Unable to resist, Doug put his hand inside his pants and began to rub his fully hardened cock. Realizing that he was watching his boss get his cock sucked on the back porch, he decided that there was little reason to keep it in inside his pants. He pulled his sweatpants over his protrusion and let them fall to his tennis shoes. He stroked his cock cautiously, not wanting to come too quickly, enjoying the sight of his bosses clenched ass, powerful and manly, the woman's swaying tits, vulnerable and exposed to the bright light of the morning, the gooey saliva hanging in thick strand from her chin.

Finally Doug got up the courage to say: "Do you mind if I get in on this, boss?"

"Go ahead," said Mr. Ryan, becoming aware of the half naked youth pumping his own cock desperately.

Doug didn't hesitate in thrusting his aching cock toward the responsive mouth. She preformed the same ball-sucking initiation on his cock before chocking it back the way she had Mr. Ryan's. As she started to salivate and get messy over these two cocks, alternating her attention between the long fat dick of Mr. Ryan and the rock hard offering of the younger man, she felt her pussy start to get moist and slippery, her juices dampening her thong and rolling hotly down her inner thigh. She put both cocks into her mouth at once, letting them touch and move against each other, tasting their juices and letting them mingle, letting the excess saliva run unashamedly down her chin.

Both men watched their cocks together in Ms. Dawson's mouth, feeling each other's hardness. Mr. Ryan reached over and lightly touched Doug's ass, caressing the thousands of blonde hairs that were all standing alert on his round and youthful ass cheeks. Slowly he moved his hand toward Doug's crack; he pushed a finger down the crack, brushed back and forth against his sensitive hole, and then moved it toward the base of his scrotum. Ultimately, sharing the same mouth was too much for both of them: Doug, young and relatively inexperienced, came without warning, forcing his come down her throat, causing her to pull back quickly, the excess come mixed with spit, drooled out of her mouth.

Mr. Ryan pulled his juicy member out; Doug's come dripping from its head, mingling in one long strand with whatever was sliding down Ms. Dawson's chin and coming to rest at the top of her left freckled breast.

"Give me that cock," she said hungrily before taking Doug's cock deeply back into her mouth.

While Ms. Dawson sucked whatever come was left from the head of Doug's cock, Mr. Ryan slowly pulled on his cock and waited for the right moment. Finally, she was ready and he shot his load all over her face and she moaned and blinked, her long eyelashes heavy with come.

Wiping her face she got up and said: "Now, I know that that doesn't cover the full two hundred, but I will be sure to pay you in full if you return some evening later this week. Currently I have guests, so I'll have to cut this short. Although Mr. Ryan felt very well compensated, he played along and promised that he would come back later to collect what was owed. Ms. Dawson returned inside and the two men dressed, each taking one final glance at the other's cock. For a moment, Doug felt a twinge of guilt, thinking about his wife, Joanie, who was just now waking up naked in their first apartment together as a married couple. Certainly, he thought quickly, this indiscretion could not be held against him; who could have resisted?


Meanwhile, Paige and Anthony had gotten bored waiting for Ms. Dawson to return from her conversation with the landscapers. Paige was aroused. She always was after their jogs, but today, after catching sight of Ms. Dawson's glorious tits, she felt herself getting that irresistible urge for satisfaction. She leaned over and casually unzipped Anthony's shorts. Anthony always wore running shorts that were made of a thick spandex material, featuring a short zipper for extra tightness. His cock, surprised, stood slowly, still hanging over to the left. He asked her briefly to stop, but couldn't really muster any serious objections. Paige began sucking his cock. One of her favourite things was sucking cock, she loved to spit huge gobs onto the head and watch it roll down, where it either nestled in well trimmed pubic hair or rolled all the way over her lover's ball-sack. She was in the midst of taking Anthony's cock deep within her mouth, on her knees now in front of him, her own hand sliding down the front of her white shorts, slipping in between her wet pussy lips, when Ms. Dawson returned.

"Oh God," said Ms. Dawson. At that moment, both her son and she thought of the time when she walked in on him massaging his friend, both naked, his cock gently rubbing across his friend's ass crack as he straddled the boy's body, deeply working the muscles around the shoulders and neck. That incident had certainly started something wonderful between them, and this interruption could be the same. This time, Anthony barely moved. When Paige's head snapped around at the sound of someone entering the room, Anthony continued to stroke his cock, a small smirk on his face.

"I'm sorry, Meg," said Paige, her face shiny with spit.

"Don't be sorry, honey. I'm glad to see that you're taking such good care of my son. I hope you're grateful Anthony. Most married men aren't so lucky."

"I am grateful."

"Let me see you suck my son's cock. Maybe I can give you a few pointers. Hey," she said, pulling on the white shorts, "why don't you get more comfortable."

So, Paige took off her shorts and went to work on a cock that was thick and heavy on the end, like a clenched fist ready to pound. Ms. Dawson smelled the glorious aroma of her pussy, exaggerated by arousal and made more pungent from the drying sweat of the early morning run. Even as she sat, her legs spread, on the easy chair adjacent to the couch, she could smell the dark perfume of pussy emanating from the spread lips. Ms. Dawson, still aroused from the events on the patio, removed her thong and resumed the slow, deliberate stroking of her pussy.

Finally, she couldn't resist any longer. She got down on her knees behind the girl and began to run her hand up the girl's strong thigh and then slipped the side of her hand inside the spread pussy lips as she watched the girl put the rigid cock deep in the back of her throat.

"Good," she encouraged softly. "Fuck that cock. Don't forget about his balls. Yeah, that's right." Finally, her son's cock became irresistible to her. She moved over and began to lick his balls while Paige continued to suck him hard and deep.

"Okay," Ms. Dawson commanded. "Put your pussy in his face and make him prove that he's grateful." Without a word, Paige complied, standing on the couch, writhing against his face. She stood on her tip toes so that her cunt was fully over Anthony's face, which was leaned back so that his chin was straight up in the air. Spreading her lips with her fingers, Paige slid her open pussy over his nose and his protruding tongue. Supporting herself against the wall, she slid back and forth over his face, giving him only seconds to get a breath before she was over him again.

Ms. Dawson was now swallowing the throbbing cock vacated by the convulsing girl. While she sucked his cock, she watched a single bead of pussy juice roll down the inside of her daughter-in-law's leg. She slipped the index finger on her left hand into the darkness of Anthony's ass crack and ran her right hand up Paige's leg and pushed a finger into the puckered jewel of her asshole. Both adjusted slightly to allow the probing fingers to find their way home, and she was able to slide in easily up to the knuckle.

The girl, her huge tits bouncing, yelled: "Two, Two, Two!" In compliance, Ms. Dawson slipped two fingers into her daughter-in-law's asshole. She rocked against the two fingers, feeling them hit a spot that seemed to be so deep inside her, so wonderfully mysterious. She bucked and moaned and covered Anthony's face with her musky wetness. Suddenly, Paige shrieked and pushed the fingers deeper inside herself and slammed her cunt into Anthony's face, coming explosively, shooting juice all over his face and down the inside of her legs.

Momentarily she paused to enjoy the moment and then joined Ms. Dawson in sucking Anthony's cock. She licked around Ms. Dawson's fingers, which were pressed knowingly up her son's asshole. She tasted him and salivated uncontrollably. Her pussy was still wet and quivering as she ran her tongue along her lover's balls, up the shaft, meeting Ms. Dawson at the head; the women paused from their work to kiss, and then Ms. Dawson fed Paige the fingers that had been up her ass. As the women kissed passionately, Anthony felt himself climax. He stood up to jack himself off into their waiting faces. He shot his come into Paige's open mouth where it mixed with her saliva and ran down her chin. But, before it could drop from her face, Ms. Dawson captured it, taking the come into her mouth. Then, she grabbed Paige by the throat and forehead, causing her to open her mouth and tilt her head back. Carefully, slowly, she formed a gob and dropped it deeply into the open throat where it slid down the back. Anthony forced his dying erection deep into her throat as Ms. Dawson restrained the girl against her urge to retreat.

Finally, she let her go, "Good girl," she cooed. "Anthony, you've got a good girl here." She slapped the coughing girl's ass.

"She is, mother," said Anthony kissing his mother deeply.

After their kiss, Ms. Dawson said, "Oh dear, the coffee has gone cold. Should I make a new pot?"

"Well mom, we actually have to get going. We're showing a house today and hopefully we can make a sale."

"In that case, it was great to see you both, and I really mean it. That was fabulous."

Just at that moment, Paige was coming to her senses. In the madness of fucking, she hadn't even thought about the implications of what had just happened. They were delicious implications, but wild and deviant all the same.



Several hours later, Paige was dressed in a short grey skirt and a fashionable pink blouse; her heels might have been a little high for serious real estate, but she found that they gave her the confidence she needed when she is trying to make a sale. Having Anthony by her side, wearing khaki's and a blue polo shirt, tight against his toned body, also added to her confidence. They met the prospective buyers in front of a well-priced, well-kept bungalow.

"Hello, Paige and Anthony. How are you this afternoon?" Jane spoke in a mysterious accent: it had some recognizable southern elements, but it seemed to be mixed with the speech of a fisherman off the coast of Maine. She was tall and thin; her red hair was cut neatly with cute bangs and straightened and carefully styled hair. She had long legs and small pointed tits; her erect nipples were prominently displayed from behind a thin white cotton tank top. Her pale skin was pleasantly dusted with freckles and even they seemed to be visible through her tank top. She wore mercilessly tight Capri cargos and a stylish pair of flip flops. Her husband Tom was even taller than she, blonde with a big chest, strong arms and well defined legs. He was dressed in running shorts that barely hid his large cock and a t-shirt that struggled to meet the waistline of his shorts. He wore a partially stunned expression, his mouth slightly open, his striking blue eyes looking off into the middle distance. As Paige introduced herself and Anthony, she noticed a rather large semen stain on the bottom right of Tom's shirt.

"We're doing very well," said Paige, throwing a glance at her husband. "How are you?"

"We're ready to buy."

"Great. Well, this is the house. It fits perfectly into your budget and offers many of the items on your wish list, like a hot tub and a fireplace. It also has a very large garage, which is a pretty rare, but definitely an enviable addition to a property in this neighbourhood. Why don't you go in and have a look. We'll wait out here. Just give a shout through the bedroom window when you need us."

"Great. We'll see you in a bit. Thanks."

As they left, Anthony and Paige continued the conversation they were having before the couple showed up.

"So, you're really okay with the fact that my mom, you know, does that to me from time to time?"

"Anthony, I just wished you had told me sooner. Honestly, I can't wait to go over there again. She really knew what she was doing."

"Well, she's had enough practice. God, you don't know how good it is to be able to share this secret with someone. All through high school I couldn't say anything. I thought we were freaks, but even still, I never wanted her to stop."

"I can see why."

"Wow. I always worried about what would happen when this all came out."

"Anthony. With me, everything is permissible. Haven't you noticed? I love Williamsburg."

Meanwhile, Tom and Jane had checked out the house and they thought it looked pretty good. The place would be a bit of a step down for them. They had inherited a rather large house from his parents, but they had always found it a bit of an imposition to clean and maintain, and now that another year had passed without Tom making partner, they had decided to move into something a little more manageable. In some people's eyes, Tom's inability to make partner might have seemed like a failure, but neither Tom nor Jane seemed to think of it that way. The blank look on his face was often confused for stupidity, but he was smart enough to make at least an average lawyer; that look on his face may just have been the peace of a man who knew exactly why he was put on the earth, and it wasn't to push pencils around a desk for some corporation.

In the living room they noticed a number of porn magazines on the coffee table. Tom couldn't resist flipping through a few. Jane rolled her eyes and said, "Only in Williamsburg." Their last stop was the master bedroom. When they got there, Jane exclaimed: "Oh Tom, this is the place. Look at the size of this bedroom. Look at the closet space." She moved to the window to call to Paige and Anthony, but as she put her hands on the windowsill Tom came up behind her and took her tits in his giant hands and thrust his pelvis into her small firm ass.

"Maybe," he whispered into her neck, "we should take a minute to test this room out." He popped open the button on her pants and began to slide the zipper down. Realizing that she was not wearing any panties, he slipped his heavy finger into her shaved pussy. She moaned softly, giving him the signal of approval. He quickly dropped his shorts to the floor releasing a most amazing cock: long and thick, beautifully smooth and pink, arrow straight with a slight heaviness on the end. She wriggled out of her pants and bent at the waist to accommodate him, gripping the windowsill with both hands. He plunged into her waiting pussy, her tits stiffened further, her mouth opened in pleasure and pain, her red hair falling out of her tight ponytail and hanging in front of her eyes. He moved his one mammoth hand up her shirt, squeezing her hard tits; his other hand reached around her jutting hip bone, briefly tracing its outline, and then coming to rest over her pussy, his finger applying gentle pressure to her clit.

As Tom moved against her she helplessly began to call out: "Yes, yes, yes!" On the sidewalk, Anthony and Paige looked at each other and, thinking they had just made a sale to a couple of extremely enthusiastic buyers, rushed in to meet them in the master bedroom to seal the deal before they could change their minds.

Upon entering the room, Paige first saw Tom's ass clenched and before she could fully compute what was going on, Anthony came in behind her, pushing her further into the room and negating any chance of a quiet exit. Surprised, the two lovers broke apart, not quickly, but more reluctantly. Paige and Anthony stood, speechless and frozen, both gazing at the most remarkable cock they had ever seen.

"We'll take it," said Jane, breaking the silence, the hand that had been covering her pussy involuntarily began rubbing it.

"God," said Paige, "if you don't mind me saying so, your husband has the most remarkable cock I have ever seen."

'It's pretty fabulous isn't it?" answered Jane, talking about Tom like he wasn't really there, which seemed true, give his empty gaze. Then, referring to his collection of DVDs, she asked, "Tom likes it when strange people suck his cock. Do you want to suck it?" Jane asked. Tom, undoubtedly, did not get the reference.

"Oh fuck, yes!" said Paige, getting on her knees and tasting the juices of their two satisfied clients mingled on this giant rod. Jane now became actively involved in rubbing herself and said to Anthony, "Why don't you come over here and help me out."

Anthony felt like he should apologize as he took off his clothes, showing a cock that seemed so average in comparison. This was Anthony's problem: he had always wanted to be like those confident men with their beautiful cocks—the men he had so often seen parading around his mother's house—instead of just enjoying the beauty of his own dark rod.

Jane, keeping her legs straight, spread her legs so wide that she was supporting herself on the insides of her feet, and said: "I need my asshole licked clean."

Anthony started licking her at her inner thigh and moved up slowly, pausing momentarily to taste her wet pussy, feeling the heat radiating on his face. He moved into her ass, tasting a pungent saltiness, an exotic sharpness and experiencing the deep and glorious mystery of a woman's asshole. As she loosened, he drove his tongue deeper into her asshole, then circling his tongue around, tasting the overflow from her wet pussy. She moaned softly. She had positioned herself in such a way that she could watch Paige suck her husband's cock and she noted how deeply she was taking him into her mouth, working his head with her throat, covering his gorgeous member with spit.

After several minutes of intense sucking, Paige sat back and said to Jane, "You know, I've got to ask, but would it be okay for Anthony to suck this cock. I know he likes it, and I would absolutely explode if I saw it."

"Sure. He doesn't care as long as he's getting sucked by something. But I want to eat your pussy while you watch."

Anthony eagerly moved over to take the massive cock, taking in the sweaty, gooey rod just like he had so many times in college, except this was a cock for the hall of fame, he wanted to savour it, to devour it, to feel it explode inside his mouth.

Meanwhile, Paige unzipped her skirt and let it fall to floor and Jane came over, now naked and started to unbutton Paige's pink shirt exposing her fine, olive coloured tits, heavy and erect. Jane then directed the tall dark woman to get on all fours on the bed facing Tom and her frenzied husband. Jane laid flat on her back and directed the woman's hips over her and pulled Paige's spread pussy down onto her face, driving her tongue in and out of her slippery hole, moving quickly to her clit and then all the way down to her asshole. From the front, Tom watched Paige's tits swaying, her black hair fallen over her face, her hands clenched on the bedspread.

Paige looked up and met Tom's eyes, she said, "I want you to fuck my husband. I want you to fuck him right in front of me with that unbelievable cock." She almost shrieked that last part. The men eagerly obeyed. Tom found lubricant in the bedside drawer and methodically, without changing his expression, began to put one finger, then two, then three into Anthony's asshole as the submissive man braced himself against the footboard.

"Fuck him!" Paige called, pushing herself onto Jane's face, squeezing her own tits roughly, running one hand through her hair so that she looked like she was riding a bull instead of a woman's face. As the moment grew nearer, Paige began to convulse more vigorously, rubbing her pussy over Jane's face, feeling it become more slippery. Tom grabbed Anthony's ass cheeks and squeezed them around his cock and began fucking his cheeks. Anthony moaned at the pressure on his loosened asshole and particularly enjoyed the way Tom's sack rubbed into his inner thigh.

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