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Drew's Bohemian Rhapsody


Drew Barrymore, blonde actress, American sweetie pie is all excited in a new fad called mehndi. It is the elegant art of painting the body with henna dye, which originated from India. This is a natural, temporary form of tattooing that can last from two to four weeks and the dyeing takes five minutes to several hours, depending on the design. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, Mira Sorvino, Liv Tyler, Madonna, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince had fallen into these decorative squiggles.

Sari Jakhul was the man coming to mehndi Drew. She met him in one of those Hollywood parties where everybody boasted and displayed their mehndis. Sari was a very engaging chap, easily likeable. By nature he’s sociable and good-looking, slightly taller than Drew with deep set eyes and a neat moustache over his sensuous lips. His body was tattooed from here to Cuba including that of his dick. He was just 26 years old like Drew and his physique was similar to that of Lenny Kravitz.

Freshly bathed in cut off jeans and midriff T, Drew answered the doorbell of her unit at Felton Towers that was awash with cream and beige color and floral prints here and there. It was Sari standing on the doorway flashing a happy smile and carrying an aluminum briefcase

“Hello Miss Drew Barrymore!” Sari said his infectious smile.

“Oh, Hi Sari! C’mon in. Call me Drew,” she said cheerily.

“Alright, Drew it is, although if I may, I wanna call you Honey Drew,” Sari said as he strutted inside wearing slim fit shirt over white muscle T and well worn Levi’s, bopping his bandana-wrapped head.

Drew giggled. “How’d you been Sari?”

“Pretty damn good,” Sari replied. “I’m in shape, business is booming and it’s all happening, Honey Drew.”

“And you?” he asked.

“Great! Livin’ la Vida loca!” she said aping those hip sways of the dancers in the Ricky Martin video.” And she laughed her girlish laugh.

Sari sank on a luxurious sofa with his eyes darting all over the place. “Know Honey Drew, you got great aura… I see a cloud of energy around you, vibrant…rainbow colors,” Sari said shaping a figure in his hands in the air.

What does that say?” Drew was curious.

“That you’re an Empress, full of creativity, talent and nurturing love,” he said snapping open his swanky briefcase on the table.

“An Empress! And would you have the design that’s fit for an Empress?” she said sitting beside him on the sofa.

“Yes, in fact I’ve already selected the designs that will fit your persona. These are my special designs that I’d like you to choose from,” Sari said handing her a portfolio of his works he retrieved from his brief case.

Drew carefully flipped through and remarked, “Wow, these are cool! Think I already have a choice. This swirl of floral design, I want them on both sides of my hips going all the way to the ankles,” Drew said cracking a big smile to Sari.

“Good choice, one of my favorites. Now I’ll just have to ask you to take off your shorts and then I think this block of coffee table here is strong enough for you to stand on unless you would prefer to lie down,” he said in a low voice.

“Can I offer you a drink?”

“Juice for the dude is fine.”

“Iced tea with lemon.”


Drew walked over to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of Iced Tea Lemon handing one to him.

Drew stripped off her shorts casually revealing brief panties trimmed by tiny white ruffles. “This okay?” Sari nodded surveying closer on her skin. “You have a very smooth skin Drew so at the most you’re lucky to have it for two weeks.

“Just that long?”

“Yeah, because this only takes better to skin that is well-worked in and you’re skin is not old enough to make it lasts longer.”

“Ok, then I can put on another design if I wish to, right?”

“Yeah. That what makes this exciting, you won’t get bored. Honey Drew, I prefer that you wear a thong so you don’t have to hitch and hold up the sides of the panties and that’ll be much easier for me to work on it.”

“How about I just take it off and go naked?”

“Suits me fine, why not?” Sari said. “Livin La Vida Loca,” he mimics Ricky Martin and swiveling his hips too.

“Nah, I’m just kidding. I’ll wear my tiniest thong,” she said pealing with laughter as she run to her bedroom.

When she returned she was clad in pink V-string thongs, cut higher on the legs wrapped by a sheer white scarf at the rear and tied to a knot across her tummy. She was devastatingly pretty, sexy in a child/woman way, blond and curvaceous, with luminous peaches-and-cream skin.

Sari helped her climbed on the coffee table. She batted her long eyelashes fringing her happy big blue eyes and smiled her luscious lips. Drew playfully struck sultry poses, wheeling around before untying the scarf and rubbing it against her bare-ass cheeks then flinging it on the sofa. But eventually she relaxed in a pose with hands on hips. “Yummy, yummy, feelin’ like I got love in my tummy,” Sari said lapsing into lyrics of an old song as he surveyed her fulsome cleavage and that dimpled crotch.

Sari began doing the sketching first on the left leg. Then after completing it he paused for examination of his work and he was satisfied. Then he worked on the other leg and Drew noticed Sari’s labored breathing. She smiled for she’s getting turned on too.

“You’re always looking at my pussy,” she said her fingernail fiddling between her teeth.

“It shows?” He grinned. “Well, can’t help it I’m a man and I know a delicious pussy when I see one,” he said glancing up on her.

When Sari finished the design on both legs, Drew took a break and shook out her legs and run to her bedroom to look at them on the big mirror.

When she came back Sari was mixing his own secret recipe of fine ground henna, eucalyptus oil, a few drops of sun warmed lemon juice, strongly brewed black tea and sugar in preparation for the coloring.

Drew watched him close by as he pored at the blackish-green concoction that he was preparing. Then he dipped a porcupine quill and tested it on a rubber pad.

Back to posing, Drew noticed the discomfort of Sari with the tightening of his pants crotch

“Why don’t you take off your pants so you’d feel comfortable. It’s unfair that I’m standing almost naked here while you’re all clothed like that. Get naked, I want to see your body too”

“Oh, uh…alright,” Sari said. So he took off his pants and to Drew’s surprise he had no underwear, his long tattooed dick hanging out. Drew giggled.

“Hey, you didn’t spare your pecker,” Drew said.

“It’s a special tattoo. It glows in the dark.”

“Really?” she said amused like a child.

His pecker was in semi-erect state all because he really wanted to concentrate on his job.

Under the smoochy music coming from the CD player, Drew watched Sari colored the lacy exotic design of the flowers. The sensation was like that of butterfly kisses. Drew looked into his large, soulful eyes and imagined that his tattooed dick was plowing into her. She felt a burning sensation between her legs

Sari glanced up to her crotch once in a while licking his lips across as he worked on her ankle. Drew felt that her pussy was dripping and wondered if Sari was noticing some wetness seeping through the thong.

“Sari I can see that you’re having a hard on.”

“Trouble is when I get too horny I gotta jerk my dick first so it won’t get in the way.”

“Why don’t you jerk off and I’ll watch. I haven’t seen a man done that. I’ll show you my pussy if it helps.”

“Oh man, I get off on that big time,” Sari said as he stopped doing his work and began stroking his dick and settled on the sofa. He was looking at Drew who slid her hand inside her G-string and worked her own thing.

“Drew, let me lick your finger,” Sari said. Drew obliged and she let her delicate middle and index fingers coated with her juice slipped into his mouth. “Finger lickin’ good,” Sari said. Drew pushed aside the crotch of her thong and showed her plump pussy and began sliding in and out a finger inside her. A few seconds of seeing that action Sari shot his wad from here to Timbuktu.

Drew quickened her pace in stroking herself.”

“Can I help?” Sari said moving his face toward her pussy.

“Ah-huh,” she croaked.

Drew unfastened her sleek triangle bra and yanked it off. Sari drew his face to her belly and advanced his hands on her ribcage sliding up to squeeze her fulsome breasts. Like magnet, his full lips were drawn to her goosed-bump nipples and kissed and jarred them with his tongue before giving each a hefty suckle.

Leaving her nipples button-hard with arousal Sari’s face slid down south of her and began smooching her pubes through her thong. Then gently he stretched out the sides of her thong over his splayed fingers then drew it down from her hips without touching the outer legs so as not to ruin the newly painted tattoo. When she carefully stepped out of her thong, Sari kissed up her inner thighs, nibbling, licking making the suspense unbearable for Drew. When his tongue reached her two peach halves, she opened her lips wider with her fingers so he could gain thorough access. Sari licked hungrily appearing like he was extricating an oyster from there. Drew frowned and moaned as Sari found her treasure, sucked it, squirt it out and sucked it again until he waved the tip of his tongue over it aggressively. Drew’s non-stop moaning built up to its peak. Finally, her climax exploded and her body danced like Courtney Love in concert.

They took a 15 minute-break before Sari resumed his work finishing them at last after 30 minutes.

Satisfied at his final check, he told Drew that mehndi was quick-drying. Both sat down on the sofa drinking ice tea and smoking. Drew eventually sank on her knees on the carpet and assumed the position of being in between his splayed legs to examine his tattooed dick. It quickly hardened when she touched it. “I’ll turn down the lights so I could see that it really glows in the dark,” Drew said as stood up and hurried to the switches. It was already sundown and the glittering view of L.A. is viewed from her panoramic glass window. The lights grew dim and Drew was giggling as she played Sari’s dick in her hand and later on there was suckling noises and grunts from Sari’s lips. “Gosh, this is utterly fantastic, your dick really glows as she loosely clasped her hand around the shaft to examine it up-close in her face.

“It’s even delicious, it tastes like lemon grass or something. Hmmm, I love it.”

Sari admired Drew of how she sucks his dick. Her tongue left nothing uncovered even his nut sack was given full attention.

A few moments later, Drew was riding him looking like she was competing in an equestrian festival. Sari was squeezing her bottom and breasts as well rolling the nipples with his fingertips or sucking them with his hungry lips. It was good sex all the way, as they were both primed for the action. Each climaxed with a hefty bellow, with Drew coming again and again, shuddering eventually reducing to weak tremors accompanied by animal whining and whimpering. Sari followed immediately coming like a freight train that he writhed on the cushions expelling cries like that of the jungles.

“Good Lord,” Sari exclaimed, “You’re marvelous Honey Drew,” he said with panting breath.

Sari told Drew that he wouldn’t charge her of the tattoo service because he had the most wonderful fuck of his sex life. Even if he had to do her hands or arms or anywhere it will all be free of charge. Drew was extremely happy and told Sari that sex doesn’t come this way all the time. She was happy too that she had her tattoo. They hugged each other like real buddies and their friendship was born. A little later, Sari was between her legs devouring her and culminating with him on the top giving Drew the fuck of her life one more time.

* * * *

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