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Driving Miss Katie


It was February, 1978, more than ten years before Katie would become a well known TV morning show personality. Back then, Katie was a 21 year old college student from Virginia. She had just finished interviewing with a leading news network in New York City for a summer job. As she headed out, she realized it was going to be difficult to get back to her hotel in the winter storm.

It was almost impossible to see when she stepped out onto the sidewalk. She shielded her face from the driving blizzard and started up the street. Miraculously an empty cab appeared around the corner. Just before she reached it someone else climbed into the back seat. Katie was furious.

"Godammit, this was my fucking cab. You saw me. Get out."

Katie looked into the friendly blue eyes of a handsome man in his thirties. She recognized Brad immediately as a rising star at the network and someone who had interviewed her earlier that day. He looked back into her big brown eyes and immediately knew that someday she was going to be famous.

"If it's alright with you, Katie, I'd rather share. How about a drink?"

He took a flask and two shot glasses out of his briefcase. Katie apologized and slipped into the back seat. They clicked glasses and drained the first shot. Twenty minutes later they were on their third. The cab had barely moved.

Brad was charming and flirted teasingly with Katie. When he slipped an arm around her, Katie tilted her head. Their lips met. Her mouth opened and their tongues mingled. Brad moved his hand under her coat and gently massaged her soft breast. He pulled her blouse open and slipped his hand into her bra. She purred as he squeezed the naked flesh and pinched her swollen nipple.

Katie's body trembled with need. Brad kissed her neck and then pushed his tongue into her ear. Her hand moved to the bulge in his trousers. She rubbed along its length and massaged the swollen meat inside. She could barely contain the lust surging through her loins and making her panties damp.

Brad unfastened his trousers and pulled down the zipper. Katie's hand slipped inside. Her fingers wrapped around the hard flesh and pulled it free. She glanced down at his magnificent tool which was longer and thicker than any she had encountered during her limited sexual experience.

A gentle push of encouragement on the back of her neck was all she needed. She lowered her head and swirled her tongue swirled around the large knob of his swollen cock. He slid between her lips and pushed into her mouth. She explored every ridge and crevice, running her tongue across the veins that bulged from his swollen flesh. She moved her mouth up and down sucking and licking him aggressively.

Her pussy was dripping and demanded attention. Katie slipped a hand into her damp panties. Her fingers touched the moist petals and swollen clit. The cock in her mouth was like an aphrodisiac. She realized that her fingers would not be enough to satisfy the craving of her pussy. It needed to be filled.

Brad helped Katie slide into his lap. He lifted her coat and the back of her dress. The huge knob of his cock rubbed against her juicy slit while she was removing her panties and pantyhose. She felt his hard shaft split open her swollen plum and sink into her juicy cunt. She sat back until his entire length had filled her empty chamber.

Katie grabbed the back of the seat in front of her and rode him hard, lifting up and slamming down on the length of his cock again and again. She tried to ignore the eyes of the cab driver in the rearview mirror. Brad unsnapped her bra. His large hands enveloped her naked tits and pulled on her swollen nipples.

Katie couldn't contain the pressure building in her belly. She lifted up and slammed down desperately. Her pussy exploded. She arched her back and bit her lip, unable to control the convulsions of pleasure surging through her body.

Still in a daze, Katie felt herself being turned. Brad was now behind her plowing his cock into her pussy and jerking her body forward on each thrust. Katie's face pressed up against the window. She saw people watching them from the street as the cab inched along. She continued to slide up the window each time Brad pounded his cock up into her dripping cunt until her naked tits were also exposed.

The pressure in her loins returned, only this time with greater intensity. His cock pounded into her harder and faster. Brad groaned. Hot cum streamed into her cunt. A second orgasm ripped through Katie's body. Her body shook uncontrollably as flashes of pleasure sent her tumbling into bliss. She collapsed onto the seat drained of all energy.

Sex was not new to Katie, but this was the first time she had ever been fucked. Her body was alive. She was delirious with lust. All sense of shame had vanished. She could feel cum oozing from her pussy. She leaned over and sucked Brad's wilting cock into her mouth. It was thoroughly covered with the juicy product of their passion.

Her pussy was still tingling with need. Katie reached between her legs and dipped her fingers into her cum filled cunt. She brought them to her mouth and sucked on them before dipping them back into her pussy for more. She went back down on his cock until Brad was standing tall and ready for more action.

Katie straddled his lap facing him with her naked tits fully exposed. His throbbing manhood easily slipped into her boiling cunt and pushed deep into her belly. Brad cupped the cheeks of her creamy ass and pulled her clit hard against the base of his cock. She ground against him while holding him deep. Brad sucked a nipple into his mouth.

Katie's next orgasm came quickly. She threw her head back and tried to muffle a scream. She dug her fingers into Brad's scalp. Her body shook uncontrollably. Pussy juice gushed from her cunt. His cock stayed inside her keeping Katie on the edge even after the intensity of the orgasm had passed.

Brad moved her back and forth on his cock while he pumped it in and out of her twitching cunt. His fingers slipped into the crevice between her cheeks and pulled the two spheres apart. A fingertip rubbed across the tight nub of her asshole. Katie had never been touched there, but the sensation was pleasantly stimulating.

Brad licked her nipples and sucked hard on the sensitive tips, occasionally biting them gently and tugging on them with his teeth. His finger continued to press against her back door until it opened and the tip slipped inside. Katie gasped. His finger pushed deeper. The combined pressure from the cock in her pussy and his finger up her ass was more than she could handle. Her body stiffened and shook with yet another orgasm.

Katie was exhausted from the pounding of her swollen plum and the multiple orgasms that continued to surge through her body. She lifted her dripping pussy off of his hard cock and slid down in the seat with her mouth poised above his glistening meat. She wrapped her fingers around his magnificent shaft and slid her lips over the swollen knob.

Brad put his hands on the back of Katie's head and guided her bobbing motions. Her tongue swirled across the sensitive flesh. Her lips clung tightly to his shaft as they slid up and down. Loud sucking and slurping sounds combined with the gasps of her heavy breathing. Her hand pumped his cock aggressively while she sucked him in and out of her mouth.

The cab pulled up to the hotel just as the first explosion of hot cream splashed across Katie's tongue. Brad pushed her lips further down his shaft. More cum flooded into her mouth until it began to drool from her lips and back down his shaft. Katie shuddered with an involuntary spasm that washed through her pussy from the excitement of a cock exploding in her mouth for the first time in her life.

Katie heard the back door to the cab opening and quickly swallowed what hadn't drooled from her mouth. She scrambled to pull her coat over her naked tits and quickly wiped her lips. The doorman helped her from the cab, handing her the panties that he retrieved from the seat. Katie forced a smile and stuffed them in her purse.

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