tagLoving WivesDrugged and Raped Ch. 04

Drugged and Raped Ch. 04


Chapter Five

Monday morning was a new day. Chuck realized he had no clothing suitable for the office so he put on his rumpled suit and headed in. He had no tie, no socks and wearing deck shoes and felt very conspicuous. He was used to blending in and now felt like he was completely out of the norm. Since Bev had to be in the classroom he clocked out about ten and headed to his former dwelling place. He should have been uninterrupted as he retrieved some suitable office wear but when he drove by the house he could see that Bev was home. She must have taken the day off expecting him to try and sneak in. Damn her.

He went back to work and called Thomas about where Bev was. Thomas advised him to just stay put and he would take care of getting some of his clothes.

He then made an appointment to see the apartment at noon instead of eating something. The apartment was a nice two bedroom with a good space. The boys could be happy to visit here. There was also a community room and a workout room. The only thing better could be a pool but the apartment was in a high rise and that kind of space was too much to expect. He paid the first and last month's rent and arranged to move in the next weekend.

Thomas called him back at four thirty and asked to meet at Chuck's hotel. Chuck advised him of his new digs and why he moved. Thomas agreed that was for the best.

The meeting was enlightening. Thomas brought two suitcases full of clothing and accessories. Those were sent up to his room while they met in another small conference room. Apparently these kinds of meetings were not unusual in their city. This room was appointed like a study. Large overstuffed chairs and a separate large desk. The walls were paneled and many books were in the bookcases. Chuck made a mental note to himself to make a room like this in his next house. He would be able to afford it.

Thomas gave him some papers to sign. "This first is acknowledgement of an order of protection against Bev. She cannot come within a 1000 feet of you at any time. The judge actually wanted to make it even worse but that would have meant that Bev would have had to move to another city. He was not pleased with the video and Mark's sworn testimony about the investigation."

The next was a different contract for the automaker. The payments would be scheduled differently with a small sum being deposited into a new bank account that Bev would have to get a court order to access. The rest was structured in multiple stock deals along with an unspecified amount to a new holding company that Chuck wholly owned but was registered oversea to keep Bev away. The proper federal paperwork would be filed so that the IRS got their fair share but Bev would be thwarted.

The last paperwork took Chuck's name off the joint checking and savings accounts after moving half the money into the new account. Their joint credit cards were paid off and new ones were going to be issued but only in Chuck's name. Bev could qualify for her own cards. Lump sums were placed in trust accounts for Jeff and Jon's future education that Bev could not access. A new account was also set up for the boys' everyday needs. Bev could draw on it but only for direct expenses for the boys. She had been offered a pittance for maintenance and she had grudgingly accepted for now.

Thomas had been to the bank and paid off their mortgage and remortgaged the house in Bev's name and Chuck held the note. If she failed to make even one payment the note was in default and he could evict her. His name was also off the all of the utilities. Bev would have to carry the load from now on.

In return Chuck had promised to not out Bev and her relationship with Darcy and would not file for divorce in the near future. Any breach of the agreement by Bev and Thomas was going to bury her in legal briefs and deny her any recourse. The video where she talked about what she was doing to Chuck would also be shown to the school board and she would be fired for violating the morals clause. Bev had also signed a codicil that allowed Chuck to behave as if he were single. Any relationships that he had from now on were not to be brought up in event of a divorce.

Thomas also talked about his visit to the Endo household. As Chuck had deduced from his drive by earlier, Bev had taken the day off in anticipation that Chuck would try to come home while she was gone to work. Chuck also related to Thomas his message that Bev had found him and that she would probably have shown up and created a scene if he didn't change his address again.

Thomas agreed that this was a wise move. "I don't know Bev all that well but she is very different than the woman that shared a meal with us a few weeks ago. She goes from being contrite about harming you to acting like a queen and that nothing should hamper her from her plans.

She is also very upset with your visit to her parents to see your boys. When she went to pick them up on Sunday she tried to tell them that you were very tired and sleeping in. She was not happy when her father didn't buy her story and kept after her until she told them some kind of cock and bull story half based on the truth about Friday night. All in all, they are not very happy with her and her treatment of you and told her so."

Chuck had to smile about that comment. He wondered if she had been successful in destroying him Friday night would she have destroyed his reputation to her parents also. The only thing he could surmise was that she would happily throw him under the proverbial bus if that meant she could control the money and all relationships.

Thomas went on. "I showed up at her door with a writ from the judge to procure your clothing. I also demanded that she be the one to pack the suitcases. She again went from crying that you needed to come home to demanding that I deliver you posthaste. I hope she did nothing to damage your clothing. She also included some of your grooming accessories and even a tablet. I would check to make sure that the location service is shut off in case she is watching to find where you are."

Chuck had to agree to the last. He didn't want any confrontation yet. There was plenty of time for that. He also had not fully figured out his end game concerning Bev. He couldn't see living with her again. He couldn't trust her. She might decide to drug him again and this time there might be permanent consequences. She would also try to get him to agree to let Darcy and her continue their relationship and would probably try to restrict him to occasional pussy from her while she got to dine at the "Y" anytime she wanted.

He and Thomas finished their business. Everything seemed to be in order and the most important part, the money from the invention seemed to be out of Bev's reach. Chuck considered staying married with a separate domicile so Bev could not have any legal way to demand money from him. Only a divorce decree could force him to pay. He also thought about balmy islands where American laws were laughed at. That needed to be kept a possibility.

Thomas headed home and Chuck immediately had the billing for his room changed to the new holding company that he was the sole owner and shareholder in. He had decided to name it RM Industries, LLC. The RM stood for Raped Man. It seemed to fit his new personality.

He made a mental note to use some of his new wealth to give to a rape counseling center, a battered spouse shelter, and even set up a trust fund with Thomas Wilkes law firm to represent men who had been damaged by cheating spouses. He knew that he would lose a lot of money if Bev filed for divorce. The system seemed to be rigged to benefit the woman in any relationship and that was wrong in his case and he was sure it was wrong in a great many cases.

Chuck then went up to his room. He opened the suitcases and found a lot of his business wear nicely packed along with his shaving kit and good toothbrush. There was also a tear stained note from Bev declaring her love and how she wanted him back home safe with her and the boys. It reminded him to check and see what Thomas had arranged for visitation. The rest of the note he pretty much ignored.

Buried in one of the suitcases was his cell phone. He checked and it was fully charged. He removed the battery since he felt that she would get someone to ping the phone. Hell, she took care of the billing as could probably claim it was lost and have the cell phone company ping it and find him. Without the battery it should not be usable in that capacity for a while. He would keep using the burner phone.

He also started the tablet and made sure that the locator app was turned off. He checked other apps to make sure that none of the others could give away his position. He felt reassured that they could not. If she found him there would be only a few days grace for her before he moved into his apartment. If he believed she had tracked him down through the tablet then it would be conveniently placed in a dumpster far away or maybe given to some transient person so the tablet would travel and keep Bev busy trying to track it down. He smiled at that thought.

Wasn't it amazing that he was no longer very concerned about her and what she wanted and needed. Last Friday he was prepared to give her everything she could ever want and now he was giggling like a schoolboy considering thwarting the neighborhood female outcast that was his wife.

He also wanted to get some payback from Darcy for going along with Bev's plans. He didn't want her to be permanently harmed but other than outing her to her parents he had no idea how to get back at her part in the debacle. He felt that she was kind of an innocent bystander, like a girlfriend whose guy robs a liquor store while she waits in the car. In the eyes of the law she would be just as guilty even though she might not have known ahead of time what was going on. Still guilty but needing some kind of milder punishment.

By the end of the week Chuck felt that Bev was pulling out all of the stops to find him. She somehow found his car because the one day that he went by to check on it there were multiple notes stuck in the wiper blade begging for his forgiveness. She had also must have brought the spare key as he found other letters inside the vehicle. Each started out begging for him to come home before ending with a threat to keep the boys from him until he came to his senses.

Bev also showed up at his work a couple of times. At first she left when told that he was out of town on business. By the end of the week she had to be ejected by security and warned against trespassing when she realized that he never had to travel on business before and his job didn't require any travel to conferences and seminars.

Thomas had arranged visitation with the boys. Bev was to deliver them to her parents on Wednedays and alternate weekends but not be present when Chuck arrived or she would be in violation of the protection order. Chuck initially felt that she would gladly violate the protection order because she had shown up at work but after the first visit he breathed a little easier.

The timing had been worked out with Thomas. Bev was to deliver the boys to her parents by 4:30 in the afternoon. This gave her time to leave her school and pick them up at their school and drive to her parents with just a few minutes to spare. Chuck was to pick them up any time after that and bring them back by 9:00. This gave her parents a minimum of an hour with the boys before Chuck would arrive. Bev could also visit with her parents for a short bit before Chuck could reasonably arrive.

He skipped the first visit as he was supposed to be out of town. He didn't let her know ahead of time. Her parents got to see the boys all evening and reported to Bev that Chuck was absent. They also wanted to know what the hell was going on. They told Chuck later that at first Bev had tried to pass it off as a minor spat that Chuck had overblown but finally gave them a few more bits of information that she had withheld on Sunday when she picked up the boys after the disastrous Friday night. They quickly and rightly came to the conclusion that Bev was cheating. They just assumed it was with a man. Bev's lies were getting tangled as she tried to spin the whole ordeal on something that Chuck did.

On Friday night Bev brought the boys to her parents as agreed and then pulled her car around the corner so Chuck wouldn't see it and made her way back to her parent's house and hid in a back room. Gayle was her accomplice in this. She believed her daughter when she said she wanted to just sit and speak with Chuck for a few minutes. William wasn't home from the shop yet so he wasn't able to talk any sense into his wife about staying out of their child's business.

Chuck came by at 5:30. The boys were playing outside again and he joined them. The first thing they did was tackle their dad and tickle him until he fell to the ground. They wrestled and rolled on the ground and laughed a lot. This was what he missed the most, the playtime with his sons. They were growing so fast. He could see the difference in only a week of not seeing them. They seemed so much older but still able to play like the children they were.

He sincerely hoped that the change in them wasn't due to their mother's activities.

After a bit they were all lying on the ground while laughing and giggling. Finally they all got up and Chuck spent time brushing off the bits of grass from himself and his boys. Then they went into the house and Chuck greeted his mother-in-law.

He was nonplussed at her mannerisms. If he didn't know better he would think that Gayle was guilty of something. Unfortunately he was correct. After trying to talk to Gayle for a few minutes and having her nervousness get even worse he suddenly realized why when Bev walked out of the bedroom.

The boys didn't seem to think that there was anything out of the ordinary except to ask if daddy was coming home with them. The questions were ignored.

Bev immediately went after Chuck's feelings for his boys. "When are you getting over your snit and coming home? Your boys have been missing you and asking about where you are every day. I miss you and need you home."

Chuck turned to his mother-in-law. "I will give you the benefit of the doubt here. I figure you don't know about the protection order. Because of what your sweet and innocent daughter did to me last Friday night I have a court order barring her from being within a 1000 feet of me at any time. Right now I could call the cops and have you both arrested and taken to jail."

Gayle turned to Bev. "What is he talking about? You told me that you two had a misunderstanding. I don't think a misunderstanding justifies a 1000 foot space between you and him."

Bev tried to come up with a plausible answer starting with the old standby that it was all a misunderstanding. While she was trying to come up with her excuse Chuck rounded up the boys and their backpacks and headed out the door. He didn't bother to say goodbye.

The boys had a ball in his hotel room that night. They had pizza, called for room service, played video games and then laid on the beds in the dark and talked. Chuck told them that he and their mother were not living together because of a disagreement between the two of them. This whole problem had nothing to do with Jeff and Jon and even though he couldn't fully explain what had happened he couldn't live in the house right now. He also told them that even though it seemed that they were being punished that idea was not true. They were both loved by each parent and they would never be left alone. Their grandparents also loved them and were always available to answer any questions. Jeff seemed to understand a little but Jon was too young to accept any thought outside of the fact that dad was not home every night.

Chuck finally got them to sleep and after tossing and turning for a while fell asleep himself. When he woke in the morning he had two little munchkins in bed with him. They were snuggled in on each side of him and holding his arms tight against their little chests. It appeared that they were afraid he would disappear while they were sleeping.

After extricating himself from their clutches Chuck emptied his bladder and then came back to bed. The boys woke soon after and they had a wrestling match on the bed before dressing and heading out for breakfast at the nearest pancake house. While getting their faces fed and also getting syrup and sugar all over their faces they talked about how their babysitter, Darcy, was over at their house every evening even when their mom wasn't going out.

When Chuck asked about what Darcy was doing they talked about how she was helping with their homework and even played some video games with them. Bev would just sit and watch their interaction and not really join in. Darcy always seemed to go to bed after they were sound asleep.

Chuck asked if Bev and Darcy ever gave each other a hug or a kiss and Jeff nodded affirmative that he had caught them kissing in the kitchen a time or two. Both had stopped as soon as they realized that they had an audience. Jeff didn't think much about it as they had been doing that for months before Chuck moved out. Darcy was just over a lot more lately. Jon liked Darcy and thought of her kind of like a big sister so he didn't see anything unusual in their relationship. Chuck wisely didn't make another issue of it.

The boys helped him move his clothing to his new apartment. They thought it was cool but a little boring unless they got to go up and down the elevator a lot. They made good doormen and assisted people on and off the elevator whenever Chuck needed to go for more stuff. The apartment was mostly furnished. Chuck and the boys headed off to the nearest department store for extra needed items and Chuck had to invest in another gaming system and a few games so the boys could play when with him.

They had a great evening at a local restaurant and then a movie before hitting the sack and again in the morning Chuck had a couple of young visitors sharing his bed. It was obvious they really missed him and were scared about seeing him again. He tried to comfort them but realized that the only comfort they would get would be if he was home every night.

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