tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDriving Through Duluth

Driving Through Duluth


This happened a few years ago and is written as it really happened. At the time I was driving an older model luxury car that had a large bench seat for the front. This car wasn't an old piece of junk, and a very nice car that wasn't quite a classic, but wasn't a cookie cutter newer car. Since it was a very bright red most people looked at it, and several would look at it very closely as we met them, or passed them by.

I don't know how many of you have ever been to Duluth, MN but it's a very long narrow city perched on the hillside of Lake Superior. This happened after we'd been having a very enjoyable stay north of the city and we were continuing our behavior as we drove home.

On our ride home my wife was dressed in shorts and a t shirt without wearing any bra. Since she was able to sit right along side of me it was easy for me to lift up her shirt and play with her tits while she laid her head back on my shoulder. We had already driven for a couple hours while I played with her tits, and had also unzipped her shorts for access to her freshly shaved pussy.

When we entered the town of Two Harbors she pulled her shirt back down as we had to stop several times for traffic and stop lights. As you go between Duluth and Two Harbors you can choose the 4 lane highway, or the scenic 2 lane road that goes through the small towns. I choose the scenic route and as soon as we had turned onto it pulled her shirt up into her armpits and started to again caress and play with her tits.

During the next 21 miles of road we drove along with her tits completely bared as we slowly made our way to Duluth. During this drive we must have met at least 100 cars and trucks and since it was a nice sunny day all of them had a clear view of my wife's tits through the windshield.

When we eventually reached Duluth I thought that she would once again pull down her shirt, but since she made no effort to do so I just did my best to keep her shirt from falling down and covering her up. We started our drive through Duluth with her tits proudly on display.

For those of you who don't know this city at all I've heard that it's 25 miles long. I must admit that didn't watch the odometer, but it took quite some time to make it to the other end of the city,

The first part of the road is 2 lane highway at 30 mph. Since the traffic was going slow, and our car was often looked at for itself, I'm certain that most of the traffic we met took a look at the car, and then into the car when they say my wife's tits! The same would be said for the cars that were on the side streets waiting to pull onto the road.

Eventually the road comes to the busy part of the city where the hotels, gas stations etc. are. I choose the bypass route which put us on a 4 lane road away from the stop and go traffic. At that point you come to a stoplight, which was red, so I pulled into the left turn lane along side a pick up truck which was on the passenger side of our car. I could look over and easily see the driver so I know he could look into our car and see my wife's tits. Just as he noticed I pulled ahead a bit and then made my left turn. He was going straight ahead so I didn't have to worry about him trying to follow us.

About this time my wife looked around and saw we were in more traffic, so before she could pull her shirt back down I pulled into the right lane so any cars that passed us would have me between them and a view of her nudity. This seemed to satisfy her and she closed her eyes again. I should mention that during most of this time she also had her hand down my pants and the combination of the stroking and the exhibitionism was too much so I had to have her stop.

We made it through the rest of the downtown bypass without incident, and as we cleared the downtown we met some traffic coming in from the right side of the car. I don't think my wife noticed at all, but for almost a mile a taxi cab followed alongside of us. He kept straining his neck to look over at my wife, while also trying to watch the road. He had passengers in the car and had to exit or I think he might have followed us for quite some time.

Traffic soon thinned out, we climbed the big hill and were out of Duluth. My wife kept her shirt up exposing her tits for several more miles before we turned off the freeway. All in all I'd say that she rode at least 70 miles with her tits showing. Both down the freeway, along a busy 2 lane highway, and through a long busy city. Very exciting for both of us!!

Within a few minutes of turning off the freeway and driving down an rather deserted 2 lane highway I had stroked her pussy to an orgasm, and she quickly proceeded to pull my pants down and give me one of her wonderful blow jobs. It was a great ending to a few hours of exhibitionism.

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