tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 05

Driving in Snow Ch. 05


Chapter 5.

Saturday breakfast.

We all appeared in the kitchen nude. It seemed to be the most reasonable thing to do. Huge smiles all around.

The girls decided that I would need at least three showers that day and that each would help "wash my back."

I asked Mary about her life between her divorce and now. She explained that this was John's home area and that her family had lived at the other end of the state. "Before the divorce most of my friends were from the church with a few others which began as business ties. With the divorce the story spread through the church. I told no one so it must have been John. John was embarrassed that the story got out at the church so my guess is that he told a few really good friends in confidence but the story was seen as too good, too juicy not to tell. One result of this was that I was made very uncomfortable at church. Two much married men in the church made passes at me - they got nowhere. With the divorce I went to the minister for support but all I got was the advice to pray for forgiveness, but he said it in a way which implied that I should not expect any. I stopped going to church. Anyway there were a few people from the church who stayed loyal and now I thank God for their support. One friend, Joan, was a real lifesaver. I was very busy raising three little girls and running the farm. Looking back, I really don't know how I did it all. My mom died of cancer about two years later and my dad about three months after that. The doctors said he died of a heart attack but I think he died of a broken heart. My only living relative was my uncle George who lived in California. He died two years ago."

She continued: "It was shortly after my dad died when I happened to watch Wayne Dyer on TV, he made sense and I started buying books. My spiritual development took off like a rocket. You know, it's funny my spiritual journey has really been about letting go, letting go of rules for the sake of rules, letting go of dogma for the sake of dogma, letting go of guilt for the sake of guilt, letting go of judgement for the sake of judgement, letting go of fear for the sake of fear and sometimes even letting go of pain for the sake of pain."

I just smiled.

She looked quizzical and asked: "What?"

I responded: "That's how it works."

She smiled back.

She went on to describe how she learned to meditate and how meditation opened up an intuitive world to her which lead her deeper and deeper into a spiritual universe. She taught the girls to respect and trust their intuitive sense and they all agreed that it had served them all well. They all were and are serious meditators.

Mary continued saying: "One area that did languish however has been my love life. The intuitive message was always the same: 'Have patience, when the time is right he will come and you will have no doubt as to who it is.' "

She leaned over and kissed me.

Dreams and fantasies.

I asked her about her dreams and fantasies. She replied that she was really focused on getting the girls through school and waiting for her lover to appear.

She said that when the girls were ready to leave she would probably sell the farm as today it would be too much to run alone and while it had many happy memories it had many bad memories also.

She said: "I think that I was assuming that my lover would take me away from here, take me to a very different life. I found that I was willing to trust the universe and was trying not to limit the possibilities. I was, however, assuming that you would be close to my age and single. I also never expected that I would be willingly sharing you with my daughters."

They asked me about my dreams and fantasies. I said: "I am living one of them right now."

I said that I wanted to write a book on sacred sexuality and that I now had the experience to begin to write it.

I talked about how part of me would like to set up a retreat center, almost an ashram but I do not consider myself a Guru, just another student who is willing to share what I have found on my journey.


Somehow the discussion came around to my hobbies, I mentioned photography and they asked why I hadn't asked them to pose. I thought about it and said: "I would love to have you pose both G rated and X rated but maybe I am afraid it would upset the energy we share."

They laughed and said: "Let's try."

I retrieved my camera and asked Mary to get some sheets to use as reflectors and backgrounds. They fully opened the drapes on the large picture window which provided lots of light for available light shots. This was not as good as true studio lighting but by using reflectors I was able to generally gave a fair approximation of it. Sometimes we used colored sheets as backgrounds or as reflectors. Using a gold colored sheet as a reflector gave some really neat shots. We only occasionally used a sheet as a background.

I shot many hundreds of photos of them nude, separate and together, tasteful and not so tasteful. In fact some were truly artful, especially a series of silhouettes, and a few downright crude. The girls' natural grace presented itself continuously. They all seemed to just flow from one great pose to another. We had fun.

Cindy in particular demonstrated just how incredibly limber she was. Her playfulness showed through.

The girls wore their hair down, up and in ponytails. At one point I brushed Ann's hair until it glistened and flowed like a shampoo commercial. I took a great many shots as she played with her hair.

Beautiful hair - beautiful girl.

I took lots of portraits. Some were head only, some were head and shoulders and some were breasts up. Some of the breast up shots had their breasts covered by their hair, most not. A couple of shots of Barbara seemed to be capturing her 'liquid fire.'

The girls started off totally without makeup. They now took a break and each applied some, not much, just enough to enhance their phenomenal beauty.

I took more portraits and some extreme close ups, mostly of sparkling eyes and glorious smiles.

I tried a number of experiments, taking a number in black and white mode, including some with various adjustments to the camera's gamma curve. Both high key and low key. I was glad the camera had a command to restore its default settings.

I took some shots of Mary wearing her pearls. She then loaned the pearls to each of the girls. Pearls seemed appropriate with all of them. After all, pearls signify wisdom.

At one point we moved upstairs and used the bedrooms on the sunny side of the house. After about fifty shots we went back to the living room.

The girls all got dressed for some nice G rated shots. Their taste in fashion tended toward the elegant and the functional as opposed to the sexy. Mary, however, did have a very striking 'classic black dress.' Some blouses and pajama tops did turn very sexy when worn alone with most or all buttons left unbuttoned.

Barb had a silk blouse which was spectacular. When she wore it she laughed and said: "I wouldn't dream of wearing this without a bra for anyone but you." At one point she was wearing it fully unbuttoned and I took the tails and tied them loosely just under her breasts. I then photographed her with two different skirts, a pair of shorts and bottom-free.

I took some of Barbara in her belly dancing costume. I even tried the motion picture feature of my digital camera for the first time. Nothing special happened with Barbara's dance.

Cindy posed in her garter belt with three different pairs of stockings. I thought: 'A black garter belt evokes a naughty sexuality but a white one is innocently sexy.' I also thought: "It's neat how her garter belt frames her mons." I surprised myself thinking the word 'mons' rather than something more crude but somehow mons was really the right word. It truly was a mountain of Venus.

Then I took some of Cindy in her Tahitian dancing costume. We followed this by my video recording several minutes of her dance.

They also put on cheerleading costumes and did some cheers. Again I took both stills and video.

I asked the girls if they all had cheerleading jumpers and when they said yes I had them pose in just the jumpers. They made up some raunchy cheers and bounced around doing them. Mary decided that I was really a boob man. I found myself wondering if I had a past life as a man in the Minoan civilization since Minoan women wore costumes which left the breasts exposed. More stills and video.

One thing that was consistent through all of these pictures was happy smiles and great eye contact. The word charming continued to be totally appropriate.

The girls were having fun. So was Mary. So was I.

Each girl smiled in a different way.

Ann tended to look at me with a look of "I have found the love of my life." Sometimes she seemed to be pure innocence, while at other times she was incredibly sultry. She occasionally managed to look both lustful and innocent at the same time.

Barbara's smile was sometimes more mysterious. She radiated a beautiful energy which seemed to say: "I AM Love." There was a gentle power in it. Awesome. At other times she seemed lustful, even wanton. Occasionally she would clown around.

Cindy on the other hand was pure unadulterated joy. She was having a ball and it showed.

Mary's smile reflected great dignity combined with charm.

Each different, each wonderful, each joyful, each loving. I felt even more bewitched, beguiled, entranced and enchanted.

I also photographed the Kuan-yin statue, the bookcases, the interior of the house and lots of pictures of Samantha. Samantha seemed to know what I was doing and was extra cute.

I took pictures out the front windows showing how we were snowed in and pictures out the back over the fields of the farm. In the back not far from the house was a clump of trees, which I was told contained a spring feeding a pond. This was their swimming hole in the summer and I was invited to come back in the summer to try it out. They had purchased a truckload of sand so it now had a little beach and a sandy bottom.

As I filled the camera storage I would copy the pictures into my laptop as well as Ann's computer and she later burned a DVD for me as a backup.

Cindy borrowed Barb's Harem pants and top and did a beautiful and erotic belly dance, which I recorded. Nothing psychic happened with this dance either but it was still very beautiful. Cindy's belly dance routine was totally different from Barbara's.

I had the girls pose in the outfits they wore to breakfast on Wednesday.

The girls had me get dressed and pose for several portraits. Ann would later print them 11 x 14 and Mary would frame them and hang them prominently. I felt very honored.

As we were wrapping up Cindy asked her mother if she could convert the black half slip that she had worn with her black dress into a belly dancing skirt.

Mary agreed.

Cindy went and got the scissors and proceeded to cut a number of slits up almost to the waist. I took some additional belly dancing shots with this new costume.

I then put the camera battery on the charger.

A short conversation with Ann.

At one point Ann and I were alone. Ann wiggled her fanny and asked: "Am I 'a piece of ass?'"

I replied: "Definitely, an awesomely beautiful piece of ass who takes me to wonderful levels of spiritual connection."

She laughed and gave me a big sloppy kiss. I gave her ass a soft caress ending with my fingers reaching under to touch a very well lubricated slit.

We both smiled.

This was a happy moment.

Another massage and still more.

Cindy suggested another massage and we headed to her room for it. This time we were more sensual with it and both of us were quickly aroused. We were psychically merging again. We alternated between massage and out and out petting. She especially liked my stroking her G spot with my finger. I brought her to orgasm several times. She had really neat orgasms, short but very intense.

At one point she was laying on her stomach with her legs splayed apart. Her ass looked very pretty. She looked back at me, raised her rear like a cat in heat and said: "Put it in." So I did. She almost immediately had another orgasm. As I was thrusting away she said: "Can we try another experiment?"

I asked: "What do you want to try?"

She said: "I want you to put it in my ass."

I responded: "Are you sure?"

She replied: "Please - Oh pretty please."

So I did. She was very tight and I entered her slowly and carefully. I had stroked less than ten times when she started having another orgasm. She had three more before I had mine. Hers were incredibly intense, which amplified mine.

When I pulled out she giggled and said: "That was really neat - we will have to do that again."

She had managed to stay innocent, even now. We hugged for a while before we went and shared a shower.

She scrubbed me thoroughly. I scrubbed her thoroughly too. Cindy can always find ways to bring a fun twist to things.

Afterwards, I took a nap.

A Discussion with Ann.

Later in the den, Ann showed me some of the modifications she had been making to her book. She had worked until 2:00 AM Friday morning on it plus a bunch more Friday night. The flavor of her insights had changed somewhat but both her old writings and her new modifications addressed several key areas of my life in ways which were tremendously helpful. She made me a CD with both versions. She also included her physics papers, "Interconnections" and a number of other files she thought I would enjoy. She said there was a file in there that she had written just for me.

Ann stood up and went into the kitchen. She returned with a crystal goblet of water. She looked at me very intensely and whispered: "I offer you water."

I took a sip and replied: "May you never thirst." She took a sip also.

She sat on my lap. We hugged for a long time. Glorious union. Our telepathic link returned - but differently, more sharing feelings than thoughts. Eventually we found the spiritual energy shifting from melding to erotic. She changed position so that she offered me a breast. I kissed and sucked one nipple while I played with the other with one hand and stroked her back with my other hand. She became totally aroused almost immediately, as did I.

She asked: "Is it time to consummate our ceremony?"

I replied: "Certainly."

We walked arm in arm up the stairs to her bedroom. As we went upstairs I worried if I would be able to perform again so soon after Cindy.

I needn't have worried. It was wonderful, it was past wonderful.

We ended with our normal telepathic link firmly in place and I was detecting messages of great love. I felt grand. Ann was incredibly sweet. Just being around her was a true delight.

Ann left to continue packing.

Some alone time.

I took some time to sit alone in the den.

I moved the contents of Ann's CD to my laptop's hard drive and looked for the file she said she had written just for me. There was a file named: "Beloved." Reading it brought tears to my eves. I felt so totally and completely loved.

I tracked Ann down and gave her a long soft kiss and a longer hug. We melded together. If we hadn't just made love I would have carted her off to bed. She knew it.

As I returned to the den I found myself thinking: 'She is easy to love, all of the Wells girls are easy to love. I love. - I choose to love. - It's really just that simple. - I choose to love. - I choose to manifest love. - I choose to manifest love and light.'

After I calmed down I began to meditate. Instead of my normal meditation I found that I was returning to that state I was in after making love with Mary. I found myself exploring the akashic records. I knew who the Wells family had been, including Jack, John, Joan, Dr. Schmidt and Connie as well how many other people that I knew, including my wife and family, fit into a larger drama with me, as well as each other, a beautiful unfoldment.

I also found verification of Ann being the next incarnation of the soul that Mary had aborted.

Still no clue about my 'mystery girl,' just a strong sense that I loved her, loved her romantically yet innocently, loved her profoundly, that I was in love with her. This love also magnified my love for my wife as well as all the Wells ladies. There was something really weird about this. It was almost like she was nearby, but I decided that that was just a silly mind game.

I got out my laptop and made notes describing close to one hundred past lives. About half were mine. I found that I could usually identify the present incarnation of at least the main players in these stories by their energy, by their vibrations. At other times I really didn't know who the stories were about.

Sometimes the relevance of a given story to the larger pattern was obvious, sometimes not. Some lifetimes seemed to be asides, breaks from the mainstream. It was almost like they were vacations, side explorations or cleaning up unfinished details.

It was amazing how the various lives dovetailed together and how small events in one life would set up another. One thing that came through all of this was the importance of being loving and compassionate rather than trying to always be 'fair' or 'just.' It was truly amazing how the information would re-present itself so I could enter it into my computer.

I knew that I had been a soldier in many lifetimes but that phase of my spiritual education was now over. Unless I really messed up, I would never need to be a soldier again. Many of these lives seemed to run together. It was hard to keep them straight. I thought: "How ironic, these lifetimes are 'bleeding together.' " I was very happy with the idea of never needing to be a soldier again.

I discovered that my wife was Ann's 'Lucy.' My first love in this life was Ann's 'Samuel.' Cindy also has strong past life ties to my first love. Barbara's ties may be even stronger but I didn't have any details.

I found out a lot about Sally, Faith and Juli. I found out quite a bit about Beverly, a classmate in high school, and Donna who had been our group secretary at a company I was at in the 1970's.

I found myself thinking of a number of the others I had been sending love to. I found myself reaching out to a number of them in psychic greeting. In several cases I found that I was receiving psychic responses from them. Kind and sweet- Pure joy - Oh, the beauty of it all.

I knew that Barbara and I had indeed been lovers before. I felt a tremendous 'rightness' in continuing to be lovers.

In some ways Barbara remained a mystery. I found myself aware that while she has powerful healing powers, those powers are a side effect of other powers which are more central to her dharma. She needs to be careful with her healing powers, not allow them to become a distraction from the primary purpose of the life, whatever it is.

I found myself wondering if she was here Bodhisattva. Whatever she is, she is certainly a very advanced soul, here to do some important work. I thought 'How interesting.'

I found myself becoming much more aware of my own dharma, my mission in life. I was also becoming aware, not of other peoples dharma, as much as how I could help them accomplish whatever their dharma was. I found this difference to be very interesting. I could do things to help without pushing other people in specific directions, i.e. while fully honoring their free will.

The purpose of compassion, the role of compassion, the importance of compassion, the beauty of living with compassion all seemed to become much clearer. I was seeing the importance of being compassionate for compassion's sake. Again I was on the "Pollen path."

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