tagLoving WivesDrinking Mr Green at Mike's House

Drinking Mr Green at Mike's House


This is the story of how I got a taste for eating sperm from women's cunts. It's a taste I enjoy to this day - but this is how it began.

When I was about 18, had just left school and was about to go off to university I spent one summer weekend at a friend's house. Mike and I played computer games, watched wrestling on TV and later on went out to get a few videos and some beers for the evening. We returned to the house as Mike's parents, Mr and Mrs Green, were setting out for an evening out with their friends.

After they'd driven off we watched the movies and drank the beer. Later on we got a pizza and got fairly drunk on the last few cans of lager. We were beginning to doze off on the couch as Mike's parents returned. Mrs Green had been driving and Mr Green looked quite drunk. Mike went up to his room and I slid around on the sofa and began to drift off.

As I was listening to the sounds of planes flying overhead (Mike lived near Heathrow airport) I also began to notice sounds coming from closer. There was a rhythmic thumping sound coming from above and as I saw the shadows move as the light fixture swayed I heard the moans of Mr and Mrs Green, fucking!

Tired as I was my dick went hard as a post. I started to move the foreskin back and forwards as I slowly wanked, imagining what was going on upstairs. Slow as I was, though, Mr Green was much faster. The sounds stopped after only a few minutes. Shortly afterwards I heard noises on the stairs and then water running in the kitchen. Then, the door to the toilet opened. I didn't hear it close but I did hear a tinkling noise.

I quickly pulled up my shorts and looked round the door to see what I could see. I could see Mrs Green sitting on the loo with a pair of white cotton knickers around her ankles and her bushy red bush on display. I moved closer and could see the piss leaving her hole!

She looked up and saw me. Her face flushed with surprise.

"Uh, sorry Mrs Green I woke up at the noise and came to see what it was."

Surprise changed to something vampish on her face. She gestured for me to come closer and I approached her as she stopped pissing.

"Well," she said "now you know. But enough of flapping standing up. Kneel down and flap you tongue".

I knelt in front of her and she pushed my face between her legs. I extended my tongue and gently licked at her. There was a bitter, acid taste of her piss. I licked again felt something else on my tongue. Her cunt was leaking cum! As I tasted the cloying, creaminess of Mr Green's sperm through my mouth I got a great thrill. There was the thrill of a sexual encounter with an older, married woman. The thrill of an encounter with someone linked to Mike, my best friend. There was also the thrill of doing something taboo: eating a man's sperm from a woman's vagina.

I licked again, making sure my tongue removed the creamy remains of Mr Green's sperm from Mrs Green's thighs and ginger bush. Then I saw what looked like a small pearl at the entrance to Mrs Green's pussy. I covered it with my lips and sucked. I sucked the sperm and sent my tongue inside her to lap it off her cunt walls and bring it to my mouth.

While I was doing this Mrs Green was moaning, gently. As her excitements grew she leaked lots of her won juices which I sucked up, too. She quickly came to a climax and the entrance to her pussy opened and closed rapidly, squeezing my tongue.

Once her orgasm had finished she lifted my face up and we stood facing each other. She kissed me and inserted her tongue into my mouth - tasting the remnants of Mr Green's sperm. Quickly the kiss was over. She returned upstairs and I returned to the sofa in the lounge.

Neither of us has mentioned the event to the other since that night. It did kindle a deep, dark fantasy inside me, though. To this day I still enjoy licking another man's sperm from a woman's pussy. Any man's sperm and any woman's pussy.

More stories soon...

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by Anonymous

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by Rwa476802/12/18

Hot story

I loved the story because I love eating creampie Whether it's made by me or someone else. I hope you write more about this topic.

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