tagInterracial LoveDriving Ms.Jackie in a Taxicab

Driving Ms.Jackie in a Taxicab


Hi there, I'm Jackie a 27-year old single chick who's an office worker during the week and somewhat of a party animal on the weekends. Saturday night is our favorite time to go to the dance club, it's a time to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves.

Who we go home with is anyone's guess. My girlfriend calls me a slut sometimes but she is just as bad as we have been known to often take a guy that we fancy off the dance floor into one of the bathroom stalls and have him bang us while stood up against the wall. Then with our panties in our purse or left in his pocket we would later delight in talking about the juicy cum that was leaking down our inner thighs.

The following depicts the events that surrounded a very recent Saturday night:

My girlfriend Cheryl who is 28 years old and just one year older than me had met a guy on the dance floor. Later she told me she would be going home with him soon, so that had left me pretty well alone at the table with another round of drinks. Shit I thought its only 1 o'clock in the morning, but I'll just finish these drinks and leave.

I loved to get laid on a weekend but this night was a bit unusual, I just wasn't into latching onto a guy tonight. I don't know why, maybe it was because I had dumped the guy that I was seeing a week ago.

But like old faithful, that guy was at the dance and he had brought us two rounds of drinks, which were starting to take an effect on me I knew, as I already had problems sitting up straight.

Once I had finished the next to the last drink and sat back again, the room was starting to spin a little and I only just made it to the bathroom before I threw up. Still I did have a good time, I loved to dance and I also loved the strong heavy beat of the canned music that they played.

It was just that sometimes I didn't know when to refuse drinks and I would often get well and truly plastered, such as that night when IT HAPPENED.

I picked up my purse and stumbled to my feet then made for the front door and as soon as I stepped out on the street and into the fresh air I felt weird and dizzy so I leaned against a windowsill.

I don't know how long I had half stood or half sat there with my hair covering half of my face, but when my eyes focused I saw a taxi and waved both arms, almost falling on the pavement as I lost my balance.

The taxi stopped and I was only maybe 7 feet from the backdoor but my legs didn't seem to want to go that way. Luckily the driver who looked like an old black dude got out and opened the backdoor then assisted me to get inside the cab.

"Where to Miss?" I heard him say and I blurted out my address.

The next thing I knew he was helping me out of the back of the cab. I heard the door slam and then he was supporting me as I part walked and part dragged my feet up the few steps to my first floor apartment.

He must have had the keys as I was suddenly inside and stumbling towards the bedroom as he still supported me by the shoulder or whatever.

Now at this point, YOU will have to be patient with me because I was drifting in and out of awareness for several hours.

I vaguely remember sitting on the edge of the bed while he pulled off my shoes and then in one swift move like some kind of magician he had my dress up and over my head. But I didn't seem to care even though I was bra less and just wearing a little thong and thigh- high-stockings.

This is where things got a little hazy because I'm still sat on the edge of the bed and I'm fumbling with a zipper. Next thing I did remember was putting this big shiny black cock in my mouth but I have no idea if I got him off or not.

Then suddenly I was in the bathroom sat on the toilet peeing and holding onto whatever I could hold as the room kept spinning around and around. Again I think the shiny black cock was still in front of me and I was trying again to get it in my mouth. I know I saw my thong style panties lying on the floor but I couldn't get them back on for the life of me so I gave up trying.

The next recollection was being in bed and staggering out of it when I needed to throw up again. I must have slept five or ten minutes, I don't know, knelt on the bathroom floor with my head on the edge of the toilet. What I do know is that my pussy was as wet as the ocean and sticky slimy juice was dribbling down my inner thighs.

Somehow I managed to get back into bed and was already sleeping. I was so comfortable curled up in the fetal position that I didn't even move as this thick cock slid inside my wet pussy from behind. The guy pushed for all he was worth until he grabbed my butt really tight and kept pumping and pumping as he shot his load deep inside my pussy. All I know then is that I was so comfortable that I could have slept in exactly that position for a week.

Sometime later things were a fraction clearer as I opened my eyes and saw nothing but blackness, but at least the room wasn't spinning. I was laid on my back with my legs spread wide open and some guy was on top of me pumping his cock into me like his life depended on it and I remember that I really liked it very much.

I could hear him grunting and groaning as he thrusted inside me while his sweat dripped down onto my face, but that didn't bother me as I was on the brink of orgasm and pushing back into him as fast as I could.

I couldn't move my hands too far as they seemed to be somewhat restrained but I just gave in and ricocheted from orgasm to orgasm. His grunts and groans turned into deep-throated moans as he started to ejaculate and then he thrusted spasmodically as he tried so hard to drive his cock all the way up to my tonsils. Little by little he slowed to a stop and then withdrew his wet dripping cock and it dragged all over my thighs sending chills down my spine.

I felt a little disappointed until I felt his mouth on my pussy as he lapped every square inch and pulled on my clit with his lips. It was more than enough stimulation to make me arch my back and thrust into his face. When his fingers pushed inside me it was overwhelming and moments later I orgasmed again.

He slowed down for a few moments until I had caught my breath and then he started again with his mouth and fingers. This time he didn't stop; I mean he REALLY didn't stop he just kept going and going like the Ever Ready bunny until I had had several more intense orgasms, then he moved around on the bed.

I felt his cock sliding around my face and then between my lips so I opened my mouth and started to lick it and then suck as much as I could. He shuffled around more and next I felt his sweaty balls over my nose as he held my head and pushed his cock into my mouth.

"Oooooh, oooooh, Ohhhhh, oooooh, oooooh, ahhhhh." He was softly moaning as he picked up the pace while he carefully fucked my mouth. He was just gliding in and out and it didn't take him long before his cock was throbbing in my mouth and suddenly he was spurting his cum into the back of my mouth while I was guzzling it all down my throat.

After he withdrew his cock from my mouth I felt my hands being freed and he turned me on my side away from him. Then he just gently massaged my back and my butt. Sleep came upon me in no time and I never heard him leave.


I slept until almost 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon and was awakened by a tapping noise on the door.

When I finally realized where I was I swung my legs out of bed and heard a squishing sound coming from my wet pussy. I realized that I didn't have any clothes on except my thigh high stockings, I scurried out of bed wrapped in a bedsheet and answered the door.

In the doorway stood an older guy with white hair, but black as the ace of spades and with a smile as big as a melon.

"You left your purse and some things in my taxicab, Miss."

"Oh, please come in, make yourself comfortable, I'll just be a minute and put some clothes on." I said and then headed for the bathroom and that's where I found my thong panties.

When I returned in a robe he was sat patiently and still smiling as I fumbled around with the Tylenol bottle and put the coffeepot on.

"Hi, I'm Jackie, thanks for bringing my purse over, I have to admit I don't recall getting home last night anyway."

"Hi Jackie, I'm Josh. My goodness Miss you were in a sorry state last night or should I say early this morning."

"How did I get in my apartment?"

"Well you slept all the way from the club to here. Then when I tried to wake you, I saw the keys in your hand, but I guess you must have dropped your purse and everything fell out. I helped you into the apartment and tried to make you comfortable before I left."

"How did I get undressed?"

"I took off your shoes while you were sat on the bed and as I was doing that, YOU whipped off your dress so fast I was shocked."

"Oh wow, I must have been really drunk."

"Yes, I'm afraid you were, you wouldn't let me go."

"Oh dear, what did I do?"

"Well you called me a real bastard for buying you so many drinks and at the same time you had your hands on my zipper and pulled it down real fast. You said that if I didn't let you take out my thing, then you would scream at the top of your voice and cry rape."

"Oh my goodness."

"Yes, I was really embarrassed stood in front of you, but what could I do. I thought well, maybe you will just fall asleep again."

"Did I do anything then?"

"Yes, you were playing with my thingy then licking and sucking it. I didn't know what to do, I was so afraid."

"Oh my god, this is a nightmare, maybe I was drugged. So what happened then?"

"Well you were in another world, I'm sure. But you wanted to be sick and I had to rush you to the bathroom. Then I was afraid to leave you, you were acting so funny and wanted me to stand in front of you again so you could play with my thingy again while you were sat on the pot."

"Oh, I don't know what to say."

"Finally you dropped asleep on the toilet so I managed to get you to bed. I'm afraid all you were wearing at this time was just your stockings, which only came up to your thighs and nothing else. I was just about to leave when you stumbled out of the bedroom and headed for the bathroom again."

"Oh wow."

"I heard a great big thump so I quickly checked on you and you were on the floor with your head in the toilet, being sick. Then I was afraid to leave you there so I made a tea and waited, but you slept for maybe 10 minutes and then I helped you back to bed."

"Well I guess I should thank you and apologize as well for my actions."

"I don't know Miss. I'm afraid I should thank you and also apologize."

"Oh why is that Josh?"

"Well on the way back to the bedroom you said that you couldn't sleep unless you, to use your words, 'got well and truly fucked'. I objected fiercely but you told me you would scream and cry rape. I thought you were comfortable in bed when you curled up like a ball. But you kept calling out for me louder and louder to get in behind you, to you know, stick my thingy into you."

"Holy shit."

"Yes, I was really afraid then and knew that you desperately needed to go to sleep. Or I would be in big trouble. So, I'm afraid that I had to comply with your wishes and get in behind you. Well I did my best and did what you asked."

"Oh my god, some of this is coming back to me now. Did you leave then?"

"Well I wanted to leave. But I was really afraid so I quickly took my taxicab back and told them I was sick. Then I came back here to make sure you were okay, you hear of people choking to death on their vomit."

"And then?"

"Well I just sat in a chair and watched you sleep, you woke up again and wanted to go for another pee, but I left all the lights very dim, I was so afraid that you could identify me if you suddenly decided to call the cops. Then when you got back to bed you insisted that I get on top of you and do it again, you know, have sex."

"Oh wow."

"I was truly terrified, Miss."


"Yes, I imagined you coming out of your trance or whatever it was and screaming your head off when you saw who I was. So I put a blindfold over your eyes and loosely tied your hands so that you couldn't take off the blindfold. Then I got on top of you and did just as you wished."

"Then what?"

"Well you got really excited and I thought that you were in pain, but you weren't, I think you orgasmed but I wasn't sure. I knew I couldn't leave you like that so I made sure that you really did orgasm many times. I'm afraid that you got me so excited that I had to have a blowjob to go."

"Wow, some things are coming back to me now and I remember having the most wonderful multiple orgasms that just wouldn't stop. Holy shit, did you do that Josh?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Oh wow, would you like a coffee and a piece of cake, Josh? Did you have lunch, would you like to stay for supper and spend the evening?" I said with a big smile.

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