Dropping Her Mask


Amanda smiled, putting her hands back on her hips. Despite being shorter, he was a bit bigger than her ex. She nodded, approvingly. "That's a nice cock you have there. Really nice."

"Thank you?" Mitch said, unsure how he was supposed to answer that. He wasn't a virgin, but it's not like he'd ever had a woman compliment his penis before.

"Lose the shirt." She told him. Amanda wasn't even thinking about it, she was just getting him to do what she wanted. It was very unlike her. With her ex, he had usually been the one to initiate sex and determine what they did. She had never taken control like this and was finding it very exciting to be the one in charge. Or least the one leading.

Mitch added his shirt to the pile of recently discarded clothes and stood awkwardly in front of her. Completely nude, he wasn't sure where to put his hands.

Amanda watched as he crossed and uncrossed his arms, his erection bobbing around a bit a result of his movement. Rather than make him twist in the wind any longer, she took a few steps forward.

"It's bigger than I expected." She told him. "It's probably too big. For my little mouth I mean."

Mitch didn't know what to say. He wasn't that big, probably a shade longer than average, and the two women he had been with had been able to give him blowjobs without issue. But that didn't seem like the right thing to say at the moment, so he simply said nothing.

"Besides, a woman like Lady Blackhawk wouldn't just drop to her knees and start sucking cock, would she?" Amanda told him. "No, all that head bobbing and sucking? She'd lose her hat!"

"I...I guess." He reluctantly agreed. He didn't give a shit about her hat, the mental image of her sucking his cock made his dick twitch. To hear her talk about it was hot, but to also hear her say she wasn't going to do it was devastating.

"Still. I do have to thank you. I feel much better about being Lady Blackhawk now." She told him. She inched a bit closer, stopping when the cloth of her skirt touched his hard cock. "I really appreciate your help."

She inched forward a bit more, and since she was taller than him, the bottom of the skirt dragged itself across the tip of his cock and she leaned in until it passed over the head and slid along his shaft. His dick was now half under her skirt. They locked eyes again, Mitch having to look up at the tall, gorgeous woman in front of him. She pushed her pelvis forward until she felt his dick press against the very tops of her inner thighs.

"And I want to make sure you feel good about helping me too." She lifted herself up on her tippy toes and closed the little space left between them

"Do you feel good about helping Lady Blackhawk?" She asked.

"Hmm." He took a deep breath, his cock rubbing her inner thighs as her balance wavered ever so slightly from side to side.

"Was that a yes. Did helping me feel good?" She asked again. The pair stood face to face unmoving. Mitch began to open his mouth, but before he could say anything, she lowered herself back down in her heels. The crown of his cock split her lips open and made its way just inside her cunnie. "God yes." He moaned as they stood perfectly still.

She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling of the head of a cock inside her. She hadn't had sex since dumping her exboyfriend months ago and hadn't realized how much she missed it.

"Good. I'm glad." She lowered herself more and he moaned as his dick slid deeper inside her.

"Fuck, Amanda." He leaned in to kiss her but she leaned back, preventing his lips from touching hers but still keeping his cock enveloped by her pussy.

"Zinda." She corrected him.

If he thought about it, it might have been weird to call her by a fictional character's alias, but he wasn't thinking. He simply wanted to fuck the gorgeous woman his dick was currently inside.

"Zinda!" He said, thrusting upwards. She moaned and he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in to kiss her.

The two made out for a few moments, but the awkward position wasn't easy to maintain, so they quickly made their way to his bed.

He laid her down and climbed on top of her, and began fucking but immediately something felt off to Amanda. She quickly realized what it was, when they switched to the bed, he had directed her to lie down, and Amanda had unconsciously let him take the lead. But she didn't want Mitch to have sex Amanda, she wanted Lady Blackhawk to fuck Mitch.

She pushed him off of her and guided him onto his back. She climbed on top of him, placing a boot firmly down on either side of his waist and squatted down over him. When his cock lined up with her pussy, she picked up her hat, which had fallen off when she laid down and put it back on.

She reached down and took hold off his dick. "Definitely like this joystick, but let's take this baby for a proper ride, shall we?" She said as she lowered her pussy onto his cock.

She began to lift herself up and down his length, pressing her hands on his chest for support as she controlled the pace. Mitch lifted his head so he could watch as her frilled skirt bounced, alternatingly revealing and hiding her glorious pussy as she rode him.

"Oh God." He moaned quietly. The dorm room walls weren't soundproof and he didn't want his neighbors to hear him. Amanda was the same way. Sex was a private event between two people, and she had always kept it that way.

Zinda however, was super confident and didn't give a shit what others thought. She was there to have an orgasm, and she didn't care who knew it.

"Fuck yes Mitch. That's good dick." She moaned, as she shifted positions. She was still riding him, but her arms were now back behind her, supporting her upper body as she leaned back. Mitch took hold of her waist, lifting her skirt up and holding it against her so he had a consistent view of her pussy as he thrust upwards and her body slammed down.

"Jesus fuck. Mitch, this is SUCH. GOOD. DICK!" She screamed.

"A...Zinda, I'm close." Mitch warned her.

"No, you're not." She told him. She lifted herself off his cock. She wasn't ready to be done. The sudden lack of sensation disappointed Mitch, though it meant he was no longer in danger of cumming. He watched as "Lady Blackhawk" scooted up towards his face.

"What are..." Mitch tried to ask a question but was unable to complete it as Amanda pressed her pussy against his mouth. She sat upright, straddling his face, letting her short skirt fall down so it covered his head.

"I'm sorry, were you trying to say something Mitch?" She teased. Mitch hesitated. He had gone down on a girl before, but never after his cock had been inside her. Had he the time to think, he might have objected. As it was, however, he didn't have time.

"Lick." She told him. He obeyed, licking her labia. She was soaking wet, and the mix of her taste and his lingering musk not unpleasant.

Amanda shuddered in pleasure. She had been eaten out before, but always while laying down. Being on top, actually verbalizing her desires was something she had never done before. It added a level of enjoyment she hadn't realized possible. So she leaned into it, telling him, "Hmmm, that's a good boy. Use that mouth."

Mitch couldn't believe what was happening, 10 minutes earlier he had been watching Netflix with no plans for the day, and now he was acting like a sex toy to a gorgeous woman dressed up like a comic book character. She wasn't even touching his cock at the moment and he felt amazing.

Amanda lifted the front of her skirt so she could see Mitch. She looked down between her legs, his eyes squinting having to adjust to the sudden change in light. "You need to make me cum, Okay?" She told him. "If you make me cum now, I'll fuck you with my tight little pussy again till you explode. But you have to make me cum. Right. Now."

Mitch tried to agree, but his answer was muffled as she continued to press her cunt against his mouth. Amanda grabbed a fist full of his hair and began bucking her hips, rubbing her clit against his tongue.

"Oh, Mitch. Oh Fuck Mitch! Just like that, Just Like That." She cried out as his tongue worked its magic. She wasn't telling him to do anything he wasn't already doing, but somehow the act of saying it made it even more exciting. "That's it. Lick my pussy. Lick My FUCKING PUSSY! OOOHHH, GGGOOOOODDDD!"

Amanda came, an intangible wave of pleasure emanating from her clit and rolling throughout her body while a much more physical wave of fluid drenched Mitch's face. She had never squirted before!

She got off Mitch and he cleaned his face with his t-shirt. "Holy shit, that was amazing." She smiled, "Yeah, it was okay."

He laughed, knowing she didn't mean it. She turned her back to him and walked over to his dresser. She pushed the pictures and knickknacks that were on display to one side and rested her elbows on it. She turned her head, looking back over her shoulder at Mitch.

Once again he drank in the sight of her. The black boots were shoulder width apart, her legs straight as she leaned on his dresser, bent at the waist. Her skirt was riding high again, so the curves of her butt cheeks were showing. "Mi-itch." She called to him.

"Are you going to stand there or are you going to stick that hot cock back into my tight twat?" She asked, giving him a little wiggle.

"Yeah." He muttered and stepped towards her.

"I want to hear you say it." She to him. "I want you to tell me what you're going to do."

"I'm...umm, I'm gonna fuck you?" He said, unsure of himself.

"Nuughh ugh." She shook her head. "You have to say you're going to stick that big COCK, in my tiny... little... pussy."

Mitch was uncomfortable talking that way. At least in front of a woman. Alone in his bed, he'd said far dirtier things while whacking off like a madman. Doing it front of someone was too embarrassing to contemplate most of the time. Here and now though, he knew he didn't have a choice.

Amanda didn't talk like this either, but after squirting her juices all over his face, Amanda was gone and Lady Blackhawk liked to hear dirty talk.

"I'm...gonna fuck your little twat with, with my big fat cock." He told her.

She smiled and wiggled her bottom again. "Yes, yes you are. Get over here and pound my pussy!"

Mitch stepped behind Amanda and lifted her skirt. With his other hand, he guided his dick to her opening. Before he could thrust, she backed up, impaling herself on his cock. "HMMM Yes." She hummed. "I love the way your cock fills my pussy."

Mitch took hold of her hips and began thrusting. She pushed back again, and quickly they were slamming together repeatedly. Mitch started moaning, his excitement building once more. Knowing he wouldn't last long, she told him "You're filling up my tight pussy with your big cock!"

"Oh God!" Mitch cried out, she was driving him wild. From what little he knew of her, he would never have guessed she would been this way in bed. Or against the dresser, as the case may be.

"Grab my tits!" she told him.

"What..?" He asked confused, not sure he had heard her correctly over the noise of his pelvis slapping against her ass.

"Squeeze my fucking tits." She ordered him. He reached around to undo the buttons on her tunic only to find it open already. He pulled it off her and threw it aside, he had her bra off a few seconds later. His hands found her breasts and she moaned as soon as they were cupping them. He squeezed roughly as his cock battered her cunnie relentlessly. "Yes, harder." She cried.

He wasn't sure exactly if she meant her his hands or his thrusts, so he simultaneously began fucking her as hard as he could and pinching her nipples. When she began to squeal, he pulled her nipples even harder.

"Fuck, FUCK, I'M GONNA, I'M GONNA..." Amanda came a second time, her pussy tightening around his cock, the added friction sending him over the edge. "Aaaahh." They both yelled as his cock spurted into her.

The pair stood still for a moment, reveling in the feel of each other before Amanda shifted, signally Mitch to let go of her hips. He sat down on the edge of the bed and expected her to change out of the Lady Blackhawk costume. Instead, he watched as she pulled on and buttoned up the tunic and adjusted her wig and hat. She gathered her clothes in a ball and gave him a wink as she headed towards his door.

"Hold up." He said as she opened the door. "You forgot something."

She looked back to see him picking up her panties, and hold them out for her.

"Why don't you return them to me on Saturday?" She suggested. "You are going to the costume party over at Glendale Hall, right?"

"Sure. Yeah." He told her. He hadn't been planning to do that, but he certainly was now.

"You better." She told him. "Otherwise I won't have anything on under my skirt." She gave him another wink and he took in one last look at her long legs and short skirt as she exited the room.

She felt exhilarated as she exited the residence. Her head held high as she headed back to her own dorm. As she walked, she decided to try something. She removed the hat. Then the wig. She still felt amazing. Maybe she didn't need to wear a costume or a mask to "get out there" after all.

Hell, she thought. If I keep my word to Mitch, I don't even need to wear a pair a panties.


Thanks for reading. I read any and all comments (either below or via the feedback tab).

Also a reminder this has been entered in the Halloween Story Contest 2017, so any votes would be appreciated.

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by Anonymous

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I realize that you didn't have much time to really let us see shy Amanda, but I thought you did a very good job conveying that point during her exchange with Claire.

Wearing a costume, one that has thatmore...

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by Anonymous05/08/18

1-1 MIT make 3

He got it right the only way is just stick it up her and shot his cum deep up inside her unprotected pussy

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by WolfDesire12/29/17

Part 2, needed

I know this was a Halloween contest story, but you should continue the story. At least add one more for Saturday's Party, if not making this a small mini series.

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by Anonymous10/29/17

So good

I hate Halloween, but your story made me want to dress up as a super hero!
Loved it!

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