tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDrug Trials Ch. 03: Empire

Drug Trials Ch. 03: Empire



"Is she alright?"

"I don't have a clue. I'm not a doctor. No drug I have ever taken did this." Lindsay grinned, "Save this one!" She patted Megan's crotch

"Ummm...." Megan furrowed her brow in concentration. "Okay, I have my doctor to call, she'll keep everything hidden." Megan studied Amanda one last time and left the room. Amanda's looks and behavior as of late were becoming troubling. Her professionalism told her to drop her, as she was no longer marketable, but there was part of Megan that did care for the train wreck of an actress.

"Alright, I'll keep an eye on her." Lindsay said, moving further into Amanda's room.

Megan nodded and left the small set of bedrooms that she had installed into her newly purchased building. Making her way back to her office she considered the turns her life had taken. Already her talent agency was working hard, bringing in all sorts of actresses looking for the next thing. She hated to admit it, but she may be better at managing talent than being one. Not that she minded, she got to taste a variety of pussy from the world's newest stars, and some that are always looking to make it back into that spot light.

She looked over into the gym area as she strutted by. Pausing, she admired Avril's form as her muscles strained under the weights. The blonde had her hair back in a ponytail and her back seemed to ripple with every movement she made. Her weight regime was really paying off and she was every bit a fitness star. Megan had considered switching bottles once and trying Avril's Curvoma, but she feared losing her curves, and even worse her cock. Avril dropped the weights and moved on, sweat pouring off her sexy body. Even better, the personal trainer Colleen Bradley was coaching her along. A fine personal trainer, confidant, massage therapist and yoga instructor; it seemed there was nothing the black haired British beauty couldn't do.

Megan entered the set of offices and made a beeline to her own. Facing the LA skyline, the impressive vista offered a commanding view of the city. Her business acumen told her it was important to look impressive and commanding. Hence her choice of office and wardrobe. She was dressed quite professional, a business suit and matching skirt custom tailored for her curves. Looking both professional and sexy. She sat herself down in her extra wide chair and found her doctor's number.

"Hello is Dr. Rose in? She is? Can you put her on? Tell her it's Megan Fox." Megan rolled her eyes, going through the office manager was like pulling teeth.

A small delay, and a purr erupted from her phone. "Megan....to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Not social I'm afraid. A...friend...of mine may have gotten ahold of something, and I'd like you to come check her out?"

"I see. A house call?" She sounded disappointed.

"Yes, I'll find a way to make it worth your while. We want to keep this one secret."

"I am a professional Ms. Fox! If it was anyone else I'd hang up but for you I'll make an exception. Give me 30 minutes. You're at your new office correct?"

"Yes. Thanks Amber."

"Wait until you see my bill, then thank me." *click*

Megan sighed, returning the phone to its' cradle. Leaned back in her chair she stared at the ceiling contemplating. What was it that Amanda got into? Surgery? No, she wouldn't try that. Drugs? Lindsay said no medication she had ever taken did such a thing. Megan sighed again when inspiration suddenly hit her.

She popped forward in her chair and hit the intercom. "Jade, can you come in here?"

Within seconds her personal assistant appeared in the room. Jade Blake was definitely model material. Her figure was thin and tall. Probably 5'10 if not 5'11. Her caramel skin looked good in everything, including the grey suit and white shirt she wore. It was, like Megan's, professional but sexy highlighting her curves. Megan's eyes traced up her mile-long legs to her perky athletic ass. A trim waist that flared to a small C cup chest completed her gorgeous body. Her face was just as nice; flawless caramel skin with a dash of freckles, and lips were naturally full. Most noticeable were her name sake eyes. Being of mixed heritage, Jade took most of her looks from her mother. Her Irish father however, gave her a pair of brilliant green eyes that seemed mesmerizing. It made Megan a little jealous. Naturally dark curly hair, with one streak of Irish red, completed her look.

"Why again aren't you a model?"

"Too much work. I like food too much." She laughed. Even her laugh sounded like honey.

"It doesn't show."

"Thank you. I work on that, and the personal trainer you hired is most exquisite."

"She is." Megan said moving on. "Can you tell me, is there a way you can think of that someone could get access to Curvoma without being on the list?"

Jade consulted her tablet. "According to the list Pharmatech gave us, only you and Avril are on the trial. Bypassing the list would involve paying someone off."

"Right, call our Pharmatech rep and get him out here. He may have a leak and have to answer some questions."

"Done." She made a note. "Anything else?"

"Do we have anything coming up today?"

"Denise Richards has an appointment scheduled today at 2, she wants to meet with you to pitch a movie idea."

Megan stared blankly at her. "She knows I'm a talent agent now right, not a producer?"

"That's what I said over the phone, but she wouldn't listen."

The black-haired woman stared at the ceiling again. Maybe she should install a mirror up there so she could admire her form. Would that be too vain? "Alright, that ought to be exciting."

Jade moved forward and stood at the side of the desk. "Are you okay? Do you need to release some tension?" Her words said massage, but her eyes and tone said otherwise.

Megan felt her cock answer but she had to cut it off at the pass. "Maybe later, right now we should deal with this first crisis." She stood from her desk and started walking out the door, her bouncing bust leading the way. "When Scott comes in direct him to the temp apartments."

"Will do. Anything else?"

Megan stopped at the door considering. "No...wait.....where's Miley?"

"She was in the studio area earlier today. Justin Bieber has gone missing so she's going to fill in at the I Heart music awards."

She pursed her lips thoughtfully, "Why do I feel like those are related. Am I invited to that?" Jade shook her head. "No? Good. Alright, that should be it."

Megan left her office with Jade not far behind. The pair separated however as Jade went to her desk and Megan proceeded to the front door. She didn't have to wait long however before Dr. Rose came rushing in. The brunette doctor was still in scrubs and a lab coat as she skidded to a halt and embraced the actress turned talent agent.

"Ms. Fox. I've missed you." She said while hugging her massive chest.

"I can tell, I'm looking forward to our next appointment, but first, follow me." Megan lead her down the hallways, always a step or two head so Amber could admire her ass as it shimmied back and forth in her suit. "So, Lindsay found Amanda Bynes this morning in what seemed like haze. Her mood has been changing over the last week or two, and her figure has changed."


"You'll see." One last turn and they came up to the door. Even if Megan didn't know which room, she could easily identify it from the sounds emerging from it. "Oh boy."

Megan pushed up the door and almost stopped dead a foot into the room. "Lindsay!"

Lindsay Lohan had shucked her pants and was grinding down on Amanda. Amanda was responding by burying her tongue deep into her while her hands worked the redhead's large breasts.

"What?!" Lindsay managed to moan out. "I got her to calm down."

Megan facepalmed, "I can see that. Doctor?"

"Thank you. Can you umm.... remove yourself please?" Dr. Rose was suddenly professional despite the scene before her.

"Do I have to? She's sooooo good at this..."

"Yes!" Both Megan and Amber shouted.

Disappointed, Lindsay detached herself with a whimper. "So good."

Dr. Rose approached the prone Amanda and started to give her a visual inspection. Amanda stayed laying down, still in a haze. "Ummm, well her lips look too full. Did she have injections?"

Lindsay and Megan exchanged glances. "None that we know of."

She brought out a light and peered into her mouth, "Tongue looks big too." She moved down her body to her naked chest. "Implants?" She asked, cupping and checking the left one.

"Not that we know of."

"If they are its good work, I see no scars." She moved from the left breast to the right. "This is strange."

"What?" Megan asked, concerned.

"The tissue looks firm like there's an implant there, but I do not feel anything." She prodded the tissue carefully, eliciting coos from Amanda. "There's no sign of an implant despite it looking like one."

Megan pursed her lips in thought. 'She got herself a Curvoma variant. Has to be.'

"Butt looks the same too. Like there's an implant in there." She removed a stethoscope and began a thorough inspection. After several minutes of check all her functions she looked back at them. "She's healthy but, she's on something alright."

"It's called Kurvoma." A high pitched male voice came from the door, startling the room.

"Kurvoma Scott?"

"That's right with a K." The well dressed, and obviously gay man responded. "It was developed as a prototype to Curvoma, but there was a problem with it. It caused an interaction with the fat cells in the bust and butt to amalgamate into a plastic like state."

The two looked at each other blankly.

Scott sighed, "Make them look fake."

"Oooooh." Megan and Lindsay both said.

"Yeah, and the lust issue. Simulations showed that the brain became clogged processing endorphins pleasure effects, limiting higher thinking." Scott looked at them. "That's why it never left the lab, or was supposed to anyway."

"Should we take her off of it?"

"That would be best, I'm not sure if the effects are permanent however."

"Great." It was Megan's turn to sigh. "Once you're done Amber Lindsay will take care of your needs. Lindsay, ransack the room and find her pill hiding spot. Do not take them! Bring them to me. Scott, will you follow me please?" Megan left the room with Scott not far behind.

As soon as they left Jade appeared behind them. "I thought everything was secure?"

"It was, or was supposed to be anyway."

"Oh, by the way, Jade this is Scott he's the Pharmatech rep. He arranged for my trial."

They shook hands, "I thought you said you gave a blowjob to the rep."

"I did." Megan smiled to herself.

Scott laughed, "Please, no one is that gay."

"I see."

"Anyway, I know I'm asking a lot, but you said Avril and I were the only people on the trial so far."

"That's correct." Scott confirmed.

"Do you have a list of other celebrities you've identified for drug trials?"

Scott considered. "I do have a list, but we haven't approached anyone yet. We want to keep everything contained for right now. I noticed that Ms. Lohan's behavior has improved since you went on the trial, also her body is repairing itself from her previous drug behavior. I don't suppose those are related?"

"They might be."

"Can I....?"

"Arrange to get a sample of my cum and her blood so the lab can analyze them?"

Scott merely nodded.

"I'll work on that." Megan made a face. "Masturbating into a cup."

"It'll be 5-gallon bucket with how much you unload!" Jade grinned, elbowing her boss.

"Right." Megan cocked her head to the side. Yep she did unload a lot. "Can I get this list from you? I want to have Jade check it against our possible client list."

"Keeping everything in house?"

"Better for both of us."

Scott pulled out his phone and attached the file. "I could do this but I want something in return."

"Off the record?"

"Off the record. I want Matt Bomer's number."

Megan stopped outside her office and smiled, "Ever the negotiator. Jade do we...?"

"I'll send it right now." Jade was on it before she even asked. A very good thing to have in a personal assistant.

Scott smiled as the email came up. "Oh, and can you arrange a meeting?"

"I'll see what I can do, no guarantees."

"Good!" His face was glowing as he hit the send button. "Sent."

"Thank you, Scott."

"Thank you, Ms. Fox, for informing us of this leak. You may be pleased to know that Curvoma-C is nearing its testing point. We haven't picked out the recipient yet."

"If I have one in mind I'll let you know." Megan responded curtly.

"Thank you. Ladies." He bowed and made his way towards the door.

When he was gone Megan turned toward Jade, "Well I just learned a lot. What time is it?"

"12:45. Still time for lunch." Jade checked her watch.

"Chinese. I'm buying."

"Whatever you want boss." Jade smiled.


"You have to understand, this is not something I normally do."

"I know, but people I've spoken to said that you're the best for this." The woman in the red dress replied. Already Megan was admiring the way her figured filled out the dress. Her nipples were screaming out against the material, present a deep valley of cleavage. It was obvious no bra was involved.

"I've only been a manager for a few weeks." Megan replied flatly.

"Exactly! You don't have the limits those other agents have! You've been in the business! You know people." Denise Richards practically shouted at her.

Megan tapped a finger against her lips. She did have a point there. This woman was stubborn though. "Okay, say I bite. Your character died in Wild Things. That's hard to come back from."

"I didn't see a body bag, did you?"

"Point taken." Megan sighed heavily. "So basically, Kelly has been plotting revenge this whole time and now springs a trap?"

Denise nodded.

"Okay, I'll read it and I'll see if I get any bites. No promises though. Is Naomi onboard?"

"She doesn't know, but she isn't doing much either."

"I'm sure Bill Murray will reprise." Megan pushed her chair back from her desk and stood up. "Now, I think I can get this done. Columbia will probably want to do it. However, they will want something from you in return."

"Makes sense."

Megan made her way around the desk and paced the room. She tapped the large TV opposite her desk and it sprang to life. As it warmed up she explained. "I'll be honest here. Your IMDB and Wikipedia page read like a tragedy."

The screen popped up showing Denise's imdb filmography. "You start strong here and peak with Starship Troopers, and Wild Things. However, you did the World is Not Enough and things just go downhill."

Denise gulped nervously, she expected a thrashing. Instinctively a hand went to one of her dyed blonde curls and started playing with it. "That's right."

"Your last few spots here are direct to DVD, made for TV, and guest appearances. It's not good." Megan smiled to herself. It was a little cruel, and yes, she was almost at that point just months before. Megan thought of it as stalking prey. All she had to do was dangle the carrot. "I think the movie studios will be amenable to having you in some major roles if you show bankability."

"I can manage that." She replied nervously.

"I hope so. We have a big project coming up and we'll be needing talent. I think you could right for it, and it could be a big success and boost for your career." The trap was set.


"Anything?" Megan asked, looking incredulous.

"Anything to get back up again! I don't want to be known as that Bond girl and Charlie Sheen's ex." There was a certain amount of desperation in Denise's eyes.

"Alright. We can arrange that. Tina Fey is writing a new comedy. Essentially a Mean Girls sequel. Lindsay is already on board. Now the setting is not set yet. It'll be either a school like the original or in an office setting. Enough time has passed that no one will believe Lindsay as college aged." Megan paused and brushed some of luxurious hair back over her shoulders. "Sorry, getting off track. I'm thinking we can pitch you as a fellow teacher or office worker. You'll have to be sexy and confident. A queen bee if you will."

"I can do that...." The blonde replied, still twirling her hair.

"I hope so. I'm going to schedule a meeting with you and Lindsay to see your interactions. If it's good we'll put your name forward."

"If not?"

Megan ignored her as she went back to her desk. "Well, there's a certain level of maturity in this role. Maybe a few girl on girl make outs. I assume you can handle that."

"I can, but if I...."

"If it doesn't work out Columbia ask may answer a long-held James Bond theory. You'll be pitched in the upcoming James Bond film 'Spectre' as Christmas Jones."


"No interest?"

"It wasn't what I expected."

"I didn't think you'd like it." Megan sat back down and steepled her fingers together. "Can we make that work?"

Denise was silent for a long time. She really wanted to push her project forward, but Megan was correct in that she lost her Hollywood credit lately. "I guess so."

"Excellent! Speak with Jade on the way out and we'll set something up in the next few days." Megan stood up and pulled her up out of chair. She led Denise out of her office, patting her butt and eliciting a yelp out of the starlet.

Megan sauntered back to her desk. That meeting went much better than expected. She didn't think there would be sex on the first meeting, but there would be in the future. The way the red fabric clung to her curves was quite enticing, and Megan wanted to jump her bones and fuck her over the desk right then and there. Restraint won out however. It didn't matter, she'd enjoy it when she got to taste her pussy all the same.

"Jade when you have a minute please come in." Megan tapped a button on her desk and the TV started to rotate through Denise's photo library. Reached down she pulled the zipper on skirt. It was practically flung off on its own as her growing cock surged forth. Jade stepped in silently and approached.

"Time now?" Licking her lips.

The futa girl merely nodded as Jade came forward and kneeled before her. Taking the member in her hands she slowly worked them up and down the length.

"I'm surprised you didn't fuck her."

"I....I wanted to...I held back."

"Saving it?" She tickled just under the head as it surged forth to its full length. "You know I think you're bigger."

"I may let Lindsay have a go first. For the movie of course." She moaned as Jade tickled the spot between her nuts and the base. "Oooooh....yeah.... right there." On screen, Denise Richards photos from the World is Not Enough showed up. Image after image flashed by as Jade yanked on her cock.

The tall black woman alternated between gentle stroking and giving a fast twisting pull. It was a heavenly expensive for the moaning Megan. Her eyes locked forward on the screen when she felt Jade's tongue come out. The pink appendage traced itself along the bulbous head and across the slit. It hovered there, as if trying to gain entry before pulling back.

Megan groaned at the pleasure, but suddenly spasmed for the desk when she saw the picture before her. Denise Richards in the green tank top and the black shorts. She managed to hit the pause button before the photo switched. Megan loved how Denise filled out the top. How it clung to her breasts and exposed her trim torso, the top never quite touching it. Then there were the shorts. The tight nylon clung to the curve of her ass, the material ending just below her sex. It was obvious that she wore a thong at most. More likely, none whatsoever.

"Is that what you want? Her to be back in that outfit?"


"Those breasts bouncing with every movement. Those shorts pulled taut across her ass as she runs." Jade began to stroke mercilessly, her hands a blur across the cocks' length.

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