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Driving and Dreaming



I was driving today, to meet a friend for lunch, and daydreaming about my lover as I drove. When I got back home, I tried to describe that dream in writing, intending to send it to him in a note, and the following is the result.

Like some of my previous works, I don't consider this story to be a poem. This format is just my way of talking directly to you. I hope that by reading it slowly, one line at a time, you can hear my voice speak to you.


I was driving today, to meet a friend for lunch, about an hour away.

I had a series of romantic melodies playing on the car stereo,

the sky was blue and the sun was shining off the fresh snow.

Life was good, and I was content.

My mind started to wander as I thought about much I longed to be with you.

I started thinking about how nice it would be to take a shower with you,

in one of those large stone-tiled stalls, complete with a bench seat,

and multiple showerheads spraying us with warm water from all directions.

In my mind, I saw a skylight in the bathroom letting in a ray of sunshine,

and I could almost smell the tropical heat building in the plant-filled room.

I imagined entering the bathroom and being greeted by a waft of steam,

and the sounds of you humming under the spray.

I could see the silhouette of your naked body, your back to me,

your head tilted back as you let the water beat down on your chest.

I pictured myself silently and slowly stripping off my clothes,

folding them neatly and placing them on the counter,

and then undoing the knot that held my hair, to let it fall around my shoulders.

I then saw myself opening the door to the shower and slipping inside,

grinning at the look of pleased surprise that flitted across your face.

My hands caressed your shoulders, touching you gently,

and I let my breasts graze your back,

my hardening nipples dragging across your warm skin.

My fingers trailed down your arms and intertwined with your fingers,

as I moved my pelvis up against your warm buttocks,

and I nuzzled the crook of your neck.

For a moment I just stood there, molding myself to your back,

circling my arms around your waist,

tracing my tongue across the tops of your shoulders,

enjoying the firmness of your back against my front.

But then I disentangled myself,

and reached for a pair of sea sponges hanging from a hook on the wall.

I squirted generous dollops of fragrant soap on the sponges,

and began running them over your upper arms,

across your shoulders, and down your spine.

I imagined that while I wriggled my chest against your back,

my hands reached around your sides,

sliding the sponges across your chest,

their texture a pleasant roughness against your nipples.

I dragged the sponges south, over your abdomen,

across your hips, and back to your navel,

before descending into your curls,

and swirling the sponges around the base of your cock,

and over and around your tightening balls.

Then I had this vision of suddenly spinning you around,

so that you were facing me, and pressing myself against you,

pushing you back against the wall,

sliding my soapy breasts over your chest as I kissed you.

I used my body to pin you there, making you stay still,

as I slid my hands down your waist,

and I sank down to my knees in front of you.

I thought of how I'd let the warm spray rinse away the soap;

and then I'd take a bottle of baby oil and coat my hands,

and dribble some around your thighs,

and through your pubic hair, letting it run down,

so that my hands could glide over and around your body.

I'd start from inside your thighs,

sliding my hands up and across your pelvis,

over your hip bones,

around and down your buttocks,

along the crease of your cheeks,

before sliding back to the front, into the curls of your groin.

I'd use one hand to cup your scrotum,

rolling its warm slipperiness in my hand,

while my other hand would wrap around your shaft,

pulling it downwards, pointing towards me,

so that as I stroked you, I could also taste you.

I would use my tongue to lick the underside of your cockhead,

finding the bottom of your slit,

running my tongue along it,

over the top, and around the ridge,

until I could wrap my mouth around the head,

and draw it deep inside of me, gently sucking,

as my hand continued to glide up and down your shaft.

And I imagined looking up at you,

seeing you leaning back against the wall,

eyes closed,

your fingers tangled in my hair,

and I could feel the water running over both of us.

I thought of how your cock would feel in my hand,

as it started to throb and twitch,

the way your balls would begin to tighten in my hand,

and how your cum would taste as the first drops oozed onto my tongue.

Then I thought of letting go of your scrotum,

and pushing your thighs apart,

so my hand could slide up behind you,

and gently part your cheeks.

With one hand still stroking your shaft,

and my mouth still caressing the head of your cock,

I could then slide a finger of my other hand up along your crease,

teasing that crinkled rim of your anus,

moving in slow, insistent circles.

I would then push inside...slowly....

and curve my finger just so,

before moving it in...and out...and in again,

in rhythm with my hand stroking your shaft.

By this point, I think I'd be moaning,

and eager and soooooo excited,

as I listened to you groan and squeak,

and I watched the muscles in your legs tense.

I would feel your hands tighten in my hair,

as your cock began to swell,

and I'd cry out when I felt you begin to pulse.

I imagined drawing back to watch your seed erupt,

letting it splash over me, dribbling down my breasts,

to be washed away by the shower.

I would feel my pussy tighten and spasm,

and I'd find my own release just by witnessing yours.

I thought of how I'd rise from my knees,

sliding my hands back up your chest,

pressing myself against you once more.

Wrapping my arms tightly around you,

I would kiss you again, smiling against your mouth,

and whisper "Good Morning".

Needless to say, by the time I arrived at my lunch date, I was rather flushed, but man, what a pleasant way to pass the time while driving!


I hope you enjoyed this. As always, I welcome your feedback, good or bad.


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