tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 24

Driving in Snow Ch. 24


Chapters 1-7 are somewhat self contained and describe Matt being rescued from a Midwest snowstorm by a family that turn out to be his soul mates, girls with lots of past life ties. Lots of spirituality and lots of sex. This was mostly written in 2005 and was posted in 2010.

Chapters 8-13 describe Matt going home to the Northeast, discussing things with his wife. Ann, Barbara and Connie starting college. Matt and Ann setting up a business. Again lots of spirituality and lots of sex. Written and posted in 2013.

Chapters 14-17 are sort of a side story. They describe meeting two of Barbara's friends and what unfolds from there. I considered posting it as a separate work under the title: "Tall and Short." Written in 2013-2014 but the characters Becca and Zena were developed in 2007.

Chapters 18-27 are a continuation of chapters 8-13. With Pool parties and other activities. Several additional girls are introduced. Written in 2013 - 2014.

The spirituality expressed in this work represents my present view is to how the universe actually works. Note however: The miracles only happen when we allow them to.

I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.
Chapter 24.

Ron flies home.

Ron had to cut two classes to make his flight. He would be returning Sunday afternoon. I drove him to the airport. Our conversation further confirmed my opinion of him as a nice guy. I found it interesting that I was adopting a paternal role with respect to Jan as well as being her lover. Love has many facets.

Halloween Party.

Joyce had wanted to have a Halloween party but with everything going on this last couple of weeks she had not really organized it.

She had picked up some decorations, a costume for herself and lots of food. We would be swimming in cider. She also picked up a set of vampire teeth and a fright wig for me at my request.

We decided to improvise. Ann talked to all the pool party girls who all decided a party at 3i sounded better than whatever they had planned. Ann had told them: "If you have a costume wear it or bring it as appropriate. If not, don't worry about it, just come anyway. Ann also invited Yvonne. Joyce invited Suz and Roberta. Neither could come.

We decorated the large conference room with what decorations we had. Joyce set out the food.

The party was due to start at 8:00. Ann went and picked everybody up in the SUV. Full car.

Joyce was going to wear a fairy princess costume that turned out to be somewhat more risque than she had expected looking at the package. But it just didn't fit right. She decided to wear her French maid costume instead (with the front cloth and panties).

I was wearing my black tuxedo with the fright wig and occasionally the vampire teeth.

Ann changed into one of the more modest of Joyce's harem girl outfits.

Robin wore a western style shirt, jeans, chaps, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

Linda came as Elvira.

Ann's costume received a good deal of praise. I loved it but then I have always been partial to bare midriff outfits.

We started out with a lot of joking around. Some of the jokes were unusual in that this group normally avoided double entendres and crude jokes but not tonight.

I put in the vampire teeth and pretended to bite all the girls' necks.

Several of the girls said that they wished they had had more notice so that they could have gotten costumes too.

Joyce said: "I have a fairy princess costume that didn't fit me if one of you wants to try it. I also have some more harem girl outfits if any of you want to try one of those."

All the girls without costumes went with Joyce to the third office where they were stored.

The girls returned. Yvonne was wearing a modest harem girl outfit. Candy was the fairy princess. Gail was wearing one of the two straps bathing suits. It was stretched relatively tight. Janet, Joan and Ellen were wearing completely translucent harem girl outfits and Ruth was wearing the second French maid costume.

Robin opened several buttons on her shirt.

Hugs all around. I was limiting my touching to backs. I think this annoyed several of the girls who were hoping to at least have their breasts fondled. More clowning around including a second round of neck bites.

The jokes were becoming cruder and the clowning around was taking on a more sexual flavor.

I noticed that Joyce was not telling any crude jokes and was not laughing at them either. She was staying at a higher level. As was Yvonne.

I went and got my camera and took lots of great pictures in the conference room. Then we adjourned to the studio for even more. Yvonne didn't quite believe what was going on. Actually neither did I.

Robin ended up with her shirt fully unbuttoned.

Linda went and changed into a completely translucent harem girl outfit. Elvira was too tame.

Ruth removed the breast cover.

Robin left the room. When she returned she was wearing the chaps without jeans or panties. Her shirt was still open. She tied her shirttails under her breasts. The shirt hung open such that her breasts were fully exposed. Her nipples stood proud and tall. Her bush looked good and so did her ass.

We ducked back to the studio for more pictures. Her mons was very beautiful framed by the chaps.

She made a point of showing me the areas we had shaved earlier. She said that she was using the same type of shaver that Janet used. She asked me how it felt. I rubbed one hand over her outer lips and told her that they felt very nice. Her slit was damp. Not really wet but not dry either. I ran a finger up and down it a few times. I doing so I discovered something: She still had her maidenhead. I commented on it.

She said: "Well duh. I'm still a virgin."

I replied: "Most virgins your age have lost theirs to tampons, physical activity or doctors."

She said: "Oh."

I asked if I could photograph it. She said sure. I did. Then we returned to the group.

It was complete, with several small holes only. It was obvious that she had never used tampons, had a pelvic exam or heavy petted.

The sexual energy in the room was getting higher and higher. It was not a sacred form of that energy. I was not sure just what it was but I knew for sure it was not a sacred form.

Ruth removed her panties.

Then the girls decided that they wanted to see the pool pictures. I asked if everybody was OK with this. They all were. I lowered the screen and began projecting the pictures more or less in the order they were taken.

The series of the girls emerging from bubbles was a big hit. I also considered them to be very beautiful.

I think Yvonne was shocked when the nudes started to appear, especially with the series of legs apart shots.

Janet suggested that I show some of her.

Then I showed some of the pictures that I had taken in the studio. A series of Janet oiled up got extra praise. Yvonne really liked the effect.

We wrapped the party up about midnight. More hugs before the girls changed back into street clothing. Still more hugs after. Ann drove everyone back to campus.

Joyce ended the evening by taking me into her mouth. Joyce has many talents.

Janet's overnight.

Jan arrived about two in the afternoon. Ann drove her over and then returned to campus. Janet brought a small suitcase.

She was wearing a simple dress, sleeveless, fairly modest scoop neckline, flaring skirt ending just below the knee.

We had 3i to ourselves and began with a long but chaste hug.

She had brought her cellphone charger and plugged it in. She had been on the phone with Ron for almost two hours this morning. He had promised to call tomorrow.

Then we sat on the living room sofa listening to romantic music on the sound system. I had an arm around her and she was leaning her head onto my shoulder. Occasionally we shared soft kisses but mostly we just cuddled together.

After about half an hour she said that she needed a bathroom break. We both went. Her dress looked slightly different when she returned and I discovered why when we hugged again. She had removed her underwear.

I put more music on the sound system. We went back to the couch and started making out. We were having fun. At one point I slipped a shoulder strap down her arm freeing up a breast. She seemed to think that was neat. I nibbled and suckled for a while then slid the other strap down her other arm freeing both breasts.

She wiggled her arms though the shoulder straps so that the dress was effectively stopping just below her breasts. I went back to kissing and suckling them.

The CD ended and I got up to put in another. Jan sat up.

When I returned she had me stand in front of her. She began by attacking my belt. When she had me nude she stood and turned her back to give me access to her zipper. The dress joined the pile of clothing on the other sofa.

I hugged her from behind with my phallus in her rear cleavage and my hands caressing her beautiful breasts. I kissed and nibbled at her neck. Then I shifted to an earlobe.

I whispered to her: "You are such a sexy creature."

She replied: "Flattery will get you everywhere."

She turned around and we began kissing passionately while our bodies tried to find out just how much skin could touch skin. We were soon both totally aroused.

She pushed me back onto the sofa and straddled me. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths for a bit longer and then she rose up and guided my lingam into her yoni.

She came down slowly. When I was fully inside instead of rising she began squeezing up and down my shaft with her vaginal muscles while looking deep into my eyes. They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. That seemed to be the case now. We were one in more than just body.

Then she began rising and falling in more conventional lovemaking. She added first undulating and then swiveling her hips to the motion. I could sense when she was grinding her clitoris against the top of my shaft.

We didn't last long. We came together in an orgasm that seemed to go on and on. Then her body relaxed, seeming to melt onto me. We stayed like this for a long time.

The CD ended. She said: "I'll find some music." It took her a while but she chose something very beautiful, beautiful and romantic.

I was sitting in the beginning of the curve of the L. Jan sat/laid back such that her head was on my chest and her right shoulder was in my armpit. My right hand naturally fell to her left breast and I sat there cupping it and caressing it gently.

She murmured: "I love you. I am so lucky to have you in my life."

I kissed my left index finger and brought it softly to her lips.

We both smiled. I liked the look in her eyes.

My hand wandered from her breast across the softness of her belly all the way to her yoni and back. I found I liked caressing her belly.

She said: "Do you know what would be good now?"

I answered: "What, my dear."

She responded: "Popcorn."

I liked the idea. I said: "Want real butter?"

She replied in a soft and sweet voice: "Uh huh."

We headed for the kitchen.

I said: "There are times that microwave just won't cut it."

I got out a saucepan, a large bowl, the popcorn, butter and a bottle of olive oil.

She picked up the olive oil and read the label. She said: "What is extra virgin?"

I answered: "You were extra virgin the first time we made love."

She replied: "Awww honey. That is so sweet of you to say."

I commented: "Being extra virgin is largely a state of mind. Allow yourself to be extra virgin for Ron."

She then said: "Do you really think I can?"

I answered: "Yes I do."

I made the popcorn. I used lots of salt and real butter. She poured us drinks.

We moved back to the living room, cuddled together and ate the popcorn.

We washed the pan and bowl.

I found myself thinking: 'Eating popcorn will never be quite the same again.'

We checked on dinner. We are having chicken and vegetables cooked in a slow cooker. Things looked good and smelled better.

As we were walking back to the living room she said: "Why don't you give me another shave?"

I said: "You are pretty smooth already."

She replied: "But I want to be extra smooth for tonight."

I agreed.

We softened her up with the bidet and then moved to the massage table. I applied hot shaving foam and worked it in. She really liked that part. Finally I shaved her being ever so careful with the blade.

I wiped her off with a wet washcloth, dried her with a towel and rubbed in some massage oil.

As I was finishing she said: "I will want you to do this one more time."

I asked: "When will that be?"

She replied: "Assuming Ron and I get married. I want you to shave me on my wedding day so I will be extra smooth and soft for him."

I responded: "Maybe you will have trained him to shave you by then. I am sure he would enjoy doing it for you."

She replied: "We will just have to see."

I asked her what she usually used and she said an electric shaver and that she normally shaved just after her shower had softened things up.

She said: "Back to you shaving me on my wedding day: The groom is not supposed to see the bride before the ceremony on the wedding day. I really would like you to do it."

I replied: "I suppose."

We went back to necking and cuddling on the sofa.

We decided to have dinner as darkness was falling. The dining table was already set including two candles. I moved the bird to the cutting board and began to carve it up while Jan served the vegetables and poured our drinks.

We moved the food to the table and I held her chair for her.

I lit the candles and turned off the other lights.

I said a short prayer thanking the souls of the creatures, plant as well as animal that we were about to consume.

Jan said: "That was really nice."

I said: "Thank you."

We served ourselves. I took a large helping of breast meat.

Jan said: "I always suspected that you were a breast man."

I leaned over and kissed her on a nipple. Then I squeezed her thigh with my hand.

I said: "Oh I don't know. A nice thigh is good too."

I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh.

Then I caressed her yoni and said: "What's between the thighs is even better."

We both laughed.

She told some very funny jokes that reminded me of some jokes I had long forgotten.

We had fun.

We had ice cream for dessert.

We cleaned up the kitchen by candlelight. Taking time to smooch in the process.

I thought of something I wanted to try.

I asked: "Would you like to pose oiled and lit by candlelight?"

Jan answered: "That could be very beautiful. Of course I would."

We went around the apartment gathering candles and moved them to the studio. We ended up with more than a dozen.

I lit five candles.

I oiled her up. I found that there is a subtle difference between using oil in a massage and using oil in the studio. In a massage you work the oil in with pressure and you are working with one part of the body at a time. When you are using oil in the studio you are trying to coat every inch of the model's skin and you use a very light touch. I find both activities pleasant but coating a model has a very subtle but very powerful sensuality to it. I was fully erect when I finished. Jan thought that was neat.

We tried various poses with various numbers of candles lit and in various locations. The ladder proved very useful as a multilevel candle holder. Some shots were full body, some were close ups and some were extreme close ups. At one point I applied another coat of oil.

The results were an amazing series of photographs. This was some of my best work ever.

We looked at them and in the process came up with ideas for still more to take.

We took them. At one point I applied still another coat of oil.

We went back upstairs and took a shower together. That was lots of fun too. I suggested that we do our teeth now so we would not need to bother later. We did.

We went back downstairs and I projected our evening's work. We were both in awe of what we had created.

Janet was intrigued with some shots of her yoni. This being a part of her body she normally can't see. I was intrigued by the way the reflections of the candles on the curves of her outer lips almost made them into an abstract form. I was glad that I had shaved her extra smooth.

We decided it was time for bed. As we were about to head upstairs, she said: "Bring a camera."

I did, along with two candles.

We had previously had a long discussion about which bed we would use. We had decided to use the damped waterbed.

She said: "Let me change."

I thought that was odd, given that she was already nude. Nonetheless I nodded and let her enter the bedroom alone. She closed the door and I waited perhaps a minute. Then she said: "Come in, darling."

Jan was wearing a virtually transparent white top that ended at the base of her breasts and an equally transparent skirt that went from low on her hips to her upper thigh and covered, if that is the right word here, even more transparent string bikini panties. Around her waist was a large white bow.

She said: "I thought you might like me gift wrapped."

We both laughed. I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately.

I took several pictures before setting the camera on the dresser. I lit a candle on the dresser and turned off the lights.

I proceeded to unwrap her, kissing each part that I unwrapped, starting with her navel and ending with her clitoris. Life is good.

Then I stood and we kissed some more.

Eventually we made our way to the bed, folded down the covers and climbed in.

We kissed playfully at first, light and gentle. We slowly shifted into French kisses again light and gentle. I broke this off to kiss her gently from head to toe. She returned the favor kissing me from toe to head.

We came back together kissing more passionately and I began caressing her breasts. The caresses turned into massaging and manipulating her nipples.

I moved my mouth to a nipple, teasing this morsel in every way I could think of as my hand caressed her belly. I slowly brought my hand to her smoothness and began to caress there.

I began a more serious assault on her yoni, gently massaging her inner lips before entering a finger into her love passage. I brought her to orgasm without even touching her clitoris. As she climaxed she wrapped her arms around my head and squeezed my head into her bosom.

I waited while she relaxed and then continued with two fingers inside her. I added my thumb gently massaging her clitoris. Everything was well lubricated.

Jan was moaning and panting and rocking her hips wildly.

After about two minutes of this, she whispered: "Put it in, please, I need you inside me, take me, Oh - just put it inside me."

She was on her back. She spread her legs and began to pull me on top of her. I moved on top and she spread her legs wider yet.

I ran the head of my organ back and forth from clitoris to vagina several times before sinking slowly into her. She let out a sigh of pure pleasure. I went deep and began to stroke slowly, going from almost out to in to the hilt.

She wrapped her arms and her legs around me and kissed me passionately. Jan started muttering loving words somewhat incoherently. She continued to buck with her hips. I mostly had my hands on her ass.

I sped up my pistoning somewhat. We went like this for perhaps five minutes. Jan we nearing another orgasm.

I used my hands to move her legs down. Then, still inside her, I rolled us over and started pulling her knees up. She understood immediately and shifted into an astride position. She rode me with abandon, undulating and swiveling her hips almost magically.

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