tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 25

Driving in Snow Ch. 25


Chapters 1-7 are somewhat self contained and describe Matt being rescued from a Midwest snowstorm by a family that turn out to be his soul mates, girls with lots of past life ties. Lots of spirituality and lots of sex. This was mostly written in 2005 and was posted in 2010.

Chapters 8-13 describe Matt going home to the Northeast, discussing things with his wife. Ann, Barbara and Connie starting college. Matt and Ann setting up a business. Again lots of spirituality and lots of sex. Written and posted in 2013.

Chapters 14-17 are sort of a side story. They describe meeting two of Barbara's friends and what unfolds from there. I considered posting it as a separate work under the title: "Tall and Short." Written in 2013-2014 but the characters Becca and Zena were developed in 2007.

Chapters 18-27 are a continuation of chapters 8-13. With Pool parties and other activities. Several additional girls are introduced. Written in 2013 - 2014.

The spirituality expressed in this work represents my present view is to how the universe actually works. Note however: The miracles only happen when we allow them to.

I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.

Chapter 25.

Monday morning.

Joyce started her day by seducing me again. This was getting to be a regular occurrence. The girl certainly knows what she likes. That is OK however because I certainly like it too. Joyce has many talents.

I asked her for her opinion as to how we should handle things once Roberta was aboard. I said that Roberta seemed to be OK with non sexual nudity but being in her face with sexual activity was an entirely different level. I stated that having sex with me was definitely not a requirement for working here and I did not want Roberta thinking that it was or even wondering if it was. I suggested that at least for the time being she should plan on no sex with me while Roberta was in the building. Joyce agreed but was clearly unhappy about the idea. She brightened up with the thought that her parents had no problems with her spending as much time as she wanted here.

I had a some tasks for her. She needed to choose and order office furniture for Roberta, pick up another two dozen candles, and pick up a six foot stepladder.

She bought the candles and the ladder. They went in the studio.

About 10:00 the phone rang. A nice sounding young lady introduced herself as Brittany, Gail's sister. She explained that she attended UAlbany and that Gail had sent her some prom dress pictures that she thought were just wonderful. She wanted to know if I would be willing to take some pictures of her in her prom dress too. I reluctantly agreed. She would be here Thursday at noon.

Gail's back again.

About 11:30 Gail called. She wanted another back rub. She walked over at noon.

She was soon nude on the massage table.

I started to massage her back.

She said: "I want to thank you again for the pictures of me in my prom dress. Both my mother and my sister love your pictures"

I replied: "You are very welcome. I had fun with that shoot."

I told her that Brittany had called and about her request.

We were silent for a while as I worked on her upper back.

She said: "I wonder why I left my panties on the first time. Now that seems not only silly but an insult to you."

I replied: "I did not take it as such."

She said: "Nonetheless, I would like to apologize."

I said: "It really is not necessary."

She said: "Even then I should have known what type of man you are."

I replied: "Don't beat yourself up about it. Most girls would still have their panties on."

She said: "Do you really think so?

I said: "Yes I do. In some ways I am surprised you took your bra off."

She replied: "It had to be off for the back rub."

I said: "I know, but I am still surprised. I am also surprised that you were willing to roll over."

She said: "You should not have been. I hide behind my boobs."

I asked: "Do you expose them often?"

She answered: "Never."

I asked: "So why do you say that you hide behind them?"

She replied: "I don't have to expose them to hide behind them."

I asked: "So why was it OK with me."

She replied: "Somehow I knew that you were safe."

I said: "Now I would like to go on to a more interesting question. Notably: Who is the girl behind the boobs?"

She said: "I've been giving that a lot of thought. First and foremost: She is scared."

I asked: "Of what?"

She replied: "Of lots of things, of everything, of being found out."

I asked: "Found out about what?"

She answered: "That's part of the weird part. I don't know. Who I really am I guess."

I asked: "Why are you ashamed of who you are?"

She answered: "Why not."

I said: "That is no answer and you know it."

She said: "Yeah I know."

I said: "So back to the question."

She said: "Part of it is that I feel like a social klutz. For example: My mom forced me to go to a couple of dances in high school. The few boys that asked me to dance either didn't have any idea how to hold me or were trying to grab a feel or both. I was asked to the prom but I think my date was mostly interested in how much boob I would show and how much he could play with."

I said: "In high school everybody thinks they are a social klutz. Poise comes with experience and in high school you don't have much."

She asked: "So how do you get poise?"

I answered: "You fake it until you make it. You and everybody else."

She said: "Is that really how it is done?"

I answered: "It seems to be."

She said: "Oh."

I said: "We build problems for ourselves when we hide our true nature behind a false front assuming that front is more acceptable or what the other person wants. When we are honest about who we really are the type of people you want in your life notice and come running. Honesty is a powerful attractant.

I said: "One trick is to find activities that you think are fun where you can join with members of the opposite sex. There are lots of clubs on campus. Get on the internet and explore."

She said: "That's easy. I'll do it."

I continued: "Try to avoid settings which feature alcohol or drugs. You don't need either. You have my essay on sacred sexuality. Think about that. Try to not get caught up in casual sex. There will be a lot of guys that will want you for your boobs but there are others around and you can find them or maybe it is better put: let them find you, if you try."

She said that she had experience with that in that the three guys she dated in high school all only wanted to play with her boobs. She concluded: "They made me feel cheap."

We kicked the 'Who is she?' question around until I had finished her back.

When I started working on her behind I asked: "What about my second question?"

She said: "Which question?"

I asked: "What is the spiritual purpose of your extra large breasts?"

She asked: "What could it be?"

I replied: "It could be to setup a karmic or dharmic relationship but it probably is not going to be that simple."

We talked about breasts as a symbol of nurturing.

We talked about possible purposes for the rest of the massage without reaching any conclusions.

Ann, oil and candles .

Ann and I want to the Tango class as usual. Then we returned to 3i. We undressed in the bedroom and then moved to the studio. We spread plastic on the floor and placed some towels over that. Then we began lighting candles . I was placing them on the ladders. I thought that I would start with six candles and experiment from there.

I coated her with olive oil. Her skin gleamed in the candlelight. I washed my hands and began taking pictures. She moved from one great pose to another. I moved candles. I lit a few more. Then I lit more yet, ending up with twenty lit. The results were spectacular. I gave her another coat of oil and continued. I took a few with different colored gels on a strobe set at low power illuminating the background.

We had fun.

Finally we stopped, turned on a room light and blew out the candles.

Then we shared an amazing hug. Her body felt incredible all slippery with the oil.

We removed the worst of it with paper towels. I picked up the towels and spread corn starch on the floor to absorb the drippings the towels missed and then scraped and swept that up.

We went upstairs and shared a really nice shower together. Then we went to bed. Life is good. When I am making love with Ann life is very good indeed.

Tuesday morning.

Joyce seduced me again. On Monday we had made waves on the undamped waterbed. This time we were slow and gentle on the Roman couch in the studio.

Yvonne .

The girls came over after their lab. I greeted Yvonne with a big smile and a Namaste. She responded in kind. The girls went right to work on their lab reports. I let Yvonne use my desk again and moved to the computer in the first office. When they had them finished Yvonne came to see me as Ann was off to the school library.

We walked upstairs.

She was wearing typical student garb: a sweat shirt and jeans. She apologized for her attire saying that she didn't have a chance to change. Then she laughed and said: "Given what I was wearing most of my last visit maybe it doesn't matter."

We hugged. The feeling of connection was stronger than ever.

When we released she pulled the sweatshirt over her head. I helped her with the arms. She was wearing a white bra. She reached back and unhooked it. Then she tossed it onto the other sofa with the sweatshirt.

I found myself wondering if a white bra on a black girl meant the same thing as a black bra on a white girl or was it just a white bra. I did not ask.

She pulled my shirt off.

We hugged again. It was wondrous.

She started to unfasten my pants. I helped. Then we did hers. I knelt to remove her jeans. I slid her panties down. I leaned forward and kissed her in her pubic hair. She giggled. I enjoyed the aroma.

She stepped out of her panties.

She said: "Up." I stood.

She dropped to her knees and kissed me on the end of my shaft.

Then she said: "Turnabout is fair play." We both laughed.

We hugged again. The merging was stronger yet.

I kissed her. She responded with tongue as she caressed my back and butt.

I was caressing her body too. A beautiful, tender body.

I asked: "Shall we sit?"

She nodded. I sat. She sat on my lap. Our lips met, our tongues danced, my left hand stroked a breast while my right hand stroked her back down to the upper part of her ass.

She started making delicious noises. Her left arm was around my neck while her right hand stroked my outer thigh.

She said: "I'm on the pill."

I replied: "Good."

We went back to kissing. She has a talented tongue.

I turned her outward slightly. This allowed me to comfortably caress her tummy with my left hand. I lowered my mouth to her left nipple and began to suck. She held my head to her breast and moaned happily.

I found that I was in a space where Yvonne was a sacred being, a Goddess to be loved. My heart was totally open to her.

My left hand began to explore her pubic hair. She opened her legs slightly, just enough for me to caress her yoni. That caused her to open her legs wide. I ran a finger up and down her slit a few times and then settled down to seriously massage her inner lips. This brought an immediate response. She moaned, she groaned and she begged for more. I slipped a finger into her vagina. No maidenhead but she was clearly a virgin. Her G spot was easy to find. I quickly brought her to an explosive orgasm.

As she came down from her high, she kissed me gently.

Then she said: "Thank you."

We kissed again softly and slowly.

She said: "Please take me."

I said: "Are you sure?"

She nodded. She was quiet for a few seconds then said: "My heart knew from the beginning but my mind had a whole lot to figure out. The whole idea of spiritual families takes some getting used to. The idea that they cross races or that race just doesn't matter is mind blowing for me. I've talked with Ann enough that I know that the two of you love each other deeply. You have convinced me that the telepathy you share is real and from what Ann says: pervasive. The idea that both of you want to welcome me into your family is amazing to me. The idea of making love as a way to do that is even more amazing. The idea that I would not be stepping on Ann's toes, so to speak, is also amazing."

She paused.

Then continued: "I know I'm rambling but hear me out. This is important to me. When I was in the green dress and we were making out you didn't touch me down there and Ann told me that you were waiting until it was yoni. Is that right?"

I nodded: "Yes I was."

She asked: "Was it yoni just now?"

I nodded again.

She then asked: "What makes it yoni?"

I answered: "The space that I am in. How I am seeing you. The reverence that I choose to bring to the situation. The reverence you bring to the situation and the reverence you have for yourself. Also the love we each choose to bring to it."

She said: "Oh my. Are you sure I'm worthy."

I replied: "Oh yes you are. From our very first hug I have felt merging. That is soul communicating with soul. That sensation has only become stronger. I trust my soul to know what it is doing. It is telling me as personality to love you and to honor the spiritually beautiful creature that you truly are."

She kissed me again- still softly and gently.

She said: "I've never felt so loved. I am yours."

She kissed me again. This time she plunged her tongue into my mouth.

She moved off of me and took my shaft in her hand.

She asked: "If I have a yoni. What is this?"

I replied: "My Lingam, a wand of light."

She then said: "Illuminate me."

I moved her flat on the sofa. I was fully hard. She was dripping wet.

I moved on top of her. She opened her legs. I gently entered her.

We shared the sacred flame.

Later I said: "I have a gift for you."

She smiled.

I gave her a box. She opened it to find Gibran's "The Prophet."

I said: "Open it to an arbitrary page. See what you get."

She opened it to a page near the beginning.

She read silently, flipped back a page, then returned to the first one and then began to tear up.

She said: "Oh my beloved. You have indeed: 'sifted me to free me from my husks.' You have indeed: 'ground me to whiteness.' You have indeed: 'kneaded me to make me pliant.' You have indeed: 'made me sacred bread for God's sacred feast.' Thank you, thank you. "

She hugged me tight. I began to tear up too.

Then we relaxed. She put her head on my shoulder. I had my arm around her.

We stayed that way for twenty minutes or so.

Finally she said: "I suppose I need to go back to the ordinary world."

I replied: "I suppose."

We dressed and I drove her back to campus.

On the drive back she said: "Remember how you wrote in your 'Sacred Sex' paper that sex could be a very intense way of saying 'Namaste.' Well it was."

Then she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

Joyce came upstairs while I was gone and cleaned the sofa cushion.

Suz poses.

When I returned from dropping off Yvonne, Joyce informed me that Suz had called wanting to know if she could come over for more pictures. Joyce gave her a tentative yes. I said: "OK." and Joyce called Suz back. Then she called her mother saying that she would be late for dinner.

About twenty minutes later Suz arrived carrying a suitcase.

She said: "I brought my prom dress and two bridesmaid dresses. I also hope that you will take some of me nude."

We moved to the studio. Suz was smiling even more broadly than usual. I would not have believed that was possible until I saw it with my own eyes.

She set her suitcase on the conference table and opened it. She removed her prom dress.

She said: "I hear that you are very good with prom dresses."

I smiled and replied: "So they tell me."

She asked: "Is it OK if I change here or should I go across the hall?"

I answered: "Either way is OK."

She pulled off her top and unfastened her bra. She was not the least bit shy about my seeing her breasts. Then she undid her skirt. She was wearing lace panties.

She stepped into the dress and lifted it into place. Joyce zipped it up. I helped by holding the sides together ahead of the zipper. Then Joyce helped to adjust the fit. Suz changed her shoes.

It looked a little tight. That really emphasized her cleavage. She almost looked like she might pop out.

She said: "I guess I've put on a couple of pounds since high school."

I said: "It still looks good."

She smiled.

Her bra strap marks were showing. With her permission I rubbed them to get them to fade faster.

We waited a few minutes.

I started taking pictures. She made a terrific model. I shot about fifty photos.

She hugged me.

She turned to Joyce and asked her to unzip her about half way.

Then we took some more.

We stopped and Suz changed into the first bridesmaid dress. It was spectacular. I took another fifty shots. She unzipped it and we took even more. She had fun half falling out of the dress.

We hugged again. I caressed her bare back.

The second bridesmaid's dress was even more spectacular. Again wonderful photographs. She had even more fun with it unzipped.

Then we did nudes. I took about two hundred total. Suz's natural joy was shining through.

She came into my arms for still another hug. She melted against me. I caressed her back and butt and eventually her flank up to the side of one breast.

Then we talked.

She said: "I want to thank you for your 'sacred sex' paper. It explained something about what has been going on with me. The guys all think I'm fun to be with so I don't seem to have a problem getting dates, even now. In high school I never let things go past necking and I still don't. I'm sure this frustrates some of the guys, probably all of the guys. I didn't understand why I was so reluctant to let things proceed. After all I'm now twenty years old and the guys I date are nice guys. I've been asking myself: 'What in the world are you waiting for?' Your paper answered the question. I've been waiting for sacred sex without knowing it. Now that I know what it is I can start to create circumstances where it can occur."

I asked: "How do you plan to do that?"

She answered: "For starters I now meditate. I am also paying a lot more attention to my intuition. I figure when a possible right guy comes along I"ll let him read your paper. That should lead to some interesting conversations."

To be continued.

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