tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 30

Driving in Snow Ch. 30


This work is an exploration of some possibilities of the spiritual and psychic side of sex. There is a good deal of sex in this work but it always occurs in a spiritual, synchronistic and loving manner. The spirituality expressed in this work reflects my present view of how the universe actually works.


For those who wish to read this chapter without having read the earlier ones, here is a very brief introduction. I strongly recommend that you read the earlier chapters.

Matt is driving cross country and ends up on a secondary road in a blizzard. He is rescued by a family who turn out to be soul mates with lots of past life ties. Both Matt and the Wells family quickly discover this. Matt who is over seventy years old and is in a celibate marrage ends up making love with Ann (Ch.1), Barbara (Ch.2), Cindy (Ch.3), Mary (Ch.4) snd Barbara's best friend Connie (Ch.6). There are different psychic side effects with each girl. Barbara, Cindy and Connie have been taught belly dancing by the cheerleading coach at their high school. Chapters 1-7 are a self contained story.

Ann convoys with Matt back to the Northeast and gets a special dual PhD program at a top science college (Ch.8-9). Ann and Matt set up a business called 3i. Ann finds a suitable building with a four bedroom apartment over it (Ch.9). Matt sets up a photo studio in the smaller conference room. There is lots of photography distributed through this story and yes the models generally end up posing nude. Ann and Matt hire Joyce and add a pool in the woods on 3i grounds (Ch.10-12). Barbara and Connie go to the same college in Western Massachusetts.

Ann is required to live in a dorm. Matt meets and is ultimately seduced by Ann's roommate, Janet (Ch.12). He is also seduced by Joyce (Ch.13). Matt meets two of Barbara's friends 6' 4" Zena and 4' 11" Becca. (Ch14). They visit and discover a very nasty karma that ends up resolved lovingly (Ch.15-17). Chapters 14-17 are relatively self contained.

Ann invites a group of girls (Janet, Ruth, Ellen, Linda, Candy, Robin, Joan and ultimately Gail) for a pool party at our pool (Ch.18). This turns into a regular event with skinny-dipping (Ch. 18-23). Joan looks, sounds and acts just like Matt's first love (Jean). Matt also meets Ann's physics lab partner, Yvonne. (Ch.19). Matt interacts with both Yvonne and Joan (Ch.20-26+). Janet meets Ron (Ch.22) and Matt tries to bow out (Ch. 23-24+). Matt and Janet find a psychic level (Ch. 28-29+).

Joyce introduces Ann and Matt to Roberta (Ch. 23). She joins 3i (Ch. 29).

The college paper sponsors "Beauty on Campus." Ann is a finalist. Matt photographs four of the other five finalists (Kim, Doreen, Brenda and Lisa) (Ch.27+).


I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.

Chapter 30.

Later Friday: Surprise visitors.

I was planning on working late. Thanksgiving is next week and I want to get ahead of the game.

Both Joyce and Bobbie left shortly after five, saying that they had things to do. Joyce told me that my dinner was in the oven and would be ready at six.

It was about five thirty and I was working in my office when I heard the sound of a car in our parking lot. I looked out the back window to see Zena's minivan and Zena, Becca, Connie and Barb all piling out of it.

I went and opened the door next to the elevator. They all yelled: "Surprise!"

Four delicious hugs.

They brought in their suitcases. The elevator was a tight squeeze.

Apparently they had previously discussed who would be sleeping where as each girl moved her suitcase to a different bedroom.

Barbara said: "I talked with Ann. She will join us in the morning."

I said: "OK but I'm not sure what I'm going to feed you all."

Barbara laughed: "You didn't look at what is cooking in the oven did you?"

I said: "No."

As we were discussing this the girls were undressing. As usual Connie finished first.

I undressed as well. Then I shared four wonderful nude hugs. The girls were all smiles.

Zena and Connie both needed bathrooms. Zena used the one off of the master bedroom. She noticed the bidet and asked Barbara about it. Barbara showed her how to use it. Zena loved it.

We headed for the kitchen.

I looked in the oven and went: "Oh, my gosh." It was a huge roast.

We worked together to finish preparations and then we all sat down to a very nice dinner.

Zena looked at me and said: "Are you ready for a fun evening? We are four very horny girls."

I said: "I just hope that I'm up to it."

Barbara said: "Don't worry. You will be."

Four girls.

After dinner Barbara produced a deck of playing cards. She shuffled them and spread them on the table. Each girl drew a card. The order would be: Becca, Connie, Barbara and lastly Zena.

Becca and I headed for the bedroom she had claimed. Very little foreplay was needed to have her totally aroused. She was again radiating unconditional love and I was basking in it. She moved astride me and rode me with abandon. She soon reached a beautiful climax. The feeling of unconditional love peaked as she came. She then moved her body flat against mine. I stayed inside without thrusting and just gently caressed her hair and ass for a minute or two. We shared a very tender kiss. Then I moved her off of me and went to find Connie.

Connie was on her feet as soon as I reappeared. She took my hand and guided me to the bedroom with the undamped waterbed. She had already turned back the covers and positioned a towel. We hugged and kissed for a minute or two before moving to the bed. That feeling of total innocence returned. It was weird: I was feeling virginal while my penis was still wet with another girl's lubrication. Somehow when I am with Connie, Connie is all that matters. Somehow it is love, pure love and joy, pure joy. I kissed her head to toe, taking extra time with her very ample breasts. By the time I had finished she was more than ready. Our flame appeared, dancing in pure joy. She was on her back with her legs wide apart. I entered her slowly and moved with long slow strokes. She soon had a wonderful orgasm. The flame flared with it, totally enveloping us in cold color. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and squeezed with it. Then we shared a long slow kiss. Innocent sweet love. I still had not climaxed. I was not even near it. The flame subsided and then extinguished. She said: "Wow."

We held each other for perhaps another thirty seconds and then she said: "As much as I love this and believe me I do, Barb needs you now."

I gave her another short kiss and then slipped out and went looking for Barbara.

Barb was walking in my direction as I exited the bedroom. Her eyes were rapidly turning into liquid fire. We held each other at arms length for a few moments looking deep into each other's eyes. Her aroma was enticing. The psychic merging was already beginning. Then we proceeded to her bedroom. The covers were already turned back and the pillows piled up. I lay on my back with my head supported on the pillows while Barbara moved into position astride me. We had not said a word this whole time. None were necessary. Her moisture was already running down the insides of her thighs. Her eyes glowed even more brightly.

She guided me inside and began to demonstrate her usual sexual magic. As usual it was secondary to the merging of our souls that was taking place and the love I was broadcasting. My broadcast seemed to be unusually powerful, particularly to my wife and the girls I was sleeping with. Kim was also receiving some with the other BOC girls at a slightly weaker level. She continued to undulate, swivel and squeeze. My orgasm came on suddenly. I found myself seemingly pumping three girls worth of semen into Barbara. My climax triggered hers.

Then I found myself relaxing, totally relaxing. She moved flat on me and we seemed to melt together. I could feel loving energy still flowing through me but now is seemed to be more gentle, a call to compassion. That slowly tapered off. I had lost my erection and was slowly slipping out of her. Nonetheless the feeling of oneness was still overpowering. We stayed like this for a while, probably ten or fifteen minutes. Then she rolled off of me. We were side by sIde, holding hands gently. Perhaps five minutes passed. She moved to her side facing me and ran her hand across my torso. With that I felt somewhat rejuvenated.

She said: "Zena needs loving too." That was the first thing she had said the whole time.

I leaned over and kissed her gently and then stood up. I kissed my finger and brought it to her lips. She kissed it and smiled. Then I turned and went to find Zena.

Zena and I moved to the room with the damped waterbed.

She said: "I have a special treat for you."

She spread her feet wide and we hugged. She held me so tight that her breasts were almost crushing my chest.

I said: "Easy girl."

She relaxed her grip somewhat.

We kissed passionately. I began to caress her ass. She has a very nice ass.

She was becoming very aroused.

My erection was returning but still far from full.

She said: "Let me show you what I have learned."

She dropped to her knees and took my organ into her mouth. I was soon fully hard. She alternated between caressing the tip with her tongue and taking me so deep that her nose was pressing into my belly.

She later explained that her roommate was an expert at fellatio and had been giving her lessons. She joked that she had found new ways to enjoy a banana.

I found that my bodily sensations were fading into the background behind a feeling I found no words for. The thought 'pure delight' was part of it but totally inadequate. We had connection, universal love but that too was totally inadequate. The connection was not only with Zena but with Ann, Barbara, and Fil as well.

She kissed the end of my shaft one last time and then stood and taking my hand, lead me to the bed. She gently pushed me onto my back and then straddled me. She took me deep and slow but this was still in the background.

I found myself singing a song that I had never heard before in a language I did not know. Zena closed her eyes and began to sing along with an incredibly beatific smile on her face.

When we finished the song she lay flat on my body and rolled us over. I continued to be in a state of pure bliss. I knew she was too. We were nowhere near our sexual climax but that didn't matter somehow. The sense of union, not just with each other but with the ALL continued. That was what mattered. My lingam was still deep inside her yoni but that just didn't matter. It didn't matter physically to me and I knew it didn't matter to Zena either. My being in her was, at this point, purely symbolic.

I felt no need to keep thrusting. I just relaxed. She did likewise. The transcendent state I was in was like a waking dream. This drifted into a sleeping dream with me still erect, still inside her and using one breast as a pillow.

I woke up several hours later with a full bladder. She stirred as I moved off of her. She looked at me and said: "Thank you. I never imagined sex could be anywhere near that good." I bent down and kissed her and then I headed to the bathroom.

When I returned we started necking on the bed. This turned into petting and then making love. We both had very nice orgasms.

More surprises.

We rose early, and I woke the other girls 'the best way.' We had finished breakfast and were doing up the dishes when Joyce arrived followed shortly by Bobbie. I performed the introductions and nobody seemed the least bit uncomfortable with the lack of attire of our visitors. I then asked Bobbie and Joyce why they were here on a Saturday. They both smiled and said: "You will see."

Joyce went into the fourth bedroom and extracted a box from one of the New York photographic suppliers. She proceeded to unpack two floodlights with stands. She told me to get my camera, an extra battery, a tripod and use the standard zoom lens. When I returned she handed me two extra large memory chips. I was really wondering what was going on.

While Joyce was unpacking the lights, Bobbie took me aside and said: "You were sending me love last night and it was the best experience in my entire life, bar none." She kissed me on the cheek.

Just then Ann arrived in the SUV. The pool party girls and Yvonne piled out of it.

Looking out the window I said: "All right. What's going on here?"

Barbara then said: "All right girls, time to get dressed. Matt, you might want to dress also."

Then she looked at me, winked and said: "You will soon see."

Connie suggested that I dress first.

The other girls headed for their respective bedrooms, Joyce and Bobbie headed downstairs.

Connie ducked into the bedroom as soon as I left it.

The pool girls and Yvonne were also downstairs.

The girls who were upstairs all reappeared in belly dancing costumes. They all were wearing veils. I found out later that Zena made her costume and one for Becca.

Belly Dancing lessons.

Barbara said: "We're doing belly dancing lessons. I'm sure you won't mind recording them."

Ann and the other girls all came up the stairs wearing outfits from Joyce's harem girl collection. The entire collection was in use. Gail was wearing harem pants with her bra up top. None of the harem tops would fit her.

I found it interesting as to who chose which outfits. Ann wore the most modest with Yvonne, Joyce and Bobbie close behind. Ruth wore the most extreme one with Robin, Ellen and Linda close behind. Candy, Joan and Janet wore less extreme but still very provocative costumes. Most of them were wearing veils. This included Ruth.

I said: "Oh my."

We moved the sofas to in front of the TV. I set up the floodlights and my camera in the large empty space thus created.

Ann did all of the introductions.

Joyce put on some music that Barb had provided.

Barb said: "First a short demonstration, then we will watch a DVD of lessons and then I will begin the class proper."

Barb, Connie, Zena and Becca began to dance. I video-recorded them. It was beautiful. It was clear that Zena and Becca were not nearly as practiced as Barb and Connie but they still did a creditable job.

Then we all moved to the sofas. The seats were all filled and several girls ended up sitting on the back while others sat on the floor in front. Barb said: "I'm going to leave this disk here." and started the DVD.

The video began by explaining the basic poses and moves. Then went on to more complex sequences. It was beautiful to watch.

The phone rang. Joyce answered it. It was Kim for me.

I took the call.

She said: "Are you busy?"

I replied: "Somewhat."

She said: "Then just one quick question: Did you send love last night?"

I answered: "Yes I did."

I could hear the joy in her voice as she said: "Thank you, thank you so much. I will let you get back to what you were doing. Call me when you have a chance. Bye"

I replied: "Bye."

I went back to watching the video.

The girls moved into the cleared area. Connie took the center spot with Zena and Becca on either side. The other girls formed a semicircle around them. Connie started demonstrating positions and moves while the other girls followed along. Barb wandered around giving tips.

After twenty minutes Barb called a break.

After the break they broke into groups of four. One leader and three students. They worked this way for about an hour. I wandered around recording the various groups.

Another break followed by another group session.

There was a great deal of sexual energy present. I had an erection.

Then we broke for lunch. We set out lots of food buffet style and the girls were quick to attack it.

Barb and I had a private conversation where she explained that Zena lived in Syracuse and would drop them off Tuesday night and pick them up on Sunday.

We were a happy group.

After lunch we again formed one group with Connie leading and the other three giving tips. The other girls were generally getting it. Obviously lots more practice would be needed but the basics were in place.

Ruth was displaying an amazing shimmy.

Another break then more work in the groups of four.

Still another long break and then another single group lesson. The student girls were actually starting to move in unison.

They got another break as Barb showed another DVD.

I ordered five large pizzas.

We talked about all this as we devoured the pizzas. The girls waned to know where Joyce got the harem outfits. Joyce printed out an information sheet. Every girl took one. Zena offered to make a top for Gail. It was clear that this class was a huge success.

After dinner Barb and Connie put on a demonstration dance. It was beautiful.

Everyone agreed that we would continue tomorrow at ten.

I received a kiss and a hug from each girl.

The girls who weren't staying changed back into street clothing while I copied the recordings into my computer and burned then onto two DVDs. I put the camera battery on its charger.

Barbara and Bobbie had a short private conversation. Bobbie left smiling.

Joyce told me she was going to make a grocery run as we were running low on lunch supplies.

Barbara broke out her cards again. Tonight's order would be: Zena, Becca, Connie and


Both Barbara and Connie modified their costumes by removing the bikini portion. Zena and Becca made similar modifications to their outfits as well.

Four girls again.

When we had entered the bedroom Zena undressed me. Then she pulled off her costume and spread her feet while looking in the mirror behind the dresser. I came up behind her and kissed her neck. Then I started caressing her breasts and rubbing my hips against her ass. Her aroma was delicious. We only did this for a minute or two before she bent forward, supported her upper body with her elbows, pushed her ass back like a cat in heat and said: "Take me."

I did, going deep, very deep. I reached forward to play with her swaying breasts but rapidly switched to holding her hips and occasionally reaching around to caress her clitoris.

She did not last long. Her orgasm was spectacular, ending with her head down on the dresser.

She said: "Oooh that was so great."

I made one last deep thrust and pulled out of her.

She stood, turned around and gave me a really sloppy kiss.

I went to find Becca.

Becca and I headed for her bedroom. We necked and petted for about twenty minutes and then she spread her legs sideways and invited me to mount her. I brought her to a very nice orgasm in less than ten minutes. Nothing psychic seemed to be happening but it was still very good, very loving.

Connie was all ready for me. She even had the bedcovers turned back.

She said: "I'm so glad we found each other."

I responded: "So am I."

The feeling of complete innocence returned.

We made out for a few minutes. She juiced up rapidly.

She said: "Can we try it doggy style?"

I replied: "As you wish."

She moved to her hands and knees. I moved behind her.

She went: "Ahhh.... So good.:" as I entered her.

I started playing with her breasts as I pounded away. She gasped and panted and tried to talk. I moved one hand to her clitoris. She came very quickly. She fell forward. I rode her down, lingam deep inside, one hand on her breast, the other on her clitoris.

She said: "I liked that."

I rubbed her clitoris slightly.

She said: "Don't you dare. It's just too sensitive now."

I moved that hand up to her other breast and just cupped it.

She said: "Umm that's nice."

I kissed her neck.

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