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Drive Home


As you get into your car and head home you didn't notice that I was in the backseat waiting for you. We are driving down the open highway before you notice a movement in the backseat you are watching in your rear view mirror to see who is there before you pull over to the side of the road. When you see its me under the blanket and smile and say what are you doing here.

I said I'm going to keep you company as you drive home.

I climb over the front seat and you notice that I have on no panties are bra on -- that my shirt is already unbutton and that I have a skirt on. I get comfortable in the front seat next to you. We talk a few minutes while I rub my nipples you watch me and are having a hard time watching the road.

I lean over to you and place my hands in your lap and start to undo your pants. You smile and moan and say yesss that's it. I undo your pants and pull out your semi erect cock. I smile at you and say oh this baby needs some attention. I bury my face in your lap and slide your cock into my warm wet mouth -- just as I do that I feel the car jerk to the right -- I whisper you better keep your eyes on the road.

You try to concentrate on your driving as I am sucking on your cock. As I suck I feel it getting harder which makes me suck faster and harder on it. Sliding it in and out of my mouth sliding my tongue over the tip and tasting your precum. You taste so good I just want to keep sucking on you baby.

I feel you wiggling around in the seat and trying to fuck my mouth but you are having a hard time with the steering wheel in the way. I hear you moaning and feel your body wanting more of my mouth. I feel your hand on my head pushing me harder onto your cock. Oh baby you want to cum so bad - but not yet -- I won't let you cum yet. I stop sucking and sit up and lay against the door on my side and spread my legs and show you my freshly shaved wet dripping pussy. I reach down with my fingers and spread my legs apart showing you my juices. When you see how wet I am you almost hit the side of the road. Getting control of the car once again. I start to finger myself as you are watching me and watching the road. I slide a finger in deep and pull it out and lean over and slide my finger into your mouth. You lick it and suck on it. I moan with pleasure.

You notice that a rest stop is cumming up on the right side of the road and see its somewhat deserted so you pull in to a parking spot and stop the car turn off the engine and then look at me.

You lean over and slide me over closer to you, spreading my legs you dive between my thighs and waste no time in licking up my juices, your lick and suck on my clit. Sliding a finger inside of me you fuck me as you suck on my clit. Making me explode with my first climax, going all over your finger. You suck on my throbbing clit, I moan and tell you to fuck me. You smiled and said oh I plan on fucking you like you deserve from all that teasing you did to me on the road.

You get in the back and put the seat down so there is more room. I jump into the back seat and lay down on my back. You waste no time getting between my legs and spread my legs as you take your hard cock and tease my clit as you slide your hard cock down into the entrance of my hole. You moan and smile on how good my pussy feels on your cock as you slide it inside. Are you ready to have me fuck you good and hard woman? I say yes give it to me.

You are sliding your cock in and out of me and with each thrust you go deeper, feeling like you want to go through me, I get my hands around your back and raise my legs to allow your cock to go deeper. Your moans match my moans as our hips match each others thrust.

I feel my body starting to tense and you whisper you ready to feel me fill you. I whisper back yes fill me with your warm load. I squeeze your cock with my muscles and you moan that you are about ready to cum. You balls tense and with one last thrust you shoot your load deep inside of me. I feel your warm load fill inside of me and thats all it takes to make me cum. I feel my juices and your cum filling my hole and dripping out of my pussy. It feels like you are shooting your load for a few minutes. You lean down and whisper just wait til we get home and see what I do with you there.

You pull out and get dressed again and then we are back on the road.


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