tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 08

Driving in Snow Ch. 08


Driving in Snow is an exploration of spiritually based sexuality and the power of synchronicity.

This story is hard to characterize. It clearly fits in Mature, Erotic Couplings, First Time - several times over. Romance and even a unique form of Group Sex. There is enough nudity to add Exhibitionists and voyeurs and even some anal. It is long so I put it in Novels. What I hope is that it will inspire enough other writers to write spiritually based stories that we can add a new category of 'Spiritual Erotica.'

Note: I am saying spiritually based not religiously based.

This work is a continuation of "Driving in Snow." If you have not read the previous chapters please do so before reading this. Otherwise many aspects and characters here will not make sense. Besides it is a nice read.

I have recently made a number of small tweaks to chapters 1-7. One that matters is that Barbara perforrmed a laying on of hands on Matt to improve his heart, weight and other health issues.

Chapter 8

Monday. Journey home

Ann started down the driveway, I followed. We turned Northwest onto what they called 'Grim Reaper road.' We drove about ten miles before coming to a two lane road going off to the left at a forty five degree angle. Ann turned onto this road and I followed. A few miles later it turned into a four lane road and we started to see some built up areas. We also started to see signs for the interstate.

Ann pulled into a gas station and I did likewise. We gassed up and I went into the attached convenience store and purchased some soda and snacks for the drive.

We entered the Interstate heading South. Traffic was light and I settled in about fifty yards behind Ann. We turned on our respective cruse controls and I soon established a stable distance.

We were very relaxed and our telepathic link was strong. After a week of spirituality intermixed with sexuality we found that our minds began to wander in a different direction. We started thinking about technology. We began just imagining things , exploring possibilities and then underwent a subtle shift to invention. This was fun, there was a joy in this process and a merging that was almost like making love.

This did have the side effect however of making us both horny. We both thought this was a weird response, laughed about it, and felt both very loving and very loved.

We barely noticed as we shifted roads to the eastbound interstate.

In three hours we had come up with two inventions. I have made a number of inventions in my life, some of which have been patented , most not. In every case these grew out of something I was designing, some problem I was trying to solve. I had never found a practical invention coming 'out of the air' before.

We stopped for lunch at a fast food place. We each brought our laptops into the restaurant and each made notes about an invention as we ate lunch.

When we resumed driving I took the lead.

Ann and I stayed in our inventive space. By the time we reached the exit with the bookstore we had come up with three more inventions.

We entered the motel office together. The same clerk was there and greeted me with a broad smile and a "Namaste." Ann and I bowed and replied "Namaste." He just beamed. We rented adjacent rooms with a connecting door. We moved our cars to the parking spots in front of our rooms.

As soon as I was in my room I opened my side of the connecting doors and knocked on hers.

She opened the door and was in my arms instantly. We kissed passionately as she ground her body into mine.

I reached one hand up under her sweater to caress a breast. I thought: 'I could call you 'prettytits.''

She laughed and said: "I thought you would reserve that name for Barbara."

I replied: "It is a good name for each of you."

She stepped back just enough to use her hands to start undressing me. I began undressing her as well. As soon as we were nude she was back in my arms again. We made out like mad for a few minutes and then she started to move backwards, pulling me along, until we fell onto her bed.

Ann guided me inside. She wrapped her arms around my back and her legs around my butt. She was 'hanging on for dear life' as I thrust away deep inside her. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her mind and into mine. I could sense beneath this a profound love and a profound spiritual connection. Ann began to orgasm and she screamed, not verbally, but telepathically and that triggered mine. I squirted and squirted. I don't think I ejaculated like that in at least forty years, if ever.

I relaxed feeling totally loved and totally loving in return. Her arms and legs relaxed but stayed in place for several minutes. We rolled onto our sides and I caressed her hair and her cheek for a few minutes before we stood back up.

I sniffed the air and said: "We'd better take a shower before we go out in public."

She laughed and agreed. We did. Besides soapy caresses are always fun.

After redressing we brought our computers in from our cars and documented our afternoon's inventions.

Then we drove across the street to the bookstore.


The store was good size, seven isles with bookcases on both sides of each. The shelves were about three quarters full and there were several boxes still being unloaded. The cash register counter was near the door and there were several tables with chairs across the front of the store. As we entered the store Ann looked around and in a perfect imitation of Connie said: "Wow."

Ann started down the first isle, I followed. When Ann made a discovery she would sometimes show me her find. Saying things like: "Hey Honey, look at this." and "Darling - check this out." By the time she had gotten ten feet she had already selected a dozen books. I was looking too but had selected only one. We walked back and set them on a table.

We went over and asked the clerk if he had any boxes we could use to ship books. He said yes and if we needed it there was a UPS store about two blocks away.

We thanked him and continued our search.

We found ourselves moving each at a different pace. I was distracted by some bins of CDs and cassette tapes. The CDs were either $.50 or $1.00 each while the tapes were each a quarter. At those prices I found I could not resist. Lots of Ram Das and Alan Watts as well as others. I had to make several trips to the table.

Suddenly I heard a squeal of joy as Ann discovered the section on sacred sexuality. She had me come over and help her carry books over to the table. In a number of cases she was getting two copies, one for her family and one for us. This was quite a find, one I had missed on my trip out. We would later find a separate section of books on Tantra and Ann again went crazy with purchases.

Still later I discovered a section of various editions of the Kama Sutra. Ann loved them especially a coffee table book sized edition written in Hindi with amazing photographs. Talk about pornography. They had two of them and Ann said: "Cindy will go absolutely wild with this book." We both laughed.

I asked the clerk if he had "The Prophet."

He said yes but only had gift box editions left.

I said: "Wonderful, that's just what I want. I'll take five."

He gave me a dirty look and said: "I assume one is for her," nodding to Ann, "but who are the others for?"

I smiled and replied: "Her mother and her sisters,'The Prophet' should always be a gift, a loving gift."

(In my mind I was lumping Connie in with Barb and Cindy- She really was a member of the Wells family in many ways.)

He just looked at me for a few seconds, shook his head slightly and then went to find them.

When he returned I asked him if he had any stick on labels. He did and I put a label on each box.

I sat at another table and wrote a message in each book. I found myself kissing each book as I returned it to its box.

I took the one for Ann and presented it to her. She opened it, read a little, and said: "Oh my beloved, Thank you, thank you." Then she gave me a big sloppy kiss.

Ann found an almost complete collection of Osho.

I put together a collection for Connie. I started with "Seat of the Soul."

All told I found about 45 books, 30 CDs and 25 tapes for me, 15 books and 10 CDs and tapes for others. I found three books that I knew my wife would find extra special. Ann found over 120 books. She divided her collection into two piles: about 40 for her and the rest for her family. I paid for mine, Ann paid for hers and then we set to packing them in boxes. I also gift wrapped the books for my wife and for Connie.

Monday Evening

We had trouble finding space in our cars for the boxes but we finally managed to move things around enough to get everything in. We drove to the UPS store only to find it closed. The sign said it would open at 7:00 in the morning. We then went looking for a restaurant. We found one which looked possible. It turned out to be really good and we each really enjoyed dinner.

Returning to the motel, we each carried in one suitcase, all we would need for the night. I brought in my cooler and went and got more ice. Ann brought in a couple of books.

Finally we looked at each other, thinking: 'Are we in for the night?' We decided we were and peeled off our clothing.

There was an overstuffed chair in each room and I sat down in one. Ann sat on my lap with her legs, beautiful legs, over one side and her head on my shoulder. I held her gently and felt very loved. She snuggled against me and made a sound that was almost a purr.

I thought: 'It doesn't get any better than this.' She kissed my cheek and then returned her head to my shoulder. We were content, loved and loving both ways.

We stayed like that for maybe an hour before heading for the bathroom to get ready for bed.

I took a good look at myself in the mirror. My 'spare tire' was noticeably smaller and the skin was tighter, not looser. My skin looked younger, especially the sun aged skin on my arms. I thought: 'Barbara's treatment is working miracles. Literally miracles."

We went to bed together and for the first time we did not make love. We just kissed a little and cuddled. Somehow that was enough.

I went to the bathroom about 3:30 in the morning. Ann remained sleeping. When I returned I could barely see Ann in the little bit of light leaking into the room. Nonetheless I stopped and looked in awe at just how beautiful Ann looked. She looked contented, a slight smile on her face. I carefully reentered the bed and snuggled up behind her. She continued sleeping.

Around six I made another bathroom run. This time she stirred as I returned. She pulled back the covers and spread her arms and legs in invitation. As I came around the side of the bed she rolled to her side and held her arms up welcoming me. I settled in.

We alternated for a short while between gentle kisses and fiercely dancing tongues. I was stroking her flank with one hand while enjoying a breast with the other. She moaned happily. I then shifted down her body so I could nibble on her nipples. One hand went to her yoni. I was telepathically aware of the surges of pleasure flowing through Ann. Our link was giving me instant feedback as to how to maximize that pleasure.

We continued like this for another ten minutes or so and then she pushed me onto my back. Ann moved astride me and guided my lingam into her yoni. It was very much lingam and yoni, 'wand of light' and 'sacred place,' not cock and pussy. She began moving in slow deep strokes with a slight wiggle. My pleasure was feeding hers and her pleasure was feeding mine. She had an orgasm which almost triggered mine. I did manage to hold off and we continued. I felt so totally and completely loved. Our souls were caressing each other's. Yes, oh yes. Then we climaxed together.

She lay down on top of me and we kissed gently. Relaxation, pure relaxation. Love, pure love. We felt a tremendous sense of oneness. Oneness that was divine, oneness that was the divine. At the same time we were both thinking that sex was not really necessary, not at all necessary to making love. Union, pure union.

Eventually we decided it was time to get up. We showered together but really just showered.

Tuesday and Wednesday.

We dressed and packed up our suitcases. I topped off the ice in my cooler. We checked out of the motel. Then we headed off to breakfast, gas, and the UPS store.

We debated going back to the bookstore and finally decided: "What the heck." I ended up getting about twenty more books while Ann bought another fifty.

We headed east on the interstate.

(Our route was a series of zig zags North and East. Eventually getting on I-90 along the south shore of Lake Erie. I will not comment on each turn.)

We reentered our inventive space. We were somehow connecting with the universal consciousness and just accepting what was given. Over three days we received a total of twenty two inventions. Some were major, some were minor, some would be a good basis for a small startup, others would only be useful to major companies. We felt blessed.

We did not find that this made us super-horney like what happened on Monday. Instead we felt a profound sense of love: of each other, of our spiritual family and of all of humanity.

Instead we were full of joy.

As on Monday we used our computers to document our morning gifts over lunch. Likewise we documented our afternoon gifts in our motel rooms before going to dinner. We really considered these ideas to be gifts. We were profoundly grateful for them.

Tuesday evening I finally got through to my wife. We stayed on the phone until my cellphone battery was giving out. I hardly got a word in edgewise as my wife was telling me just how happy she was, how loved she felt and how spiritually connected she felt.

While I was on the phone Ann was using the motel's wifi connection to check out the colleges in the greater NY capital district. She found: Rensselaer, Union college, Russell Sage, Ualbany, CNSE, Skidmore, Siena, Saint Rose and even HVCC.

She told me: "One of these schools is where I am supposed to be."

I asked: "Which?"

She replied: "I am not supposed to know that yet - As you and Barb often say: 'Let it unfold.' "

That night we made love very gently. The physical act was secondary to a dance of our souls. Afterwards we spooned. I found myself thinking: 'Ann is easy to love - She is as easy on the heart as she is on the eyes.' She reached around and gently patted my thigh. I kissed the back of her head. We slept soundly.

Wednesday we stopped a little ways east of Cleveland, tomorrow would be a long days drive home for me.

At dinner and afterwards we talked about what we were going to do with all of the inventions we had been given. We were both feeling profoundly grateful for having received them. We decided the best thing to do was to set up a company. We discussed the various ramifications of this for several hours.

We seemed to have the idea that the company abbreviation should be iii. We toyed with names and came up with a list of possibilities: Innovative Ideas Incorporated, Innovative Inventions Incorporated, Intuitive Ideas Incorporated, Intuitive Inventions Incorporated, Intuitive Innovations Incorporated, Insight Innovations Incorporated, Intuitive Insight Incorporated, Intuitive Integration Incorporated or Innovative Insight Incorporated. Just to be different we added Dharma Incorporated to the list. Coming back to iii I suggested it could be 3i just as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing is commonly called 3M. Ann said: "I like that especially if we italicize it or stylize it to be sort of like an Om." She italicized it on her computer: 3i.

We both had strong intuitions that this was the correct thing to do. It was clear that we were being guided in this.

Ann got on the web again and went looking for a motel in the capital district. She found several that were inexpensive. She sent an email to each asking about weekly rates. She settled on one in Latham, more or less equidistant between Albany, Troy and Schenectady. Watching her do this I concluded that Ann is a very skilled negotiator.

I used my cellphone to call the Wells home. I got Barb on the line.

She said: "I'm so glad you called" and suggested she sing our song.

She did and we psychically merged. We held it for about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of bliss. I was again sending love but only to my wife, the Wells girls and Connie. Barb and I were not only sharing wordless wisdom, we were generating it. The whole was far greater than the sum of its parts.

Ann and I went to bed relatively early. Ann suggested doggy style. We had fun.

Ann seemed to be picking up telepathically some of the wisdom Barb and I shared and created earlier.


We got an early start in the morning.

No inventions this time, just a profound feeling of the rightness of things. We listened to music.

We stopped at a rest area at about 10:00. When we were returning to our cars Ann said: "Before we roll I want to make a phone call."

She called a physics professor who was a good friend of Dr. Schmidt. He was expecting her call. Dr. Schmidt had sent him her papers and the two had had several long phone calls talking about her.

Ann and the professor agreed to meet in his office, on campus at 10:00 the following morning.

We rolled.

I started a CD from the conference. We both enjoyed it. Telepathy can be wonderful.

We had lunch at a rest area on the interstate. I bought us each an ice cream cone for dessert.

We continued listening to CDs. We also had dinner on the thruway.

She got off at Latham. I blew her a kiss. I continued on to my home.

Our telepathic link faded away.


A sense of lightness, a sense of calm enveloped me as I turned onto my street. I pulled my car into the garage. I leaned back in my seat and took a deep breath before opening the door and exiting the car.

I entered the house and called out: "Hey honey, I'm home."

She ran into the room and with a broad smile gave be a big hug.

I was truly glad to be home.

She asked: "What were you doing? I've never felt so psychically connected or so loved."

I replied: "It's a long story. Shall I start at the beginning?"

She replied: "Sounds good to me."

I Started: "First, I should say that this trip was full of synchronicity even serendipity. I feel I was guided to the Wells home. Just before I got there I was seeing my situation as dire, I was fully expecting to die in the snowstorm. I was calm about it - What will be, will be. Then suddenly seemingly out of nowhere was this girl plowing a driveway. They invited me to stay with them. I was rescued."

I went on to describe in detail all the various twists and turns of fate that brought me to the Wells home, elaborating somewhat on my previous email.

Then I continued: "What I did not know until later is that these people are all part of our spiritual family - this meeting was destiny. Did you read 'Interconnections?' "

She replied: "Yes, and it is a fascinating book. I had trouble putting it down."

I said: "We are in it."

My wife responded: "What!?!"

I replied: "We are the present lives of two of the souls that show up repeatedly in that book."

My wife was silent for a few seconds and then asked in a very soft voice: "Am I Lucy?"

I answered: "Yes you are and I am Jacob. Remember Ann wrote all this down before I got there. In fact this book is now in the hands of a publisher."

She asked: "What is going on here? Why is this happening?"

I responded: "Apparently we have work to do together, spiritual work.

"But I've received a huge set of lessons already. The really big lessons relate to the nature of love. Many years ago I wrote in my journal: 'The choice is never who to love. The choice is only to love at all.' Well, this trip I got to play with that big time. I also came to start to understand just how central love in all its forms is to the journey of the soul, the journey we call samsara. I find myself loving, really loving everyone in my life, in particular every girl in my life. It is awesome. I find that I love you in ways and with a depth that I had never imagined was possible. I also profoundly love each of the Wells girls and that love magnifies my love for you. Likewise my love for you magnifies my love for each of them. I hope that makes sense to you because in many ways it does not make sense to me. It just is."

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