turned her back to me to try on the last one. This time she didn't even get it shut as far as before, so it must have been open 4-5 inches. I'm sure the guys that were watching thought that I was going to pull it shut since I was standing right there, but instead I went back to the chair I had been sitting in and just watched.

The curtain was open wide enough so that we could all see most of Sam's ass as she bent over to step out of the swimsuit. When she reached over to hang it up, and grab the last one she stretched across the curtain opening and gave us all a good side view of her little breasts.

When she was exposed like that she finally realized that the curtain was open and quickly pulled it shut. It was a few minutes before she finally opened it again to show me this last suit. She was still blushing a bit as she looked around to see how many people might have seen her little tits. This was by far the best one yet, and the sexiest as her nipples clearly showed though the fabric, but she said she didn't like it either. By then I was once again standing next to her curtain, and as she began to close it I asked her to leave it open a bit. She frowned at me, but left it open a couple of inches.

Before she could start to undress I stuck my head in and told her how great she looked in (and out) of all of them. She must have figured that I had something in mind so she didn't respond. When I popped my head back out the curtain opened a little wider, to about 6 inches. By now the waiting area had cleared out a bit, and only one husband was still sitting in the chairs.

However, there was still one guy hanging around the clothes racks trying to look into the dressing rooms. The husband had a perfect view into Sam's cubicle from his chair and was intently staring at Sam changing. The other guy was quickly maneuvering into position so he could get a better view. Just about that time one more husband joined the group that was waiting for their women, while watching my wife.

I peeked in real quick and saw that Sam was now wearing only her little panties. Upon seeing this I quietly pulled the curtain aside under the pretense of talking to her, but at the same time to give them all an unobstructed view of my wife in her panties. When she reached for her bra she turned to face the open curtain and she saw what I was doing. She noticed the men staring at her body, but since she couldn't do anything about it, she simply continued getting dressed. They watched in amazement as I moved to the side a bit and held the curtain while she finished getting dressed.

Sam had decided not to buy any of the swimsuits so we quickly left the store. The non-husband voyeur followed us for a few minutes but gave up when he realized the show was over.

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by 67spirit09/11/17

Familiar ground,

Brings back memories of a few incidents my wife and I had, Fun story!

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