tagLoving WivesDrugged and Raped Ch. 05

Drugged and Raped Ch. 05


Chapter Six

Chuck took the boys back to their grandparents late Sunday afternoon. The boys were subdued about the end of their weekend and knew that it would do no good to ask him to come home. They didn't perk up until they were out of the car at their grandparent's house.

While they played William came out to talk to Chuck. He was distressed and wanted some answers. Obviously his daughter was giving him the runaround about what the hell had happened to her good marriage. He instinctively knew that Bev had done something very wrong to drive Chuck out of the house. He figured it was Bev's fault because Chuck would not even give him a simple explanation except to tell him to talk to Bev. Bev's explanations were a pack of lies as she was not able to keep any of her stories straight. They were contradictory and when this was pointed out she became very defensive and left the house.

"Chuck, I know that Bev has done something to cause this whole problem. She is my daughter but I don't believe I have any blinders on concerning her. Gayle is very upset that she might have been hauled off to jail for helping Bev out and violating the protection order that we knew nothing about. We were blindsided by this whole visitation thing but I understand it now. This is really the only way to get Jeff and Jon to you and back again without violating the order. The 1000 foot rule seems to be excessive but I believe you must feel that you have good reason for this."

He paused for a moment. "We just want to know the unvarnished truth about this whole fiasco so that we can support each of you as needed and keep from violating any agreement that you two have. So, please, come inside and tell us the whole story. You know we respect and love you like a son so we will try to be objective as possible."

Chuck was very reluctant to tell his story again. His rectum had finally stopped hurting and he was not pooping any blood anymore. He was finally sleeping again and sometimes when thinking about Bev was not even thinking of extreme retribution scenarios. He was in an apartment and didn't have to run the gamut of well meaning hotel employees anymore. He was still thinking about taking a few days off to decide what to do about his marriage.

He took a deep breath and then nodded his assent. He wanted a few more close friends and relatives in his corner if divorce became absolutely necessary. William and Gayle might be the best ones as they were the closest.

He held up his hand to William. "When is Bev scheduled to come and pick up the kids?"

"She should be here about 9:00 so the boys can get a good night's sleep."

Chuck checked his watch. "It is 5:00 now. Do you think she could come over sooner and bring Darcy and her attorney with her? Darcy could keep the boys occupied or even take them home while we get Bev to tell us the whole story from her standpoint. There are a lot of questions that I have that have not been answered and we could all hear the complete story at that time."

William pulled out his phone and called his daughter immediately. He turned away and spoke quickly and emphatically with Bev about how she needed to get to the house as soon as possible and to bring Darcy with her. By the time he got off the phone she also knew that Chuck was going to be there and the whole story would have to come out.

Chuck then called Thomas Wilkes and discussed how the protection order would hamper their meeting. Thomas said he would come to the house also and would act as a representative so that the order would not be violated. He said he could be there by 6:00 and Chuck should not be in the house until he was present in case Bev got there earlier. She could not then claim that she was set up to go to jail for violating the order. He was not pleased when he found out that Gayle and Bev had conspired Friday to get Chuck to sit down and talk then. He ended the conversation by stating Bev should have gone to jail that night after blatantly ignoring the order.

Chuck agreed and ended the call. He let William know that his attorney would be joining them and He would leave until Thomas was present. William was disappointed but understood that certain proprieties needed to be met. He had hoped to have a quiet conversation with his son-in-law and get to the bottom of this whole mess but this could do the same thing but would not be quiet. He went inside and let Gayle know what was coming up. She made sure the Kuerig was clean and ready to go. They would need a lot of coffee before this was done.

Thomas was as good as his word. He arrived at 6:00 and Chuck came back about 10 minutes later. Thomas was introduced to William and Gayle and accepted a hot cup of coffee. Bev and Darcy arrived before a second cup could be consumed.

Thomas took the lead and laid out the requirements of the meeting. He let everyone know that he was a court representative and would be recording the whole meeting. If there were any recriminations later then the recording would help to resolve the issues. He also told Bev that the protection order was suspended for the evening while he was present and, unless she did something physical towards Chuck, she would not get into any trouble with law enforcement. He made sure that his comments were also being recorded.

Bev nodded her head showing her understanding. Of course she didn't want to be there at all. It dawned on her that she and Darcy were sitting alone on one side of the dining room table and her parents, her husband and his attorney were all on the other side. It didn't make her or Darcy feel very comfortable. She took Darcy's hand under the table and squeezed. Darcy looked like she might either get up and run or pass out.

Thomas continued his version of how the meeting was to be conducted. He admonished each person to let the one speaking be not interrupted. He knew this would be hard if Bev tried to make out that Chuck was in any way responsible for what happened a week ago. He also reminded everyone that two young innocent boys were present in the next room and any yelling would upset them for no reason. Bev and Chuck nodded and agreed to try and keep civil.

Thomas also directed the entire adult entourage that if voices were going to get loud that the whole meeting would be suspended while Darcy took the boys home. They would proceed from that time forward.

He finished by informing Bev that if she did not tell the absolute truth about what had happened he would provide the damning video to her parents. Bev's head shot up at that comment. She and Darcy had talked the whole way over about how to spin the event so that their relationship could remain hidden for now. As Bev dropped her head again in defeat knowing that her parents were not going to like her at all after tonight and might actually disown her for what she had done, Darcy's head came up and she shot a nasty look at her lover.

Darcy raised a hand. "I believe that I should take the boys home right now. I did not want to do anything to Chuck and went along with Bev for some strange reason. I believe that this is going to be a nasty meeting and the boys don't need to hear anything, not even a whisper about it. They are too young and innocent to be part of this."

She stood up. "Mr. Endo, I am very sorry for my part in this whole ordeal. I have always liked and respected you and regret going along with the crap that Bev pulled on you. I tried to get her to stop but she wouldn't listen to me. I wish that I were a stronger person because I knew that it was wrong at the time but was so in love with Bev that I let her get away with it."

She turned at the door. "I know you can't forgive me but I pray that someday you might not hate me."

She gathered the boys and was soon out the door taking Bev's car.

While she was occupied doing that William was staring daggers at his daughter. This might be even worse than he thought. Somehow he came to the conclusion that Bev was accusing Chuck of playing around on her without reason. Now something more sinister seemed to be in the offing.

Gayle was still trying to be sympathetic towards her daughter. Her feelings were colored by the fact that she had borne her, nursed her, nurtured her and raised her to be a good person and now it seemed that she had failed in some way. She wasn't angry, yet, just sad and disappointed.

After Darcy got away from the house Thomas turned to Bev again. "I believe it is time to fully explain what you thought, what you wanted, and then what you did to your husband."

Bev looked at her parents. She hoped for some kind of support but her father was ready to strangle someone and it might be her. Her mother was looking so sad she felt like someone had died. She took a deep breath and tried to explain it all. She rambled a bit but Thomas kept asking questions to bring her back. He kept asking when it had all started.

"I suppose it started last year. We were happy and content. Both Chuck and I have good jobs. The money is good enough to live on. We have savings and take a good vacation each year. Jeff and Jon are good boys and are growing up so fast that it almost takes my breath away. I should have been super content but somehow I was not.

Chuck and I would go out at least once a week and we used Darcy McNeal as our sitter most of the time. She is a great person and very mature for her age. She didn't date much and her parents are always available if needed. Many times Chuck would have to take a call about his invention while we were out. I was proud of his ingenuity but the selling of the patent was not something that anyone could call romantic. We would come home and Chuck would have to make another private phone call. Sometimes he would call his attorney and other times the reps from the car companies. Each time he had to go into the study to make the call and have access to his computer. I would have to be the one to check on the boys, pay Darcy, and then walk her home. We were agreed that she was vulnerable and needed to be accompanied home even on the early nights.

I never felt that confident that a rapist might not jump out and attack me on my way home. Here I was walking alone on a dark street albeit in a fairly safe neighborhood. I guess I started to resent the whole patent and how much it was keeping Chuck from us.

Darcy and I would have long talks on the way home. She would discuss the normal teen things and I would try to act more like an older friend than a parent. Somewhere along the line we started to first walk arm-in-arm towards her house. Later we would stop at the park and sit for a while and talk about whatever came into our minds. She is a lovely and intelligent young woman. And, for what it's worth, Chuck never seemed to realize how long it was taking to walk her the few blocks home.

One night we were talking about dating. Darcy had never had a real boyfriend and was anxious about how to go from a casual date to sex. She was so innocent and also so alluring. I had never had much of a desire to make out with a woman but I was falling for her. I don't know who kissed who first. I know I wanted to. Maybe the fact that Chuck was so intent on this deal that our love life had been sporadic, at best, for the past few months but I was very aroused by her first kiss."

She stopped to catch her breath and take a drink of water. Thomas had to make a motion at Chuck to keep him from exploding. His take was that she felt the whole affair with Darcy was his failure in the bedroom. He wanted to call "Bullshit" but he took a deep breath and sat back.

Bev took up her story again. She wouldn't look at anyone. Chuck and her dad were looking at her like she was some kind of alien life form. Her mother looked like she could start crying at any point and Thomas looked like he was going to win an important court case. "At first we would just sit and kiss for a while. Later we would neck and then started to feel each other's breasts through our clothing. We would try to only spend a few minutes, maybe ten or so, on the bench before continuing our walk home."

"When it got colder I would give her a ride home in the car. This gave us more time to sit in front of her parents' house and neck a little more. I was falling in love with this precious young life. We didn't consummate our relationship until after she turned eighteen. Chuck did have to go out of town for a few days to talk to the car company so we then got a motel room. First we went to the bar and danced until we got each other hot and then went up to the room. It was so fantastic. I never knew I could have so many orgasms or, for that matter, give so many orgasms. We were so into each other that it was hard to check out the next day but I had to get the boys back from you guys as you had plans."

William and Gayle both realized which weekend that had been. They were shocked at how matter of fact Bev was relating her affair with the babysitter. They realized that Darcy was a very nice looking and acting young woman but didn't see how Bev could risk so much. William shook his head in disgust and Gayle started to cry. Bev looked contrite now and looked like she could cry also. Maybe she was finally figuring out the damage she had done. Chuck knew that if William and Gayle were upset now, wait until they found out what Bev had done to him.

Bev continued her narrative. "I knew that I still loved Chuck but it was changing. I started to feel like I was some kind of privileged queen and should not have to follow the laws and mores of the plebians like Chuck. I should be able to have Darcy in my life and Chuck and the boys also. I wanted Darcy to be exclusive with me but I would still be able to have a sexual relationship with Chuck. I also felt that Chuck would also have to be exclusive with me and not be able to chase around with some hussy. Chuck was also out of shape and losing his hair. I questioned whether I was attracted to him anymore or just content with him."

"Of course I never bothered to talk to him. I felt he should just be able to feel what was going on. I tried to make sure that we never changed how often we made love but the stress of the negotiations was taking care of that for me. He couldn't sleep much and usually didn't make any move towards me in bed.

Darcy and I continued to meet whenever we could. Every date was very satisfying and momentous experience. I was at once pleased with my love life but wanted to move Darcy into my house as a permanent resident. I was in a quandary. Chuck had always maintained that we would have to be exclusive to stay together. He didn't want to explore any options other than the two of us. I don't like oral sex so I won't suck his cock but like to have him perform on me. He just didn't do that often enough. He also has a phobia about me playing with his anus even though we watched many videos online that showed both men and women performing analingus on each other. I was feeling stifled between my wish to have Darcy more and Chuck's refusal to accept any change."

She paused again and took a sip of water. "Finally came the day that I started to plan for a change. I never wanted to lose Chuck so I thought if I set up a scenario where it appeared he was unfaithful I could then dictate terms to him. I believed he would give in very quickly as I would threaten him with jail and lose of his sons. Now that it was close to closing on his invention we would also have all the money we needed to be independent. Chuck wouldn't have to work anymore and would be able to be with the family all of the time. I really thought that he would cave quickly.

We set up the rough framework of how this would go. I had to talk Darcy into the whole thing. She didn't want to do this to Chuck. I told you she was smart. If I had listened to her common sense about this whole thing we wouldn't be here right now. I might have still lost my husband but he wouldn't be afraid to stay in his own house anymore.

I talked to a couple of guys who seemed to be very 'with it' and they got me a couple of drugs. The first one would make Chuck appear to be very drunk, but in the right amount would allow me to get him into bed like I wanted. Then the other drug was guaranteed to keep him from moving.

Then I needed to set up Darcy. She needed to look as though she had been assaulted by Chuck. I intended to mark her with bruises, bites, and hickeys. This would make Chuck believe he had attacked her in his drunken state. I would then find them after the attack and accuse him of raping a young innocent girl that we both knew and had high regard for. In my plan he would try to plead his innocence and I would be the deliverer of justice and kick him out for a few days. When we got back together I would then lay out how our life was to be from now on. With the money under my control we would build a bigger house and have some kind of Jack and Jill bathroom between our room and Darcy's. This would allow me to go between rooms for any late night assignation. I could sleep in either bed and have either a willing young beauty or a rugged male whenever I wanted it. The boys would not be wise to any of this for a long time and would not necessarily be surprised when they figured it out.

I decided to hire Darcy as our au pair and would tell the world she was living in our house to help with the boys. She would continue her schooling without interruption. She could even have the freedom to experience the college life to its fullest. I really thought it was a full proof plan. I could have everything I ever wanted, a life of luxury, two great kids, my lover and my husband under my control. I saw no downside."

She paused again. Chuck asked for a recess and Thomas agreed that everyone needed a break.

William and Gayle retired to the master bedroom to talk for a few minutes. It was obvious that this woman sitting at their table was not someone they really knew very well.

Bev went to the bathroom and relieved herself and washed her face. She was glad she had not put on any makeup as it would have run all over her face by now. She returned to the table and sat by herself for a while. She missed the loving relationships with her parents and her husband. Darcy was a treasure but their relationship was new and fun not tried and true like her other relationships.

Chuck and Thomas went outside. It was now fully dark so Chuck paused to 'water the plain' around the corner from any prying eyes. He almost didn't know what to say. Knowing that Bev had the capacity to stoop so low and having her admit to her plans to subjugate him was almost more than he could handle. He flip-flopped from wanting to strangle her for what she had done to just sitting and crying over his destroyed home life. He had no idea how he could ever trust Bev or any other woman again.

Thomas tried to console his client but knew he was just mouthing platitudes. He had never heard of anyone doing something like this to try and get their spouse to agree to such a strange arrangement. He knew of a few polyamoury relationships but none were based on deceit, lies, and extortion. He did know that the recording that he now had along with the evidence that the Jenkins were sitting on would make his client look very good in a divorce. He could not think of any judge who would award much money or custody to a woman who would drug her husband and then extort his agreement to continue an illicit arrangement. Even the most feminist judges knew better than to allow Bev to benefit from her perfidy.

After about fifteen minutes they re-entered the house. The Willis couple was again at the table but not speaking much with Bev. The two men took their places again. Thomas asked Bev to describe the events of the week before.

"I want you to all know that I am ashamed of what I did to Chuck. It was not the act of a loving wife, just the opposite. If any other person had come and described what I did as a way to get Chuck to agree to something I would have attacked them. My lust and love for Darcy was in total control and I couldn't get that out of my head and get my priorities right. I now wonder what would have happened if I had just sat Chuck down and discussed my feelings. Where would we be right now?"

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