tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDrug Trial Ch. 01

Drug Trial Ch. 01


[Readers of Becoming Marie won't find the same depth of character and involved plot here. This is more about the sex. Like becoming Marie, it has the theme of forced eroticization of an attractive woman by unscrupulous men. If you're a woman and this story makes you warm, wet and squirmy, it's done everything I wanted. ]


I wake up suddenly, unable to see, blindfolded, and I'm hanging by my wrists, with a pole along my back. I have no idea how I got here.

I shriek and stretch out with my legs, hoping to find a floor beneath me.

I find something, two small surfaces, though I have to really stretch down with my toes to get the pressure off my wrists.

I'm naked. My shriek turns to whimpers. I'm standing, barely, with my back to a metal pole, with my wrists up over my head in what feel like manacles, and I can't see anything. I shift, and realize there's a chain or cable around my knees, so I can't kick forward or reach out with my leg. There's one at my throat and under my breasts, as well. On tiptoes, holding my weight, they lie loosely on my skin. If I relax my legs, the one under my breasts acts like an uncomfortable bra.

Chains. Blindfold. Bondage. Where am I?

I whimper again, and whisper "Hello? Anyone? Help me!"

A deep male voice answers... with a chuckle. Nearby.

I shriek again. "Let me go!"

Movement. Suddenly I realize there's a hand between my thighs, a click, a buzzing...

A vibrator. It's been positioned so that if I keep up on tiptoe, it doesn't touch me. If I relax my legs even a little... I settle right onto it. I shriek and try to twist away from it, but there's only purchase for my toes in two tiny spots, so I either stand just right and stretch, or I swing right back on top of the vibrator.

"Bastard! Let me go! Who are you! Michael, if it's you I swear-"

"You don't know me," the voice answers. It's not Michael's voice, or anyone I recognize. Michael wasn't on this business trip anyway.

"Let me go!"

"If I were you, I'd shut up, before something actually bad happens."

"What do you want from me?" I whimper.

"We're experimenting on you. Drug testing. Didn't you sign the consent form?" He laughs, evilly.

"Oh gods," I whisper. "No!"

I hear him move behind me. Then his hands settle on my breasts. I gasp, afraid to speak.

"Nice," he says. "I really appreciate that they get pretty ones in for the tests. I bet the guys over in data reduction jerk off to the videos."

I try to twist away from his hands, but with the chains on me I can't get far, and then his fingers trap my nipples, hard. I stop twisting, abruptly.

"Here's a hint," he says. "If you just try to keep your legs tense like that all that time, eventually you'll lose control of them completely and then there's no escape from the vibrator. You need to get into a rhythm -- up, down, up, down... to give your legs a rest. You'll get the hang of it. No pun intended."

"Bastard. When my boyfriend finds you-"

"He won't. If he does, he'll die. People will die if you ever talk about this, too. This kind of drug testing isn't exactly legal, sweetheart, and the guys running it expect to make billions on it if it goes well. There's big, big money in horny girls... They aren't going to let a few talkative idiots mess it up for them. So you be a good girl-" his fingers trace my nipples, lightly now- "and then nobody has to end up as fish food. Get me?"

I can feel tears trickling into the blindfold. I bite my lip to keep words in.

"That's the way," he says, softly. "You're scared out of your mind, but listen, the testing's going well. They've really worked the kinks out. Just let shit happen to you, without a fuss, and you'll end up back on the street with nothing but a few sore joints and some wild memories. It doesn't have to be worse than that. But if you're difficult... you follow?"

"Fucking bastard!" I whisper.

"I wish. But I'm not supposed to get cock into you. Cock doesn't get reproducible results. Get the joke, sweetheart? Well, the science boys think it's funny. Ok, I'm going to put the wires on. Don't start freaking out, it's just adhesive and it comes off without a problem."

He attaches one wire to each nipple, and one to my belly. And then without warning, he slides something round and smooth up into my slit. I scream. It's thick, but slides in easily -- his hands on my nipples had made me wet. I feel my face burn in shame.

"Easy, bitch. It's just one of those vibrating egg things, kind of. Now I'm going to tie on the bikini bottom... that's just so you can't squeeze the egg out. There... see? If you're good, you might earn the bikini top, too, eventually..." He laughs.

I hear a click, and then he says "Ready for the wire test."

Suddenly both my nipples, and the egg up inside me, are buzzing violently. I shriek again.

"Test good. Dosing her now."

I moan in fear and try to twist, but he gets behind me and jabs a needle in my ass. I go cold with fear.

"Ok, babe, you're almost ready. I'm going to put headphones on you, so this is goodbye for now. See you afterwards."

Headphones go on, with clips in my hair so I can't shake them off. Then he pats my ass, and, I guess, moves off. I can't tell. I can't see or hear anything. My legs are beginning to tremble a little from the strain of staying off that vibrator.

Then there's a soft hiss from the headphones, and a faint click. And voices. A male voice and a female voice.

"Please," whispers the girl. "Please... can I stop?"

"You'll keep licking, slut," says a male voice, gravelly and deep. "Just the way you were told. Lick the balls, then along the shaft, then take the head in your mouth and press it with your tongue. Over and over."

"I've -- I've never had any in my mouth-"

There's a gasp, and a choking noise.

"You probably won't get any this time, either, not as inexperienced as you are. I hope your pussy learns faster than your mouth. And you're gonna graduate high school soon? The boys must be a bunch of pussies. When I was their age... ok, fuck this."

There's a slapping noise and a soft cry. "I'm sorry!" she whimpers.

"Legs open. Wider!" There's a buzzing noise and another whimper. "Yeah, you know all about the toys, don't you girl. Too many toys and not enough boys, that's you. Oh... you like that? There's a little game I like to play. Hands behind you... keep them there. Now back against the sofa and hips to the edge of the couch... look at my cock. You're going to watch it push into you, very, very slowly, while I keep this vib on your clit... mmm, you're nice and wet. My rules are simple, girl. You move your hips, either towards or away, and you get your nipples played with, and the cock goes a little deeper. We keep that up until you make a noise, and then you just get fucked a little. Then we start over. We keep it up until one of us comes... and you better make sure it's me that comes first."

I shudder violently as I come in sudden contact with that vibrator, and shoot back up to my tiptoes. My clit tingles, just from the brief touch.

"Please no", the girl whispers, and then there's that muted sound a vibrator makes when it's held firmly in place. She's breathing faster, and then she starts panting -- and gasps suddenly.

"There's your first inch, bitch. Still got the wide part of the head to go... look at your nipples, your hard, pretty nipples. You love this. I can feel your pussy reacting... remember, don't move your hips. Let's try tapping with the vibrator..."

She pants faster. Then I hear him turn the vibrator up, and from the sound he's rocking it against her, but slowly. Her breathing gets uneven, then frantic.

"Mmm, I saw those hips twitch. Baby wants more."

She gasps again, a half-sob.

"Feels good, having the whole head, doesn't it. Hard to hold the hips still? Just say 'please' and you'll get as much as you ache for... now, do your nipples like that? Oh fuck you're so wet and hot now, I can tell that vibrator is driving you insane -- open your eyes. Look at my cock. Feel it throbbing? What's the actual fucking going to feel like? Oh, you slut, you moved again-"

I spring up again as the vib brushes my pussy. The effort of staying off of it is making me shake. And that tingle... so intense this time, lingering...

"-how about a fingertip in your asshole?"

"Please don't! Stop!" the girl shrieks, panting wildly.

"You used your words. That means... Fuck time," the man growls.

"Please no, too big, fuck no please-"

The vibrator's off and the only sounds are the girl's frantic gasping, and slow, deep grunts from the man.

Her gasps change, getting deeper, more uneven... more aroused. She's trying to gasp out "stop", but he just growls and pushes into her faster, making her thrash against the sofa, making her whimper for mercy.

"Now we start over," he growls, and the vibrator is back. "Same rules. No movement, no noise... it gets more intense each time, doesn't it. Maybe you should ask to fuck again and try to please me, you'll figure it out... no? Then we're back to the first inch of cock..."

The kicking of feet on the sofa, and the choked back moaning -- soft, frantic, helpless...

I curse as the vib glances against my clit, and then I realize I can't do this and I have to let my legs rest. A little voice in my head tells me I'm just giving in, but I ignore it, and then the full force of that vibrator shakes my clit, and I moan, uncontrollably. This fucking audio has been driving me insane, and I clench-

Instantly the egg up inside me starts buzzing, and so do my nipples. I arch helplessly, legs curling behind me, toes curling -- and the vibrator and buzzers get more intense-

Nearly screaming, I'm back on tiptoe, shaking like a leaf, panting. I remember there's a camera on me, and I think of men watching my body react, but instead of horrifying me, the thought makes me clench down, and the fucking egg goes off again. My legs go limp and oh fuck, oh fuck-

"Another inch, fuck, take it all... fuck yes, you're a pretty little thing... please me. Please me and I'll let you come over and over. It's not hard, you've milked guys by hand before -- I've got the pictures, remember? This isn't that different, you use your hips... that's right. I'll take the vib away, and play with your nipples, and you arch to offer them up, to please me, good girl... now whisper Fuck Me. Say it."

"Please- no- I won't- won't say that-"

A gasp -- he'd grabbed her somewhere, maybe by the throat, the sound of the vibrator being applied again, the drumming of her feet on the couch, the choked off gasping as she fought against an orgasm, and his deep, snarling voice. "Say it."

"No, no please- p-please- n-no. Stop! Fuck I can't take it, no more, no more! I'm going to-"

"Say it!"

"Fuck me! Fuck me! F-f-f-"

It's the drug. I can't take it anymore. I wrap my legs around the pole behind me, and use that clumsy grip to grind my clit against the vibrator, and the other devices go nuts and I writhe, and the man in the audio comes, an animalistic sound, and the girl gives terrified moans and then she comes-

I explode. Helplessly. Grinding against the vibrator, on camera, I don't care, I just want the next peak, and the next one. "Fuck! Fuck! Oh... Fuck!"

The audio fades out, and I shudder to a stop, panting wildly. The devices all turn off, and then the headphones are unclipped.

"Good girl," the guy says. "Six minutes. Not the record -- that was four fifty -- but still nice and fast. They'll like you."

He peels off the wires and removes the bikini bottom and egg. The sensations are gentle, but they still make me spasm with pleasure.

"Fucking drug," I moan. "You fucking drugged me, I couldn't help it-"

He starts laughing. "Babe, this was the control. The injection was water. No one who gets the real stuff lasts over a minute, and you'd still be coming. I think they'll give you a trial with the real stuff, though. You look good on camera, by the way..."

My wrists are unlocked, and my legs are shaking uselessly, so I slowly fold to the floor. My wrists are put into handcuffs, and still blindfolded, I'm half led, half carried out of the room.


"Subject eight?"

"Female, Caucasian, 25, dark hair, 120#, and may I just add, fucking hot. She did the control run in five minutes fifty eight seconds. She handed it pretty well. No known allergies."

"Let's see the orgasm segment... fuck, that's hot. Look at her go. Is the hard data as good as the video?"

"Yeah, high numbers all the way across."

"Personal history?"

"We got what there was to get. Boyfriends said she wasn't slutty, but was pretty enthusiastic in bed once they learned to flip her switch. The browser cache turned up an interest in first-timer erotica, so we chose that just-18-and-blackmailed audio clip - closest thing we had."

"Well, she's clearly a candidate for trials one and I think two. And if that goes well, I'd say she's a definite for the after school program. When she wakes up, take her straight to the first trial."


I am suddenly awake, because of the bright lights. I groan, roll over... it hurts. I open my eyes.

I'm in a metal cage, not much larger than you'd use for a large dog. At 5' 10", I can barely stretch out by lying diagonally. I'd been given a thin blanket to lie on, threadbare but clean. The bright light is an industrial strength light fixture a few feet from the cage. Turning away from it I can see I'm in some sort of warehouse; there are other cages in it. Other women. There are maybe twenty of us. Lights are going on over their cages too, one by one. The warehouse is otherwise bare concrete and metal pipes, with windows painted black.

Twenty missing women. How the hell do twenty women go missing in a city? Even in the Caribbean? The police have to be all over this.

"Wakey wakey" blares a voice from loudspeakers on the walls. "And no talking. Subjects three, eight and seventeen to be taken for trial one. Subject eleven to be taken for trial two. The rest will get breakfast and be called for later."

I think about whether the police will be looking for me. Probably not, I realize. I'd been in town for a conference, and I'd apparently been abducted from my hotel room on the last night of the conference. This was Saturday. I'd miss my flight, but no one was likely to notice until tomorrow. At best.

Shit, was I one of the subjects? Did I have a number?

I search the cage -- there's a number eight affixed to it. Fuck, what numbers did they call?

I try to sit up -- I can't quite manage it because of the low ceiling, and I'm sore from the ruthless orgasms yesterday and the cramped sleep. Those orgasm... injected with water, my ass. The way I'd come, no way was that water.

Footsteps, echoing sharply in the room. A guy walks up to my cage. He's wearing a uniform of some kind and has a gun on his hip and a key in his hand. I curl the blanket around my naked body, shivering,

"You'll give no trouble," he says flatly. It's not the same voice as yesterday. "If there is trouble, you'll get hurt and get stuffed back into the cage. The cage is then attached to a weight and dumped at sea. So for your sake, no talking, no tricks, just obedient following and careful listening. I'm not going to repeat myself and I'm going to assume your obedience. Don't even think of disappointing me."

He unlocks the cage and points to the floor in front of it. I crawl out, with the blanket. "Blanket stays in the cage," he snaps.

Shaking, I leave it behind, and stand up, naked and unsteady. He's six foot five at least, all muscle, and wearing mirrored glasses. He has a gun. He's got the aura of a cop, and if you're into cops he'd be hot, but my thoughts are a million miles from his looks. He points forward, and I walk, with him behind me and to the side.

I steal a look at the other four women being taken from their cages. They are all in their twenties, I guess, and are all pretty damn hot. The guards with them, all have that competent cop look. None of us are giving any trouble.

One of the girls is licking her lips and staring at her guard, a mixture of fear and awe in her eyes. I don't understand this, but she's escorted in a different direction than the three of us, and I'm not going to ask any questions. The rest of us just look plain scared.

We get taken to a room, and strapped to tables, with a cushion under our asses and a smaller one behind our heads. I can't easily see the other girls, even if I raise my head. The restraints have my legs slightly apart, and I can't close them.

My guard holds up a needle, and taps it. I whimper involuntarily. He injects my arm, smiles at me and moves off.

The sting immediately fades. I can't describe the weird emotion that follows... trying to watch yourself for any sort of changes in how you feel, knowing there's something inside you that might... do things to you. I'd done ecstasy a couple times... would it be like that? How long would it take? Would it make me... say things, do things, embarrassing things? I hated the fact that there were other people here. Looking up, I saw a camera pointing down at me. Fuck.

I try to raise my head and look around -- the strap across my throat makes this uncomfortable. There is a leggy redhead across the room, feet-first to me. She has an impressive rack and that is about all I can tell. The other table has a small blonde woman who barely looks twenty. She's staring at the ceiling and licking her lips nervously.

The guards are in a small group in the middle of the room, doing something with handheld electronics. I've always been struck how large those devices look when I hold them, and how small they look in a man's hands.

I let my head drop back, feeling vaguely dizzy for a moment. Maybe this wouldn't be too bad. Maybe the drug didn't do much, or I'd get a defective batch. Or maybe I was the control again, and just got water. And the guard had smiled at me. That's a good thing, I decide.

Warmth suffuses me -- not sexual warmth, just a flushed kind of heat. I remember reading, in college, about an experiment where the control drug had caused the skin to flush, so the subject would think they got a drug with an actual effect. Ok, so that's what they'd given pretty little me. I was going to be fine. The blonde, I guess, got the real stuff. Stuff that made women horny... in a room with three hunks of guards? Fuck, she might really be in for it. I glance over again -- she's still licking her lips, and her nipples are obviously hard. I think immediately of the guard's hands, and the way they'd fit over her breasts. Drugged up as she is, she'd like that.

I hear a soft moan from the redhead. A guard immediately walks over to her, but I can't see what happens. A wave of warmth flows over me again, and my hands suddenly tingle. I squeeze them, and then shift, moving my legs a little, shifting my hips on the cushion. Getting comfortable. The guard's smile had been, well, pretty hot. He probably knew I was the control subject and he'd been trying to tell me I had nothing to worry about. Or maybe he just thought I was pretty. I mean, men do think I'm pretty, and I was here, naked... if he liked the view, it wasn't my fault.

I lick my lips, and look up at the camera.

Fuck, I wonder how many guys are looking at my body right now. It could be dozens. That sends a shiver through me. Some guy at a screen could have his cock out, right now. I catch myself smiling and licking my lips, and I almost chuckle. I shouldn't tease the animals, I think. But pretending to be all aroused, and arching my back... it might screw up their experiment, and if it got one of the guys to jerk off... suddenly I understand why porn stars get into the business. All those cocks out for them, that's so fucking hot. I smile, and tilt my hips up for the camera. Jerk off to this, whoever you are. I'm 5' 10, 36C, 24, 35, large, wide eyes, and a sexy mouth. Oceans of dark hair under me. Long legs, see? Go ahead, pump that cock, nice and rough. My clit tingles at the thought. I'm so fucking pretty and they're staring at me with their cocks hard... I lick my lips, slowly this time. Like that, boys? Pity you're stuck to that monitor. The guards in here at least get-

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