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Drop The Towel


It was six on a Sunday morning when Liz and Mike were wakened by the phone. Mike supplied a few choice words and left it for Liz. This practically guaranteed the call would be for him.

With a few more choice words Mike took the phone from Liz and snarled into it. Liz heard him give a few grunts and a sigh. Hanging up, Mike stretched and headed towards the en suite.

"That storm last night had caused damage all over the place. Boss says the phone is going crazy and he needs me in there now. There're a lot of people willing to pay Sunday rates to get things fixed now. I'll probably be out all day."

Liz sleepily sympathised and snuggled back under the blankets. It's an ill wind, she thought. Mike would get some decent overtime and she'd get to sleep in.

Just before he left Mike paused and went back to the bedroom.

"Hey, Liz," he said. "I was expecting Andy over sometime today. Apologise for me and tell him I got called in."

Liz grunted and went back to sleep.

Sunday, alone and lazy, it was after ten when Liz finally stirred and rose. She enjoyed a leisurely shower and a chance to shave without being in a rush. Finishing up with rubbing oil onto herself, Liz was ready to get dressed when the doorbell rang.

"Who the hell?" she muttered, half deciding to ignore the bell when she recalled Mike's parting words. "Bloody Andy," she decided. "Impeccable timing."

Liz grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself as she went to chase Andy away.

"Andy," she greeted him grumpily. "Mike got called into work. He'll be gone all day. He said to say sorry."

Belatedly, Liz noticed the way Andy was looking at her. She cursed not taking the extra couple of seconds to grab a dressing ground. Even so she was startled when Andy spoke.

"A hundred dollars if you drop that towel," he said.

Liz couldn't help herself. She giggled.

"Oh, come on, Andy," she said. "Do you seriously expect me to fall for that old line? You probably owe Mike a hundred. And what do think he'd say if I did?"

"Well, I assume you wouldn't tell him or he'd want a cut of the money. And I don't owe Mike anything. The reason I came over was because he wanted me to lend him my drill."

Andy indicated the tool box lying at his feet. Then he pulled out his wallet and extracted two fifties.

"Easy money," he murmured, waving the notes gently. "Just fancy. You can get some new shoes without having to run to Mike. Maybe the hairdressers or some perfume."

Liz bit her lip. He was right, easy money. If he paid it, that was. All she had to do was flash him. What harm?

"Money first," Liz said.

Andy nodded. Bending down he picked up the tool box and stepped into the house.

"No use letting any passers-by see, now is there?" he murmured, passing over the hundred and giving the door a nudge to close it.

Liz reached for the money, but Andy held tight for a second.

"You're not going to take it and then back off?" he suggested.

Liz blushed. "Of course not," she snapped.

Andy grinned and let go the money, which Liz promptly put in the drawer of the small hall table. Swallowing, she turned back to face Andy, letting the towel fall. She found she received an excited little kick low in her stomach at the appreciation plain on Andy's face. She didn't even object when he twirled a finger, suggesting that she turn around.

Smirking to herself Liz did a slow three sixty turn, letting Andy have a full view. Easy money in her opinion.

"Very nice," said Andy. "Very nice, indeed. I'm going to enjoy this."

Enjoy what, thought a startled Liz, who quickly became a shocked Liz when she saw that Andy was unbuckling his belt.

"Hold on," she gasped. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Getting ready to get my money's worth," said Andy innocently.

"Oh, no," Liz objected. "Drop the towel is what we agreed to. That's all."

"Now, Liz, what do you really think a man is saying when he offers you a hundred to take your clothes off? You know damn well what I meant and you agreed."

"No, I bloody didn't. You said towel and I thought that was all. I wasn't agreeing to anything else and you bloody know it."

"And that's why your nipples are standing to attention like good little soldiers, begging to be touched," pointed out Andy, following through on this comment by touching.

Liz hastily moved away from Andy's touch, finding out a little too late that she had nowhere to move to. She was hard up against a wall and all she could do was watch while Andy took firm hold of her breast, squeezing it slightly while he rubbed her nipple with his thumb. Her very sensitive and eager nipple, she found, as little ripples of pleasure came from it.

"Andy, I'm serious," she started, only to be interrupted.

"So am I, Liz," Andy assured her, and she jumped as his free hand slid over her tummy and down across her mound.

Feeling Andy pressing closer to her, Liz knew just what was now pressing against her lower stomach. She tried to edge her legs closer together to deny Andy access, but her legs didn't seem to be listening to what she said. They stayed obstinately apart, letting Andy's hand slip between them, caressing her intimately.

Raising her hands, Liz pushed forcefully against Andy's chest, only to find her hands were clutching him instead of pushing. She could feel Andy's hand manoeuvring around her mound and wasn't really surprised to feel his cock moving into place.

Parting Liz's lips slightly, Andy pressed forward, slowly penetrating Liz while she squirmed restlessly against him. She knew what was happening, but just didn't know if she wanted it to happen or not, Andy decided. He resolved to make the matter clearer to her.

Liz squirmed and gasped, unable to move away from the cock that was slowly rising inside her, stretching and filling her. She gasped when Andy reached down and grabbed one of her legs, pulling it up and around his waist. With her leg raised, Andy seemed to find his access easier and he drove in forcefully, nailing her hard to the wall.

"Lift your leg, Liz," murmured Andy, and resignedly Liz obeyed, raising her other leg and wrapping it around his waist, leaving her clinging to him as he moved slowly inside her.

Liz could feel Andy pulling slowly out and then returning, familiarising himself with her body. After a couple of slow strokes, she felt Andy's hands come around and clasp her bottom. He would now, she assumed, get down to some serious action.

Not quite yet, it seemed. Taking her weight on his hands he moved away from the wall, turning and sinking down onto his knees, taking her with him. Then Liz found herself flat on her back, Andy on top of her and now he was starting to move.

Liz received another surprise. Or shock, to be more precise. Instead of moving with her, giving her time to adjust to, and cooperate with, his actions, Andy turned into a runaway pile-driver.

One moment Liz was expecting to have a nice (but reluctant) sexual encounter with a male chauvinist, and the next she was subjected to a ferocious battering. Andy was pounding into her, harder and faster than she'd thought possible. There was not, she decided, a hope in hell that she could match his rhythm. All she could do was lie there and take it.

If pressed, Liz would have had to admit that she found the whole ordeal wildly exciting. Andy was just taking her, totally ignoring any needs that she might have and just ravishing her body for his own enjoyment. She was squealing and writhing under his incessant driving, not cooperating as such, but accepting his need.

And Liz found Andy's need was stimulating her, exciting her. She could feel tensions rising within her, not slowly and gently leading her towards a climax but, like wolves on the chase, driving her headlong to the place where they would strike.

Liz shrieked as Andy continued to pound her, and shrieked again in excitement as she felt her climax rushing upon her. She barely felt Andy ejaculating deep inside her as she was swept away by the terrible release.

Andy smiled to himself as he watched Liz lying there. He could see little aftershocks still affecting her. While she was still not quite with it, he got busy.

Liz could feel Andy moving her, but wasn't paying attention, just going with what he wanted. As she slowly came down from her high she started to take notice of the world around her.

Why, she wondered, was she now on her hands and knees? Actually, crossed arms and knees would be more accurate, as her head was resting on her forearms. Which meant, she thought, that her bottom was high in the sky. She was just turning her head to see what was happening when she found out.

Andy, kneeling behind her, drove forcefully into her, bringing a startled squeal to her lips. Gasping, she turned to look at him.

"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded.

A long firm stroke from Andy was her immediate reply. She gasped again. He couldn't. Not so soon. A steadily moving Andy gave the lie to that idea. He was taking her firmly, driving in regularly, and her body was picking up the rhythm and responding to it, pushing back firmly to accept Andy as he drove into her.

"Now that my immediate needs are no longer so urgent," explained Andy, "I can take my time and get my money's worth. You feel good, and I have every intention of making this time last. Do you think we can make this time last for half an hour? I think we should see just how long we can stretch it out."

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