tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 13

Driving in Snow Ch. 13


Chapter 13.

Another day.

I stopped at a drug store on my way to the office and bought a package of condoms. First time in over fifty years. That felt weird.

When I arrived at the office Joyce was already there. She greeted me with a big hug and an extra bright smile.

She said: "Something extra special happened here last night. What was it?"

I replied: "You're right but how do you know?"

She answered: "You were sending love again but this time it ended in an orgasm."

Then she asked: "Janet?"

I said yes.

She said: "Good."

She then said: "There is something else. The vibration here is different this morning. When I came in I had the strongest urge to dance naked around the place. It is especially strong upstairs in the living room."

I said: "When I came in I felt joy. Joy and a sense of completion. This is a happy place today."

She replied: "Oh boy. Is it ever."

I said: "Yes and we could play but I really want to get my project finished."

She went to her desk, I went to my desk.

I found that I could really concentrate. The report was coming together beautifully.

At one point I heard the sound of a delivery man making a delivery. I stayed focused on my task.

By eleven I had finished it. I printed a copy for Ann to review. I also gave it to Joyce to copy edit.

I sat back in my chair and relaxed. After a minute I decided to go upstairs and really relax. I went into the living room and put some soft music on the sound system. My mind wanted to call it a stereo but that is really not the right name for a 7.1 system.

I relaxed on the couch. I noticed that Joyce had cleaned the cushions this morning. Thorough girl - our Joyce.

Ann came in. She pulled off her clothes and danced around the room. We hugged. She pulled off my clothes and we hugged again. I put on a waltz. We danced together. Joy, pure joy.

We sat and necked for a while. It is always good to have Ann in my arms.

During a lull Ann said: "You found exactly the right thing for Janet last night. She now sees love in a spiritual context. Her personality is opening to her soul in an amazing way. As you say: 'Miracles happen when you allow them.' You do good work as well as good works. Love you - honey."

She kissed me enthusiastically. I felt loved, very loved.

The CD I was playing ended. I got up to insert another and noticed that it was a few minutes after noon. I asked Ann if she wanted lunch.

We were starting to head for the kitchen when Joyce appeared, wearing a very sexy French maid costume.

The body of the costume seemed to be a black bustier with a frilly white piece covering her breasts. The skirt was very short and was flared way out. A small white apron adorned the front of the skirt. Black stockings held up by what appeared to be a black garter belt and black heels added to the effect. She held a feather duster in her hand.

She was grinning ear to ear.

She bent over and pretended to dust the coffee table. She was wearing frilly white panties over the garter belt.

She looked at me and said: "I thought you might want to take the panties off yourself."

Ann was about ready to burst out laughing and said: "Matt, I think you'd better."

Joyce backed up toward me still bent over. I slid her panties down. She stepped out of them. She wiggled her butt at me and then stood up. The skirt was flared enough that when bent over she was displaying her essentials in all their glory.

She asked: "What do you think? Am I dressed properly to be your maid?"

Both Ann and I nodded.

Joyce then said: "Actually it needs one more adjustment."

She pulled the white frilly piece free from her breasts. The bustier was now sort of acting as a shelf supporting her breasts. Her nipples were fully hard.

She said: "You like?"

We agreed: "We like."

We all laughed. Joyce got two big hugs.

We went to fix lunch. Joyce was beaming.

She was grinning ear to ear through the whole lunch.

Joyce said: "A while ago you explained that one reason not to make love with me was that lovers should be equals while employer - employees aren't. That got me thinking. I have great respect for both of you and I know that you have great respect for me. You have respect for my skills as an employee, for me as a human being and even more for me as a spiritual being. That has a natural equality. You nurture me. You push me to take care of things I have never done before. You let me have my head so to speak but at the same time I know you are always there to help me if I need it. You nurture my mind. You encourage me to learn new things. Most important of all: You nurture my soul. I have never met anyone who cared about my soul's development like you two, not my parents, certainly not my priest. You encourage me to grow but never try to force it. Thank you both.

"We also trust each other. You trust me with a great deal of responsibility here and I try my best to live up to that trust. You trust me to keep your secrets. I trust you to have my interests at heart. I also trust you not to abuse my trust in you. Look at us now. You are both sitting here nude and I am sitting here showing off what matters. There is trust in this - both ways. Isn't that a natural equality.

"Any French maid's costume is obviously meant to be flirtatious, playful, provocative and downright seductive. There is also a subservient aspect to it. It is supposedly a servant's costume. This one is over the top. Way over the top. By wearing it I am demonstrating a willingness to be sexual in a subservient role if you want me to. I am saying that I trust you not to abuse me in any way. I am saying that I am here to be loved, not as a sex object or even as a love object but as a living, caring, loving being. I am both a human being and a spiritual being and I know that you recognize me as being both. I know that you love me as both."

As we were finishing lunch Joyce looked at me and said: "Actually there is one more adjustment to be made and you need to make it."

I asked: "What?"

She replied: "A French maid should not be a virgin."

Ann commented: "She's right you know. I will leave you two to work on that because I need to get to class."

We stood. Ann and I hugged. Ann whispered: "Do her."

She then gave me a very erotic deep kiss and headed to the living room to dress.

She dressed quickly and blew me a kiss on her way out.

Joyce entered my arms. We kissed passionately. She rubbed her breasts back and forth against my chest. Her nipples were fully erect. I was erect too.

She knelt in front of me and said: "I've never done this before so will you tell me how to do it."

She took my shaft into her mouth and started sucking. She ran her tongue around the head.

I said: "You're doing fine."

She looked up at me. Her eyed were sparkling. Even with her mouth full I could see a grin at the corners.

She started bobbing up and down. Taking me slightly deeper with each stroke. I moaned happily.

Finally I stopped her. She asked why.

I answered: "The first time I come in you I want it to be in your vagina."

She was beaming: "That is a reason I can go for."

She added: "My vagina is at your service. I'm on the pill."

I said: "I need to calm down first. Let's get some pictures."

She replied: "OKey dokey."

I picked up her panties and the cloth that had been over her breasts. We headed downstairs.

3i would not be open this afternoon.

We began with her panties on and her breasts covered. She was bubbling with joy and it showed. She was imaginative in finding poses. Before long her panties were off. That was followed by the piece covering her breasts. Lots more pictures. I took a number of breast close ups as well as a number of breast up portraits. She really was Joy.

She removed her bustier and I took a number of shots with her in her garter belt, stockings and shoes.

Her pubic hair was a medium brown stripe, not yet a triangle. Very pretty - I was glad that she didn't shave.

She pulled off her shoes. More shots.

Then she bent over and spread her lower lips. I took a couple of pictures and then looked close. She still had her maidenhead. I took a few more shots. Extreme close ups. She was juicy, very juicy.

I asked her if she used tampons and she said no, her mother had told her that virgins shouldn't use them. She was strictly a pads girl. She also had never had an exam down there.

She asked me if this was all right. I said yes.

She came into my arms for a kiss.


I took her by the hand and lead her back upstairs to the first bedroom. I brought the camera.

I then unhooked her stockings from the garter belt and removed the garter belt, followed by her stockings.

I folded back the bedcover and spread a towel where her hips would be.

We lay on the bed and necked for a while. She was hotter than the proverbial firecracker. When I started suckling on her nipples she was even hotter. I ran my hand over her pubic hair, barely touching it. That brought a sharp intake of breath on her part. I ran a finger up and down her slit. Then I started to rub her inner lips between my thumb and forefinger. She was moaning, groaning and rocking her hips. This intensified when I started gently massaging her clitoris. I found that her maidenhead had only a relatively small hole in it. I had to stretch it to get a finger into her vagina. My thumb was still on her clit. She was going absolutely crazy. Then she had an orgasm. She screamed in pleasure. I stopped rubbing her clit and held my finger motionless entering her vagina. I let her come down a bit.

We kissed gently. She said: "Oh God. That was good."

I replied: "It's going to get better."

I wiggled my finger a little. It was only barely inside. She moaned happily. I worked it in another inch. She was full of natural lubricant. The expression on her face was awesome. I finally worked it all the way in. Oh, was she tight. I swirled my finger around slightly and she started rocking her hips again.

I brought it out and there was a little bit of blood on it. I showed it to her and she asked: "Does that mean that I'm not a virgin anymore?"

I replied: "You are indeed still a virgin but we are getting closer to changing that."

I reentered her using my middle finger. She was going crazy as I wiggled it around trying to stretch her out a bit. She had another orgasm. This time I didn't stop. I tried two fingers and eventually got them both in. She had still another orgasm as I worked at stretching her enough to take my organ.

While she was hotter than the proverbial firecracker, I was harder that the proverbial rock. It ached in anticipation.

Finally, I asked her if she was ready. She replied: "Oh God, am I ready."

I moved on top of her and slid the head of my organ up and down her slit a few times. Then I lined it up and began to press in. Her cherry was resisting me. My fingers had stretched it but not really broken it. Now it was being broken. Finally it gave way. She cried out.

I asked her if she was OK. She replied that it had hurt a little but was better now. She said: "Keep going."

I pushed in another inch and moved back and forth over that distance maybe a dozen times. Then I advanced another inch and repeated the process until I was all the way inside. I started taking long slow strokes. She was in ecstacy. She was throwing her head every which way, holding me so tight it was almost painful and screaming: "YES, Oh yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh, my yes." it did not take her long to reach orgasm. Her orgasm triggered mine. She drained me dry.

We lay there panting. We kissed gently. Our souls had been dancing.

She said: "I never imagined it could possibly be that good. ... I love you."

I replied: "I love you too." Saying that seemed somehow inadequate.

I rolled off of her. My shaft was covered in blood. We both looked at it. I sat up and looked between her legs. She was dripping a mixture of her blood, her lubricating fluids and my semen.

The towel was filling up. She had lost far more blood than Connie.

I went over to the dresser and retrieved my camera. I took a series of shots: down there, her smiling face, and overall. She took my camera for several shots of my bloody organ.

She said: "I wish we had pictures of us doing it."

I kissed her again.

We got up and took turns using the bidet.

I went and got an oversize zip-lock bag and put the towel in it.

We went and sat on the sofa. I sat at one end. She sat sideways on my lap, her legs running down the sofa. She leaned into me with one arm around my neck. I had one arm around her with that hand on a breast, caressing it softly.

She kissed me on the nose. She giggled: "I love you so much. Now you are a great boss, a better friend and the best lover any girl could ever hope for. Not just that - you are someone who cares about feeding my soul. Thank you my darling."

I kissed her. She turned into me slightly more. Touching her head to mine. I shifted my arm to caressing her ass. My other hand was caressing her thighs. She sighed happily.

She snuggled down and rested her head on my shoulder. I shifted my hand to stroke her lower belly. I again ran my hand super lightly across her pubic hair. Another sharp intake of breath.

I said: "You like that?"

She replied: "You bet. Keep doing it and I will need you to do a whole lot more."

I ran a finger up and down her slit several times. She said: "That too."

We both laughed. She kissed me, first softly, then harder, finally shifting into french kisses.

The phone rang. It was the business line. Joyce jumped up and ran to answer it.

Suddenly it was back to work.

I ended up talking with a potential customer for about one half hour. Five minutes in Joyce reappeared dressed in normal business attire. I interrupted my call to say to her: "Copy Edit." she smiled, gave me a high sign and left.

I looked at my watch as I ended the phone call. We got the project. It was 4 o'clock. I went to make some notes on the phone call. Ann arrived and promptly doffed her clothing. We had a really nice hug.

Ann noticed the bloody towel and said: "Oh, my. Was she good?"

I replied: "She was very good, very very good."

Just then Joyce entered the room. I looked at her and said: "Don't you think you're overdressed?"

She peeled off her clothes in a flash. Joyce was thrilled to get to join Ann and I sitting nude in the living room. I sat in the middle of the sofa with one on each side. They leaned into me. I ended up with a breast in each hand. Life is good.

Joyce said to me: "As you said this morning: 'This is a happy place.' "

I replied: "As you said: 'Is it ever.' "

It was wonderful, just being with both girls.

Eventually Joyce went home. Ann and I had fun in the Jacuzzi. Then in the waterbed.

Joyce and I talked about it later. Joyce said it was a new level of acceptance. She felt she was part of a very special family. I told her that she was.

A conversation with Janet .

The next day Janet walked over to our office. We sat and had long conversations about life in general and the role of love in human affairs. She was beginning to appreciate the extent that Bobby had been an aberration. Nonetheless she decided that she would continue to avoid the frat party scene. She was shifting into a more spiritual outlook. It was beautiful to watch. I suggested that she meditate.

She asked me how to meditate. I explained that there are lots of different techniques and she should find the one that works best for her. She asked what technique I used. I explained that I usually just used breath counting. The basic idea is to quiet the 'monkey mind' by focusing on the breath. Count your breaths going to some small number and starting over so the count does not get interesting. The most common choices are four and ten.

She said: ""That sounds boring."

I replied: "Exactly. The idea is to get the chatterbox of the rational mind to shut up so the intuitive mind can come through consciously rather than remaining in the background. The interesting thing is when you are doing it right and the chatterbox does shut up it is anything but boring even when what you are perceiving is apparent silence. I generally do not find myself receiving overt information during a meditation. What I find is that it is just there afterwards. Rarely, I will have a waking vision, not during the meditation, but shortly afterwards. These usually involve a past life. Some have been very beautiful."

She said: "I'll try it."

I warned her: "You will find the chatterbox is very persistent. As it pops up. Sort of pat the thought on its head and go back to counting your breath. It does get easier with practice. Eventually you may occasionally find yourself breath counting when you weren't even trying to meditate. Don't do it while driving however."

She asked: "What are some other techniques?"

I replied: "One is repeating a mantra. A mantra is a word or short phrase with spiritual significance such as 'Om' or 'Om Mani Padme Hum.' "

She asked: "What do those mean?"

I answered: " 'Om' or 'Aum' is the sound of the universe. 'Om Mani Padme Hum' is a Buddhist prayer asking to become aware of self as the Buddha of compassion. It is literally 'The Jewel is in the Lotus.' One that might be extra fitting for science majors is 'Neti neti' which means: 'not this, not that.' It is a call to get beyond concepts and models and into direct experience, direct awareness. Some people argue that it is the sound of the mantra that matters more than its meaning. This tends to be true of me. When I do a mantra meditation I am not thinking about the meaning, I'm just working with the sound."

Continuing: "One variation is 'I AM' or 'I am that I AM.' I sometimes like 'I AM ATMAN.' "

She asked: "What is Atman?

I replied: "Atman is Hindu term meaning the God within. Divinity with separation. I have an Atman, you have an Atman, Ann has an Atman. When they have all convinced of that then they spring the larger truth: 'Atman is Brahman.' Brahman is their name for the one God. The high truth is that there is really only one of us."

I paused then continued: "Still another technique is to focus on something like a flower, feather or candle flame."

She said: "Thank you. I will experiment."

Two days later she walked over again. We ended up in bed. Wonderful lovemaking. I used a condom.

Janet's period started right on time. She started taking birth control pills at the proper time.

We had some discussions about Bobby. We both agreed that his excuse had been incredibly lame. She had been meditating and had become aware that there were karmic issues between herself and Bobby. Even though she did not know the details, she knew that what played out was what needed to play out and that her being rescued by her friends was not just a lucky accident. She was coming to trust the whole process a great deal more. She also was becoming aware that the whole event was a spiritual lesson for Bobby too.

Still another time she wanted a massage. She liked how I did them. This became a regular thing. I liked how she gave a massage too. She started having me shave her. I liked doing that for her.

Janet liked skinny-dipping with me in the pool. She let me take pictures. I got lots of beautiful photos of a very beautiful woman, both in the pool and in the studio. The studio shots included a great deal of experimentation with lighting. Her muscle tone created subtle curves which could be brought out by careful lighting. I ended up with many truly wonderful photographs.

At one point she laughed and said: "I would never have been willing to let Bobby take nude pictures of me but with you it's fun. Just another way to say: 'I trust you. I love you.' "

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