tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 02

Driving in Snow Ch. 02


Chapter 2.

Wednesday Breakfast.

Ann started to pull on her pajamas and said to me: "Time for breakfast - wear your robe." As we were about to leave her room she looked slightly apprehensive and said: "My beloved, as much as I love what we did and I hope we get to do it a whole lot more, I think it would be best if you slept with Barb tonight and Cindy tomorrow."

I took her into my arms and hugged her tight for a long time. She held me just as tight. Then I responded: "You really love both me and your sisters don't you."

She smiled, nodded .and said: "You do understand."

The other three were there when we arrived and each gave me a big hug.

Barbara who was cooking, with a grin that was almost a leer, asked: "Are you guys hungry after all that exercise."

Ann blushed beet red, Mary and Cindy both giggled and I just looked sheepish before we all burst into loud laughter.

Barbara was wearing a translucent red robe over a matching negligee. The robe and negligee together were opaque but the robe seemed to be cunningly designed not to stay closed and almost immediately I was presented with a nice view of a very pretty nipple. Barbara was indeed well endowed, very well endowed. They were amazingly high and firm, standing well out from her body. Mary was wearing a bathrobe, definitely without a bra and probably without panties. Cindy was wearing a large man's white dress shirt with the sleeves folded up.

Barb fixed pancakes and bacon and we all sat down together. Barbara's robe promptly fell open again and Ann said: "That's what you get for not loaning it to me."

Mary and Cindy chuckled while Barbara looked pained, but answered: "That's what I get for not wearing it in private first. A safety pin or two would work wonders."

Ann explained that Barbara has a friend Connie, they have been the best of friends since first grade, who has been trying to get Barbara to loosen up and had given Barb the negligee set for Christmas.

Mary said: "Actually, one might say that they have been friends since the day they were born. They were both born on the same day in the same hospital. They were side by side in the nursery."

Barbara finally gave up on trying to keep the robe closed as I did not seem to be paying too much attention to her front.

I was quite surprised to find that I was actually watching Barbara's eyes rather than her breasts. Fascinating eyes - beautiful eyes - beautiful bosom too - beautiful figure in general.

Somehow this lead to a discussion as to what was sexy in the way of clothing, and I was asked: "which of the four of us is wearing the sexiest outfit?"

I thought about this and said: "That really cannot be answered since each is sexy in a different manner. For example Barb's negligee is obviously very stimulating visually and her robe problem enhances the effect since 'accidental' exposure is generally even sexier. It is however, the hardest to remove and is not nearly as tactually exciting as Ann's satin Pjs. Ann's pajamas could easily be adjusted to be somewhat more visually stimulating. Your mother on the other hand is wearing a robe that would be very easy to remove."

Mary blushed slightly at this.

Cindy cut in asking: "How is mine sexy?"

I explained: "Cindy, yours is the easiest to work around and also lends itself to adjustment."

Ann asked me to 'adjust' her pajamas. I started by unbuttoning several buttons on her top (less buttons than Mary expected, I think) and then I asked her to stand, knelt down and folded up about six inch cuffs on each pant leg, finally I pulled the legs down so that the waist was about an inch above her pubic patch. Ann turned around slowly so we could admire the effect. Barbara and Cindy applauded and we all laughed. Cindy had quietly unbuttoned several buttons on her shirt, but nothing was showing.

I commented that I have always had a fondness for bare midriff outfits.

Cindy asked Ann about her evening and now I was blushing but Ann rather than getting into a thrust by thrust account took the high road and related some of our discussions and talked about the great sense of union that came with our activity.

She said: "At one point there really was only one of us, and that one was the divine."

Mary looked both wistful and sad, while Barbara and Cindy hung on every word.

Ann said that the book we started last night was very helpful and hoped we could read more of it today.

We finished eating, the girls each took their pills, and cleaned up the dishes loading them into the dishwasher. Barbara gave up even more on keeping the robe closed and she managed to give me several nice views of her matching panties.

We all went to dress and then moved to the living room. I noticed that the book on Tantra that Cindy had taken the previous evening was back but another one was gone. We meditated for about twenty minutes and then continued reading the book for two hours. By that time we were all approaching saturation and really needed a break.

As I stretched I noticed pictures of all three girls as cheerleaders. I wondered about that since it seemed out of character for these girls. Ann came up and hooked my arm in hers, pressed her hip into mine and looked at the photos too. In one picture Barbara was wearing a low cut jumper over a sweat shirt with the school emblem. She said that we needed all the extracurricular activities we could get for college admissions. She explained that the high school that all had attended was very small with only very limited extracurricular events, especially for girls and virtually all of the really pretty girls were roped into being cheerleaders.

I thought to myself: 'These girls really qualify in the beauty department.'

She continued saying that the present cheerleading coach was from Turkey, taught Turkish style belly dancing as part of the cheerleading training and that Barbara and Connie were both expert belly dancers and Cindy was learning. She also said that Connie had given Barbara a belly dancing costume and that she had not seen Barbara actually wear it. The coach also taught some Tahitian dancing but neither Barbara or Cindy had a grass skirt.

I also noticed a number of candles. She smiled and said: "There are candles in every room. We often have power outages here."

Ann then dragged me off to her room for some additional recreational activity. This time we tried it doggy style with almost no foreplay. Even so, she was sopping wet. It was really good and Ann had three orgasms before we orgasmed together. Ann's ass felt really soft and nice against my hips. She managed to be much quieter than she had been last night. This was much more normal sex, without the telepathic aspect. It was still very loving, very tender.

The telepathic link did form immediately afterward.

Ann and I took time to shower together and Ann was especially pleased with all the soapy caressing and petting we were able to do.

After we dried each other off we stood hugging and I found myself remembering a great deal about her likes and dislikes. I also knew about her joys and sorrows. I knew about her troubles in high school. Some people in high school can be really cruel, another example of jealousy in action. We talked about them some and a great deal of healing occurred. She started talking about mine and as we talked a great deal of healing happened for me as well. I felt totally loved and totally loving.

I also found that I was in a state of totally trusting Ann and being aware that she totally trusted me. I felt a profound sense of responsibility towards her. I resolved to be worthy of that trust.

I found that I really knew who she was, all her seeming foibles and mistakes as well as her successes and strengths. The foibles and mistakes, many of which she was embarrassed about or even guilty about, just made her more lovable.

Likewise I knew that she knew about all of mine and totally accepted me as I am. The sense of being totally loved while having nothing to hide was nothing short of wondrous.

I was aware that she considered me to be her 'one true love.' The age difference didn't matter. My marital status didn't matter. She loved me with a purity and intensity that was awesome.

We hugged silently a while longer then went and got dressed.

I used Ann's computer to get on the internet and checked my e-mail. There was nothing of real significance.

Dance music.

We went back downstairs and I explored their music collection. Mary had a large collection of ballroom dancing music: swing, waltzes, Latin, fox-trots and various mixes. I asked Mary about this and she said that she loved the music and had always wanted to learn ballroom dancing but had never had the opportunity or the partner. As we discussed this I happened to be holding an album of waltzes and I asked her to play it. When it started I showed her the basic Waltz step and we danced around the living room for several minutes. When we finished she kissed me on the cheek and with eyes glistening, whispered: "Thank you."

Starting Ann's book.

I started paging through "The Integration of Intuition" and discovered tremendous wisdom just jumping off the pages. The writing demonstrated an amazing ability to take ideas which were both subtle and complex and explain them in a way which made them both simple and obvious. Ann was also able to bring more than a little humor to the writing. There was a great deal of love in this work.

Although Ann wrote the material down there were many quotes from Barbara and many times it was obvious that Barbara provided a starting point which Ann would develop. Occasionally there were also quotes from Mary and Cindy. I set it down as even the little bit of it that I read was a great deal to digest. Amazing stuff.

Ann joined me. She said that, based on last night's experience, she needed to rewrite large portions of her book, but I disagreed saying: "Don't be too quick to drastically change what you have. By all means write down your new insights but also let them simmer for a while. At least keep a machine copy of your book as it is now."

We talked about her changes and at one point I used the word 'grok' and she asked me to describe "Stranger in a Strange Land" for her. I said: "I can do better than that," and I went out to my car and retrieved it for her.

Wednesday lunch.

I asked Ann about what she had done since high school and she explained that she had worked at the farm, worked on her books, practiced her violin, practiced her guitar, took flying lessons and studied a great deal of math, science, mostly physics and computer science on her own and with the aid of her high school physics teacher. It turned out that he was a retired college professor who really preferred teaching to research and was sick and tired of having to write grant proposals, sick and tired of city life and city traffic, so he moved back to his boyhood neighborhood and became a high school teacher. He told Ann that he considered her to be his best student ever including all his years at Princeton and MIT.

She said that she found it easy to just work from a college textbook, or the Internet on her own but sometimes it was hard to find good textbooks. For example she said she tried three times before finding a good text on Hilbert spaces which she needed for von Neumann's book. She was really interested in theoretical quantum mechanics and found an amazing amount of material on the web. She laughed and said that sometimes she had to login as Dr. Schmidt in order to access it. Ann commented on the various ways of approaching quantum mechanical calculations and said that she had developed still another. She had written a paper about it and had submitted it to "Science" with Dr. Schmidt listed as co-author. She had also written two follow up papers, one a double proof, first that the new technique was equivalent to the Schrodinger wave equation and a second proof of equivalence with quantum electrodynamics. The other paper was exploring a number of technologies which were only now obvious with the new formulation. All three papers were due to be published in the coming months.

She had filed a series of patents including the items in the third paper. Her inventions included solar cells with significantly improved efficiency, LEDs with higher efficiency, multicolor LED arrays on a flexible backing, a very high speed optical switch which could lead to practical optical computers, three inventions relating to quantum computers, a method for producing nested nanotubes, a method of bonding carbon nanotubes to a silicon semiconductor surface, a new class of high temperature superconductors and even a way of separating isotopes based on even / odd numbers of nucleons. Ann had only worked out laboratory processes for these products but she was sure that production processes would be possible. All of these patents were foundational, not just product patents and would be hard to work around. She said that Dr. Schmidt had put her in contact with a really good patent attorney.

She had also started a fourth and a fifth paper, one on quantum computing and another on the philosophical and spiritual implications of quantum mechanics. She laughed and said that that one might turn into a book.

She said that she was still planning to go to college but had not zeroed in on any school or major. She pointed out that with being published in a journal like "Science," her list of inventions, being valedictorian, class president, 2384 on her SAT, being president of half of the clubs in high school, first violin in the school orchestra, a cheerleader and the reference letter Dr. Schmidt was sure to write that she would not have trouble being accepted anywhere. She thought she would like to work on integrating science and spirituality.

She said: "My intuitive message has been:'Wait a little longer.' That just changed. It seems I needed to wait for you. As I said - We have work to do together - spiritual work."

Ann asked where in Florida I lived and I explained that when I retired we sold our Florida house, bought a small condo near Ft. Lauderdale and a home near Saratoga, New York. She asked about Florida colleges and I told her about the University of Miami in Coral Gables and FAU in Boca Raton but I said that upstate New York had a much better selection and that she should be looking at schools like Rensselaer or Cornell. I also pointed out that she should start tracking professors at conferences like the one I just missed and use that as a guide.

I asked her if she was a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. She said no and I suggested that she join.

I asked Barbara about her future plans and she said that she had applied to five colleges and was awaiting acceptance letters. With the advice of her guidance counselor she had applied to Vassar, Smith, Mount Holyoke and Skidmore with the state university as a fallback. She smiled when she said Skidmore, knowing it is in Saratoga. We talked about colleges and college experiences for a while.

I knew those schools were expensive but as a result of my telepathic connection with Ann I was aware that 'uncle George' had left the family a sizable estate such that money was no longer an issue to them. Only much later would I discover the size of their inheritance.

Later we started to discuss dancing and the various forms of it. One minor mystery was partially cleared up for me: All three of these girls move like professional models or dancers. They all had years of ballet classes when they were younger.

Ann pointed out that Barbara knew belly dancing and I asked Barb if she would demonstrate. She adamantly refused. Mary, Ann and Cindy all were pushing Barbara to do it and I put my two cents in defending Barbara's right to her decision. Barb raised her hand, ending the discussion. She looked at me for a long minute, her eyes seeming to bore into my soul and then said: "I will dance for you."

She left to change and otherwise prepare while the rest of us took care of the lunch dishes. Mary also went upstairs. After helping with the dishes, Cindy disappeared into her room with another Tantra book. I sat and meditated while the various preparations occurred. I found myself drawn to: "Om Mami Padme Hum."

Barbara's dance.

Barbara returned wearing a Bathrobe with translucent black harem pants showing below the robe. She selected a CD and put it in the player. We three all sat in the living room. Ann and I were sitting apart on the sofa and Mary was sitting in a chair next to the sofa. Samantha hopped up on the sofa next to me. Barbara looked totally panicked, as if she was about to bolt out of the room as she tried to smile first at her mother, then at me. She took off the robe and tossed it onto an empty chair. Her costume was a black bikini, strapless top and string bottom, under translucent black harem pants, and a matching harem top which ended about three inches below her bosom. A coin belt completed the outfit. Her costume really demonstrated her hourglass figure. Her navel was really beautiful.

Her mother pushed the play button on her remote control. Barbara started to dance, her hips started to undulate to the music, she moved this way and that, she bent this way and that, she moved her arms this way and that, she turned, she twisted, she twirled, she shimmied, she swayed, she was into the music, her hips undulating to the music in myriad patterns, her navel doing its own dance, she was ok, she was more than ok, she was beautiful, her dance was objectively erotic but I was responding at a different level, a higher level. It was beautiful.

The song ended. Barbara looked at her mother who nodded as if to say go on. Barbara sighed and turned her back to us. She seemed to have her hands at her chest and I did not realize at first what she was doing. Then I noticed the bikini top go slack just before she pulled it off and tossed it onto the chair with the robe. The music had started several seconds before and keeping her back to us she started to move her hips, barely perceptively at first, then with more and more motion like the start of an old fashioned steam train.

Then she turned around and her breasts were bouncing and gyrating every which way under the translucent top as she twisted and turned, shimmied and swayed but my attention was drawn to her eyes. She was staring directly into my eyes and her's were liquid fire. The room faded away, it was just Barb and I. That was the universe, undulating hips, dancing navel, wildly moving breasts, wildly moving hair and fiery eyes, liquid eyes. She was opening my heart.

Samantha started purring very loudly.

As the number ended she was facing away from me with her legs slightly spread. She lifted the coin belt clear of her harem pants and then held the elastic such that the coin belt ended up under her pants. Then she reached down under her harem pants and untied both knots on her bikini bottom and pulled it off. Her hips started undulating as the music started, moving perfectly to the music. As she turned around and looked into my eyes I found that I was looking back, looking into the liquid fire, like a beautiful blue flame, looking into her soul, looking through her soul to the God within, looking through the God within to the God that is the entire universe. She swayed. She bent. She sent ripples up and down her body. She twisted, she shimmied, undulating hips, dancing navel, bouncing breasts, but all I could see was her eyes, her eyes, her fire. Then the cut ended. She had again stopped facing away from me. She pulled the harem top over her head.

She turned as the music again started and I found I was looking at El Shaddai, the nurturing Goddess, the God with breasts. Her nipples were bright pink with a tinge of orange. But again I was drawn back to her eyes, her liquid fire, my connection to the entire universe. Movement, perfect movement, She danced, she danced for Shiva, she danced with Shiva, she danced for the cosmic dancer, she danced with the cosmic dancer, she was Shakti, the goddess of female energy. Her hips undulated in perfect time to the music. She danced left, she danced right, she danced forward, she danced back, she spun and she danced in place. She tossed her hair this way and that. Her body bent. Her body bowed, her bosom shook and I watched her eyes, her liquid eyes, her liquid fire. Once again the music ended. Once again she had her back to me, with her legs again slightly spread. She pushed off her harem pants and bent to pull them free of her feet. I watched. My heart felt like it would burst.

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