On stomach, arms and legs wide, tied to the four corners of the bed. Head lifted by hair, ball gag inserted in mouth,and buckled in back of neck. He is kneeling between my spread legs, looking at me, at my ass. He gently taps my tight hole with one finger, knowing it embarrasses me deeply and makes me squirm. He pulls my cheeks apart with his thumbs, exposing my ass. I've asked him why he does this. He says it is because he likes to see it. Simple enough. But today, with the gag between my lips, I say nothing. I can only moan and wiggle under his scrutiny. He likes this ball gag much more than I imagined he would.

He takes something from his bag, and kneels back on the bed. He is pinching little bits of skin on my ass, and clipping them with clothespins. The sensation sinks in slowly. By the time he puts on about the tenth one, the first ones are starting to really dig in. When he is finished, he squeezes my ass from underneath, near the crease, kneading my cheeks in an upward motion. The pinch of the clips is exquisite. One pops off, and I jump and wiggle. He pushes my head into the pillow and tells me to hold still.

Next he clips the tender folds of my labia, two or three on each side. He struggles to grab hold, as I am dripping wet. I am breathless. He adds a couple to my inner thighs. I cannot hold still. The feeling is not pain, really. More just intense sensation. He takes something else from his bag that I cannot see, and I feel the snap against the skin of my ass. He works over my ass, across my thighs, and up my back. I catch a glimpse of rope. He is whipping me with rope. It is not hard, but adds to the intensity of the clips.

Again, something from the bag. I hear it before I feel it...a vibrator that we bought a few weeks ago. He places it just at the opening of my pussy, only pushing it inside far enough to keep it in place. I am practically humping the bed by now, wanting it inside of me. He spanks the sides of my ass, where there are no clips, and tells me I am greedy - that I only want to fuck. He takes the vibe and slides it up and down my crack, from pussy to ass. He asks if I want to get fucked. I shake my head yes, and as far as my limited movement will allow, lift my ass off the bed, in offering. He plunges the vibe inside of me and pulls it out. Is that what you wanted, he asks. I wiggle my ass at him, silently asking for more. With his hand he spreads my juices all over and again plunges the vibe inside, this time holding it very deep. It is almost painfully deep, but it is a good hurt.

After a moment he lets go of it, and it slips out a tiny bit, relieving the pain of the deep penetration, but does not come out all the way. He grasps my lifted hips and smearing his precum over the head of his cock, presses his cock against my ass. I am sure he means to fuck my pussy, and I wiggle my ass, making the vibe slide out almost all the way. Still, he pushes his cock against my ass. I start to whimper, hoping to god he is not going to try to penetrate me without lube. I start to shake my head, mumbling unintelligible sounds, and moving my ass to try to avoid the penetration.

He pushes my head into the pillow and again tells me to hold still and be quiet. Then, without gentleness, without lube, he slides the head of his cock over my pussy for it's only lubrication and pushes inside my ass. I am screaming behind my gag, tears coming to my eyes. Mercifully, he stops with just the head in. He holds there, and spanks my ass a few times. I feel his cock throbbing inside of me. That is my undoing. Involuntarily, I lift my ass to him, and he slowly pushes in, inch by inch, until I feel his balls against my pussy. Even while my ass is burning, I marvel at his ability to do this. My man, so gentle in every way... That he can (and does) still surprise me brings me to tears, as he holds his cock deep inside of me.

He grabs my hair, pulling my head back with one hand, while pulling the clothespins off, one by one, with the other. All this time, he holds his cock perfectly still inside of me. But he is breathing very fast, and I know he is struggling for control. The release of the pins makes me jump and wriggle underneath him, and I feel his cock throb inside of me. He lets out a groan...this animal sound...that goes straight to my cunt. I feel my ass twitch around his cock, and know that I am going to cum. He feels my ass gripping his cock and lets out a loud growl, quickly pulling out of me. He does not want to cum yet...and does not want ME to cum.

With the pins removed, he unties me and frees me. He gets on the bed and lies down on his back. He tells me to sit on his cock. I tell him that I will cum if I do. He pulls me on his lap and positions me over his cock and pushes me down on him. I try to ride him, but lifts me by my hips and pulls me off. His cock is coated with my juices, and I am shaking, I am so desperate to cum. He tells me to lick my juices from his cock, which I do. While I am sucking and licking the head, he winds his hands in my hair and pushes my head down on him... something he seldom does, but that I LOVE. He pushes me further, until I gag, then pushes a little more. My saliva coats his cock and I start jacking him while sucking him. He will not have it...says to use my mouth only.

He pushes me down again, and I concentrate on relaxing and opening my throat. I gag again as I feel the head of his cock penetrate the tight ring of my throat. He holds me there,pulling down slightly on my hair, until I can no longer breathe, then lets me up. I take one gulping breath and he pushes me down again. My eyes are tearing, my nose is running, and I feel both his hands on the back of my head. That is as much as I can take...I start to cum and as I do, he lifts his hips, while at the same time pushing down on my head. I feel his cock slip into my throat more deeply than ever before, and then he is cumming, too.

I panic when I realize he is cumming, and try to pull off, but he just holds me there, pumping his cum into me. I am afraid with my head down like this that it will come out my nose! My ears are ringing, my eyes feel like they are bulging, and I know I must breathe soon. As he is cumming, he is pumping into me, holding my head, thrusting into my throat with each spurt. It is so raw, it is so dirty, it is so PERFECT, that I cum again, knowing, but not even caring, that I am on the verge of losing consciousness. I cum hard, and my head begins to swim. The sound in my ears is like the roar of the ocean at first; then only quiet, as if I am being pulled under. I am drowning, but I am so warm and relaxed that I don't even care. Slowly, I re-emerge, my body tingling, my mind reeling. I could not be more in love than I am at this moment.

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