tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 12

Driving in Snow Ch. 12


Driving in Snow is an exploration of spiritually based sexuality and the power of synchronicity.

This story is hard to characterize. It clearly fits in Mature, Erotic Couplings, First Time - several times over. Romance and even a unique form of Group Sex. There is enough nudity to add Exhibitionists and voyeurs and even some anal. It is long so I put it in Novels. What I hope is that it will inspire enough other writers to write spiritually based stories that we can add a new category of 'Spiritual Erotica.'

Note: I am saying spiritually based not religiously based.

This work is a continuation of "Driving in Snow." If you have not read the previous chapters please do so before reading this. Otherwise many aspects and characters here will not make sense. Besides it is a nice read.

I have recently made a number of small tweaks to chapters 1-7. One that matters is that Barbara perforrmed a laying on of hands on Matt to improve his heart, weight and other health issues. Another is that Mary's uncle left the Wells family a significant fortune when he died.

Chapter 12.

I met Ann at the office Saturday morning. Our hug on greeting was scrumptious.

We made really big waves in the waterbed with almost no foreplay. We just couldn't wait and besides we were both ready, really ready. Afterwards we just held each other gently, lovingly. We telepathically filled each other in on the past week. She had quite a week. She was very pleased about Joyce. She was seeing spiritual growth for both Joyce and I in what was going on. I found that I loved Ann more than ever. She found that she loved me more than ever.

We spent most of the day working on the project that had come in. I was glad for her expertise.

About 3 we took a break. She got dinner started. Her roommate would be joining us. Then we went for a dip in the pool. We had fun. Afterwards I gave Ann a massage. She sent me a great big: "Life is good" message.

We sat in the living room and necked until it was time for her to go get her roommate.

While she was on her errand, I set the table and finished dinner preparations. I had just finished when the girls arrived.

Meeting Janet.

Ann introduced us. Janet offered her hand. I thought of kissing it but Ann caught the thought and warned me off. Instead we shook hands. Her grip was firm. I could sense that she was feeling defensive. She was running with her psychic shields fully up. I wondered just what had happened to her to cause such a strong reaction.

Janet was about six feet tall. Beautiful face with a curly brunette halo. Dimples in her cheeks. She seemed well muscled, Subtle curves everywhere, full C cups.

We sat down to dinner. The conversation stayed light. I found out that she ran track and also fenced. I had the feeling she would be good at both. Absolutely no mention of her love life. It was like that was a topic to be avoided. Ann had not mentioned that we were lovers to Janet. I did not break the news. Janet saw us as business partners and with this meeting we were introducing the idea that we were also very good friends.

After dinner Ann took her on the grand tour. The closet doors were closed. No hints given that I lived there too. Red lights flashed within Janet when she saw the massage table. She asked who gave who massages. We said we did. Janet became even more wary.

We took her on a tour of the office. We skipped the smaller conference room. Janet found it interesting that we were sharing a working office when it would have been easier to just have separate ones. We explained that we really did work together.

Ann mentioned the pool but we did not go to it.

We moved back to the living room and talked for several more hours. The conversation was essentially similar to the dinnertime conversation. By the end of the evening Janet was becoming somewhat more relaxed around me.

The girls went back to the dorm. I went home.

The Next Week and beyond.

Sunday we met at the office and worked most of the day on the project. We had dinner together and then went for a dip in the pool. We did not stay long as biting bugs were out.

We decided to get the pool screened and wondered if it would be possible to have it done in such a way that the screens could be covered in plastic to make it a greenhouse. We decided that this might get us a month or two of additional use in the fall and spring. On Monday I turned Joyce loose to research this.

Joyce planned it with extra space at one end, I asked her: "Why?"

She replied: "That is for the hot tub and the fireplace we will add later."

We talked about the fireplace trying to decide how to do it. We considered a free standing metal fireplace and a brick one. We finally decided on a metal fireplace feeding a brick chimney.

In two weeks it was installed, including the brick chimney. It was even better than I had expected. Joyce has the makings of an engineer. We added a camera watching the pool to the security system.

I spent the week working on the project. Ann was in and out helping when she could. We managed to make love twice.

Ann and Janet talk.

Ann and Janet were getting to know each other but Janet was still not sharing anything about her rather obvious emotional wounds. Ann told her about her experiences in high school and about meeting me.

Ann started feeling Janet out about her spiritual views. Janet had never really thought about such things and had adopted a very materialist worldview, assuming that this was the scientific view. Ann patiently explained why such a view was really based in obsolete science. Janet, like most high school science graduates had no real exposure to the mysterious side of quantum physics and the philosophical ramifications thereof.

Ann brought out one of the tragedies of modern science in the west. We tend to use the equations of quantum mechanics without looking at the question of what is the reality behind them. Quantum physics demolishes the old worldview without providing a single reasonable alternative. Instead we have a number of possible entries. All of which appear absurd at first glance. This is a hard problem but it is an important problem. The old worldview destroyed belief in traditional religion. Several of the possible new worldviews are quite compatible with what is emerging as a spirituality based in personal mystical experience.

Ann gave Janet a lot to chew on and Janet did indeed chew away. They had some truly fascinating discussions. Sometimes it was just the two of them but many times others were involved as well. There were a series of discussions in one of the lounge areas in their dorm. One of the regulars was a fellow named Ron. He was soaking up the ideas presented like a sponge. Brian and Alex were also regulars but were slower to accept the ideas presented.

Sometimes Ann filled me in on these discussions and other times we were in telepathic connection.

One time Janet asked Ann how she thought the universe worked. That launched a wild set of discussions.

As this was going on Joyce and I were getting closer. We started necking a little but only while fully dressed. She would still spend time in a bathing suit but we kept that non-sexual. It was surprisingly easy to do that.

Joyce was a happy person at heart. I decided that she had an appropriate name. I started to occasionally call her Joy. She thought that was neat. It tended to get me extra hugs.

Ann's talks with Janet continued. Ann was bringing out the idea that what happens in the physical world is a reflection of what is happening at the higher levels. Likewise she explained that much of what happens between people is actually a slice of a much larger drama taking place over many lifetimes. She said: "Matt found one description that he really likes: 'This is a play within a play which is inside a play. The lowest level sees a world full of suffering and unfairness. The next level, the level of souls, sees a very different picture. With an awareness of multiple lifetimes justice is inherent and the whole thing becomes very loving. The third level is very abstract. It is divinity unfolding.' "

Ann explained how we travel in groups, how the groups find each other and how most of our karma stays in the group. Ann talked about the power of synchronicity and how she no longer believed in coincidence.

Janet asked: "Are you saying that you and I being roommates is synchronistic?"

Ann replied: "Almost certainly but I don't know the details yet. We may even be part of the same spiritual family. We have amassed a great deal of information about the past life history of my spiritual family. I wrote a book about it before I met Matt. Both Matt and his wife are in it. In fact Matt's wife is sort of my best friend over many lifetimes. That book is being published. After I met Matt we expanded the work greatly. It now covers many hundreds of lifetimes and a great many people.

"Would you like to read my book? I suggest you start with the shorter work."

Janet said yes and Ann printed her a copy.

Over the next few days Janet read "Interconnections." She loved it.

Ann was getting to spend more time at 3i. She often used her office computer for her homework. She liked the big monitors and the good printers. Some of her time was working on 3i projects, some on class-work and some was recreational. Occasionally she would sleep over. It is always nice to cuddle up with Ann. Especially after marvelous lovemaking. Just when we thought our bond of love could not possibly get any stronger it was.

Ann and Janet had some long talks about "Interconnections" and the implications of all of this. She was beginning to see the power of synchronicity. Ann wrote the book and Matt showed up. Ann explained that it was love at first sight. She explained how we became lovers and how I tried to talk her out of it. She also explained how we became telepathic and the trust that came with it. She explained how we had come to trust each other utterly.

Janet began to cry. She said: "Trust is my issue."

Then she opened up about what happened a year before. She had been dating Bob for over a year. She really loved him and she thought that he loved her. He certainly claimed he did. Their sex play had advanced from necking to light petting and on to heavy petting. She was willing to 'go all the way' but had not explicitly said so although she had given some broad hints. They had gone to a party and Bobby slipped something into her drink. She had passed out and Bob was undressing her when she was rescued by two of her girlfriends. Bobby tried to explain it later saying that she owed him sex and that he was not sure that she would give it to him. She felt totally betrayed, totally manipulated, totally used. She had not gone on a date since. She was thinking that when she did start dating again she would try to use guys the way Bobby used her. Pretending to care while being totally out for herself.

Ann said: Oh? Is that who you are?"

Janet answered: "Not really. But I'm scared. So scared. Is it unreasonable to want to feel loved? I don't know if I will ever feel that I can trust a guy again."

She started to sob. Ann gave her a big hug.

She ended with: "Ann, you sure are lucky to have found Matt, even though he is an old man."

Ann said: "Yes I am but that is bringing us together for a spiritual mission. We are both sure of that although we do not as yet have any idea what it is. We also do not understand what 3i is all about.

"I want to address the issue of profane sex and sacred sex. Your ex-boyfriend was after profane sex, very profane sex. By going there he was missing out on something truly wonderful."

She told the old Chinese story of the sacred bird who would migrate between the northern jade green mountain and the southern jade green mountain, subsisting only on the nectar of a sacred plant that only grew on the two mountains. As he was flying along he passed over an owl chewing on a dead rat. The owl screeched at the sacred bird to stay away from his prize.

Janet commented: "I was the dead rat."

Ann said: "Yes you were and you now have the choice to be the sacred nectar or the dead rat."

Janet replied: "I thought I was."

Ann responded: "Really?"

Janet then replied: "I guess not. We were out for a good time."

Ann said: "Become the sacred nectar and the sacred bird will find you."

Jan asked: "Can it really work like that?"

Ann replied: "Matt found me didn't he. I need to tell you the story of Pierre and Suzanne."

She told the story, including how Matt was sending love to his 'mystery girl.'

Janet asked: "Aren't you jealous of Matt sleeping with Connie."

Ann answered: "No. I know that the love Matt shares with Connie magnifies his love for me. I had better tell you that I asked him to sleep with my sisters too. He does and also my mom. When love becomes sacred it sometimes works like that.

Janet asked: "How do you make love sacred?

Ann answered: "True love is inherently sacred at its core. The trick is knowing when it is true love. Then nurturing that core. Allowing that core to nurture you. Likewise sex often confuses the issue but sex can be sacred too."

Janet asked: "How do you make sex sacred?"

Ann replied: "Let me give you an essay Matt wrote. It is titled: 'Is Sacred Sex Possible?' "

Ann printed a copy out. She than printed a number of my other works.

Ann said: "It is getting late and I have some homework due in the morning so shall we continue this tomorrow. Tell you what: Would you like to have dinner with Matt and I again?

Janet said: "OK."

Another Dinner.

Joyce looked forward to meeting Ann's roommate.

Ann and Janet arrived about 4:30. Janet was showing a very pretty navel. I was careful not to look too much.

Janet got to meet Joyce who was being her usual friendly and cheerful self. We all chatted for a while. Joyce filled Ann in on some company business. Joyce left at 5:00.

Janet asked: "Where did you ever find her?"

Ann asked: "Why do you ask?"

Janet said: "I've never met anyone who was as enthusiastic about life. She just radiates joy."

I said: "Yep. That's our Joy. Seriously though - With an ad in the paper."

Ann said: "This is an example of the law of attraction."

I explained that this law takes two forms which seem contradictory but really are not. First: like attracts like as in matter attracts matter with a force we call gravity and second: things attract which create balance as in male and female attracting each other.

We ended up talking about this law all through dinner.

Janet asked: "So how do I attract love into my life?"

I answered: "By being loving yourself. By allowing yourself to become so loving that it is not something that you do but just who you are."

She responded: "But how do I find someone to love? What happens if they don't respond?"

I replied: "Love everybody all the time and don't expect them to respond. Be thankful for those that do but be OK with those that don't."

Ann said: "You need to meet my sister Barbara. She radiates love. Also get to know Matt better - he literally radiates love sometimes."

I leaned over and kissed Ann on the cheek: "Thanks hon."

Janet said: "That's sweet."

Ann said: "He's a sweet man."

Janet said: "Be careful, I may try and steal him."

Ann replied: "Not possible but be nice and you might get to share him. Matt has enough love to go around."

I said: "Actually I find that the more I love the more I can and do love. Maybe love is like a gas, it expands to fill its container. It does not follow the gas law however: the more it expands the higher its pressure."

Ann said to me: "Matt, give her a hug."

I turned to Janet and asked: "Would you like a hug?"

She looked questioningly at Ann then back to me: "I'm not sure."

I took Ann in my arms for a really nice hug. We melted together.

Ann looked at Janet: "That's how we hug."

I repeated my question to Janet: "Would you like a hug?"

She asked: "Like that?"

I replied: "If you want."

She stood and entered my arms. She was tense at first but gradually relaxed. She was wearing a bare midriff outfit and I really enjoyed my hand caressing her lower back. She started to cry. I brought her head to my shoulder and just held her gently. One hand at her shoulder blades. The other gently holding the back of her head, caressing her hair. We stayed like that for several minutes. Finally we separated.

She said: "Thank you."

Ann handed her a tissue. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose.

She said: "Oh wow."

We sat down. I took her hand and held it gently in both of mine. I looked deeply into her eyes and waited.

I could feel her defenses coming down. She was feeling safe with me. Finally she smiled.

I said: "Are you OK now?"

She replied: "No, but I'm a whole lot better. ... You guys are giving me a whole lot to think about. Would you hug me again and this time I will try to hug you back."

I stood. She came into my arms. The hug was delicious. Her body felt very good against mine. She was pressing into my chest but all I could feel was her bra. When we separated she had a big grin on her face.

She said: "I've never had a hug like that before."

Ann asked: "Did you like it?"

Janet replied: "Oh yeah."

She turned to Ann and asked: "Would you really be willing to share him?"

Ann replied: "It would be up to Matt but yes I would."

Janet then asked: "Would you really be OK with us fucking?"

I came in here: "I would not. Making love -yes. Fucking - no. Sharing the sacred flame - definitely yes."

Janet said: "The act is the same."

I replied: "Yes but the intention and the spiritual energy are very different and that makes all the difference."

We talked about this well into the evening. Janet was beginning to understand a great deal.

As the girls were getting ready to leave Ann said to me: "Why don't you call Barb later. Get her to sing you a song."

I replied: "Excellent idea."

I gave each of them a hug as a send off.

An hour later I called Barbara. I explained what was going on and she happily sang our song. Our merging was unusually intense and I found myself radiating love intensely. I knew Janet was now in the list of recipients. The girls from my past were there but at a much lower intensity. We held this for about 15 minutes.

Both Ann and Janet had been asleep. Both woke up. When it was over they discussed what had just happened into the wee hours of the morning. Janet felt truly loved for the first time in her life.

The Next day.

When I got to the office Joyce was already there. She gave me an especially joyous hug and thanked me for the big dose of psychic love she had received the night before.

Ann came to the office early and we made love. With our telepathic bond in place we shared our experiences with Janet. That was quite a session. Afterwards she headed back for a class. We shut down our telepathic link. Normally Ann found the link distracting in class so we routinely shut it down before her classes. There were times when we deliberately left it up but they were relatively rare.

I sat and thought about Janet. I gradually drifted from thinking about Janet into a meditation. I held it for about half an hour. I came out of it suddenly. That is unusual for me.

Two minutes later a client called.

After the call Joyce came in and rubbed my neck and shoulders. Felt good.

Joyce had detected a fundamental unhappiness in Janet. She asked about her. She also wanted to know if there was anything she could do to help. I said she should just continue to be her normal joyous self. I told her that Janet had commented on that and that she was acting as an existence proof about happiness for her. She asked about the meaning of the phrase: 'existence proof.'

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