tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 35

Driving in Snow Ch. 35


This work is an exploration of some possibilities of the spiritual and psychic side of sex. There is a good deal of sex in this work but it always occurs in a spiritual, synchronistic and loving manner. The spirituality expressed in this work reflects my present view of how the universe actually works.


For those who wish to read this chapter without having read the earlier ones, here is a very brief introduction. I still recommend that you read the earlier chapters.

Matt is driving cross country and ends up on a secondary road in a blizzard. He is rescued by a family who turn out to be soul mates with lots of past life ties. Both Matt and the Wells family quickly discover this. Matt who is over seventy years old and is in a celibate marriage ends up making love with Ann (Ch.1), Barbara (Ch.2), Cindy (Ch.3), Mary (Ch.4) and Barbara's best friend Connie (Ch.6). There are different psychic side effects with each girl. Barbara, Cindy and Connie have been taught belly dancing by the cheerleading coach at their high school. Ann is a genius who has already written a breakthrough scientific paper. Chapters 1-7 are a self contained story.

Ann convoys with Matt back to the Northeast and gets a special dual PhD program at a top science and engineering college (Ch.8-9). Ann and Matt set up a business called 3i. Ann finds a suitable building with a four bedroom apartment over it (Ch.9). Matt sets up a photo studio in the smaller conference room. There is lots of photography distributed through this story and yes the models generally end up posing nude. Ann and Matt hire Joyce and add a pool in the woods on 3i grounds (Ch.10-12). Barbara and Connie go to the same college in Western Massachusetts.

Ann is required to live in a dorm. Matt meets and is ultimately seduced by Ann's roommate, Janet (Ch.12). He is also seduced by Joyce (Ch.13). Matt meets two of Barbara's friends: 6' 4" Zena and 4' 11" Becca. (Ch14). They visit and discover a very nasty karma that ends up resolved lovingly (Ch.15-17). Chapters 14-17 are relatively self contained.

Ann invites a group of girls (Janet, Ruth, Ellen, Linda, Candy, Robin, Joan and ultimately Gail) for a pool party at the pool (Ch.18). This turns into a regular event with skinny-dipping (Ch. 18-23). Joan looks, sounds and acts just like Matt's first love (Jean). Matt also meets Ann's physics lab partner, Yvonne. (Ch.19). Matt interacts with both Yvonne and Joan (Ch.20-26+). Janet meets Ron (Ch.22) and Matt tries to bow out (Ch. 23-24+). Matt and Janet find a psychic level (Ch. 28-29+).

Joyce introduces Ann and Matt to Roberta (Ch. 23). She joins 3i (Ch. 29).

The college paper sponsors "Beauty on Campus." Ann is a finalist. Matt photographs four of the other five finalists (Kim, Doreen, Brenda and Lisa) (Ch.27+). The results are announced. Kim won, Ann is second. Kim poses for Matt (Ch. 32). Brenda, Kim and Doreen pose (Ch. 33).


I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.

Chapter 35.

The weekend.

I spent the weekend with Fil. We talked, talked and then talked some more. All with the same openness that has characterized our relationship ever since I returned from meeting the Wells family. We also worked on our Christmas cards and our Christmas letter. On Sunday afternoon we went out for hot fudge sundaes. They were good, too.


Again I found myself being very productive at work, although several times that day I found myself wishing I could talk things over with Ann. Bobbie is good to brainstorm with but Ann is even better. This is especially true when we are doing it telepathically.

Bobbie was beginning to test her prototype.

I stopped into Bobbie's office just before lunch. She was topfree. Her breasts looked different somehow.

Bobbie told me that her milk production had dropped off significantly.

I caressed them. Her reaction was pure arousal. Within a minute she was gasping for air. In two she was in the midst of an intense orgasm.

She said: "Wow."

Then she kissed me gently.

At noon we made love again. She was one happy girl.

Yvonne called about six and I went and picked her up at her dorm. She had two suitcases, a full laundry bag and her backpack, also full.

She gave me a big hug, a very big hug.

I asked: "How did your finals go?"

She smiled and said: "I think I nailed them all."

I replied: "Good."

At one point Malcolm called Yvonne to confirm Saturday's pick up. I took the phone and suggested that he might want to stay overnight with us for an evening of conversation. He was thrilled with the idea. I passed the phone beck to Yvonne and went back to finishing getting dinner ready.

Later Yvonne explained to me just how thrilled he was. This was the first time in his life that a white person had ever invited him into his home to stay overnight. I thought: 'He still has some work to do on racial issues. I guess we all do.'

Yvonne and I had dinner together and then retired to the damped waterbed for an evening of strenuous exercise. Yvonne is amazingly easy to please. She is also imaginative, finding new ways to please me.


We were up about seven, sharing a nice breakfast ending with Yvonne bent over a kitchen counter again. She seems to really like that. I like it too. We showered together, dressed and headed downstairs. I suggested that Yvonne peruse our library and read for a while.

Instead she asked Joyce if there was anything she could do to help. Joyce gave her a couple of small jobs.

Then she wandered over and watched Bobbie doing her testing. Yvonne asked what she was doing. Bobbie explained.

Yvonne said: "I can do that for you if you like."

Bobbie let Yvonne take over. She did check up on her from time to time. Bobbie found that she was being very meticulous.

The two girls talked over the results so far. Yvonne had Bobbie explain the design in some detail. Yvonne made some suggestions for other tests that might be performed which would bring out different aspects of the design. Bobbie liked her ideas. The two girls established a firm partnership.

Ann arrived about five thirty looking more haggard than I had ever seen her. We hugged. That seemed to charge her batteries slightly.

I asked her: "How did things go?"

She replied: "Good, I think but now I'm totally beat."

Joyce had fixed us all a very nice dinner. We sat down to it.

As Ann sat down she said: "I'm too tired to eat much."

She then proceeded to devour two large helpings.

As she was serving herself a third she said: "I guess I was more hungry than I thought."

I leaned over and kissed her cheek.

As she finished she said: "I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. Don't be surprised if I sleep twenty four hours straight."

I asked: "Do you want me to scrub your back?"

She smiled and answered: "I'd like that but I don't expect it will lead to anything. I'm just too darn tired."

I asked: "When did you last get a reasonable night's sleep?"

She looked slightly embarrassed and replied: "Sometime last week."

We moved to the bedroom with the undamped waterbed, undressed and then headed for the shower. I scrubbed her down. She moaned happily not out of any sexual pleasure but because I was getting kinks out of overly tense muscles.

I asked: "Would you like me to cuddle with you tonight?"

She kissed me and said: "Thanks darling but I think tonight I wouldn't notice and besides Yvonne needs company."

We dried each other off and headed back to the bedroom. I tucked her into bed and kissed her goodnight. She was snoring gently before I finished dressing. I had never heard Ann snore before.

That night I did sleep with Yvonne. Again the spiritual connection had a special magic all its own. It was certainly 'sharing the sacred flame.'


I checked on Ann. She was sleeping soundly. Yvonne and I had breakfast. This time she made the pancakes. She did an excellent job. Then we dressed.

Yvonne went to work on the test program, making it more elegant and general purpose at the same time. Bobbie and Yvonne seemed to make a natural team.

Ann appeared in mid afternoon. We filled her in on all that was happening. She was pleased.

Ann then took me by the hand and lead me upstairs. We made love with extraordinary passion. Ann screamed even more loudly and joyously than usual. I was sure everyone in the building heard her.

We ended with our telepathic link firmly in place. For the first five minutes all I was receiving was Ann trying to find new ways of saying: 'I love you.' I must say that I got the message. We kissed gently.

We were telepathically quiet for several minutes. Then a flood of information about her last ten days started. I was right, she was a glutton for punishment. She was glad that she did it but even more glad that it is over.

Only then did we share my making love with Bobbie. Ann was very pleased. She telepathed: 'It's about time. She needed to be welcomed home. Besides the poor girl was horny.'

At five, we were going to sit nude on the sofa. We invited Yvonne to join us. She was delighted and said: "Thank you, thank you. This makes me feel even more part of this family." We had a nice time together.

Tax Attorney.

Early Thursday morning Ann, Joyce and I went to see our tax attorney to see what we could do before the end of the year to minimize 3i's taxes. We had over two million dollars in income. Prospects looked even better for next year. We planned a number of purchases, trying to keep them as expensable items as opposed to things we had to depreciate. Our lawyer asked if we wanted a weird one. He had found a curious rule tucked away in an odd corner of the tax law allowing a company vehicle to be expensed if it was more than two years old when purchased and was worth over $100,000. There were several more odd requirements but we would be able to meet them easily. We wondered about what special interest had the clout to get that put into the law.

When we returned to 3i we turned Joyce loose exploring what was available in two or more year old Aston Martin Rapides and Maserati Quadraportes. She found a dealer in New Jersey with both in stock.

Ann and I drove down to that dealership. We test drove several of each.

Ann was driving exuberantly one time and we were pulled over. The officer asked for her pilot's licence. She produced it and again got off with a warning.

The salesman said: "I'm going to have to learn to fly."

We all laughed.

We both liked one particular 2012 Aston Martin Rapide. I called a friend who lives in New Jersey and specializes in restoring and race preparing older Astons to see if he could look it over for us. It turned out that he already knew this particular car and gave it a clean bill of health. It was complete with the fitted luggage. We bought it. Thank God for electronic money transfers.

Meanwhile Yvonne had continued to work with Bobbie. Joyce was busy purchasing. She was regularly interrupting Bobbie with questions.

Ann started driving it back. We stopped for dinner along the way. Ann commented that she had never experienced an automobile that really felt like an airplane before. We swapped cars. The SUV was displaced in the garage. I backed the Rapide in.

Ann and I shared a bed that night. We made love gently.


Joyce noticed that the SUV was parked outside. She asked why. We let her see what was in the first bay.

Joyce squealed: "You really bought one!" Then she ran over to look at it. She opened the driver's door and was surprised by the leather smell. She took a deep breath and said: "Oh, it smells so nice." She slid into the driver's seat with a look of pure joy on her face.

Just then Bobbie arrived. She was entranced too.

I fired it up. The V12 made a gentle purr. I blipped the throttle slightly but not enough to invoke a real snarl, far less the feline roar that I knew was lurking there. I did not yet know about the muffler bypass switch.

We went back inside.

We decided since the Miata was the 'Red Rocket' and the Rapide was also red that it would be the 'Red Real Rocket' and we would call them 'R squared' and 'R cubed' respectively.

We let Joyce cope with getting the Rapide registered.

We sidetracked Bobbie into doing purchasing. Yvonne helped. Ann and I did some too.

Joyce and Bobbie joined Ann, Yvonne and me for dinner. Joyce prepared it.

Ann suggested that I sleep with Yvonne tonight. Yvonne was thrilled at the suggestion. This would be our last time together until next term.

Yvonne and I started with the Jacuzzi. We had a lot of fun. Then we moved to the undamped waterbed. She kissed and licked me head to toe. She was on fire. We made love passionately, making the bed churn. She had four orgasms. Afterwards she licked me clean.

We made love again about six AM. This time we were slow and gentle. It was oh so loving.

Malcolm visits.

Ann and I did our twenty strokes thing about ten in the morning. We had our telepathic link firmly in place.

I set the table while Ann organized offerings for lunch. Ann also set up a pot roast in the slow cooker. Ann had talked with Yvonne and found out that pot roast was one of Malcolm's favorites. We were ready.

Malcolm arrived at about eleven thirty. He did not look happy. Yvonne noticed immediately and asked what was wrong.

Malcolm was holding Yvonne as he said: "I'm afraid I have some very bad news for you. Your aunt Rosemary has cancer and it's terminal."

Yvonne burst into tears. Malcolm began to cry too. They held each other tightly.

Finally Malcolm continued: "It's pancreatic cancer and it has already spread. The doctors don't give her two months. In fact two of her doctors don't give her a month. The crazy thing is that up to three weeks ago she felt fine. We just got the definitive news yesterday,"

Eventually they pulled themselves together and we sat down to lunch. Ann and I offered any possible help we could provide.

Yvonne began telling us stories about her aunt. She was clearly a very kind soul, working behind the scenes to accomplish a great deal of good in the world. The more Yvonne talked the more I got the feeling that I knew her well in a past life sense. I also found myself wondering if she was here Bodhisattva.

Malcolm also told some more stories about his wife. It was clear that they loved each other dearly. It seemed a match made in heaven.

I found myself getting a firm intuition: Rosemary had come into manifestation with a definite spiritual mission, an important mission, and had accomplished it completely with both elegance and charm. I was not getting anything in the way of details about the nature of the mission, only that her mission here on Earth was fully complete and she was free to go home. Ann was in telepathic agreement.

We finished lunch. Ann and I put the extras back in the refrigerator and gave the plates a quick rinse. Then we all moved to the sofa.

Yvonne and Malcolm continued talking about Rosemary. I was sensing her spiritual power and her love for all mankind, both as individuals and collectively. She had indeed made the world a better place.

I commented: "Rosemary sounds like an old soul."

Malcolm looked somewhat surprised, then smiled slightly: "I hadn't thought of her in those terms but you're right, I believe she is."

Ann asked: "What is her attitude toward her illness and the prospect of death?"

Malcolm replied: "She is not the least bit upset about either. She says: 'What will be, will be.' she also says that she has lived a full life, full of love and who could ask for anything more."

I said: "As I said, she is an old soul."

Then I talked about my intuitions about her. Both Malcolm and Yvonne found themselves getting internal guidance that my intuitions were correct. I pointed out that old souls often choose to leave as soon as their mission is complete. A great deal of the pain of Rosemary's coming demise was melting away.

I found an interesting shift in our guests. They were both coming to a place of profound gratefulness that Rosemary had been in their lives at all.

The conversation drifted into a discussion of death. We were all aware of the reality of reincarnation and thus that death was not permanent and likewise we traveled in groups and would likely meet each other again.

But neither Yvonne nor Malcolm had read much about the actual process. I started describing what I knew based on my reading and talking with a number of people who had had so called 'near death experiences.'

I said: "The NDE descriptions seem remarkably consistent: floating above the body; seeing all around; traveling through a tunnel toward a bright light, a very loving light; performing a whole life review; meeting deceased family and friends; and feelings of total love and acceptance. A few people report meeting their deity of choice: Christians meeting Jesus, Buddhists meeting the Buddha, Hindus meeting Krishna. Most do not report meeting any specific deity but a being of light and love. The return is often described as painful but people afterwards find a new enthusiasm for life. They stop fearing death but see life as something precious. NDErs do not commit suicide."

Yvonne asked: "I know that NDE is the common term but I seems to me that these people actually died and came back. Am I correct?"

I answered: "Yes and actually I would prefer 'the resurrection experience' but that label is apt to get a good deal of push back from those that want to reserve the concept of resurrection for the Christ."

Malcolm asked: "I've heard the expression: 'My whole life flashed before my eyes.' Is this what you mean by the whole life review?"

I responded: "Yes. It is often described as very rapid but very thorough. There is often focus on incidents that would seem minor. There is no judgement associated with it. Usually it occurs just before or just after experiencing the tunnel but I have a friend who has had this twice under circumstances, in the Korean war, where death was likely but nothing had actually happened."

Yvonne asked: "What happens next?"

I answered: "Now I have to get more theoretical. There is a description given in the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead' but it has been a long time since I read it and I don't really remember what it said. There is another description given in some of the Theosophical literature. They talk in terms of the various bodies comprising a human being. They have a human with: a physical body, an etheric double, an astral body, a mental body and a causal body. The etheric double is sort of a blueprint for the physical body and disintegrates shortly after the death of the physical body. The astral body is the center of desires and emotions. It survives for a while and the being is drawn to the part of the astral plane with the strongest attraction. The lower parts of the astral plane are described as hellish while the upper parts are quite pleasant. The astral body is burnt off, lower desires first and eventually the being moves to the mental plane which is described as very pleasant, even heavenly. The mental body also burns off leaving the causal body free to reincarnate."

We discussed this for some time.

At one point I commented: "Apparently however if you are killed such that the life is unfinished you may come back essentially immediately. I don't really know how that works. Likewise suicide is from a spiritual perspective, a very bad idea and tends to have serious consequences. It does not work as a way to escape your troubles."

We talked for a while about how the causal body goes about setting up a new life and how it works with other members of the spiritual family. Apparently a great deal of planning goes into a future life but like in war, everything is different in the actual event. Unless a personality is very intuitive and willing to trust his intuition he will not have any awareness of the plan. Likewise a soul will come into manifestation with a definite mission, a task to be accomplished. Sometimes the tasks are small, resolving a particular karma or helping another soul with some minor thing. At other times the task is larger, sometimes even world changing. Sometimes this is called dharma or saddarma.

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