tagIncest/TabooDrive-in Mom Ch. 03

Drive-in Mom Ch. 03


Mom smiled as she still lay on top of me. We were alone at the drive-in and she had just agreed to help me score enough points to have sex with her.

"Let's switch positions." She said.

Mom unstraddled me and got in the same position I was in, laying on her back, with her ass at the edge of the seat. I started to straddle her as she had me but she stopped me.

"No...get between my legs." She said.

She threw her legs back and I climbed between them. Again our genitals met and she pulled me onto her chest. Her soft breasts melted against against my chest as she wrapped her long legs and arms around me.

"This is where my baby boy wants to be isen't it?" She asked.

"Yeah." I answered.

"I thought so. Score enough points with me and we'll be back in this position before you know it. Only next time, there won't be panties and briefs between us." She said with a smirk.

"Okay." I said.

She gave me a nice sexy kiss on the forehead.

"Get on the floor." Mom commanded.

I did so, kneeling on the floorboard. Mom put her feet up on the seat and with her ass still at the edge of the seat, spread her long legs, exposing her panty covered muff to me. She was laying it all out right in front of my face.

"I want you to smell it." She said.

I moved to her snatch. The smell hit me before I was even close, but I didn't stop until my nose struck the crotch of her panties. The pungent pussy-smell was so strong it burned my nostrils. It was intoxicating! Mom ran her fingers through my hair as she watched me sniff.

"That's it, sweetie. Take your time. I want you to get a really good whiff." She said.

And that I did. The smell was so strong it was making my head spin.

Using her foot under my chin, she lifted my head so that I was looking up into her face.

"So...what do you think?" She asked.

"It's amazing." I replied.

"Bet you've never smelt it that strong before." She said with a smile.

I shook my head and smiled back. Mom lifted her ass alittle.

"Reach under and grab the waistband, I want you to take my panties off." She commanded.

I did so and in one fluid motion, moms panties slid up her legs. She kicked them off and taking them in her hand, sat up in the seat. I tried to look at her cunt, but suddenly her panties were in my face. She held the crotch of them at my nose.

"Sniff!" She said.

I again found myself breathing her sex fumes.

"That's it, sweet baby, breathe it in." She said.

I felt her fingers slide the moist crotch of silk between my lips.

"Now taste. I want you to suck on the crotch." She said.

I did so, tasting my own mother's pussy-juice for the first time. She stroked my forehead.

"That's it. Suck out all the juice for me." She said.

She finally removed them from my mouth and tossed them onto the floor.

"Did you like that?" She asked.

"You taste delicious." I said.

She smiled, brushing the hair from my eyes.

"There you go, scoring more points again." She said.

She caught me glaning towards her cunt.

"Something down there you wanna see?" She asked.

I nodded with a smile.

"What? What do you wanna see?" She asked teasingly.

"Your...you know..." I muttered.

"No, I don't know. Tell me. Tell me what you want to see." She said.

"Your vagina." I said.

Mom giggled.

"You mean my pussy?" She asked.

"Yeah." I answered.

She continued to stroke my hair with a big grin.

"I thought a little boy wasn't suppose to see his mommy's pussy." She said.

I shrugged my shoulders and mom just giggled.

"A mommy pussy isn't like those young high school girl pussy's you know. A mommy pussy is big and fat and hairy. It's a mature pussy, that's had lots and lots of experience. Boys your age don't get to see those types of pussy's very often." She said.

"I know." I said.

"Bring your head down here close to the seat." She told me.

I did so and found myself staring at mom's belly. I could see the top of her pubic triangle and knew I was in for a real treat.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said.

Mom sat back in the seat and kicked her legs back as far as they could go. There, inches from my face, was my own mother's hairy cunt. She thrust her muff up towards my face and I could see her fleshy lips and fat clit.

To be Continued....

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