tagErotic CouplingsDriving Exam Blow Out

Driving Exam Blow Out


Alan's knuckles were white as he clung to his clipboard he wanted to close his eyes but knew if he did something far worse would happen. Alan knew he had control of the situation, all he had to do was put his foot on the brake, the car would stop and he could tell the poor girl in the driving seat she had failed her driving test. Instead he took a deep breath and started to loosen his death grip on the clipboard and said with a shaky voice "take the next right."

The girl next to him nodded and he watched her check all three mirrors, slow down and signal...this was the problem she was not a terrible driver but she was not the best either. She had come close to clipping two cars just leaving the test centre, her parallel parking had been somewhat stroke inducing and the last roundabout had brought on Alan's sudden embrace of his clipboard. He kept giving her chance after chance and he knew why. At nineteen Miss Daisy Wright was a red headed, spectacle wearing, chubby girl not on the side of plain, her full lips and blue eyes pulled her away from that crowd, but she was not exactly beautiful, the old faint scars of acne and some freckles kept that door locked.

To Alan though at the age of fifty she was a pleasure to be around especially seeing that she had decided to wear a low cut floral print dress that showed off more cleavage than would normally be classed as decent. In twenty years of doing the job he had seen it all, he was not sexist in anyway no matter how they dressed if their driving was bad they failed, that was not to say he did not go home and spend time thinking about them while masturbating as slowly as possible to all the ideas that had popped into his head throughout the day. But for some reason Miss Wright had him hesitating every time he lifted his pen to mark her down a point or even a major fault, she would have failed ten minutes ago had she been anyone else.

"Oh dear," Daisy said her words high pitched and a little ragged, the car slowed down as she came to a junction.

Alan smiled inwardly, "it's okay you are doing just fine, just take your time, and we are going to go left," words of encouragement were not his forte, why was this girl bringing out such things. Alan's eyes slipped from the road, he turned his head to look to the right feigning interest in the traffic while actually spending more time looking down Miss Wrights top at her ample pale and freckled cleavage. Daisy hit the accelerator a little too hard and the car juddered out of the junction, the road was thankfully clear but the cars lurching brought Alan back to his senses, he scribbled a little mark onto the pad that sat on his clipboard as he did so he could see Miss Wright looking over, "Watch the road please," he said without looking up.

Ten minutes later Alan's foot found the brake pedal on the side of his car, the lorry sped past its horn blaring as it did so. Daisy Wright instantly started to cry, not huge heaving sobs (Alan had seen plenty of those in his time) but almost silent, Alan could see them running down her reddening cheeks her chest hiccuping as she tried to maintain some semblance of order. "If I can get you to just turn down there and pull up where it is safe to do so." he said in a very soft, reassuring voice.

Daisy drove carefully Alan could hear the little sobs that were escaping from her lips now, he knew that when the engine was switched off she would go into full meltdown. They parked up down the small side street across the way was a low wall beyond which lay a graveyard. The engine died and Alan prepared for the onslaught...and waited...and waited. He looked over at Miss Wright, she stared dead ahead hands on the steering wheel, her mouth moved as she talked in hush tones to herself.

Alan felt a deep pang of regret for her, it was clearly nerves and the lorry was going far faster than the posted thirty sign. "As you know I had to engage the brake, this is an automatic failure," then followed by something he had never muttered in his twenty years as a tester, "I am truly sorry Miss Wright."

At this Daisy turned her head, she smiled at him, her mascara had run a little leaving a greyish black streak down both her red cheeks, "No chance of just ignoring it?" she asked with a wavering smile that said she already knew the answer, she hit the steering wheel with one meaty hand, "Stupid Debbie," she said more to herself than to Alan.

Alan's brow knitted together, he had no reason to ask but felt the need to, "whose Debbie?"

Daisy sniffed and dabbed at her eyes, the wetness of them making the pale blue look almost opaque and Alan felt himself drifting off in them, "She's my stupid friend who told me to wear this stupid dress," Daisy replied grabbing the front of the dress and pulling it away enough that Alan caught a glimpse of the top of a bright pink bra, "wear something revealing, they'll spend more time watching you than how you are driving," she continued in a high pitched voice that Alan took to be Miss Wright mimicking her stupid friend Debbie.

Alan could not help but let out a small laugh, "I have seen much worse," at those words Miss Wright reached up suddenly self-aware of her clothing and what she was revealing in such a low cut, her face turning an even darker shade of red. Alan held up his hands, "Not that what you are wearing is horrible, you have been the highlight of my day so far." He sputtered out, "It has been difficult keeping my eye on the road."

Alan's heart stopped as Miss Wright's eyes went wide, her full lips opening in shock, just when he thought she was going to explode she gave a soft laugh and put her head on the steering wheel, "Oh god I am so stupid," she turned her head still leaving her forehead resting on the top part of the wheel, "Thanks for trying to make me feel better," and with those words she started to cry softly once more.

"If there was any way I could take back the marks I would, but I can't." he said earnestly.

Daisy lifted her head from the steering wheel, she bit her bottom lip then rested on hand on knee, "no way at all?" she said, she tried to look convincing and sexy but came off as if she had something stuck in her eyes her voice shaky with nerves. "I know I am not exactly a supermodel but..." her hand moved up to Alan's thigh.

Alan reached down and put one hand on hers stopping her from moving it any further, "Personally you are better than any supermodel," and he was not lying, how could he knock a girl with red hair and killer curves the likes of which Daisy Wright was displaying. "But sex won't help the matter right now,"

Daisy smiled and swallowed hard, "I was not thinking sex just a hand job maybe," and she moved her hand quickly across to Alan's crotch, she cupped him and held him firmly. Alan stumbled over his words as he tried to pry her hand away but felt himself hardening beneath her hold. "Just a quickie that has to be worth losing one little mark," she said as her other hand now joined in and started to work undoing his trousers.

"I really must insist that you stop Miss Wright,Alan sputtered out, the last word coming out in a clipped gasp as he felt Daisy's warm hand close around his old semi erect cock.

Alan's body went rigid as Daisy tugged his cock free of his pants, he closed his eyes tight and whispered for her to stop, she worked him in a blur of quick strokes sometimes painfully pulling his foreskin too far back, "Wow," she said coming to a stop and letting go of his cock which flicked back resting on his tie fully erect. "That's bigger than I expected," Daisy said, her eyes stared intently at his cock as it throbbed against his waist.

Alan looked down, unsure if she was joking or not, at seven inches he thought he had nothing more than an average cock, he had not had a lot of partners but they never mentioned his cock being anything other than usable. Yet Daisy seemed in awe of his fifty year old cock, he asked the question "You have seen a cock before, right?"

Daisy gave out an unconvincing laugh then said, "Well in pictures." She sat back in the driver's seat, "I was not exactly the go to girl for guys in school or college you know too fat to fuck it seemed." She raised her eyebrows and swatted a loose strand of red hair that hung across one of the lenses in her glasses, "I even asked a friend once to finger me, told me he was gay and could not do it, the great sexploits of Daisy Veronica Wright!"

Alan felt uncomfortable, extremely embarrassed and downright out of place sitting there in the passenger seat, his clipboard between his feet and his cock still hard and now glistening with pre cum on the fat purple head. "They don't know what they are missing," he found himself saying, she smiled at him, her eyes glancing down at his cock taking longer to come up and meet his own eyes. "This is not something I would normally do you know."

Daisy swivelled in her seat and reach over with her right hand, her warm hand gripping a little too firmly around his cock, he motioned to her to loosen the grip and gave her a thumbs up when she held it just right, she started off slowly pulling his foreskin up and over his cock head smearing his sticky pre-cum across the purple blood filled dome. Alan closed his eyes, his heart pounded in his chest and his mind conflicted with wanting Daisy to stop and wanting her to continue and do more.

"That's really good," Alan said huskily, opening his eyes and looking down feeling unreality wash over him at the sight of his cock in the hand of a nineteen year old. He watched his own right arm lift up his hand opening, feeling the cloth of Daisy's dress underneath his fingertips then the firmness of one breast creating a barrier as his fingers closed and squeezed. "They feel really good too."

Daisy laughed and blushed at his words, she pushed forward letting his hand have the freedom to roam across the front of her dress, she shivered and giggled as his hand lifted up finding the top of her breasts her skin hot beneath his touch. "Would you have sex with me?" she asked, and Alan nodded a big grin on his face. Daisy looked around her hand not slowing down on his cock, "Will you have sex with me now?"

Alan's grin dropped and he licked his lips looking around guiltily, "Are you serious?" Daisy shrugged then nodded, her hand relinquishing the grip on his cock, she reached up and slipped the shoulder straps off the front of her dress falling away revealing the bright pink bra and the heavy breasts beneath. "Wait not here," Alan scanned outside the car again then said. "Get in the back."

Lying down Daisy took up most of the back seat of the car, she looked as nervous as Alan no doubt looked and felt right that moment. He had opened the rear car door before he realised his cock was still hanging out he covered his exposed member while Daisy crawled onto the back seat and lay down. He leaned in watching as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, his breath caught as the bra loosened and she pulled it down exposing her large breasts. Each tit was a pale heavy weight the left dotted with the odd freckle while the right was blemish free and both were topped with large pink areola and a nipple that was hardening in the cool air.

Alan reached out and pushed up her dress lifting it up until it was a bundled mess on her chubby waist, her legs were thick and her thighs more so he ran his hands along both legs finding the waist band of the knickers beneath the mass of dress and pulling them down over her fat thighs and legs. Her pubic bush was a mess of tangled fiery red and her labia poked out shyly. He climbed into the back of the car using the rear seat as leverage as he squeezed between Daisy's legs.

Daisy put both hands on his chest, "Go easy it's my first time." She pleaded, he could see the mix of excitement and worry in her eyes and he nodded and gave her a reassuring smile. Alan wanted to put his head between her meaty thighs and taste her fiery pussy, to run his tongue along her labia and find her hard little clitoris, but they were out in public and anyway his cock was frantic to get inside her.

Alan took hold of his cock feeling its heat and thickness in his grasp, the excitement of entering this girl for the first time making his head feel light. He nudged forward, Daisy's hands pushing a little firmer on his chest as his cock-head parted her labia and she gave a slight gasp as he pushed forward his cock sliding into her. Daisy sighed and gasped with each fresh thrust her eyes closed tight and her mouth an 'O' of pleasure as Alan began to fuck her.

Alan used his left hand to grip the top of the passenger seat leaving his right hand free to freely grope Daisy's big tits. He closed his fingers round one squeezing it, pushing the flesh upwards making her areola and nipple look like the cheery on top of the world's best ice cream. Alan closed his mouth round the nipple, tasting perfume and sweat as his tongue ran round the thick flesh. His thrusts sped up with excitement and he was met with the agreeable moaning of Daisy as he did so.

When Daisy moved to push him off her Alan reluctantly moved. Had she changed her mind and what on earth was she going to do if she had? He felt the blood draining from his face, his stomach exploded with butterflies yet his cock remained rigid in front of him. "Too uncomfortable," Daisy said in a husky, out of breath voice, "Sit down," she said sitting up and moving over before indicating for Alan to sit next to her. He sat down and quickly scanned the outside of the car thankful that no one had yet walked by or driven past. Daisy had no need to hike her dress and so straddled Alan easily, "That's better." She said with a smile.

Alan's hands went to her thighs, feeling her heat and moist skin on her thick thighs, Daisy reached underneath and took a firm grip of his sticky cock "Much more fun than my vibrator," she whispered into his ear as she eased herself down on his cock. Alan buried his face into her cleavage, his tongue running across her warm skin his lips kissing at her two mounds of heavy flesh and his teeth finding her nipples inviting and pliant. Alan met Daisy's thrusts, lifting his bum from the back car seat driving his cock as deep as he could into her, her inner walls gripped his cock as she sped up.

Daisy's hands closed around Alan's head and pulled him firmly onto her tits, "Fuck me daddy," she exclaimed in a shuddery voice, Alan was alarmed and turned on at the same time as she repeated the mantra over and over. Suddenly Daisy stopped moving, she gasped and panted and ground down on him, their pubic bones grinding together and Daisy's inner walls rippling as her orgasm erupted. Her sex seemed to inflate around his cock,her juices flowing freely and he felt his balls becoming wet as she let herself go.

After a moment Daisy climbed off much to Alan's disappointment he was so close to his own orgasm and had lustily hoped he would be filling this young, curvy girl with his cum but it seemed not to be. Daisy's cheeks and chest flushed red, bit her lower lip and pushed her thick rim glasses up her nose and looked at Alan guiltily "Sorry about that whole...dad...thing," she looked as if Alan was, at any moment going to kick her out of the car and call her a freak.

Alan was too lust filled to care, his mind had reeled when she had begged "dad" to fuck her but he also found it an incredible turn on, he had no children of his own so he had no real reason to feel uncomfortable. He reached up with one hand and stroked one flushed cheek on Daisy's face then let his hand slip behind her head, his fingers sliding through her red hair and finding the back of her skull then said, "Daddy's not finished yet," before guiding her head down to his eager, sticky cock.

Daisy opened her mouth to say something but Alan lifted his hips as she got in close, he felt her take a deep breath just before his cock-head pushed past her full lips and entered her mouth. Daisy sputtered and coughed around his length before Alan relaxed his hold on her head and allowed Daisy to find her own rhythm.

His fingers dug into her red hair as her mouth worked as much of his length as it could while one hand gripped the rest. "Daddy's going to cum!" Alan said through gritted teeth, Daisy made no move to pull back, in fact her lips clamped tighter around his length and sucked him harder until Alan let out his own long moan and lifted his hips as his balls tightened and his cock spasmed unleashing his first heavy load into Daisy's mouth.

She gagged, sputtered and coughed but kept his cock in his mouth as his next load erupted followed by a weaker explosion and finally nothing more than weak dribbling. Daisy bobbed her head her throat working away and Alan gasped and sat upright as her tongue ran over his now sensitive cock-head. When Daisy finally came up for air her smile beamed from ear to ear, her glasses sat crooked on her nose and she straightened them as she spoke, "well first time for everything," She leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips and Alan could taste his salty mess his flaccid cock twitching with new excitement but unable to rise to the challenge at that moment.

They sorted their clothes out in silence, Alan watched longingly as Daisy hooked her bra before slipping her now bra clad tits back into her dress, she took her knickers off and handed them to Alan winking at him as she did so. Alan shoved them into his pocket before doing up his own trousers, noticing them mess of his pants as he did so but not caring. Daisy climbed out of the back seat smoothing her dress before taking off her glasses and cleaning them, "So do we start the test all over again?" she asked as Alan stumbled out of the back seat on legs of jelly.

He shook his head then smiled, "Why would we do that Miss Wright you passed with flying colours!"

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