tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDrug Trials Ch. 07: Vacation

Drug Trials Ch. 07: Vacation


Hey everybody, another chapter here for your enjoyment. This chapter is also a bit more humorous for me...you'll see. This is sort of a brain cleansing chapter for me, so some details may be rather irrelevant. Anyway, comments and feedback are always welcome. Everyone is over 18 and I'm sure most celebs don't act like this. Enjoy!


Megan strolled along the beach. The waves gently crashed the shore nearly reaching her sandled feet. She was here to relax and certainly looked the part. A black bikini top barely contained her assets; Megan's thick nipples were prominent through the thin material. She was wearing a matching bottom, but it wasn't seen. Instead a blue sarong was wrapped around her waist.

The sun was coming up behind her as she turned off the beach and picked her way up to her rented villa.

"Have a good walk?" Jade asked as soon as Megan came in, a gentle sea breeze entering with her.

Megan nodded. "It's so peaceful here. I just want to sit down and take a load off."

"Isn't that what you're here for Ms. Fox?"

"Please Jade. Megan. You only have to call me that in meetings. Besides we're on vacation. Not just me."

"Okay." Jade sighed, trying to relax. "I still don't know why you took me and not Lindsay."

Megan was silent for a while before answering. "To say thank you."


Megan went to the kitchen and came back with a pitcher of lemonade. She poured herself a glass and one for Jade before sitting on the couch. "Jade, do you know why I hired you?"

"No." Jade admitted.

"When I started Foxy Productions and put out the posting for a personal assistant I received 437 resumes." Megan sipped at her drink. "I read every single one."

"Wow...but what's that have to do with this?"

"I'm getting there. A lot of the resumes were good, very good. A lot of them were bad, and filled with the sort of bullshit you'd expect from Hollywood. Yours was interesting to say the least. Prior job experience being a waitress. Getting fired from there for punching out a customer. Very interesting. It did tell me a lot about you. What also spoke a lot about you is when I visited the place and talked to the manager. I thought you punched out a customer of yours. Rather you knocked out a drunk man harassing another waitress. Quite admirable if you ask me. Anyway, I wanted to know more about you, so I visited your family."

"You visited my family?!" Jade exclaimed.

"I did." Megan confirmed. "I'm sorry if that upsets you, but I was curious. You have so much love for them, especially your adorable little sister Gloria. You gave up your college path for them, and I knew you were perfect."

It was unspoken why Jade didn't go to college. Yet, both parties were quite aware. "Jade, I took a chance on you because you seemed the perfect fit. You didn't have a degree or the experience, but you had the drive to succeed. You applied for the job while having no qualifications whatsoever, taking a huge risk. And you would stand up to assholes, including me if necessary. That's why I'm thanking you."

Jade sat in silence for several moments, processing all Megan said.. "You knew?"

"I didn't. Not at first." Megan leaned back in the couch; her eyes were closed and she was processing everything. "I knew for sometime that something was happening to me, as did you. You didn't say anything but you knew it, recognized it when I did not. More importantly, you acted on it when I did not. After Scott came by and gave me the new Curvoma, things started falling into place. I knew it wasn't Lindsay; Avril and I rarely see each other. I figured out that someone told Scott something was happening."

Megan opened her eyes again and looked over at her assistant. No, that wasn't right; her friend. "You saved my life, thank you."

Jade sniffed and rubbed at her nose; her sinuses threatening to unleash a torrent on the same magnitude of her watery eyes. "Excuse me, I need a moment."

Jade up and left, leaving Megan sitting alone. Well, that went as well as expected.

Several minutes went by and Jade returned. She came up behind Megan and wrapped her arms around her. "Thank you."

It was Megan's turn to be confused. "For?"

"Taking a chance on me." Her hands drifted lower along Megan's body.

"No problem, it's just my gut told me too."

"Mmm." Jade purred into Megan's ear. "Let me show you how much I appreciate that."

Author's note: As promised I'm breaking this into two versions: There is the large version, and the small version. For the Large, nearly hyper version: Search SSL1. For small: SSS1. For reading both, just keeping going! Thanks!


Jade licked at Megan's ear as her hands slid down to her waist. She gently pulled and the sarong popped free from her body. Jade pulled aside the sarong revealing her overburdened bikini bottoms. The custom made clothing struggled to hold in her Curvoma produced asset. Jade reached deep inside the large pouch and freed Megan's member.

Both of Jade's hands wrapped around the meaty cock, slowly coaxing it to life. She could feel the blood surge into it as Megan grunted. "You're so big now. You've been growing haven't you?"

"Mmmmmhmmmm." Megan agreed, her lips puckered in a perpetual moan.

"It looks longer than my arm." Jade asked. "How big now?"

Megan didn't usually care about such things...publicly. "22 inches?"

"Mmm...a wonderful size." Jade dropped the cock, letting it harden on its own accord. Instead her hands went north to Megan's colossal bust. "Just like these. Double G now? H?"

"Mmmm." Megan purred.

"We'll have to measure you." Jade purred in return. She massaged Megan's colossal tits. Each one bigger than her head, capped with succulent suckable nipples. Her fingers wrapped around said nipples, slipping around the bikini top. Megan moaned as those mocha fingers squeezed and pulled at her long nipples. The sensitivity was just amazing. With a singular pull the rest of the top came free, leaving Megan's tits hanging off her chest.

Jade came down over Megan's head, her own large C-cups dangling on either side of Megan's black hair. Already Megan's member was nearly over her head, a small trickle of precum drizzling from the tip. Megan let out a soft cry as Jade starting lapping at the stream.

"Mmm, tasty too." Jade said as she continued to suck on the oversized member. Not to be outdone; her hands, still playing with the monstrous boobs, brought them forward until they wrapped around Megan's cock.

The pleasure was nearly unbearable as her own soft boobs stroked up and down on her thick member. The dribble of pre was now a stream as her arousal increased. The liquid poured down her cock until hitting in chest. There it lubed up her cleavage until it shined.

"You like that don't you?" Jade whispered in her ear. "Never thought you'd be able to do this huh?"

Megan managed to squeak out an affirmative.

"Fuck your own cock with your tits. Mmm...looks soo good...why don't you try it yourself." Jade dropped her hands and let Megan continued. Her hands leapt to her chest and she continued the onslaught. Jade egged her own as she came around the couch. "How's that feel? Good? Those big luscious melons wrapped around your fat cock. I bet your leaking down south too."

The mulato woman pushed aside those overburdened bikini bottoms and probed Megan's sex. As expected, she was dripping wet. "As I thought. You're completely soaked."

Jade pulled her slick hand back and licked it clean. "You need to try this...you taste so good."

Megan greedily sucked down her honey as Jade offered it up. It was sweet, and made her all that much more horny. Jade was still in control of the situation. "Why don't I take over here. Just keep playing with those tits of yours."

Jade pulled the member away from Megan and started attacking it. Both hands worked the pole until it was slick with juices. At the same time, she licked and sucked on the oversized head; her jaw spreading unnaturally wide to accommodate it in her mouth. Megan cooed in delight as she kept kneading her tits.

"I'm not sure I can get this monster in me." Jade finally said, slightly disappointed.

"We can go slow." Megan responded, unwilling to disappoint one of her lovers. The pair switched spots, Jade pulling off her remaining clothes as Megan waited patiently. One hand was kept constantly moving on her cock; unwilling to stop the pleasure that creeped into her brain. Jade, now nude, leaned over the couch so her ass was pointed right at her boss.

"Be gentle." It took all of Megan's willpower to be gentle. Unlike Lindsay, Jade appreciated a tender fuck. As such, she couldn't slam home 22 inches of girlcock and expect a positive outcome. Yet, that pink pussy was calling out to her. Megan carefully guided her cock forward until just the tip was spreading out the lips.

Jade cried out in surprise as Megan pushed forward. She had to spread her legs to accommodate the massive size of Megan as the head began to drill inside her sex. The futanari almost stopped then and there until Jade spoke up.

"I can do it, just go slow." Jade panted out. "God I nearly came already."

That was true. A flood of Jade's juices poured out around Megan's cock, leaking onto the carpet below. Megan waited until Jade's breathing returned to something almost normal and started forward again. Her lover panted and grunted as she willed herself to relax. Inches of the thick member pushed inside, forming her sex into a glove of pleasure. Slowly, Megan started to rock back and forth, her hands firmly on Jade's firm ass as she went. It didn't matter that nearly 14...now 13 inches of dick were still outside, the pleasure was exquisite. It was Megan's turn for dirty talk.

"Oh, god you're so tight. Never had anything like this before have you? Have you?!" She punctuated that last part with a hard thrust. "We'll have to train you. 22 inches of dick all side inside you. Can't you imagine that?"

Jade could imagine that. It would practically be at her throat. That thought excited her further. 22 inches of Megan's meat buried deep inside her snatch. She'd be a cock sock for the biggest cock around. Her body convulsed as she came.

Megan felt the pussy clamp down on her member. That was the sign she needed. "Oh it does turn you on doesn't it? The thought of a huge cock buried deep inside you, bulging out your skin as we fucked. Not to mention the cum. Liters would pour into you, filling you up!"

Her partner screamed again as another orgasm overtook her. Nearly 14 inches of cock was buried inside her now. Their gentle fucking taking on a more frantic pace as more and more dick slipped inside. Megan felt a familiar tingle down below. "I'm gonna cum soon, I want you to feel it. Feel that jizz I'm about to paint you with."

Megan let loose a particularly hard thrust and let go. Her cock bulged and bulked in size as it fired its' cargo. Jets of sperm shot out of her cock as her brain was transported to a higher plain as her body jolted in pleasure. Jade's belly swelled as what seemed like gallons of spunk filled up her sex; Megan's cock acted like a plug, preventing any cum from seeping out while it added more to the mix.

Jade rolled through the biggest orgasm she ever had. Every synapsis fired as her mind fought pleasure for control over her body. Drool practically dripped from her mouth as her head rolled back so she was staring at the ceiling. Megan stopped cumming when Jade's belly bulged out. The pair panted as they each came down from their orgasm.


Jade licked at Megan's ear as her hands slid down to her waist. She gently pulled and the sarong popped free from her body. Jade pulled aside the sarong revealing her full bikini bottoms. The clothing struggled to hold in her Curvoma produced asset, yet it was managing, for now. Jade reached inside and freed Megan's member.

Both of Jade's hands wrapped around the meaty cock, slowly coaxing it to life. She could feel the blood surge into it as Megan grunted. "You're a little smaller now. You've shrinking haven't you?"

"Mmmmmhmmmm." Megan agreed, her lips puckered in a perpetual moan. The thought of her member wasting away did trouble Megan on some level, but Jade was quick to put her at ease.

"I like it." Jade purred. "It's so much more manageable now. How big is it?"

"12...12 inches..." Megan stuttered out.

"Mmm...a solid foot of girl cock. Have you tried it yet?" Jade pumped the thick cock achingly slow. It was driving the dickgirl wild.

"A little." Megan recalled how she fucked Lindsay when she switched pills, and how her exploration sessions took on a new tone as her member went to a more reasonable size.

"Good, now I get a turn." Jade walked around the side of the couch and went down on her knees before Megan. Her hands reattached themselves to the member and she started pumping again. Her mouth came forward and she started licking.

Megan leaned back in the couch as Jade went at it; a soft moan escaping her lips as Jade's tongue lapped at her cock. Already the flow of juices were starting. Jade's tempo increased, no longer concerned on lightly pleasuring her boss, she was now earnestly blowing her.

Her head went up and down Megan's cock as her hands shifted down and started to massage her balls. Each bloated testicle was the size of plum and vibrated in her hands as she pulled and kneaded them.

Megan death gripped the sofa, staving off her orgasm that she knew was coming. Jade was getting too talented, or she just haven't had a good blowjob in so long that her cock ached for release. "Jade...Jade...I'm gonna cum!"

Megan screeched as her partner squeezed down on her cock. "What the hell was that for?"

Jade was already up removing her clothing. "You're not cumming until I get a ride."

The mulatto woman now stood before Megan in her nude glory. Once again Megan had to wonder why she wasn't a model; she certainly had the figure for it. Maybe later, if I find another assistant. It was going to be hard to replace her though. Back in the present, Jade sauntered up to the futanari. She slid one long leg over at a time until she was straddling her. Megan's cock stood in between the two; Jade's hand becoming slick with the copious juices leaking from the tip.

"You ready?" Jade arched an eyebrow. Megan was quick to respond by shaking her head affirmatively.

Jade leaned toward and pushed the member back. Megan's 12 inches of cock disappeared as she sank back down. All of easily fit into Jade's sex as the duo let out a collective moan. Megan's smaller size being a perfect fit for Jade's velvety cunt.

For a moment, they just sat together; joined at the crotch as it were. Jade finally started to move; rocking her hips back and forth. She slowly began to pleasure Megan. Up and down she went, her pussy pulling with every stroke. Megan too started to return the gesture. Her hips flexed and she started to meet Jade's motions. The loud slap of flesh hitting flesh erupted when they met, which was now often as pleasure gave way to passion.

It was a heavenly experience for both parties. The noise increased as their pace between more frantic. Jade leaned forward, grabbing the couch back to maintain her balance; her modest chest now dangling before Megan.

Jade cried out as Megan latched onto a tit. Her tongue danced around Jade's nipple while she sucked and massaged the breast. Jade's breathing became more ragged.

"I'm cumming!" She announced, her body convulsed with pleasure as synapses fired along her back. Not to be outdone, Megan felt that familiar tingle in her balls.

"I'm gonna dump my load into you! Is that what you want?" Megan got no response, "Is it?"

"...yes..." It came out as a hiss, barely audible above her cries of pleasure.

"Get ready!" Megan gave one last hard thrust that nearly sent Jade over the couch and let go. Her cock, buried deep in Jade's snatch, unleashed a torrent of pent up spunk. Shot after shot went deep inside the mulatto woman as an orgasmic aftershock overtook her.

Megan was riding high on her orgasm. Her dick might have gotten smaller but the pleasure only intensified. Her head shot back as her back arched. Her tongue may have also rolled out of her mouth as she rode out the orgasmic haze. Yet, she survived. Eventually her dick stopped cumming and finished its' last shot.

Jade slipped off of Megan and saddled up next to her. For several moments the only sound was their ragged breathing.


Megan and Jade snuggled up in a post coital cuddle. Neither said anything for awhile. After several minutes Jade spoke up, "Who's running the office?"


Avril approached the chair carefully as if it may spring up and attack her. Geez, get a hold of yourself. This isn't the Iron Throne. Yet, she still crossed the distance to the commanding chair with an overabundance of caution. When she got to it, the blonde carefully spun the chair around. Her eyes shut, she turned and put her ass down. Almost immediately she seemed to sink into the chair.

Avril opened her eyes. She was still alive. The blonde looked about her surroundings. "Is Megan's ass really this big?"

Lindsay watched Avril shake about in the chair. "Bigger, it's starting to overflow it."

"Geez. I feel so tiny in this thing."

"Well, get used to it. You're in charge while those 2 are gone."

"Why me?" Avril whined.

"Something about 'Avril being more willing to follow instructions.'" Lindsay stated without malice. The redhead was looking surprisingly professional today. She was in tan slacks a white top and an dark green button up. A tablet was clutched in her hands.


"Better get ready 'boss' your first appointment is coming up." Lindsay grinned.


"I still wonder what happened to Curvoma C." Megan pondered. The pair had migrated outside after their love making session. Each taking a lounger, they laid by the pool soaking in the sun.

Jade giggled, stifling a laugh.

"What?" She looked over at the mulatto lady.

"C doesn't exist." Jade failed to contain her laughter.

"What!? It doesn't exist? How'd you figure that out?" Megan felt her voice rise. She started to get upset at the Jade.

"Because the letter C doesn't exist, at least how they're using it." Jade managed to control herself...barely.

"Care to explain that?" Megan sat up in her lounger, suddenly curious.

"Curvoma is named in the Greek alphabet. The letter C doesn't exist. A, B, G, then D."

"The Greek alphabet?"

"Yep. I noticed it when your drug was referred to as alpha and Avril's as beta." Jade confirmed.

Megan rubbed her chin thoughtfully, then a realization hit her. "Hey, how do you know that?"

"I have an associates degree in Greek Studies." Jade nonchalantly acknowledged.

"When did that happen?" Megan was surprised. Floored more like it. Her assistant had never shown the slightest indication of educational interest or aptitude.

"What? I can't know things?"

"No, I just never took you one for school."

"I'm not. I've just been fascinated by ancient Greece since I was a kid." Jade sighed."After you hired me I started taking some classes to finish my degree. You pay well enough I was able to get out of my studio apartment shithole and take night classes."

"Hmm." Megan resumed her position in her chair, lounging and absorbing the suns' rays. "You're full of surprises."

Megan was silent for a moment. "Say, what's the last letter of the Greek alphabet?"

"Omega." Jade said, a smile on her lips.


"That'll never fit." Megan responded pointedly to Jade's suggestion.

"Who said it was for you?" Jade looked at the dark green bikini. "I bet you couldn't even get the bottoms on."

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