tagSci-Fi & FantasyDrummer Boy - Down to Earth Ch. 01

Drummer Boy - Down to Earth Ch. 01


Drummer Boy - Down to Earth Ch. 01

Hey boys and girls! It's been a while since I updated the story. I've had the raw files sitting around for, literally, years, but I've been dealing with life stuff, and concentrating on my non-erotica works.

The usual platitudes: I've got tons of material, and will be posting the rest of the story regularly. Thank you for being patient, thank you for being a reader, and enjoy!

[Note to new readers: This is the third part of the story. The first part is The Call, and the second part is Jason Goes to Hell.]


"That's right, you filthy bitch," Kristin said, "get that dick all the way in there."

Jason couldn't see Kristin, but he knew she was right there behind him. See, Kristin was holding the belt.

Sharp bolts of pain shot across Jason's spine. That may have had something to do with the angle at which he was sitting in the chair. Okay, technically he was sitting in the chair. A more accurate description would involve the words "immobilized", "handcuffed" and "by his wrists".

Jason was concentrating on his enforced lumbar support because of the belt which held his jaw shut. While the intention of the belt had been to prevent him from speaking, it had the wonderful side effect of being really painful, chafing against his skin any time he so much as moved his head. As such, Jason had little choice but to look straight ahead and move as little as possible.

It wasn't working out very well.

In the lower half of his field of vision, Jason watched Pearl's full, curly black locks bobbing up and down and she bobbed on his dick. She was really going at it. Not a lot of tongue action, but what she lacked in finesse she made up for in vigor. Squishy slurping sounds aplenty came from down there, as Pearl took him in her mouth over and over again. And it felt really good. Almost good enough to distract him from all the rest.

"Goddamn it, bitch!" Kristin said, her voice a frustrated snarl coming from over Jason's shoulder. "It's not a fucking lolly. Take him all the way!"

Jason felt Kristin tug on the belt around his head (ouch), and saw her other hand reach out to grab a hank of Pearl's hair. Using this like a leash, she pushed Pearl's head down onto Jason's cock so far that he could feel her chin mashed up against his balls.

Pearl gave a little whimper that turned into a choke.

"Fuck yeah," Kristin said, "you gag on that dick you nasty whore."

Kristin held Pearl's head there for half a minute, during which both Pearl and Jason squirmed, for different reasons. Pearl, because she was having trouble breathing. Jason, because his already painfully hard cock was loving the sensation of being deep into the warm wetness of Pearl's mouth, especially with her squirming and moaning the way she was.

Jason knew he shouldn't be enjoying this, but he couldn't help himself. This was the kind of filthy, shameless blowjob that, normally, Kristin would be giving him. That is, if she hadn't been the one holding him and Pearl captive and forcing her to blow him, and him to take it.

Then, Kristin reversed her grip on Pearl's hair, forcing her to look up. Pearl gasped for air, her mouth open and dripping with saliva. She had been crying, and her makeup ran in dark streaks down her cheeks.

Kristin jerked Jason's head down at the same time, forcing him to look Pearl in the eye. Pearl looked as ashamed as he felt.

"Look at her!" Kristin said. "You like that? Is that what you want? Some fat-titted slut choking on your cock?" She shook his head, sending more chafing pain along his jaw. "You think that's pretty? You think that's hot?"

It actually kinda is, Jason thought, but he wasn't going to tell Kristin that. Not that he could anyway. He tried to speak, to say something, but Kristin's hold on the belt was so tight that his jaw stayed shut, and all that came out was a short "mmmmph!"

"Kristin...please..." Pearl said, but before her pleas could get any further, Kristin yanked her head sharply to the side and then back. Pearl yelped in pain.

"You tawdry little skank!" Kristin said, "Shut the fuck up, and get that cock back in your mouth!"

Kristin pulled Pearl's head down into Jason's lap, expecting Pearl to comply and continue blowing him. Instead, Pearl kept her mouth closed, and just ended up with her face in Jason's lap.

This didn't go unnoticed by Kristin, who yanked her up by the hair again.

"Oh, we're funny now?" Kristin said. "You think you're so fucking clever?"

"You can't make me," Pearl gasped.

"Maybe not," Kristin said. "But take a good look at that nice hard cock and ask yourself this question: which hole would you rather have it in, your mouth, or your eye?"

Pearl's eyes widened in surprise. Shocked, Jason wondered if Kristin was really that far gone. And yet, despite himself, he also found himself wondering how much of his cock would fit into Pearl's eyesocket.

These aren't the kind of thoughts that normal people have, Jason reflected.

"Yeah, that's right," Kristin hissed. "Think I won't go there? Test me again and find out. Now ... open wide."

Pearl did so, letting her spit-rimmed jaw drop open. She lowered her head and took Jason's rigid member into her mouth.

"That's better," Kristin said. She put her lips to Jason's ear and said, "You like that, don'cha?"

Without waiting for Jason to answer she jerked his head up and down, making him nod in painful agreement.

"Then hold on tight, baby," Kristin said. "It's gonna be a rough fucking ride."

Kristin forced Pearl's head onto Jason's cock, then yanked it up again in quick succession, then down and up, down and up. Each time, Pearl gagged as Jason felt the head of his cock penetrate the entrance to Pearl's throat. Over and over, Kristin forced Pearl to powerfully face-fuck Jason, with Pearl whimpering the whole time.

Slam, pull, slam, pull slam, pull. Kristin gradually increased the tempo and the strength of Pearl's forced fellatio. At the same time, Kristin gyrated her crotch against Jason's bound hands. He could smell her arousal, could feel the wetness seeping through her yoga pants as she ground her pussy into Jason's palms and the handcuffs that held his wrists.

"fuuuck," Kristin grunted, her breath coming in short little huffs. "Take that that fucking dick, you gimpy whore," she said. "And you," she said, breathing into Jason's ear, "the Lady wants you to choke that one-armed bitch. Be a good boy for the Lady, and pump a nice big load down that bitch's throat, willya baby?"

And there was the problem. Jason hadn't come in a week. He couldn't. Despite the unyielding rigidity of his cock, the fantastically filthy head he was getting, and the overwhelming desire to come, facts was facts, and he simply couldn't.

But Kristin didn't know that. If only she'd let him explain, if only he'd tried harder to make her understand what had happened to him, maybe they wouldn't be in this situation.

As Pearl gagged and whimpered, her mouth repeatedly violated by Jason's cock, and as Kristin rubbed herself to multiple orgasms against to the spectacle of her lover and her lover's new lover being tortured by her own hand, Jason came to the realization that a scenario like this had been inevitable. Which was, horrifyingly, amusing, since he would never have expected a situation like this to be part of his life a mere seven days earlier.

Seven Days Earlier

Jason awoke to the sound of a click. Someone had just taken his picture.

Jason opened his eyes, which took some effort, and saw Telly, standing before him, his phone out.

"For posterity, Telly said. "Because this," he gestured around the living room with his phone, "is either cosplay gone perfectly right, or horribly wrong."

Jason sat up on his elbows and looked around. The room looked exactly as it had the night before, save that mid-morning light streamed in through the windows. Pearl and Granny remained dozing, positioned for the most part as they had been last night. The broken furniture and security-deposit-annihilating rents in the walls were even more damning by the light of day than they had been last night.

"Telly...look..." Jason began, but Telly cut him off with a raised hand.

"Nope," Telly said, without looking at Jason. "Not right now." He put his phone back into the pocket of his cargo pants before continuing.

"I don't really care what happened here last night," Telly said, "but I'm sure that, given enough time, you'll have a good explanation of where you've been for the last two weeks."

"Two weeks?" Jason gulped.

"But I don't about that," Telly said, "At least, not as much as I care about you getting this month's rent to me, not to mention replacing all this broken shit. Including, nota bene, my TV and Xbox."

"Two weeks?" Jason said again. Two weeks? he thought.

"And how you're gonna do that with no job," Telly said, "well, I don't give a fuck about that. Because you're gonna find a way, right?

"No job?" Jason said.

Telly glared at Jason. "Right?" he repeated.

Jason grimaced. "Right," he said.

"Great," Telly said, humorlessly. "Now, while you reflect on the choices in your life that brought you to this state, I'm going to pass out. I've been gaming with the crew for the last twelve hours. I've got Warhammer funk and a case of blue balls you sure as hell don't want to hear any more about."

And with that, Telly hoisted his overstuffed backpack onto his shoulder and walked to his room. Jason heard him mutter "Jesus" as he took in the ruined drywall in the hallway but, fortunately, Telly's room hadn't been part of last night's sex demolition. Jason heard Telly's door open, slam closed, and then swing open again.

"B T dubs," Telly called out. "Kristin."

"Yeah?" Jason said wearily.

"She says don't call her," Telly said, and then added, "Ever."

Telly's door slammed shut again. Jason slumped back onto the floor, to stare at the ceiling.

Pearl's upside-down face promptly filled his vision.

"I could slay him," she said, with menacing nonchalance.

"Please don't," Jason said. "Apparently, he's the only one paying rent."

"Bummer," Pearl pouted. "I really feel like slaying something."

"Not it," Jason said.

As if by unspoken agreement, they both sat up and turned to face each other.

"So..." Jason began.

"Yeah," said Pearl.

A few moments of silence, and then Pearl spoke again.

"Well," she said, "If it's all the same to you, I'm gonna pack up the old bat over there and, as you people put it, get out of your hair."

"Huh?" Jason said. "You can't just leave!"

"Sure I can," Pearl said. "Open portal, toss Granny in, step through, zip up from other side." She offered her remaining hand to Jason for a handshake. "No hard feelings?"

"But..." Jason spluttered. "Look at this apartment! How am I gonna clean this, let alone replace the broken stuff?"

"Details," Pearl said, standing up. "I'm sure you'll think of something."

Pearl bent down and grabbed Granny by an ankle. She shot a look at Jason. "You wanna give me a hand pulling her into your bedroom? I'll have an easier time opening the portal from in there."

"But what about what Telly said," Jason said, "Has it really been two weeks?"

Pearl rolled her eyes. "Probably," she said. "Granny opened the portal in a hurry. She likely messed up the time signature." She shrugged. "Mistakes were made, but we gotta move on." She nodded down at Granny impatiently. "One arm, remember? You gonna leave me hanging here?"

"Oh god," Jason said. "Kristin."

Pearl sighed. "Look," she said, "it was probably never gonna work out anyway, am I right? Best to just cut your losses and go. And by 'go' I mean 'go to Tarterus cause I got business to handle back there and we ain't getting any younger'."

"But...last night," Jason said, "What about last night? What about 'tal dono paraba'?"

Pearl stared at Jason with a look on her face, one that Jason knew well. He'd seen it from a dozen human women. It was the "letting him down easy" face. She abruptly dropped Granny's ankle, causing her foot to thud to the floor.

"Come on," Pearl said. "Last night...let's not make more of it than it was. You know, a wacky series of escapades and coincidences that we'll cherish for the rest of our days. Or, you know, never speak of again under pain of banishment. Okay?"

"You are so full of shit, Pearl," Jason said.

Pearl screwed up her face. "Ew," she said. "Not my thing, but I'm sure there's a nice gal out there who'll indulge you."

Jason simply glared at her.

"Alright," Pearl said. "I get it. You've got some things to work out, and I've really gotta bounce. So I'll just take this and go..."

With that, Pearl picked up Granny's leg again and commenced to dragging her, slowly, awkwardly, inches at a time, toward Jason's room.

Jason simply watched Pearl, fuming silently, until she was out of sight around the corner. Only then did he stare skyward and mutter, "Fuck."

A minute passed, and then Jason heard the sound of Pearl's voice, echoing his own. "Fuck."

A few seconds later, Pearl peeked around the frame of the hallway. "Jason?" she said sheepishly. "Honeylove, buttermuffin, or whatever? I need you to do a thing for me."

"What happened to 'cut your losses and go'?" Jason said, heaping scorn into his voice.

"Hmm," Pearl said, "about that...I seem to be out of juice."

"Oh really?" Jason said.

"Yeah," Pearl said. "I think all that fun we had last night really took it out of me."

"Fun...?" Jason said. "So what do expect me to do about it?"

Pearl grinned wickedly at him. "Easy," she said. "I need a recharge, baby."

Jason chuckled mirthlessly. "Are you fucking kidding me?" he said.

"Kidding? No." Pearl said. She stalked toward him, naked and bouncing in all the right places. "Fucking? I've heard worse ideas..."

"You are a heartless, manipulative bitch," Jason said. "You can go fuck yourself."

"Oh, don't be like that," Pearl said. "Besides, that certainly won't get me what I need."

"You didn't seem to care about my needs a minute ago," Jason said. "Why should I suddenly care about yours?"

"I'm not asking you to care," Pearl said. She stood over Jason's prone form now. Despite her recent deformities, the missing arm, and her severed wing, she was still the supremely enticing, full-breasted, voluptuous crimson demoness who had coerced him the several amazingly unforgettable orgasms. Against his will, Jason's cock took notice.

Pearl took notice of Jason's cock taking notice, and ran the tip of her tongue across her upper lip.

"You know the phrase 'tit for tat'?" Pearl said. She hefted first one overabundant breast and then the other, to demonstrate their sheer massiveness.

Inwardly, Jason rolled his eyes. That was Pearl, unsubtle as ever. Nonetheless, he was transfixed by the sight. Jason wished he could hide his arousal. He'd might have been able to bluff, if not for his traitorous (and apparently completely amoral) dick giving him away by throbbing stiffly at the object of his desire. He nodded dumbly.

"Well, you've got the 'tat'," Pearl said.

Pearl knelt down between Jason's legs. Her breasts fell heavily onto his member, firm and enticing.

"And I've got plenty of the other thing," Pearl continued. She deftly stroked Jason's rigid cock into the crimson valley of her cleavage. Jason moaned involuntarily, enraptured by the exquisite sensation of Pearl's warm, soft titflesh surrounding his dick.

"So maybe we can ... work something out ... " Pearl purred.

Pearl began to work Jason's cock between her breasts. It was a bit awkward, as she only had her one arm, but she managed to squoosh her breasts together by cradling them in the crook of her arm and using her hand to press inward.

The feeling was as great as ever, and Jason had to remain motionless, lest even his slightest motion add to the pleasure and push him over the edge.

"Don't be coy," Pearl said. "I know you like this. Can't get enough, can you?"

"Fuck you," Jason managed to say through clenched teeth. "You're not getting anything more out of me."

Pearl smiled. "Oh yes I am!" she sing-songed. "But by all means, hold back as long as you can. I'm going to need a really big load. So just lay back and enjoy the ride."

Jason felt the prickles at the edge of his brain that indicated that Pearl was trying her mind tricks on him again. He tried to resist, but felt his elbows buckle nonetheless. A moment later they gave out completely and he was flat on his back, and completely at the mercy of Pearl and her gargantuan mammaries.

"There you go," Pearl said breathily. "Let pretty Pearl work you into a nice creamy lather."

She continued to stroke Jason's cock in between the sinful softness of her succulent cleavage. She "ooh"-ed and "mmm"-ed at the sight of the head of Jason's tool peeking above the slopes of her mountainous breasts, and Jason found it increasingly harder to resist the simultaneous assault on his mind and his dick, as Pearl sought to inflame his desire.

Jason hated this. Hated that he was being used again, hated that it was his own weakness, his unquenchable lust for Pearl that allowed it to happen. He didn't want to give in to her. But the feeling of Pearl's fleshy breasts, the vision of his cock head repeatedly thrusting upward between their rippling mass, aimed directly at her devilishly beautiful face and that smug, full-lipped pout ... he desperately wanted to give her what she bargained for, plus interest.

His resistance waning, Jason hissed in defiance, "F-fuck...you..."

Pearl arched an eyebrow. "Mmm," she said confidently. "Promise?"

I've got to find a comeback that isn't such an innuendo, Jason thought wryly. He was in the process of forming such a rejoinder, when Pearl smiled wickedly.

"Oops," Pearl said. She pulled her arm away, releasing her breasts. Jason's dick fell with a heavy slap onto his belly.

"Gosh," Pearl said breezily. "I guess these girls are just too much for me to handle. I'm gonna need two big, strong drummer boy hands to hold them nice and tight. That is, unless you don't wanna - "

Jason slapped her hard across the face. He hadn't thought about it. The lust and desperation in him had sought release and that was just how it came out.

Pearl looked hurt, for just a second, and then bit her lower lip, a sultry glimmer in her eyes. "That felt like a yes," she said.

"Damn you," Jason said. Then, with both reticence and reverence, he touched Pearl's breasts, clutching one in each of his hands. The crimson breast flesh filled his hands, overflowing between his fingers, soft and smooth against his thick fingers.

Pearl's eyes rolled heavenward, and yellow sparks began to dance around them. "That feels good, baby," she breathed. Jason felt her nipples harden into his palms.

"So good," Pearl said. "My tits like it when you're rough with them."

"You want rough?" Jason said. Using Pearl's jugs, he replaced his cock within her cleavage. "I'll give you rough."

With that, Jason mashed Pearl's breasts together as hard as he could, pressing them together so tightly he could feel the hammer-pulsing of his dick vibrating her entire bosom.

"Fuck!" Jason exclaimed, and then began to do just that. He thrust his dick hard and deep into Pearl's abundant cleavage. "Fuck!" he said again, as he withdrew and thrust once more. "Fuck!" Withdraw, thrust.

Jason's focus was entirely on Pearl's torso. As far as he was concerned, she was nothing more than an incredibly large pair of breasts that existed solely for the pleasure of his eyes, his hands, and his cock.

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