Out of the night, the woman's pale skin flickered in Julia's headlights before she had time to stop. She hit the brakes, gravel crunching underneath her wheels. The hatchback's beams lit the road ahead, pitch dark shadows folding between the tree trunks on either side. Wild, bushy grasses merged with the rough road surface.

"The hell!?" said Julia. She turned her head to peer through the rear window. Beyond the dull red glow of the car's tail: nothing, but darkness. Clouds obscured the stars. A summer night breeze made the sound of trees carry through the slight opening in her driver's window.

Julia licked her lips, her eyes narrowing. Her right hand ran through her fine, shoulder length blonde hair. She opened her eyes wide and blinked rapidly, then gave her head a shake.

"Fucking imagination."

She turned back to her wheel. Deep breath in . . . and out. The car's digital clock showed three in the morning in glowing green numerals on the dash.

"Should have had more coffee," she lifted her foot up, letting the car move into drive, "not much long . . . AH!!"

Hit the brakes.

She could see the naked woman in her rear mirror, the dark outline of the woman's smooth curves slowly drifting into sight, before disappearing back into shadow. Julia felt a primal desire to slam the gas, but ignored it.

Her car door clicked as Julia stepped out, her sturdy leather hiking boots crunching as she stood up to peer over the car roof. The tang of pine hung on the night breeze. A nude silhouette stood on the other side of the car just next to the rear lights.

"Are you alright?" Julia said. Her voice sounded higher-pitched than she'd have liked. The woman seemed to shiver in response, but the whispering leaves veiled the woman's words.

Julia tried again, "Did you say 'yes'? . . . um," the silhouette stayed perfectly still, "was that a 'yes', yeah?"

"Yesss," said a soft voice. It sounded small and confused, the final syllable sliding into a moan that made Julia's pussy embarrassingly warm. She could feel her cheeks burn. Thank goodness for the darkness. The cloth of her tee stuck to Julia's skin and her comfortable denims felt too tight.

She swallowed, "Ma'am, I hate to ask, but why are you naked?" Julia had a sudden vision of a drunken co-ed camping trip gone horribly wrong.

"Goddess . . . keeps me this way. Ohh!"

The last half-gasp-half-sob came as if the woman had been startled by the realization, but in a good way. A very, very good way. Julia recognized it as the exact sound she made herself when Mark started fucking her just right.

*Useless, cheating bastard.* No time for that right now.

Julia walked around the side of the car, keeping her left hand in contact with the roof. She could see the woman's beautiful round breasts, red in the glow from the rear lights, hard nipples pointing like bullets.

"Goddess??" Julia made her voice as gentle as she could, "Ma'am, . . . can I ask please if you've been taking drugs tonight?"

The woman swayed close; those oh-so-very hard nipples nearly brushing up against Julia's own high breasts through the cloth of her tee. Wide eyes stared right-through Julia, glazed in some sort of fugue state, pupils hugely dilated. Julia could see the woman's short dark hair had been slicked down tight against her skull.

"Yesss . . . She . . . ," The woman's hand rose slowly to hover beside Julia's cheek, fingers gently fluttering. Julia took a careful step back. The woman seemed to have lost the thread of her thought for a moment, then her head tilted back, "Musst obey Herrr . . . . Help. Please."

Julia's elegant eyebrows knit, "Help? Have you been . . .?"

Julia bit her lip. Her thoughts seemed confused suddenly, a new scent disrupting them, insinuating itself underneath the pine. The scent reminded her of . . . Julia leaned into the woman, her nostrils flaring.

*Can't place it.*

The girl's finger touched Julia's cheek, stroking a trace of cold, wet oil across it. Unexpected sparks flared deep between Julia's thighs.

"Obey . . . Her," whispered the girl, "Ohhh, help."

Julia closed her eyes for a moment, the flame licking between her thighs as she inhaled. Then she remembered herself, twisting away, "Don't!" Her gorgeous, naked, new friend stayed still.

Julia touched her own cheek, her fingers rubbing against the sweet-smelling oil smeared there. Her skin tingled down the line of her jaw, down the slopes of her chest, to the hard tips of her breasts, then all the way down, down, down to her trickling pussy.

"What?" Julia licked her lips, bringing a pair of oil-coated fingertips in front of them out of reflex curiosity, "What is this stuff?"

Her tongue slid out on a mission all of its own, its tip playing across the slick pads of Julia's fingers. The heat blossomed up into her mind.

Julia tried to think. Tried to think of the cabin up ahead, of writing, of publishing deadlines, of driving, of . . . of . . . . Fucking.

Flesh slapping on flesh. Licking sweat from her lover's skin. Opening to him. On her knees, straddling him, riding his cock like a slut. Opening to . . . her. Binding her, bending her into submission. Surrendering to control. Licking her. Sucking on her flesh. Sucking her diamond nipples. Her cunt tasting sooo good. Her clit so swollen and stiff, sucking it into her mouth, moving her tongue around it.

"Please . . . help." The little, lost voice shredded the dream. Julia gasped, pulling her fingers from out of her mouth. She fought the urge to push them back in and keep sucking the delicious oil from them.

"Of course," Julia's breath came in harsh gulps, her chest rising and falling heavily beneath her tee, "let's get you in the car." A wave of tenderness for the nude girl rolled through Julia.

She reached out and ran her hand through the slick hair on her lover's head. *I'm not gay. . . . Oh, Julia, stop being a liar.* Julia mumbled as she leaned in, "Something's so wron . . . ."

The girl's lips felt soft beneath Julia's, her open mouth warm. Her tongue wrestled back against Julia's own stabbing tongue.

Julia couldn't stand it. Couldn't permit her slut to act like that. She pulled the slut's hair back hard, using both hands, sweet oil oozing from it to run between Julia's fingers and trickle onto her wrists.

"You're mine," she laughed, getting drunk on the feeling, "Mine now."

Julia bent the girl back, arching her against the car boot, Julia's denim thigh rising to press hard against her slut-lover's mound. Her little whore, mewling, rubbed back with her hips, mouth parted, panting as she ground downwards, "Yess . . . Obey."

Her whore-lover came hard, pelvis jerking violently on Julia's upraised leg, thighs clenching.

Julia needed more. She needed her own cum and she knew just how she wanted to get it. Julia stepped back and fumbled with her leather belt, unsnapping her jeans. Her pussy sang hosannas in anticipation.

"Yeah. Obey me," said Julia. Julia's whore lay against the boot of the car, sprawling invitingly back against the gently sloping rear window. Big, soft breasts rose and fell as the shameless little slut reached a hand to play with her dripping cunt; watching with hooded eyes as Julia's jeans were stripped down, cotton panties lowered.

"Goddesss . . . coming."

The night air felt good on Julia's own hot little cunt. Her own perky tits. Her own lush, fuckable ass. She wanted to get them all out in the open for her slave to worship. Some part of Julia tried to tell her she'd gone crazy. However, the only part Julia wanted to listen to said that making her slave eat her out . . . might just be the sanest idea Julia'd ever had.

"Yeah, I'm your Goddess, and you're gonna make me cum."

Julia started giggling. She convulsed, hands on her bare knees, looking at her slave's shapely calves.

A cold finger traced down Julia's spine.

Julia hadn't noticed that the slave wore trainers. And just above the trainer on the slave's left foot, on the ankle, a black bracelet had been fixed. A red electronic flash winked on a tiny box on the side of the bracelet. The heat still stayed, but a knife cut through the steamy fog in Julia's brain. "What's that?" said Julia.

"Goddess is coming," said the slave.

Julia stood up. Through the night, she imagined the sound of approaching vehicles, their wheels turning in the gravel of the forest road. "Oh, shit!"

Julia yanked her panties and jeans back up. She didn't bother buckling the belt. She could definitely hear vehicles coming now for real. And Julia knew, with animal insight, that whoever put the tag on the slave's - no, the woman's - ankle, came in them.

The woman sighed, and slid to her knees in the gravel, "Obey Goddess."

Julia hated that she wanted to drop her panties again and finish what she'd just started. She grabbed the woman under the shoulder, dragging her upright, "Get in the car!"

The woman didn't resist. Julia grabbed a rear door and bundled her companion into the back seat. She slammed it shut and then jumped into the driver's seat. The car whined in protest at the key.

"Omigod! Not now!"

The engine started the second time. Julia risked a glance back between the seats. The woman lay arching on her back, one hand flexing gently between her spread thighs, the other dipping wet fingers between her lips. Her eyes were closed and her moan made Julia want to clamber back and join in. Headlights appeared in the rear window. With a half-shriek, Julia floored it.

The car jerked forward, the gravel crackling underneath the wheels as Julia guided it into the center of the road. A glance in the rear mirror told her that she had one pursuer in a car immediately on her tail, while behind it loomed an ominous black van.

"Oh, shit-shit."

Trees flashed past. Cold spikes running down Julia's spine as she realized she couldn't possibly risk a car chase up a gravel road in the middle of the night. She slowed slightly, moving hand over hand on the wheel as the road curved abruptly upwards. Her beams showed a fork ahead. Right or left? She blanked.


Seconds later, Julia knew she'd gone the wrong way, the road would continue to climb upwards to dead-end where she knew the cabin lay. The car behind her followed at a watchful distance, the van a little farther back. A shuddering moan emanated from the backseat as the naked girl started to cum, "Goddess . . . ."

Julia kept her left hand on the steering wheel, trying to veer away from the wild bushes on either side of the road while her right hand scrabbled in her bag on the passenger seat. She could feel papers, and her draft manuscript and the hard case of her laptop.

"Where is it!?"

Julia's hand found her cellphone. She yanked it out and grabbed the wheel with her fingers, squealing as the car started to run into the bushes. Branches scratched the paint work and the whole frame shook on the rough ground. She wrenched the wheel. It got back on the road.

The chasers had closed. Julia brought the cellphone to her ear and desperately hit speed-dial with her thumb. It picked up.

"Hello?" said a deep male voice.

Fuck, of course, it had to be Mark's number.

"Mark! I'm in trouble!"

"Yeah, babe? You, uh, . . . sound tense?"

"Mark! People are following me!"

"Uh-huh." He sounded distracted. "You miss me, babe?"

"What!? I'm being chased by some peop-EEK!!" Julia gripped the wheel and swerved around a corner, gravel flying in the air as she turned. She got the cellphone back up to her ear again as the hill rose sharply straight ahead.

"God, that's . . . great," said Mark in the distance. He sounded like he'd taken the phone from his ear.

"Mark!! I'm serious, I -" Julia thought she heard a giggle in the background. A female giggle. "Oh, you fuck! You're fucking the bitch right now, aren't you!"

She thought she heard Mark speaking, but it didn't matter as blind rage brought the cell down on the dash. And the car spun off the road.

Julia jammed her foot down on the brake, but the rear of the car twisted into the bushes. Branches cracked and leaves smacked off the body. It thumped to a cold stop, jerking Julia forward onto the wheel and knocking the wind out of her. She had a quiet moment of mental clarity noting that she should have put on her seat-belt.

Julia turned and wheezed, "Oh, god, are you okay?"

The woman had been thrown onto the floor behind the front seats. She raised her head and smiled dreamily at Julia, "Yesss."

The girl pulled back up on the seat and spread her legs wide, bringing her hands up between her thighs. Julia hastily faced forward. The pursuing car had pulled a little in front, trying to block her access back to the road. The van came up behind it and parked, its headlights shining into Julia's eyes. Julia tried the ignition, the wheels spun, the rear of the car sank. A woman got out of the car on the road.

The voice from the backseat husked, "Goddess comes."

"We'll see about that," said Julia. She opened her door, jamming it through the bush branches, and struggled out onto the patch of scrub grass and mud beside the road. Two figures got out of the van, its lights still blinding Julia. Julia dropped into what she hoped looked like a fight stance, hoping her over-priced gym membership might finally pay off. She shouted, "Stay back or you'll regret it!"

The woman from the car came closer; Julia's breath sucked in.

*Omigod, she's beautiful.*

Long, braided strands of raven hair fell down over the woman's shoulders, framing delicate Asian features. She had a white silk shirt, unbuttoned enough for Julia to see the mid-strip of a black lacy bra. It took a physical effort for Julia to tear her eyes away from the lush, olive-skinned valley framed by the lace cups. Julia looked up into the beautiful Asian's deep, dark eyes and drowned.

The woman stopped, careful to keep out of kicking range. Although Julia had pretty much abandoned that idea. She looked Julia up and down, eyes wide.


Julia flushed. *Wow?* She tried to think of something to say. Something ferocious, but non-provocative.

"Is that a capoiera stance? It is, isn't it?" said the woman. She had a musical voice, but with a whisper of smoke in it that made Julia's skin tingle.

"Uh, yeah," said Julia. She frowned as hard as she could, "Don't come near or I'll-"

"I'd love to play with you some time," smiled the woman, dimples popping in her cheeks. "My name is Lin and the young lady . . . ," she leaned to one side and peered towards Julia's car in the bushes, " . . . masturbating in your backseat is my client. I'd like to give her a check to see if she's alright and then take her back to her guest rooms safely."

Lin wore tight leather pants tied with red laces up the sides, but had the same sturdy kind of leather hiking boots on as Julia. It made Julia feel absurdly warm to discover that they had that in common. Lin seemed so nice and so . . . okay, incredibly sexy. Julia straightened, this conversation had not taken the direction she anticipated, "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm her mind controller," said Lin, still smiling. "You've probably heard her talking about 'Goddess'- that would be me."

Julia's sense of relief evaporated, "Stay back!"

She took a step backwards and tried to not look at Lin's eyes. Unfortunately, that meant she had to look at Lin's breasts instead, and they didn't seem any less mesmeric. Julia settled on staring at the hollow of Lin's elegant neck, suppressing a desire to run her tongue across it.

Lin laughed gently, "If I wanted to hypnotize you, I'd hardly announce myself like that. I'm just being honest. The young lady is called Helena, she paid for a custom mind control fantasy provided by myself and my associates." Lin indicated two other women now flanking her.

"This is Mike." Mike might have been the biggest, broadest woman Julia had ever seen. With a tight buzzcut, Mike wore biker leathers from head to toe, enormous black gloves on each fist. Mike nodded her head at Julia, "Please ta meet ya."

"And her girl, Tina." Tina had page-boy blonde hair, flannel shirt and jeans, and an impish smile to go with her slender frame. She held up a large camera for Julia to see, "Do you mind if I take a few pictures? Helena wanted some shots of herself as a thrall."

Julia put her hand on her forehead. Mike looked like she could snap her in two, so Julia didn't see that she had much choice.

"Okay," said Julia. The fact she'd been so fixated on Lin gave her a chill.

Tina surged past to stand in front of the car bonnet, camera flashing furiously to memorialize Helena, glazed-eyed and drooling, legs spread wide on top of Julia's seats.

"Let me take a look at the back of the car," said Mike, and started crashing through the bushes.

That left Julia standing next to Lin.

"Thanks so much, for caring such a great deal about Helena," said Lin. She gave Julia's bare arm a quick squeeze just below the tee, the warmth of her fingers lingering there.

"We didn't imagine anybody would be on this road at this time of night, . . . you see Helena wanted an escape-and-capture fantasy. You know: 'helpless thrall tries to flee the clutches of her insidious lesbian mind controller, but doesn't quite manage it.' That sort of thing. . . . You made it a bit more realistic than we intended."

A wave of exhaustion passed through Julia, she closed her eyes, head drooping. She rubbed her temples. "Yeah, okay, . . . I guess. . . . I was heading to the cabin up the road to work on my book. I'd found my boyf-." She stopped herself. "Ex-boyfriend. Cheating on me with a bitch from his office. We had a bad row."

"Well, he's a complete idiot then," said Lin. The feeling in her voice made Julia look up and smile.

"Thanks, I don't know why I told you that," said Julia.

"People always tell me everything," said Lin. Butterflies fluttered in a little dance inside Julia's stomach.

"Can I speak to Helena?" said Julia.

"Sure," said Lin. "Mike! How's it look!?"

Mike shouted from behind Julia's car boot, "Just needs a push! Should be fine! Ask her to start the car!"

"Oh, what's your name, please? You didn't say?" said Lin, as they walked over to the driver's side of the car.

"Julia. Julia Knight."

Lin frowned slightly, then her mouth dropped open, "The novelist!?" She clutched Julia's arm.

"Yeah," said Julia. She grinned, feeling her cheeks blush with pride.

"Mike?" said Lin, "Remember that book I gave you with the dinner party scene? Julia wrote it!"

Mike's head appeared from behind the car, "Awesome! That was some seriously kinky shizznit!"

Julia's cheeks burned for a completely new set of reasons. "The reviewer for the Times called it 'an unflinching and unashamed exploration of female sexuality,'" said Julia.

"Ya," nodded Mike, amiably, "Seriously kinky shizznit!" She bent back down to push.

Julia opted to get the car started, rather than debate the point. She tried to ignore Helena's moaning behind her head. The car moved surprisingly easily out of the bushes and Julia turned it to park on the rough kerb beside Lin's car and the van. She got out and opened the rear door.

"Uh," said Julia. Helena lay on her side, one knee raised, the fingers of her left hand playing with her clit, while the right hand pinched her nipples. The girl's head tilted back against the seat, eyes closed in ecstasy. Tina's camera flashed over Julia's shoulder to record the moment for posterity.

"Helena, fembot code: red," said Lin, leaning in the door. Helena blinked as if startled, and then shot up in the seat.

"Holy crap!" said Helena, she had a naturally breathy, girly voice, like a silver screen star of old. "That was definitely worth the price of admission." She put her palms down on the shoulders of the front seat, closed her eyes and breathed in through her nostrils. "It's like a crazy wet dream in my brain I got from somebodyelse." She turned her head towards the door and her eyes narrowed, "You!"

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