tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDrop That Towel!

Drop That Towel!


I was always a paper-pushing professional all my life. I had been an above-average student in school and was fortunate enough to land myself a well-paying job after the university. The job permitted me a lot of travel. That said, I would imagine that my life was what many people would consider as boring. For one thing, I wasn't a very outgoing person. I preferred to keep alone and lose myself in work. While my buddies in the office headed out to the bars and clubs after finishing up for the day, I preferred to work out my frustrations at the local gym. I guess my friends would tell you that I liked to live a quiet life.

I had no idea how much all that would change after what happened to me a few months ago, at a beach resort late one night.


I was in a fix and I knew it.

At that time, I was on a business trip and the client had booked me in a sumptuous tropical resort in Southeast Asia. I had my own villa to myself, overlooking lush green gardens beside the sea.

Somehow, I managed to lock myself out of my villa wearing only a bath towel. How it happened, don't ask me. Let's just say that I can be quite stupid at times. I guess, anyone can, at one time or another.

If this were just an ordinary hotel, I'd just look for the in-floor intercom and ask for a spare key to be brought up to me. Unfortunately this was an outdoor resort and the front desk was about a kilometer away. This, plus the fact that it was about two o'clock in the morning, made me decide against walking to the reception lodge to ask for a spare key.

I knew that the adjoining villa was occupied, so I took the chance of asking for help there. The lights were still shining out the windows of the front room, so there was a chance that the occupant was still awake.

I rang the bell and a woman opened the door. All at once, I recognized her. She was staying here at the resort by her lonesome self and I remember running into her at the buffet table at lunch. I don't normally stare at women openly as I consider this a breach of etiquette but I could not help but glance at her with admiration when she passed by with a plate heaped with seafood. Her lithe, slim form was certainly set off wonderfully by the lavender sarong wrap she wore. Her lavender wrap left her arms and the upper slopes of her breasts bare, and I could not help but imagine how smooth her soft, creamy skin must feel. I could tell she noticed I was admiring her by the look that passed upon her face at that moment. What I could not tell was how she would have felt if she discovered that I was busy staring at what was beneath her wrap and just wondering how sexy she must be in the nude.

The memory of our earlier encounter faded away and I found myself before her once more, this time, in much altered circumstances. She was petite, fair skinned and blessed with a pretty, slim figure. Others would describe her as almost elfin but for the delightfully large breasts which, though surprising for a woman of her build, only made her appear even more desirable. She had beautiful almond shaped eyes, the kind you'd describe as cat-shaped. Tonight, she was wearing a long lavender nightshirt that barely reached until her thighs. By the looks of it, I was willing to bet she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Somehow, I wondered if lavender was her favorite color. Taking in the sight of her smooth shapely legs, silky thighs and just a hint of her bare breasts under the nightshirt caused my penis to twitch ever-so-slightly. I instinctively fumbled with the towel to hide my reaction, embarrassing as it was under the circumstances.

"Yes?" she asked, after opening the door just a bit.

"I uh, I'm sorry." I managed to stammer. "But I seem to have locked myself out of my villa without my key. I was wondering if I could use your phone to call reception and ask for a spare one to be brought here?"

I was beginning to get rather flustered and embarrassed, standing clad solely in a towel at two in the morning before a very attractive stranger. The cool evening breeze whipped by and stirred the towel. It was a good thing that I consciously maintained my grip on it, as the last thing I needed was to have more of me exposed against my will. I wanted to get out of the outdoors as I could feel the cool evening breeze caressing my bare legs, my behind, and my excitable cock which was hanging loose underneath its only covering. Standing there, I absently hoped the wind would quiet down even for a moment. I was very conscious of the fact that my cock was no longer quietly flaccid but was now filling up, and becoming a bit larger. I felt a warm glow spreading from my groin and I knew that an embarrassing bulge was due to show any moment below the waistband of my towel.

She just stared at me in that peculiar way of hers for about a few seconds. Then, the seconds lengthened appreciably without her giving me a response, save for that quaint expression in her pretty face. It was getting pretty awkward and I was beginning to think it was a bad idea coming here. I started to consider trying another villa down the lane, although the next ones were quite a walk away. Maybe I could move along the bushes in the gardens of the resort grounds to avoid running into anyone unnecessarily.

I noticed that she had a way of staring at me with those deep all-so-attractive eyes, a way which I could only describe as mysterious and intriguing. I then had this uncomfortable feeling that she was sizing me up, almost as if she was trying to get a view of what the rest of me looked like under the towel. Deny it as I might, I had to admit that being under her scrutiny in my present state of undress aroused me somewhat. This caused my dick to harden even just a wee bit more, very much against my will, making me clutch the towel even tighter around my midriff. I knew for sure that a tell-tale bulge was now forming between my legs.

"Sure, come on in," she said with a smile; or more exactly, a cat-like smile.

"Thanks" I answered with a sigh of relief, entering into her villa. At the same time, I suppressed a sudden notion that I was a little mouse being led into a vixen's parlor.

Her villa's layout was identical to mine, one large bedroom which also doubled as a living room and a door to the rear leading to a generous toilet and bath. Her bed was turned down and only a pair of dim lampshades was on. The large French windows affording a picturesque view of the resort were open, the curtains drawn to the sides.

"Now if I could just -" I began while walking to the phone on the bedroom dresser. I noticed the air-conditioning was turned up and it was quite chilly. My skin was already breaking out into gooseflesh as I am pretty sensitive to cold. I never got to finish my sentence as she suddenly spoke, interrupting me.

"It isn't working," she said.

"I'm sorry?" I answered.

"It isn't working. I have a card key that makes it work." she replied. At the same time, I saw her lean against the front door, closing it shut. I heard the automatic lock click home.

"Of course, I can get it working in a second," she said. "That is, provided you're prepared to cooperate."

"I'm afraid I don't understand," I said.

By this time, I was standing in the center of the room a few feet away from her bed. The bedroom dresser was to my left and a glance showed me a large mirror capturing a full-body view of myself wrapped in the towel. I unconsciously admired the image that stared back at me. Spending time in the gym despite my busy work schedule kept me trim. I also noticed another large oval mirror near the bathroom door where again, I was exposed to full view, this time from the rear end. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere, it seemed.

"Its simple," she explained, still cat-smiling me while settling down on the easy chair next to the doorway. "You want something I have, and I am willing to let you have it. All you have to do convince me."

I was beginning to develop a bad feeling about this but I went on with it anyway. Under the circumstances, what other better choice did I have?

"All right then," I said sarcastically. "What should I do to let you let me use your key to call front desk? I'd pay you to let me use your key but as you can see I left behind my pants and my wallet is in my pants."

I was getting rather cold and bothered. Standing around in nothing but a towel, having a conversation with a stranger at two in the morning was not exactly my idea of fun even with a stranger this attractive and appealing.

"Simple," she said. "For starters, I want you to drop that towel."

"What?" I blurted out in a loud voice, with much indignation.

"You heard me. Take that towel off. I want to see those parts you're hiding under that sheet."

She then paused for a few seconds and licked her sensuous full lips.

"I want you naked."

"This is ridiculous!" I objected forcefully. "I don't have to put up with this crap".

"Sure you don't," she said still cat smiling me. She was obviously enjoying this.

"You can leave now if you want," she continued. "Go ahead, I'm sure you'll enjoy taking a stroll in the dark in just a towel. It's really up to you. Of course, no telling what kind of maniac you'll run into out there at this time," she added, running another glance across my body, sizing me up from head to toe.

I had to admit she had me there. All the while this was happening; I fought to suppress this irrational feeling that the whole situation was provoking within me. As if on cue, my uncooperative cock gave yet another twitch under the sheet as if in acknowledgment of how sexy this was turning out to be. Still, I decided then and there to play along with her gag if only to get this whole charade over and done with. I had a meeting in a few hours and the clients were coming in from Malaysia. I needed my rest to be in top form.

"Fine," I sighed.

"You win," I added with a smile that I hoped would placate her and thus defuse the situation.

"Hold on a minute," she said.

"Now what?" I asked, puzzled.

She stood up and went to the wall switch. She turned a circular knob and the villa's interior lights lit up. All of a sudden I was bathed in harsh bright lights from the powerful interior lamps found in the ceiling above me. I knew the interior of this place was now even more visible in the darkness outside for hundreds of meters around. With growing alarm and apprehension, I knew that with the windows open and the villa's lights shining at their brightest, anything that went on inside was open to public view for what seemed like miles around. No telling who could be watching what was going on now.

"Let's just say I don't want the view spoiled," she said with a slight giggle, while resuming her seat. Again, much as I hated to admit it, her giggle turned me on even more. Nonetheless, given that I was fast losing control of things at the moment, this was certainly the very last thing I needed.

"But the windows are all open---," I began without finishing as in that instant, I saw myself caught stark naked under the lamps. I knew with certitude that all the bright lights would only emphasize my nudity and wouldn't help one bit in preserving my steadily eroding modesty.

"Please," I pleaded desperately while looking down at the towel I clutched dearly to my body, "with all the lights on, anyone can easily see me, and I'll be wearing nothing." I had suddenly realized just how truly exposed I was.

"Not my problem," she answered coldly. "Now quit stalling."

I could feel the tension in the air. I could see she was breathing deeply while talking. Absently, I noted how her luscious breasts delightfully bobbed up and down, in time with her breathing. Her nipples, surprisingly large for a small framed woman were beginning to prickle and harden, pushing up against the cotton fabric of her nightshirt. Her eyes burned with an unmistakable spark of vulgar lust. Although it was cold, I also felt a warm flush spreading across my skin.

"Now drop it," she commanded with deadly finality.

"I want to see everything....," she added, leaving her words to trail off into silence.

"I want you naked," she commanded me, speaking out each word slowly. It was as if speaking those words were enough to strip me of my towel.

My mind raced frantically, but I knew there was nothing else I could do.

Get it over and done with, I thought.

Grabbing the edge of the sheet at my waist, I summoned up all my resolve to do what I had to do next. I took a deep breath and pulled the towel open, baring my nude hips, my thighs and my tool which now jutted forward, erecting swiftly as it was hardly so flaccid anymore. I saw her eyes hungrily sweep over my bared body, as she nodded to herself. To my intense dismay, I saw her unflinching gaze descend upon my exposed member displayed rudely a few feet before her eyes. My cock twitched like a captive little bird as I felt it imprisoned by her hungry gaze.

"Go on," she said coldly.

With a sigh of resignation, I let go of the sheet and the towel dropped to the floor.

Finally, it was done. I was intensely conscious of the fact that I was forced to disrobe for the sole amusement of a complete stranger. Before this night, I had always lived a quiet life, if a bit unassuming, contented with the practice of my rather boring profession. All that appears to have changed in a moment as I now felt like a male stripper, posing nude and sexy beneath the stage lights before a discriminating one-woman audience. Although I was awash with shame I also found it hard to deny that the whole situation aroused me in a way I could never have imagined before.

I was now standing stripped and bared in a lovely stranger's house. I was intensely conscious of the fact that I was openly exhibiting my nakedness for the amusement of this mysterious and alluring stranger. I felt myself blushing uncontrollably. I felt a warm flush building from the center of my being, rushing down from my cheeks down to my chest, to my arms, down to my abdomen, to my thighs, my bare ass, and finally into my steadily inflaming cock. Finally freed of its covering, my uncovered shaft was rapidly erecting with arousal, throbbing hotly amidst my exquisitely passionate shame.

As I glanced sideways, my breath suddenly caught at my throat upon seeing the image that confronted me in the bedroom dresser mirror. For a moment I failed to recognize the dark-haired man blessed with a hard, trim figure and a boyish smiling face which showed him younger than his real age. I saw myself standing stark naked under the hot glare of the lights, naked upon the behest of a beautiful and mysterious watcher. My reflection stared back at me and I saw just how flustered I was at having been compelled against my will to exhibit my nudity in the most helpless manner before this woman's lascivious and amused scrutiny. Despite all this, I was hotly aroused by the delicious sight was I presented with.

I could tell that my captor was in throes of arousal as well, by the way she kept fidgeting and crossing her smooth legs. Her hand went down unnoticed between her thighs and I could see that she had thrust her fingers into her cunt, which I knew would now be hotly spilling out her love juices. She was obviously savoring every single moment of her hold upon me, as well as my shamed nakedness, drawing out the pleasure it was provoking between both of us.

"I remember you staring at me at the buffet table," she mused, without taking her eyes off my standing, throbbing cock.

"Do you know that I knew what was going through your mind at that moment?" she asked me with a thin cruel smile on her lips.

"Oh, I knew you were imagining me without my clothes on," she continued. "I knew that you were imagining what I looked like without my clothes on. Men, after all, can be so predictable."

"I guess the tables have turned this time. So how does it feel to be caught with your pants down?" she jested. "Come to think of it, I was also wondering to myself how you would look stripped to your skin when I saw you today. For a while, I only thought I'd be imagining you. Of course, now, I have to admit nothing beats seeing a man like you in the flesh."

"All your fleshy nakedness at that," she could not help but add, with a snicker.

The intensity of her lascivious stare was so palpable, I could almost feel it. The effect was as though she was lewdly running her hands across my nude limbs and caressing most my intimate parts - my excitable cock and my bared buttocks. I could see her nipples under the nightshirt standing in stark relief upon her full delightful breasts. As she wrapped her smooth fair legs on the side of the chair, I saw her nightshirt hike upwards. I caught a glimpse of skimpy black panties and knew that she had kept herself shaved and waxed, as the smooth hairless triangle in the center of her silky thighs was wet through, staining the stretched black fabric of her thong. As if affording me a better view of her nether parts, she raised one leg before her, leaning on her knee, lending me a view of her sheer panties which barely covered that part where her buttock met her smooth inner thighs. Even in my distressed state, I noticed that the thong she was wearing left the creamy cheek of her left buttock quite nude.

The sight of her like this was almost too much for me. I was alarmed to see my dick now standing stiffly, my erection wildly uncontrollable. There could be no doubt that my cock was now fully erect. Instinctively, my hands went to my front as I strove to cover my exposed and throbbing cock and balls. In so doing, I inadvertently turned to my left side and saw the window wide open. God knows how many people were now seeing me in the nude, clutching my hotly erect shaft. My gaze fell to the dresser mirror and I was greeted by what was reflected in turn from the oval mirror at my rear. It appears that as much as I was exposed from the front and sides, another view of my nakedness was captured from the rear as I glimpsed a reflection of my bare shoulders and back arcing down, muscles bunching and the nude cheeks of my bared behind flexing as I strove in vain to somehow hide my vulnerable aroused sex from my beautiful tormentor. Irrationally, I felt at that time that in doing this, I would be salvaging something out of my crushed modesty and regaining some form of control – anything, at all, from this situation.

Alas, I had passed the point of no return - my tool was already too stiff, its shaft throbbing and aroused and its tip, all swollen and smooth. I couldn't have covered my erection with my hands no matter how I tried.

"Right," she said so suddenly, I almost jumped. "Take a man's pants off and he always tries to hide his pecker."

She grinned and, reaching out behind her, threw something that landed at my feet. It looked like a blindfold, the sort of cloth cover for your eyes they give out on long airline flights to help passengers get to sleep.

"Put it on" she commanded.

I bent down hastily and placed the blindfold over my eyes. Now I couldn't see anything. Then, as my hands went back down to shield my cock, I heard her say sharply, "Forget that."

"No use changing what I've seen already. Unless you want me to push you out now ...," she added, trailing off ominously. I suddenly had a vision of myself stumbling around outside her villa wearing nothing but a blindfold.

I was now completely in the dark but my other senses were screaming hyperactively. I could smell her hot, pungent fragrance, brought about by arousal. In turn, this added to my rising arousal too. My skin was alternately prickling up with the cold and flushing with shame and tension. I could hear her moving about in the chair.

"Stand up straight!" she demanded. "Now put your hands on the sides with your palms out."

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