Reggy couldn't believe he was doing this. His hands shook as he sat at the bar, tending two drinks while his companion went to use the washroom. It would take only a short while for the drug he had slipped into her drink to start working. An hour from now, they would be back at his place, and she would be his.

Reggy had always had a thing for Tammy, ever since he had met her that first day at work. She was young and bright and sexy, and they hit it off from the start, soon becoming fast friends. The only downfall to their future relationship was her boyfriend, a man who had decided long ago that working out of town was more important than staying home with her. As the months wore on, their friendship turned to flirting, and flirting to sexual attraction. One day at lunch she confessed to him her loneliness and horniness and that she needed an affair, a part time man while hers was away. Reggy wasted no time, only half jokingly, in volunteering himself for the job. Although an attractive man, her reply was a coy, "only if you drugged me."

He thought little of it at the time, until she pursued the idea of an affair more and more, always staving off his advances with "only if you drugged me." Then she began to talk about various drugs and their affects, different dangers, and finally, where one could buy them on the street. Reggy still believed she was only teasing, but decided to see if she really knew what she was talking about or making stuff up. He soon discovered that she did know what she was talking about, and also how ridiculously easy it was to purchase rape drugs on the street.

It took him days to work up the courage to tell her that he discovered that veterinarian tranquilizers were easily obtainable, and that he had bought some for kicks. With a deep sigh and quiet voice, she asked him to join her at the bar that very night.

He watched her walk back towards him through the crowd. She was a beauty, and not just in his eyes. She was thin, sleek and sexy. She had just enough curves in all the right places to give her a lithe, feminine figure; thin but not boyish. Her face was pretty, sparsely dotted with light freckles. He had tried to count them one day when she didn't know he was staring at her. She used only light make-up, eyeliner and faint lip-gloss. Her hair, shoulder length and chestnut brown, bounced with the remnants of the day's curls. Her brown eyes twinkled at him as she smiled shyly. They both knew why she had really gone to the washroom, and what he had done during those precious, private moments. Raising her glass to him, she downed it in one pull.

They chatted idly for some time before she began to blink her eyes, glazed and blurred, at him. "I'm not feeling too well, Reggy," she said softly. "Maybe you should drive me home."

Reggy swallowed hard and moistened his mouth with a sip of his drink before nodding. "Alright."

Neither of them spoke as he helped her stagger to the car. Making certain she was secured in the passenger seat, he almost leaped over the hood to get to the driver's side. With shaking hands, he looked over at her and started the car. She was fading in and out of consciousness, her head rolling back and forth in slight jerks. His eyes lingered on the soft swell of her breasts through her tight shirt before shifting into drive and pulling out onto the street.

He sped through the night, weaving through traffic in an attempt to get to his apartment as quickly as possible. His cock twitched and hardened with vague thoughts of what was to come. He screeched to a stop in front of his building. He had to practically carry her up the stairs to his second story apartment. She was light and firm, resting in arms as if she had always belonged there. The smell of her perfume and the scent of her hair and it brushed passed his face time and again was almost overwhelming.

Reggy could barely believe that this was happening as he kicked the front door closed behind him and gently laid her down upon his bed. There was no need to wait, no need for ceremony. This was the only outcome that they were both expecting. His heart raced as she moaned softly, occasionally thrashing about. She was still semi-conscious, he guessed, slipping in and out of awareness. He doubted that she truly knew where she was, but he had no doubt that she knew what was about to happen to her.

His eyes ravaged her body, from her leg-hugging slacks to her tight, grey shirt. As his unsteady hands found the buckle of her belt, he heard her mumble. Moving his head in closer, he made out two words; "please, no". This reaffirmed his belief in how awake she was truly was. But stopping was not an option. If she didn't want this as much as he did, she wouldn't have, shouldn't have, let it come this far. Reggy had no way of knowing that it was her guilt's way of reconciling what she was allowing to happen, to justify the "rape" as truly a rape.

He unclasped the buckle and unsnapped her pants. Unzipping the front, he wasted no time in tugging them down over her hips and thighs, his eyes lingering on the white, lacy thong-panties. In his haste, Reggy had forgotten about her boots, and practically tore them from her feet. Her socks quickly followed. Unobstructed, he finished pulling them free and tossed them to the floor. Climbing onto the bed with her, her moved to her shirt. It was more difficult to pull a long-sleeved shirt off of a limp body then he would have expected, but after long moments of ambitious struggling, he managed to pull it over her head and threw it to the floor. Again she moaned, this time only incoherent mumbling. Reggy leaned close and lightly kissed her earlobe.

Dressed now in only a thong and matching pushup bra, Reggy forced himself to slow down, to relax his tense muscles. He did not want to hurt her, and he did not want to rush through this moment. It was the first and almost certainly the last chance he would get to fulfill a desire he had been carrying for so long. Almost trying not to look at her, he reached beneath her and undid her bra clasp. Sliding the straps from her shoulders, he backed off of the bed. He slowed only to hook his fingers into the waistband of her panties and gently slithered them off as he moved.

Reggy stood at the foot of the bed and let the undergarments fall to the floor. Taking a deep breath, he finally allowed himself to stare at the naked body of the woman on his bed. His eyes traced their way from her face, the lovely face he had admired for so many months. Like her face, the skin of the rest of her body was smooth and lightly tanned from infrequent sessions to the salon. Her neck was long and sleek, and her shoulders and arms smooth and sexual. She had graceful hands, like and artist's, with expensively groomed nails. Her body hair was light and sparse, almost naturally non-existent. Her breasts stood off of her chest with the firmness of youth, the size of apples; perfect handfuls. Her nipples were small, no larger than pencil erasers, but stood out hard. It took a supreme effort to drag his eyes from them and continue down over her flat, smooth stomach and slightly curved hips. She did not shave her cunt, something he had always expected that she did, but it was neatly trimmed. And like the rest of her body, the hair was soft and sparse, making shaving almost unnecessary. Her thighs were creaming and soft, and her long, lean legs were well toned. Her feet were the most perfect he had ever seen, smooth and delicate, compete with polished nails.

Breathing deeply, Reggy climbed back onto the bed and moved up beside her. Propping himself up, he allowed his right hand to move over her body. He felt the firmness of her stomach, the smoothness of her thighs and hips, and the perfection of her small, beautiful breasts. Squeezing them with his large hands, groping their firm tenderness and playing with her hard nipples, he moved his face close to hers. Still exploring her body, he began to kiss her face, her neck, her cheeks, and finally her mouth. He kissed her like a lover for a long time, exploring her lips and mouth and teeth and tongue. A rush flowed through his body the odd time that he felt her respond and kiss back. The moments were few and fleeting, but more than he could have imagined.

Tammy moaned and stirred, bringing Reggy back to the reality of the time he had to work with. With a final, quick kiss, he reluctantly pulled himself away and began to move down her body. His hands continued to explore her body, this time joined with his mouth. He kissed and suckled Tammy's tits and nipples, spending as much time as he could on each before kissing and licking his way down over her stomach. Kneeling, he gently spread her legs apart and climbed in between them. He bent down, kissing her inner thighs while his hands moved under her and cupped her ass cheeks.

Groping and kneading her ass flesh, Reggy moved his face between her thighs and moved forward. Her cunt was already wet from all the stimulation her body was receiving. He plunged his tongue into her cunt without hesitation, devouring the sweet taste of her sex. She squirmed and moaned, her light movements barely noticed by the man that ate her pussy. His hands continued to fondle the globes of her ass as Reggy lapped at her cunt juice. His heart still pounded and his cock pressed against the restraints of his trousers. Reggy couldn't believe that this was happening. He had drugged Tammy, had given the girl a drug that she had voluntarily taken, and had her naked on his bed, raping her cunt with his mouth. Letting go of her ass and pushing himself up, there was one thing that could make this night complete.

He pulled his own clothing off in a frantic fury, his eyes never leaving her body. Standing naked, he began to reach for his nightstand table, then caught himself. No, no condoms for this one-night-stand. This was so much more than that. This was a woman that he knew and trusted. But no matter how voluntary is might have seemed, Tammy had still said no, she had not consented. This was a rape. And he was going to make it a true rape.

Once again he climbed between her legs, his body hovering over hers. He looked down into her brown eyes that opened briefly in slits of incomprehension, and took his cock in hand. Rubbing the swollen tip against the flowing wetness of her cunt, Reggy released his grip. Holding himself above her, he slowly eased his hips forward. His cock found the hole of her pussy, but she was tight. Her boyfriend was away a lot, and she was not properly taken care of. Groaning loudly, he pushed harder, thrusting the first few inches of his cock into her.

"Ohhh, Tammy," Reggy groaned, his eyes clamped shut.

Tammy grunted, some in pain, and Reggy slowed but did not stop. Pulling back and easing forward, he gave her tight pussy time to adjust to the intrusion. Several times he had to stop in fear that her wet tightness would draw the cum out of him too quickly. From the increased strength of her movements, he knew that the drug was starting to lose it's effect, but he intended to take his time nonetheless.

"Ohhh, Tammy, you're so tight." With a final thrust, he impaled his entire cock inside of her cunt. "You feel so good around my cock. I'm going to fuck you, Tammy. Just like we both wanted."

Bending down, he let his weight fall onto her prone form, her tits pressing into his chest. Wrapping his arms under her shoulders, he planted his mouth on her lips, kissing he as her started a steady rhythm of fucking his cock in and out of her sopping cunt. He fucked her hard and steady, his senses lost to the feelings of how her body was making his feel. It wasn't until her felt the tight muscles of her pussy contract that he knew he had sent her semi-conscious body to orgasm.

Pushing himself back off of her, Reggy began fucking her with a passion spurned from his ability to make her cum. Her body twisted a little harder, responding to his movements. His cock slammed into her helpless cunt, bashing her with a now animalistic fever.

"Fuck, yes, Tammy, unghh," he grunted as sweat dripped down his body. He felt his balls tightening and his cock on fire. "Yes, Tammy, I'm going to cum. I'm going to fill your cunt with my cum." He slammed into her as hard as could, pounding her with only one purpose. "Aghh, urr, Tammy, oh god, Tammy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" His body tensed as he thrust deep inside of her, spurt after spurt of his cum emptying into her cunt. Reggy's body twitched and jerked as he slowly thrust in and out of her, squeezing the last of his cum into her. Looking down, he saw her eyes were half-open and still groggy with the drug. But there was a spark of recognition there, a hint of awareness of what had happened. He collapsed on top of her just in time to see tears begin to well.

Reggy laid beside for an hour as the drug passed through her system and she was able sit up. He helped her dress in silence, both of them red with the shame of her nudity, and drove her home. Helping her to her front door, she turned and took a deep breath before looking into his eyes.

"No guilt," she whispered, "and no regret." Kissing him quickly on the lips, she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

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