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Driven to Distraction


"Hello! Welcome to 'Driven to Distraction,' the game show where one lucky contestant could win one million dollars in cash just for answering five simple questions! I'm your host, Alex Truco. Today, we welcome our first contestant, Barbara Allen, from Sogo City Arizona!"

The camera pans to the stage entrance where the young, beautiful woman stands, nervously waiting to go on. Theme music plays on the studio sound monitors and canned applause fills the air. The stage manager gives the woman her cue to go on. She hesitates for a moment until the backstage assistant standing behind her gives her a nudge on the shoulder. She smiles nervously as she walks briskly across the stage to greet the host.

"Hello, Barbara. Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?"

"Hi, I'm Barbara. I'm 23 years old and I'm a graduate student at the University of Arizona."

"Welcome, Barbara. We're glad to have you as our first contestant."

"Thanks, Alex. I'm happy to be here."

The emcee makes a bit of small talk with Barbara. He makes no effort to hide the fact that he's checking out her body. The robotic television cameras move in for close shots. Barbara can see herself on the television monitors stationed around the studio. She feels self conscious just being on television for the first time but, when she notices the cameras are shooting closeups of her large breasts and firm butt, she feels even more self conscious. The host chats her up for another minute, hoping she will relax a little before he continues.

"Okay, you've been briefed on the rules, backstage, but for our television audience, let's have a recap. The game is simple. We'll ask you five simple trivia questions and, if you answer them all correctly, you'll go home with a million dollars in cash."

"That sounds great, Alex," smiles Barbara!

"But there's a catch," says the emcee with an ominous tone! "We have cooked up a batch of devious tricks to distract you while you try to answer the questions within the time allowed. Every time you answer a question correctly, you move up to the next level but the questions get harder and the distractions are even more diabolical."

Barbara nods and smiles nervously.

"So, Barbara, are you ready to play our game?"

"Let's go!"

Theme music plays and applause is piped in. Alex directs Barbara to move toward center stage.

"All right, then," he says! "Our first prize level is $50,000 but, before we pose the first question, I'd like to introduce you to Kyle and Patrick. They've come all the way from the Sapphire Male Review in Las Vegas."

The camera pans to the stage entrance where two handsome men enter. They smile and strut confidently across the stage wearing nothing but skin tight bikini briefs. Barbara's expression turns from surprise to arousal as she checks out their muscular bodies. The two identical twin, exotic dancers pause for a moment to show off in front of the camera. They have no qualms about displaying their bodies to Barbara and the television audience.

The host takes a minute to talk to the dancers. "Patrick, how long have you been an exotic dancer?"

"My brother, Kyle, and I have been working as a team for about five years."

"You must meet lots women in your line of work, then."

"Well, let's just say we're both single and that's the way we like it," says Patrick. He looks at Barbara with a smile as he delivers his answer. She smiles back exchanging a subtle, sly glance.

The emcee turns to Kyle. "So, Kyle, do you meet many women at the strip club who are as hot as our contestant?"

Kyle checks out Barbara's stunning body. "Not many," he answers.

"Barbara, what do you think of Kyle and Patrick," asks Alex.

Barbara takes her time checking out the dancers. "Can I take them home," she jokes?

Kyle and Patrick smile and move in on Barbara. Patrick puts his arms around her and gives her a long, sexy kiss on the lips. The host grins like he knows exactly what's going to happen next.

"Why wait till we get home," says Kyle? "Let's get started right here!" He stands behind Barbara and starts running his hands up and down her body from behind. Barbara smiles with delight then reaches around behind Patrick and grabs two hands full of his tight, muscular ass.

The host speaks up, "All right, Barbara, for $50,000, here's your first question."

Barbara tries to turn to face toward the emcee but Patrick puts both arms around her and gives her a deep soul kiss while Kyle presses his body close to Barbara from behind, grinding his manhood into Barbara's rear end. She struggles with Kyle and Patrick for a few moments but soon gives in to temptation. She turns around and kisses Patrick while Kyle begins to grind himself into Barbara's backside.

"What president's face is on a $50.00 bill?" Alex pauses briefly after reading the question. "You have sixty seconds to give us your answer, Barbara."

She tries to pay attention the question but the two men are persistent. Their hands roam freely over Barbara's body, sliding up and down her torso, tickling her breasts and caressing her behind. She begins to run her hands over the two mens' nearly naked bodies. Barbara begins to feel herself being swept away by her passions.

Alex moves toward the trio making out beside him and taps Barbara on the shoulder. "You've only got fifteen seconds left, Barbara!"

She suddenly comes back to reality. "Fifty dollar bill, she asks?"

"Ten seconds," the emcee warns!

"Grant," shouts Barbara!

A bell rings and canned applause plays.

"Ulysses S. Grant is correct!"

Kyle and Patrick keep making out with Barbara, only slowing their amorous attentions for a few moments as the emcee continues.

"You've won $50,000!"

Without missing a beat, Alex continues. "You now move up to the $100,000 level. Are you ready?"

Barbara nods.

Suddenly, the studio is filled with loud dance music. Kyle and Patrick begin dancing and gyrating their bodies in time with the music. Patrick takes Barbara by the hand and pulls her closer. Kyle moves in and surrounds her. A minute later, Barbara and the two exotic dancers are engaged in a wild and sexy dirty dance. The music is so loud she can barely hear the next question.

"What is another name for Ursa Major?"

Barbara strains to hear the question over the loud music but it doesn't take long for her to think of the answer. "The Big Dipper," she shouts as she continues dirty dancing with Kyle and Patrick!

The canned audience applause can barely be heard over the loud music.

"Correct," shouts Alex! He quickly fires off the next question. "For $250,000, name the capital of Thailand."

The music continues and the dancing gets even hotter. Barbara's arms are wrapped about Kyle's shoulders as they begin to kiss. Patrick kneels down and removes her shoes. He, then, stands up, takes hold of her skimpy dress and begins to lift it up, over her head. Kyle grabs Barbara's wrists and forcefully holds her arms in the air. Patrick expertly pulls Barbara's dress free of her arms and lets it fall to the floor. A second later, the team of dancers begins removing her bra.

"Hey," shouts Barbara but the pair ignore her protests! Only a short time later, she feels a pair of warm hands slide around her rib cage from behind. They cradle her breasts, massaging them and gently rubbing her nipples. Her bra falls free, landing on top of her crumpled dress, now lying in a heap on the stage.

The emcee looks on and applauds Barbara' gorgeous body and large breasts. The dancing gets even hotter. Kyle and Patrick run their hands over her body. Barbara becomes aroused and begins dancing with the strippers, running her hands over their muscular bodies.

Kyle runs his fingers under the elastic waistband of Barbara's panties. Patrick begins to tease her by tugging at her undies. She giggles and squirms, trying to avoid the strippers' ever insistent advances.

The emcee steps over to the dancing trio. "Barbara, you've only got a short time to answer the question before your time runs out!"

The reality of the situation dawns on Barbara. She tries to remember the question. She knows it has something to do with geography. She was so distracted by Kyle and Patrick's dirty dancing that she didn't pay close attention. She racks her brain trying to remember. Suddenly, she feels her panties slide down over her hips.

"If you don't give me the answer before the guys steal your underwear, you'll forfeit the $250,000!"

Barbara feels a strong pair of hands slip between her thighs and firmly pull them apart. She looks down to see Kyle slipping her panties down her thighs toward her knees. Kyle kneels in front of her. He looks up at her with a mischievous smile. Her gaze is attracted to the manly bulge in Patrick's skin tight Speedo.

"The capital of Thailand is Bangkok," Barbara yells!

"That's correct," answers the emcee, "you've won $250,000!"

Barbara feels a surge of excitement at the thought of winning a quarter of a million dollars! She doesn't notice Patrick removing her panties until he grabs her by the ankles, lifting her feet one by one and, finally pulling them off, leaving her completely naked.

"I got the right answer," Barbara protests!

"Nobody said we were going to stop if you answered the question," replied Patrick as he twirled Barbara's panties on his finger.

"We ARE strippers," added Kyle, "show me where it says strippers can only take off their own clothes!"

Barbara feels angry and embarrassed. She was never self conscious about her body but nothing like this ever happened to her before. Now she is totally naked in front of a room full of strangers. Being on national television for all the world to see only adds insult to injury.

Kyle and Patrick take her by the hands and lead her up the steps to the center of the tiered stage. Alex Truco stands behind a large console-like lectern with some kind of computer display on the slanted desktop. Behind her, on the center of the stage is a large, cylindrical, metal chamber with a Plexiglas cover. Several cables run from the chamber to a large structure against the stage wall. It looks like some kind of generator or power source. Two ominous looking towers flank it on each side. Bolts of lighting occasionally flicker across the spherical electrodes at the top.

The excitement of being on television keeps her from paying close attention to her surroundings. Kyle and Patrick, the two handsome male strippers, are a pleasant distraction, as well. Barbara doesn't have time to think about what was going on around her until now. Standing naked in unfamiliar surroundings, her senses are heightened. She feels a sense of fear tinged with excitement. Knowing that she is now a quarter of a million dollars richer quiets her uneasiness about her nudity but she still feels keyed up, thinking about what will happen next.

"So, Barbara, how does it feel to be on the winning track," asks Alex?

"Great, Alex!"

"What's it like to be naked on national television?"

"I feel sexy," Barbara lied. "But it's a little bit chilly," she added.

"You look sexy!" Says Kyle as the two dancers cozy up to her on either side. She puts her arms around their waists and grabs two hands full of hot, beefcake ass.

"You can keep me warm any time," she said to Patrick.

Patrick smiles back at her and cozies up a little closer. She feels two strong hands gently roaming up and down her back.

"You are one hot number," whispers Kyle.

The emcee speaks to the camera, "Barbara, You've just won two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!"

A short musical fanfare plays, followed by the sound of canned applause.

Barbara smiles and does a little happy dance. Kyle and Patrick congratulate her with hugs and kisses.

"Barbara, you only have two more questions to answer and you'll win one million!"

"Are you ready to play the second round of our game?"

"I sure am!" smiles Barbara. There is a tinge of dread in her voice but the excitement of being on television and the prospect of going home with a million dollars overcomes her fears.

The emcee turns to the camera and says, "We'll be right back, after these commercial messages, when Barbara will step in to the 'Distract-O-Tron' chamber to compete for our one million dollar cash prize!"

Alex points to the ominous looking contraption at center stage. The camera zooms in on the Distract-O-Tron chamber then quickly pans over for a shot of Barbara's face. The camera fades out as the studio breaks for the commercial.

"We are out," shouts the stage director! "Take five for commercial."

A swarm of stagehands and crew members descends on the set, checking set pieces and checking the lights and sound equipment.

"I have to get into THAT," questions Barbara incredulously, pointing at the metal contraption behind her?

All the workers are so busy that they don't have time to recognize the beautiful, naked woman standing in the middle of the stage.

"Don't worry," says Patrick, "we'll be right next to you the whole time."

"It'll be fun," adds Kyle as he pats Barbara on the bare bum.

A wardrobe assistant appears on stage and slides a warm, terry cloth robe over Barbara's shoulders and hands her a cool drink.

"Just relax and don't worry," says Alex. "You're doing great, so far."

Barbara can practically feel his eyes roaming her body.

"The million dollars is practically yours!"


It was barely a week ago when the television producer called her on the phone and invited Barbara to appear on the new game show, "Driven to Distraction." She had been surfing the internet when she stumbled on the show's web site. She read that the Game Show Network was launching a new series of adult game shows to appear on late at night cable T.V.. When she saw that the prize was a million dollars in cash, she entered her name and address in the comment box but didn't think anything would ever come of it.

Barbara received a reply by e-mail the very next day. She was asked to fill out an on-line application form and attach a full length photograph of herself. At first, she felt uncomfortable answering the probing questions about her past sexual activity and her relationship status but she shrugged them off as routine. She didn't mind the request to send a photo of herself wearing her bathing suit because she felt proud of her body. She worked hard to keep her figure and she didn't mind showing it off. Besides, she posted pictures of herself on Facebook all the time. This didn't seem to be an unreasonable request.

The show producers flew her to New York City, all expenses paid, and put her up in a first class hotel for three days. She spent a day sightseeing in New York at the producers' expense. She was even taken to and from the airport in a private limousine. Barbara loved all the lavish attention she was receiving. Everybody associated with the show seemed to go out of their way to make her feel special. Barbara had never been to the big city before. It was fun to be whisked away to New York. The prospect of winning so much money made everything seem even more exciting.

On the night before filming, Barbara was driven to a five star restaurant for dinner. The limo picked her up early the next morning and took her to the television studio. The producers met with her over breakfast.

"You DO understand that this is an ADULT game show," the producer asked carefully.

Barbara understood.

"Nudity and sex are part of the territory," the woman warned. Barbara agreed without giving a second thought but she never considered the idea that it was she who would end up naked.

The rules were explained to her and, when the formal contracts were signed, Barbara was taken to wardrobe.

Two female wardrobe assistants undressed her, took her clothes and sent her for a long, hot shower. When she returned, they made up her hair and face then took her to another room where they laid her on a padded table that looked like an upholstered version of something found in a doctor's office.

"Full body makeup," the assistant said as she ushered Barbara onto the table.

"Just lie down and relax," she said, "this will take about an hour.

The two women went to work, massaging lotion all over her naked body. Then, using soft puffs of fur, they dusted her all over with sheer powdered makeup. She giggled when they brushed the fur over her sensitive skin.

"Is that real fur?" Barbara asked. The women just nodded and smiled. "It feels good," Barbara said.

"Shh," admonished the woman!

Barbara laid back and closed her eyes. The two women each donned a pair of soft, fur mittens and went back to work, making sure that every inch of her body was liberally plied with fur. They seemed to take extra time rubbing the fur on her breasts. It felt a little strange, at first, to have two strange women touching her this way but it felt so good she didn't care. Her body soon began to relax and Barbara fell asleep.

Barbara didn't wake up from her nap until she felt something soft and furry tickling her between the legs. She struggled for a moment but the two women were insistent. They expertly massaged her pussy with the fur until she softly moaned on the verge of climax.

Suddenly the furring stopped. The two wardrobers took Barbara by the hands and pulled her up from the table.

"Aww," Barbara whined.

"It's time to get dressed for the show," one woman said. "Five minutes!" the other one added.

One woman knelt down by her feet and tapped her on the ankle. Barbara responded by lifting her foot off the floor. A pair of Spandex panties was slipped onto her leg. A second later, there came a tap on the other foot. The panties were pulled up to her waist and, with a pat on her ass, the woman adjusted them and smoothed them out.

Barbara was given a matching bra to wear. The assistants juggled her boobs as they helped her put it on. "Most girls wish they had tits like yours," said the woman. Barbara smiled with pride.

The other woman slipped a skimpy party dress over her head and began helping Barbara pull her arms through the shoulder straps.

A pair of black high heeled shoes were slipped on her feet and she was hurriedly ushered toward the stage. The two assistants stopped by the mirror near the entrance. Barbara took a second to toss her hair and look at herself in the mirror.

"Kind of slutty," remarked Barbara. "No, you look hot," one woman said.

Barbara was so distracted by the goings on backstage that she didn't notice that she was being summoned to the stage until the announcer called her name:

"Today, we welcome our first contestant, Barbara Allen, from Sogo City, Arizona!"

The sound technician hit a button on his console. Music and canned applause played from the speakers on stage.

"You're on! Go!" said the stage manager. One of the assistants patted her on the shoulder and urged her toward the stage.

"Knock 'em dead," shouted one of the assistants as Barbara jogged toward the stage!

Everything around her was such a blur of activity she hardly had time to figure out where she was. By the time she reached the stage, her mind simply went into auto pilot mode.

Little did Barbara realize that, in the next twelve minutes, she would meet two of the most handsome identical twin, male strippers she had ever laid eyes on, that she would be stripped naked on national television nor could she ever imagine that, for all the trouble, she would end up being a quarter of a million dollars richer! She could never even dream of what was about to happen to her inside that metal capsule that was waiting for her on the center of the stage.

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