tagBDSMDriven to Distraction Ch. 02

Driven to Distraction Ch. 02


Ch. 02: At His Mercy

As they walked through the door, Kandi's legs felt like jelly. She had just had the most amazing orgasm of her life and she could only wonder what else this intriguing situation would share with her. All of a sudden she felt hands by her hair and then her eyes were covered with a silky covering. Her entire line of sight was blocked and it felt as though all her other senses were in overdrive to compensate.

"This way baby," Noel whispered into her ear as she was lead into the unknown. Kandi could hear some music and it was getting louder as they moved forward. She felt slightly uncoordinated and was trying desperately to fight the images flickering in her minds eye. Control had been stripped from her grasp with the blindfold and uncertainty appeared for the first time in her thoughts.

"You have the most gorgeous tits I have ever seen and the most velvety nipples I have been allowed to touch." As Noel said these words, he was quickly divesting Kandi of her clothes as well as her cautiousness. Soon she could feel the slight chill of the night air in the room. Her breasts hardened into tight little buds and began to ache deliciously. As they came to a stop Noel turned Kandi around and gently pushed her backwards so she fell onto the bed. Quickly following her down, the rough material of his jeans scratched its way along her upper thighs. His mouth found her nipples and he used his tongue, teeth and lips to sensitize both alternately.

Noel maneuvered Kandi onto the bed so that her feet touched the base board. "Now when I attach the cuffs to you sugar, you will be completely at my mercy. Are you prepared to follow through with what you desire?"

"Oh fuck yea" Kandi giggled.

Noels hands slid from her breasts to her thighs and down to one ankle. A chain rattled as he settled the fluffy cuff to her foot. He followed the same pattern on the other leg. On the way back up Kandi's body, Noel paused at her carefully trimmed bush. His tongue drifted into her depths and disappeared as quickly as it had entered. That single touch to her pussy seemed to set her nerves on fire. As Noel's tongue darted out to taste her skin, Kandi felt a path of fire course up her body.

As he rose up her body, he collected her arms and raised them above her head. Once tied securely he checked her blindfold and removed himself from the bed. Imagining Noel scrutinizing her body was nerve-racking but also a major turn on. Not being able to see for herself; Kandi was being plagued with snippets of porn that she had seen or imagined through the years, and not just PG13 snippets either.

Large veiny cocks pressing into glistening wet vaginas, deep into some girls throat. Thrusting strokes, balls deep then barely entered. Girls' tonguing other girls snatches. Having a face full of cock, waiting for a mouthful of hot white cum and of course, twitching pussies spewing fountains of girly cum. The ultimate release and what she was looking for from this episode.

With her pussy seemingly on fire already, Kandi could feel herself getting wetter and her inner thighs becoming slick. The music drifted into her thoughts as she lay there straining to hear the noises of the other entity in the room.

Movements on the bed near her legs made Kandi direct all her attention in that direction. A tongue darted along her slit. Completely exposed and vulnerable made the sensations so much more intense.

Long nailed hands scraped down Kandi's chest. Long hair was drawn across her nipples. And soft lips attached to her own. Exploring, breathing, tasting. Kandi was unable to move due to her restraints. She didn't know what to think. An ultimate fantasy was being played out here. Her first instincts are to cry out at the audacity of the situation, but as she feels the warm mouth of this other female suckling on her breast, Kandi decides that she will ride this one out. She had given her consent to be at his mercy, so she was to be his plaything – only she hadn't thought that there may be others in on the game.

Breathing in deeply, Kandi relaxed into the able hands of the woman tweaking her aching nipples. The lips slid from her nipples to the sensitive area where the curve of her breast met her ribcage. Biting her lip to keep from whimpering her satisfaction, Kandi felt bereft when the darting tongue was removed from that vulnerable spot.

She was not to be disappointed however, and shortly was rewarded with a warm tongue gliding over her exposed clit. Sucking, tonguing and prodding, Kandi's pussy was turned into a dripping wet mound of exposed nerves. Hands suddenly appeared on her tits, masculine hands. Noel hadn't left the room at all. He must have been watching. A moan escaped from Kandi's slightly parted lips. Noel lowered his head and ran his tongue around the outline of her lips. With Noel's experienced mouth playing against hers, and an unknown female licking her innermost folds, Kandi was soon squirming as far as her bonds would let her.

Noel's lips left hers, but were soon replaced by his cock. In seventh heaven, Kandi opened her mouth to invite him in further and was rewarded by a deep throated groan from the man who was destroying her inhibitions. All of a sudden both her pussy and her mouth were abandoned. Kandi could only writhe and enjoy the tension rolling through her limbs, all the while wondering, imagining what was on the cards next.

In her wildest dreams she never thought that having a steamy wet pussy in her face would ever feel as wonderful as it did right then. That was until she felt Noel's cock penetrate her pussy. With one bedmate mounted on her face and one pumping into her wet pussy, Kandi was hard pushed to concentrate on giving pleasure to the friend writhing on her tongue, but she must have been able to keep up the pace as it wasn't long before she felt nailed fingers run through her hair and the grinding on her face became more insistent.

Noel removed his still hard cock from Kandi's twitching pussy and replaced it with his hands. Finding her g-spot he managed to unveil her clit with the same hand. He blew gently over her engorged clit and then covered it with his mouth as Kandi audibly groaned into the wet pussy pounding her mouth. His rhythm became more persistent and Kandi felt her pussy tense in the way it had in the taxi on the way over. "That's it baby, squirt for me again." Noel heatedly murmured.

As Kandi's groans intensified, so too did those of the girl on top. Noel watched in wonder as Kandi finally released a powerful stream of girly cum onto his hands and tongue. Kandi's bucking hips and uncontrollably shaking legs betrayed the pleasure that she was feeling. "We'll rest for a short time, I think baby doll. You probably need to stretch those muscles after that performance."

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