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Driving in Snow Ch. 31


This work is an exploration of some possibilities of the spiritual and psychic side of sex. There is a good deal of sex in this work but it always occurs in a spiritual, synchronistic and loving context. The spirituality expressed in this work reflects my present view of how the universe actually works.


For those who wish to read this chapter without having read the earlier ones, here is a very brief introduction. I still recommend that you read the earlier chapters.

Matt is driving cross country and ends up on a secondary road in a blizzard. He is rescued by a family who turn out to be soul mates with lots of past life ties. Both Matt and the Wells family quickly discover this. Matt who is over seventy years old and is in a celibate marriage ends up making love with Ann (Ch.1), Barbara (Ch.2), Cindy (Ch.3), Mary (Ch.4) and Barbara's best friend Connie (Ch.6). There are different psychic side effects with each girl. Barbara, Cindy and Connie have been taught belly dancing by the cheerleading coach at their high school. Ann is a genius who has already written a breakthrough scientific paper. Chapters 1-7 are a self contained story.

Ann convoys with Matt back to the Northeast and gets a special dual PhD program at a top science and engineering college (Ch.8-9). Ann and Matt set up a business called 3i. Ann finds a suitable building with a four bedroom apartment over it (Ch.9). Matt sets up a photo studio in the smaller conference room. There is lots of photography distributed through this story and yes the models generally end up posing nude. Ann and Matt hire Joyce and add a pool in the woods on 3i grounds (Ch.10-12). Barbara and Connie go to the same college in Western Massachusetts.

Ann is required to live in a dorm. Matt meets and is ultimately seduced by Ann's roommate, Janet (Ch.12). He is also seduced by Joyce (Ch.13). Matt meets two of Barbara's friends: 6' 4" Zena and 4' 11" Becca. (Ch14). They visit and discover a very nasty karma that ends up resolved lovingly (Ch.15-17). Chapters 14-17 are relatively self contained.

Ann invites a group of girls (Janet, Ruth, Ellen, Linda, Candy, Robin, Joan and ultimately Gail) for a pool party at our pool (Ch.18). This turns into a regular event with skinny-dipping (Ch. 18-23). Joan looks, sounds and acts just like Matt's first love (Jean). Matt also meets Ann's physics lab partner, Yvonne. (Ch.19). Matt interacts with both Yvonne and Joan (Ch.20-26+). Janet meets Ron (Ch.22) and Matt tries to bow out (Ch. 23-24+). Matt and Janet find a psychic level (Ch. 28-29+).

Joyce introduces Ann and Matt to Roberta (Ch. 23). She joins 3i (Ch. 29).

The college paper sponsors "Beauty on Campus." Ann is a finalist. Matt photographs four of the other five finalists (Kim, Doreen, Brenda and Lisa) (Ch.27+).


I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.

Chapter 31.


Joyce was busy ordering another dozen belly dancing costumes along with more belly dancing music and videos.

I actually got some work done. The same on Tuesday morning.

Wells family reunion.

Ann arrived at 3i just before two. I asked her why she was so early and she said that it was a short lab. I said that someone was being kind. She agreed.

She also said that Yvonne was very happy because her uncle was giving her a ride and would not have to wait so long for her. The two had had lunch together and then her uncle went wandering around campus both enjoying memories of past times and exploring all the changes. He was class of '74.

Yvonne had her uncle drive over to 3i so she could introduce everybody. We had a nice chat with her uncle Malcolm. He seemed to be a really nice guy and he was genuinely pleased to meet us.

They did not stay long since they wanted to get home and we needed to get to the airport. Nonetheless we did have an interesting conversation on the subject of reincarnation amd spiritual families. Malcolm surprised Yvonne by saying: "Reincarnation has long been something that I considered the most plausible process. I just have never met anyone before where I felt comfortable talking about it." He really liked the idea of spiritual families and that they crossed races.

Ann and I went to the airport. I had told Mary that I would be coming alone. We thought this would be a pleasant surprise.

When Mary saw me waiting just outside security she made a bee line to me with her arms open. We melted together and she whispered: "You don't know just how much I've missed you."

I replied: "This hug is giving me some idea."

Ann hugged her sister much more sedately. Then we switched partners. Cindy ground herself into me. I whispered to her: "Easy there girl, we are in public after all."

She replied: "Just wait until I get you alone. I'm wearing a pad just to not embarrass myself and my panties are still getting wet."

I laughed gently. She kissed my cheek. She said: "Is that OK?" I nodded.

We took the escalator down to the luggage area. Cindy was quite impatient waiting for the luggage. Mary was just glad to be here. I held hands with both of them.

Finally the bags arrived and we headed back to 3i. Mary sat next to me in the front, Ann and Cindy rode in back. We had a long discussion about who would use which bed. It was a given that I would be sharing a bed with Mary tonight. Cindy was not pleased but she understood. It was finally decided that tonight at least Mary would get the undamped waterbed and Cindy would take the damped one.

When we reached 3i I received two incredible hugs, first from Cindy and then from Mary. Cindy suggested that we undress but I pointed out that Joyce and Bobbie were still here.

I introduced Mary and Cindy to Bobbie. Joyce joined us as well for a short but pleasant conversation.

Ann called Barbara and found out that they expected to be dropped off about six. Ann asked if Zena would like to have dinner with us. Barbara explained that there were two more girls with them. Ann said that was OK. It was decided that we would be having company for dinner. Ann made several suggestions as to possible meals and a selection everyone was happy with arrived at.

We raided the kitchen for some snacks and then adjourned to the living room sofa.

Mary lead the conversation, talking about her spiritual breakthroughs. She was much happier now.

Mary also said that she was talking more with John and was beginning to see how his religious views were serving him. She said that this actually surprised her in that she had absolutely no desire to adopt them but that it was now OK for John to be John. Likewise John could not accept Mary's viewpoints but was becoming much more tolerant of them. He was being much more forgiving of Mary's 'transgressions.' He was slowly coming to realize maybe, just maybe, they weren't sins after all. Mary said: "This is a long journey for him."

They found that they were becoming much more loving but had absolutely no desire to remarry. Mary was glad of that because she found that she had utterly no desire to become sexually active with John again and John would not consider sex outside of marriage.

Joyce and Bobbie appeared saying goodbye.

I reminded them that they and their families were expected for Thanksgiving dinner.

We broke to prepare dinner.

Zena arrived right on time. She brought two friends.

Alice was Barbara's roommate and also lived in Syracuse. Maria Elena was from Utica. Both girls seemed very pleasant. Alice was five foot eight and thin with long blonde hair with a natural curl. Cute face, great legs, medium size breasts and an appealing behind.

Maria Elena was five foot six and a classical Latin beauty. Dark hair worn past her shoulders. Well padded. Great curves everywhere. She was wearing an off the shoulders top which showcased her very nice cleavage. I called her Maria but she said that she prefers: 'Maria Elena.' I thought 'Ooh Kay.'

Barb explained a bit about Alice. She was somewhat psychic but was home schooled by her college professor parents who pooh poohed any idea of psychic phenomena.

Alice said: "It is so neat having Barbara as my roommate. She is so supportive. It is nice not having to hide my psychic side. It is also nice to have someone who believes in me."

We sat down to dinner at about six fifteen. Light conversation during dinner. We had finished the meal by six thirty and Zena and company were on their way. Zena still had a long drive and it was beginning to snow in Syracuse.

As they prepared to leave Zena and I hugged. Alice and Maria Elena looked somewhat envious. I offered to hug them too. The hugs ended up quite mild in comparison to Zena's.

The six of us shed our clothing as soon as they were out the door. Connie came in a close second to Cindy. Great hugs with each of them.

Mary gave a quick summary of our earlier discussion for the benefit of Barbara and Connie. We continued with everybody sharing what was going on in each of our lives.

Eventually we decided it was time for bed.

I hugged each girl goodnight.

Ann whispered to me: "Wake me first in the morning."

Connie got the first bedroom. Ann and Barbara would be sharing the fourth bedroom.


We began with a playful time in the Jacuzzi. Part of the time we were side by side and part of the time she was on my lap.

At one point she said: "This is so decadent."

I replied, pointing to the bidet: "No, this isn't. That is."

We laughed.

I brought her to near orgasm several times only to let her slide back.

Then we dried each other off and went to bed.

I kissed my way down her body from head to toe. Then I returned concentrating on the inside of her thighs and her breasts.

She moved me to my back and moved astride me. She sighed happily as she settled onto my shaft. I alternated between caressing her breasts and her ass. Then I coated a finger with her fluids and inserted it into her rear, This sparked a long series of affirmative noises, not quite words but definitely sounds of approval. She ground herself onto my shaft with renewed vigor and soon had what she later described as 'an Earth shaking orgasm.' Her vagina squeezed and relaxed only to squeeze again repeatedly. She was in throes of ecstasy that seemed to go on and on.

Finally she came down and laid her body flat against my body.

She kissed me softly and said: "Thank you."

I rolled us over, both lingam and finger still deep inside her.

I asked: "Shall I continue?"

She replied: "By all means."

I began with long slow strokes but found myself gradually speeding up. Before long I was pounding away and we were both approaching orgasm.

Suddenly it was skyrockets and star shells, what an ending.

We both relaxed.

She said: "Ooh. Thank you. I don't remember it ever being this good before."

I replied: "You are very welcome."

I started to move off of her but she wrapped her arms around me and said: "Please stay on top of me."

We were soon asleep.

Wednesday Winter Wonderland.

I woke to the sound of a snowplow plowing our street. I looked out the window to see that it was snowing heavily and we already had more than six inches of snow. I looked out the window facing the woods to behold a winter wonderland. It was beautiful.

After visiting the bathroom I went and gently awakened Ann. We quietly moved to the living room.

She whispered: "Twenty strokes?"

I replied: "Sure."

We did our twenty strokes on the sofa and then did our communicating telepathically.

I crawled into bed with Barbara. She stirred and with half open eyes went: "Umm." I kissed her gently.

She said: "You sure know how to wake a girl the best way." We kissed again gently and then we settled down to some serious necking. It rapidly changed to petting and soon she was moving me on top of her. There were no psychic effects, just wonderful lovemaking and I soon brought her to orgasm. We caressed each other for several minutes and then I went to wake Mary.

I slipped back into bed with Mary. She was half asleep. We kissed. She noticed that my phallus was wet and gave me a questioning look.

I told her: "Ann and Barb."

She replied: "Busy boy but now this lady needs you inside."

With essentially no foreplay on her part she moved astride me and impaled herself on my organ.

She came to orgasm in about two minutes and lay flat on top of me. We kissed again gently.

She said: "You are such a nice lover."

I replied: "Thank you."

She said: "I should be thanking you."

We kissed again.

I went to wake Connie.

She too liked the way I woke her. No psychic flame just very loving lovemaking.

As we were cuddling afterwards I heard the sound of a vehicle in our driveway. It was Frank plowing us out.

Then I went to wake Cindy. Last but definitely not least. She was already wide awake and waiting for me. We did have our psychic sharing of orgasms. I counted, she had twelve. Mine was amazing.

Joyce and Bobbie both showed up at eight.

Barbara spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon exploring Bobbie's problem with her. Barb felt that we did not yet have a good handle on the spiritual purpose behind this and thus it would be premature to blindly go and do a psychic healing. Nonetheless Bobbie felt very encouraged.

We spent the morning in wonderful conversation.

The snow stopped falling about noon.

Frank plowed us out a second time. He also shoveled out the cars.

The delivery man did make it early that afternoon. He had several packages for Joyce. She showed them to Barbara and Cindy. All three girls tried them on.

Cindy performed two belly dancing routines. These were different than the ones she and Barbara had previously demonstrated. I recorded both. Cindy worked at teaching them to Barbara. They were both beautiful and erotic. I made an extra copy of my recording for Barb.

Joyce also received two CDs of belly dancing music. We played one. Barb really liked the music. The third cut inspired Ann who said that she wanted to dance to it. She went downstairs and changed into one of Joyce's costumes. She chose one that was moderately risque. She did wear a veil.

She came back up and we restarted the song. Ann's natural grace was shining through with a very beautiful dance. Most of the moves were the ones she had learned the previous weekend but she put them together in a new way and added several unique ones as well. Her dance seemed perfect for the music. I found myself wondering if this was some form of past life memory.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening was a combination of more great conversations and early preparations for tomorrow's dinner.

I slept with Cindy. She started out kissing me head to toe. Then she started licking the insides of my thighs. Then we settled down to some serious lovemaking. We had fun.


I again woke the girls 'the best way.'

Dinner was planned for about four. We had fourteen people coming: The Wells family, Connie, Joyce and her parents, Bobbie, her parents and brother as well as Fil and me. It would be a tight squeeze around the large conference table. Fortunately the table sides were convex so everybody would get to see each other.

Ann broke out her third set of dishes and likewise silverware.

She had planned a feast. Turkey and ham, stuffing, two salads, four vegetables, two kinds of potatoes plus several breads and rolls. Beverages were coffee, four types of tea, milk, water, six types of soda and four types of wine. Dessert would be three different home baked pies and four choices of ice cream.

Ann did the food preparation with the able assistance of both Barbara and Cindy. It was fortunate that the kitchen had double ovens since both were in pretty much continuous use most of the day. Both the kitchen and downstairs refrigerators were full. Both microwaves also got a good deal of use at the end.

Our guests all arrived between one and two.

Bobbie took her family on a tour of 3i. I noticed that her family always called her Roberta.

We all sat in the living room and had some truly fascinating discussions. We were a congenial group. Ann had the dinner preparation sufficiently under control that she was able to join in the discussions almost all of the time.

Dinner was a great success. Fil and Mary ended up sitting side by side. They really like each other.

Ann, Barbara, Cindy, Joyce and I cleaned up afterwards. It did not take us long although it would be three loads through the dishwasher. The wheeled carts were a godsend.

We went back to the living room sofa.

That night I shared a bed with Barbara. We had a strong psychic connection. I was really radiating love.

Friday - more oil and candles.

Mary got to pose in the studio. I got lots of beautiful photographs.

After dark I photographed Mary, Cindy, Barbara, and Connie oiled by candlelight. We all had fun and the results were amazing.

Connie and I had a good night together. We had our psychic flame.


Conversation with Yvonne.

Yvonne called me. She told me about her conversations with her uncle. It seemed that he thought much like Ann and I did but kept it all to himself. He was very happy to finally have someone to share it with. She had given her uncle copies of my writings and also Ann's. She said that he just devoured our writings and was especially impressed with Ann's "The Integration of Intuition." He said that he hoped we would all get together again and that we could have a really long conversation.

I said: "That sounds good to me."

She said: "How about tomorrow afternoon when he drops me off?"

I replied: "That will work. Give us some warning of your arrival time however. Otherwise you may catch us with our pants down."

She laughed: "Pants off you mean."

I replied: "Yep."

Then she said: "My uncle is very observant. He noticed how I looked at you. He told me that I did not have to answer his question. Then he asked if I was in love with you. I said yes but please don't tell mom and dad. He agreed and then asked if we were 'intimate.' I looked uncomfortable but didn't answer. He took that as an answer and said: 'I think you made a good choice and your secret is safe with me.' My uncle is a really special guy."

That night I shared a bed with Barbara. We cuddled and necked for a long time before we made love. When we finally did our psychic link was very strong as was my radiating love. Afterwards we both slept soundly. As I went to sleep I found myself thinking that Barbara is really a very special person and that I am very grateful to have her in my life.


We had a visit from Yvonne and Malcolm early in the afternoon. They were both pleased to meet the rest of the Wells family.

Malcolm had read all of our writings that Yvonne had. He had lots of good questions and some interesting takes on some aspects of spiritual reality. He largely stayed away from: "Is Sacred Sex Possible." Mary and Barbara were also active in the conversation. Cindy and Connie mostly just listened. Malcolm is both brilliant and wise. When he left he had copies of everything Ann and I had written plus a number of other books that we thought were exceptional. I wondered if he would find himself in "Interconnections" or in the expanded version.

That night we were again joined by Alice, Maria Elena and Zena for dinner.

Zena was ecstatic, bubbling with joy. She had had a date, two actually. Alice's older sister had a friend who was six foot six and had long been looking for a tall girl. They went out both Friday and Saturday nights. Zena and Ed really hit it off.

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