tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 26

Driving in Snow Ch. 26


Chapters 1-7 are somewhat self contained and describe Matt being rescued from a Midwest snowstorm by a family that turn out to be his soul mates, girls with lots of past life ties. Lots of spirituality and lots of sex. This was mostly written in 2005 and was posted in 2010.

Chapters 8-13 describe Matt going home to the Northeast, discussing things with his wife. Ann, Barbara and Connie starting college. Matt and Ann setting up a business. Again lots of spirituality and lots of sex. Written and posted in 2013.

Chapters 14-17 are sort of a side story. They describe meeting two of Barbara's friends and what unfolds from there. I considered posting it as a separate work under the title: "Tall and Short." Written in 2013-2014 but the characters Becca and Zena were developed in 2007.

Chapters 18-31 are a continuation of chapters 8-13. With Pool parties and other activities. Several additional girls are introduced. Written in 2013 - 2014.

The spirituality expressed in this work represents my present view is to how the universe actually works. Note however: The miracles only happen when we allow them to.

I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.

Chapter 26.

Wednesday morning.

Joyce was proving to be one horny girl. This morning it was doggy style on the living room sofa. Outside was a thunderstorm. There was lots of lightning, thunder and rain lashing the windows. Somehow that added to our enjoyment.

Afterwards we talked about a conversation she had had with Suz. They were both trying to figure out why they both loved being nude with me while neither could imagine being naked with any other male.

Mary calls.

Mary called about 12:30. She explained that she was hoping to catch both Ann and I.

I asked: "What's up."

She asked: "How would it be if Cindy and I came to visit you over Thanksgiving?"

I replied: "Sounds good to me. Ann is off from three on Tuesday and restarts classes on Monday. Maybe we could have Barbara and Connie visit as well. Have you talked to Barbara?"

She answered: "No. Not yet."

I responded: "I'll call her and Ann too. Then I will call you back."

She replied: "Sounds good to me."

I then called Ann on her cell phone. She was very happy with the idea."

I called Barb. She was with Connie when I called. They were even happier with the idea. Barb said that they could probably get a ride and she would let me know.

I called Mary back and let her know the everyone at this end loved the idea.

She called back an hour later giving me their itinerary. They would arrive on Tuesday afternoon and leave Wednesday morning one week later.


We heard from most of the pool girls saying they were staying on campus. I didn't blame them. It was a cold and blustery day, intermittent thunderstorms, record low temperature, downright miserable and the weather system was stalled right over us.

Just at three there seemed to be a little break. Joan started walking over using a cloth coat and an umbrella for protection. She had gone little more than half way when the rain began again. The wind picked up and a true downpour started. A wind gust broke her umbrella. By the time she got to 3i she was soaked to the skin and her teeth were chattering. She was turning blue.

I rushed her upstairs and grabbed several towels. I helped her peel off her clothes and then rubbed her down with the towels. She was still shivering but she smiled at me anyway. Her clothing would not have been any more wet if she had jumped into the swimming pool.

I said: "You should have called me for a ride."

She said: "Yeah, but I'm here now."

I went and got her a bathrobe. She snuggled into it. She still looked cold. We hugged.

She said: "The hot tub would be good about now but I'm not sure I'd survive the walk to it."

I said: "How about a Jacuzzi?"

She said: "You have one?"

I said: "Yep. Follow me."

We moved to the master bathroom and I started to fill the Jacuzzi.

She said: "Neat."

She shivered again.

I went to the intercom and asked Joyce to put Joan's clothes in the dryer.

Joyce said: "For sure. Is she OK?"

I replied: "I think so but she does need warming up."

Joyce said: "I will leave that to you." I could hear the smile in her voice.

The Jacuzzi was filling rapidly. I checked the temperature. It was good. I bowed and gestured with my hand and said: "This way madam."

Joan dropped the bathrobe and stepped into the tub. She settled into the water with a satisfied sigh.

I peeled off my clothes and joined her.

I turned on the jets. She liked that.

I bled in some more hot water. She liked that too.

We kissed lightly.

She was a Goddess making me feel like a God. Now, unlike with Jean, this God was centered in compassion and love rather than power.

That turned into necking which rapidly progressed to heavy petting. My hand felt totally at home massaging her yoni. Two fingers also felt very at home in her vagina. I brought her to a very nice orgasm.

As she relaxed from it I asked: "Shall we move to a bed?"

She replied: "Are you asking what I think you're asking?"

I said: "Uh Huh."

She smiled. I smiled.

I asked: "Which bed do you want to use: the regular Mattress, the damped waterbed or the undamped waterbed.?"

She asked: "What are the differences?"

I replied: "The regular Mattress is firm and gives good support. The undamped waterbed sloshes and the damped waterbed is somewhat of a compromise with just a slight amount of motion."

I ended by saying: "Or if you really insist we can use a single bed, an air mattress or the Roman couch in the studio."

She laughed.

She went for the damped waterbed.

I said: "Shall we?"

We stood, stepped out of the tub. Then we dried each other off, smooching as we did so. I dried her hair with a hot air blower. I teased her by drying her lower hair.

She said: " I'm already hot down there."

We laughed.

We moved to the second bedroom. I folded back the bed covers and spread a towel where her hips would be going. She lay down on her back while I was on my side at her side.

We began just necking. Then I moved to her feet and began stroking, kissing and licking my way up her body. She really liked my licking the inside of her thigh. I skipped her yoni, kissing around it. I did the same with her breasts and her mouth. I ended up at her forehead. Then I came back down starting with a delicious round of French kisses. I added caressing her breasts and then her yoni. I moved to having a nipple in my mouth. Two fingers were back inside her. She was making delighted and delightful sounds. She tried to say something but was sufficiently aroused as to be incapable of coherent speech. She was rocking her hips. She was near orgasm.

I moved on top of her and entered using my incremental technique. Her hips seemed to be saying to my hips: 'Welcome home' and 'Now, isn't this more like it.' It all just felt totally right. When I was totally inside not just my hips were feeling the: 'Welcome home.'

At this same time I had a profound knowing: I was making love to Joan Donaldson and not some ghost of Jean. It was very much 'making love.' Making love with her was very much the right thing to do.

She was in ecstasy. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me tight. Her first orgasm came quickly. She shuddered and screamed. I continued to thrust deeply into her and she was rapidly on her way to another. Finally we climaxed together. As we did she dug her fingernails into my back. I bled.

It took a minute for each of us to catch our breath enough to speak.

I felt a profound sense of completion. I wondered what was now complete. I knew it was not about the knight lifetime.

When I could I said: "I love you."

It seemed trite to say and yet it was coming from my heart. I still wondered what this was all about.

We kissed softly.

She said: "I love you too." It did not sound trite when she said it.

I was about to roll off of her when she noticed that her fingers were bloody, she had broken two fingernails and that I was bleeding. She said: "Don't roll over. You're bleeding. Lift up still facing down and I'll slide out from under."

I did and she did.

She said: "Oh my gosh - I really did claw you up."

Joan mopped up the worst of the blood with tissues.

Then she said: "Let me get Joyce to help you."

She ran to the bathroom to retrieve the bathrobe. Then she dashed downstairs and returned with Joyce.

Joyce took one look and headed for our first aid supplies.

She spread antibiotic cream on my wounds and then started bandaging them. The bleeding had slowed considerably but had not fully stopped.

Joyce smiled as she said to Joan: "He was that good, was he?"

Joan blushed bright red but answered: "He was better."

Joyce said to me: "Way to go boss."

We all laughed.

I thought: 'Joyce just said the right thing to put Joan at ease.'

I stood up.

Joyce headed back downstairs. As she went she said: "Ann is working at her desk."

I replied: "OK."

I turned to Joan and said: "Don't worry, Joyce can keep a secret."

Joan replied: "Even from Ann?"

I responded: "Ann has been encouraging me to make love with you."

Joan went: "What!?"

I replied: "Ann knows that the more I love anyone, the more I love everyone, and the more I love her. Besides Ann and I are sometimes telepathic so I can have no secrets from her."

Joan looked worried: "Were you... When we...?"

I shook my head, no.

She looked relieved.

She asked: "Have you ever had sex with another girl while telepathic with Ann?"

I said: "Yes. We set it up ahead of time. It was wonderful for all four of us."

Joan asked: "All four?"

I replied: "Ann and both her sisters. I was making love with Barbara and it was a melding. I have a different kind of telepathic connection with Cindy."

She said: "That must have been something very special."

I replied: "It was."

She asked: "What was your connection with Ann's other sister?"

I answered: "We share orgasms. Fortunately I don't ejaculate with hers so I get to keep going."

She said: "Wow."

I continued: "Now come here, I want to try something."

She came to me and I moved the robe off of her shoulders so that it fell to the floor.

I took her in my arms for a nice hug. She relaxed into me.

I asked: "Is it different?"

She said: "Definitely, but I can't tell you how."

I asked: "Which is better?"

She replied: "It is not that one is better than the other. They are just different somehow."

I smiled.

We both put on bathrobes and wandered downstairs to see Ann.

Ann gave us a thumbs up as we entered the office. She said: "That was some scream." Joan blushed but continued to smile broadly.

Ann then said: "I hear you were soaked to the skin. You should have asked me for a ride."

Joan said: "That would have felt like I was imposing. Besides I wasn't sure what you thought about me spending time with Matt, far less doing what we just did."

Ann said: "I'm going to tell you a secret: In all the time that I have known him, he has yet to do a single thing that I disapprove of."

I said: "Really?"

Ann said: "Really."

I replied: "Thanks honey."

Ann then looked me in the eye and said: "There have been a few times when you felt you did not live up to your highest standard but I consider those as you just being human and even in those cases I suspect they will turn out to serve to create spiritual growth in the long run."

She looked Joan in the eye and said: "I know he worries that I'm not getting enough sex but there has never been a time when he has been unable to perform with me no matter how much sex he has had with other girls. So you don't need to worry."

Joan smiled and said: "Thank you."

Ann said: "I'll drive you back. Now why don't the two of you run upstairs and try out a different bed. Let's see if you can scream even louder this time."

Joan blushed beet red but had a shit-eating-grin on her face.

We headed upstairs.

As we went Joan asked: "Are you really over seventy and were you really celibate for more than twenty years?"

I answered: "Yes and yes."

She asked: "I thought old men had trouble having sex more than once a day?"

I answered: "I've already made love twice today, we are about to make it three times and I fully expect that Ann and I will sleep together tonight."

She said: "My gosh."

I said: "Now, it's your choice: Which bed?"

She chose the undamped waterbed.

We had fun. She did not claw my back again but I suspect that she came (If you will pardon the expression) close. She did scream but it was not as loud as her first one.

Ann drove her back.

They had an interesting conversation.

Ann rounds out the day.

Joyce and I fixed dinner together. We talked a little about Joan. Joyce found the ties to Jean fascinating.

Joyce left about six. I worked on 3i business until Ann arrived. That was about nine.

We hugged, gently. There was wonderful chi transfer.

We moved upstairs and undressed each other. We talked about Thanksgiving on the way.

She redid the bandages on my back.

Then we did our teeth and went to bed.

We started missionary. When Ann had her first orgasm we switched to astride. With her second we went back to missionary. We continued this until I came with her fifth orgasm.

We kissed tenderly.

We let our telepathic communication free associate. It as mostly but not totally about Joan.

Then she telepathed: "You usually give the girls you bed more in awareness than you receive but this time may be different. Joan has given you a great deal of clarity about Jean and with it a great deal of healing has occurred."

We both slept well that night.

Thursday morning.

Joyce and I used the conventional mattress.

Robin stops by.

Robin called and asked if she could stop by and talk. I said sure.

She came over and we moved to the living room sofa.

She said: "Gail and I had a long talk last night. It got me thinking that I need to talk with you too."

I asked: "Is there a problem?"

She said: "I don't know if I would call it a problem, well I guess I would. Whenever a guy that I think is even a little bit attractive tries to talk to me I find that either I am speechless or I say something really stupid."

I asked: "Do you find me attractive?"

She answered: "Oh God yes. You are the most attractive man I have ever met."

I asked: "Then why don't you have those problems with me?"

She replied: "I'm not afraid when I'm with you."

I asked: "What's different?"

She said: "I don't know."

I asked: "Why are you afraid when you are with the other guys?"

She answered: "I'm afraid that they won't like me."

I commented: "Isn't that our standard fear. That is why we build our masks, our false selves. We hide who we are and what we want and then are totally surprised when we don't find what we want."

I asked: "Would you be upset if a guy you thought was a total jerk didn't like you?"

She answered: "Well a little. I want everybody to like me."

I asked: "Why?"

She responded: "Don't you want everybody to like you?"

I answered: "Not particularly. I am quite happy when obnoxious people leave me alone."

She responded: "You have a point."

I said: "If you are being who you really are and some guy doesn't like that isn't that his problem. If some guy really likes a false image you are creating to please him what happens when the mask slips? They always do you know. Sooner or later.."

She said: "I guess he would feel hurt maybe even betrayed."

I responded: "Exactly."

I continued: "Also eventually you find that you get tired of the false self. Remember the false self is always shallower than the true self. Living a shallow life gets boring after a while. I will tell you though: It took me a lot of years to figure all this out."

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

I asked her: "What does your true self want most right now?

She smiled then said: "You mean if I could have anything in the world that I wanted?"

I nodded.

She said: "I would like you to have sex with me."

I asked: "Merely have sex or make love?"

She said: "Make love."

I asked: "Do you see it as a spiritual act?"

She thought for a few seconds and then responded: "Umm. I guess that I really want it to be a spiritual act. Anything less is really phony. I don't think that I'm ready yet. I'm going to change my wish: I want to be able to make love as a spiritual act."

I replied: "I see a lot of wisdom in that answer. You have just made a giant stride toward getting your wish."

She smiled.

She said: "In the mean time there is something else that I would like."

I asked: "What?"

She answered: "A back rub."

I said: "OK."

We stood and moved toward the first bedroom.

Then I asked: "Just a back rub?"

She answered: "Well a front rub too. In fact you can rub me anywhere you want to."

I replied: "Even there?"

She answered with a big grin: "Especially there."

She undressed and climbed onto the massage table. She settled with her face on her arms rather than using the face support.

I started with her shoulders. I used oil. She was not too tense. She made happy noises.

I asked: "If you got to know a really nice guy would you ask him to make love with you?"

She replied: "I doubt it. You are a special case."

I asked: "Would you allow him to seduce you?"

She responded: "I don't know what that means. I know it means get a girl to have sex but I don't know what a guy does when he does that."

I said: "It covers a lot of ground, all the way from gently talking her into it, to plying her with booze, or even to getting her so aroused that she doesn't notice when it becomes intercourse."

She asked: "Can that really happen?"

I answered: "Supposedly. I've never done it myself. I've never even tried."

I was working my way down her back. She continued to make happy sounds. I ran my hands gently down her flanks. She moaned happily.

She said: "Maybe."

I had to think what the question was.

I was down to her lower back. Then I started on her behind. She spread her legs as wide as the table would allow. I began to knead her ass. She loved it.

Then I worked on a leg, starting with her toes and working my way up past her knee. Then I did the other one.

I was fully erect. It was actually painful.

I began a serious massage of her thighs. She really responded to my stroking her inner thighs. The closer I got to her pussy the more she liked it.

I then moved back to stroking from her ass down her thighs.

She lifted one hip slightly and bent a knee to give me more access to her pussy. I continued to ignore it.

She said: "Especially there?"

I replied: "I will leave that for a future boyfriend."

She said: "Oh shucks."

I suggested she roll over. She did.

I started with her face and worked my way down. I worked around her breasts but did not touch them. That took more than a little will power.

Finally I massaged her abdomen, stopping just short of her pubic hair.

Then I said: "We're done."

She looked vaguely disappointed. She asked: "Why didn't you do my 'especially there?' "

I said: "Because if I did I am not sure that I would be able to stop myself from screwing you."

She smiled: "I wouldn't stop you. I wouldn't want to stop you."

I replied: "I know."

She asked: "You've touched me there before. What is different now?"

I answered: "I am in a different space now. I am too aware of your need as a need for physical release as opposed to making a spiritual connection. That need is bringing out the same need in me. You have no idea just how much I want to sink my cock into your pussy. If we did it now it would be just having sex on my part as well as, I suspect, yours. A girl should not lose her virginity that way."

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