tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDrunk Driving Ch. 02

Drunk Driving Ch. 02

byThe Freek©

Drunk Driving 2

The stairs creaked louder with every step. I flicked my hands trying to remove the excess water, but to no avail. The lights were out in every room upstairs. It took a few moments for my eyes to readjust to the dim light. The occasional flashes of lightning did little to aid me. I scanned the hallway and headed for the bathroom. I needed to dry off before I found Sandra, so I could really enjoy myself.

The bathroom door was partially open as I pushed inside. I left the lights off to allow my eyes to continue to adjust. A pleasurable feeling washed over me as I recalled the way Emily's orgasm was out of control. After smashing my car and driving drunk I should have called the cops, but I was far too nice, raping her with my umbrella made me feel better about the whole thing.

I was about finished relieving myself when the door pushed open with a crash. The noise startled me and I splashed on the side of the bowl. It was Sandra, walking in to use the bathroom. I froze in place and awaited her next action. She appeared to be oblivious to my presence, as she leaned against the counter. Her head hung low and her arms struggled to hold her up. Her hair was still wet and stringy, hanging in front of her face like a seasoned grunge rocker. I looked in the mirror and noticed her top was still open from when I ripped it.

I stood there watching her for a few minutes with my cock in hand waiting for an action from her. As I watched a nasty thought crossed my mind. I stepped in behind her and she didn't move a muscle. Moving in close enough to breathe down her neck I slid my hands around the the waist of this sexy 19 year old. Still she seemed to be unaware of the potential danger she was in. She would soon find out.

The lacy push up bra still left her nipples exposed. They lay flat against her body with no measure of excitement present. Gently I reached up and took her shirt by the collar and pulled downward off her shoulders. The shirt stuck a little due to the wetness of Sandra's skin, but it came off. I lifted each hand and slipped the shirt from her body. Now I was able to see her lacy bra was more that just a push up, it was a peek a boo. It had been designed to allow her nipples to always be exposed. It was doing its job very well as I felt my manhood starting to rise.

I slid my hands back around to her front and found the button of her pants. With both hands I grabbed at the clasp and open them. She rolled back her head and looked into the mirror. Her eyes rolled back into her head with excessively long blinking as she looked to see who was behind her. I tried to remain behind her as much as possible. In an appraising manner she scanned me up and down. Her mouth fell open to speak.

"What the fuck are you doing?..... Asshole!.....Not in these pants," she blurted.

"What you don't like this," I asked?

"Course I do.....I'm drunk......and I don't want to," she sputtered.

Her eyes fell closed hard as her head bobbled on her scrawny neck. Her knees buckled as she struggled to stand. I reached around her waist and held her up. Her arms pushed against mine attempting to break free from my grasp. It was all in vain.

She was so small and light that I could hold her aloft with just one arm. Reaching for the top of her pants I pulled them down sharply. They caught on her skin as they passed over her hips, burning her skin as I forced them off. Her pink taunt skin was exposed to the air. The curve of her hips caused my excitement to jump. The mole on her left hip added a measure of sexiness to her shapely young body. Her struggling returned as she started to yap at me some more.

"Hey! I said no... Get away from me," she barked. "Listen asshole... I said no."

I just chuckled as her feeble attempts to escape required little effort form me. Pulling her tight around her mid drift caused her to grunt in pain. My squeezing quickly quelled her rambunctious arms. They grasped at her stomach eager to stop the pain. Her drunken state made her efforts less than effective. With her distracted, her yellow bikini panties, that matched her lacy push up bra, easily slid off. Using my foot I stepped on them forcing them to the floor. Her feet became tangled in them and she naturally stepped out of them to free her feet.

Perfect, I thought, now she was almost totally naked. What a beautiful little body she had. Completely different from Emily's body, but still very nice maybe even better. I love the girls with the smaller tits and tall sporty types and Sandra fit the description perfectly. Taunt milky white skin, perfect dollar sized nipples, tall and thin, but not thin enough to see her ribs. She still had a little meat on her bones. Soon she would have more meat on her, mine.

Holding Sandra tight, I slid my knee between her legs and pushed them apart. I stepped in with both legs forcing her to keep them open. My hard cock rose up the inside of her thigh, brushing against her smooth silky skin as it adventured north. Her nipples danced with excitement at the touch of my rough hard fingers. She continued to struggle trying to get free. In the mirror I could see tears running down her face.

Quietly she cried as my hand roamed all over her body. I licked at her neck despite her attempts to lean forward to get away. I felt her fingers jab into the arm constricting around her. Without nails she struggled to scratch my skin. I watched her body react to my touch. Her eyes stayed closed as her head bounced around on her neck. In her attempts to free herself she even tried dropping her entire weight in my arm. Unfortunately, she didn't weigh enough to cause me to let go. Her knees banged against the counter and she quickly supported her weight again when she realized she was only hurting herself.

Seeing her strip of pubic hair pointing towards her pussy, I decided to follow the path in laid out. I pushed firmly on her belly as I drew up my hand for a full frontal assault. She grabbed my wrist and fought my advances as my finger journeyed through her public hair.

"No... no...NO....you can't.....NO DON'T, she barked in an attempt to make me stop. All the while her eyes remained closed.

Whether she was unable to see well or she didn't want to know, I was unsure. It didn't matter. She was mine to have and I was taking her. The firmness of little pussy felt wonderful in my hand as I traced her pussy lips like I had done with Emily. I pulled back my hips allowing my cock to slide up against her ass. Her soft voluptuous ass felt incredibly soft even against my hardened cock. I ground my hardness into the cheek of her ass.

She wept even harder now as I had her trapped. I grabbed as much pubic hair as I could as clawed at my arm. With even the few hairs I had firmly in my fingers, she continued to push at my hand. With a sudden jerk of my hand I yanked at the hairs. She screamed in pain as her tears started to gush.

"Bastard....you're a bastard," she sobbed at me.

I liked her tears and she stopped trying to move my hand. In the mirror I could see the spot where the hairs had once been. I continued my fondling of her pussy lips as I watched her nipples harden with my stroking. I slid my index finger inside her and she squirmed trying to avoid the sensations. Her nipples stood erect above the cut outs in her bra magnificently. I thought about spinning her around and biting them. To have them in my mouth would be a wonderful feeling. I love hard nipples touching me anywhere on my body.

Sliding my finger out of her pussy and up to her clit allowing the moisture to envelope her. I rubbed at her nub slowly and methodically. Her breathing started to change. The sobs were breaking apart and had become more sporadic. I pushed on her pussy a little harder in an attempt to garner a better response. I kissed the nape of her neck and tasted the remnants of her perfume that had not been washed off by the rain. Shifting my hips allowed my cock to move off the cheek of her ass and into the crack between the two cheeks.

She tilted her head to the side away from me as she continued her protests although they were far less aggressive.

"No. Don't do this. I can't.....I....ohh..no please...my pussy," she breathed.

Her mouth fell open with each word that escaped her lips, pausing to draw in the required air in a laborious fashion. The wetness of her pussy was starting to emit a lovely scent. A scent unlike the one Emily produced. Somehow it was different. She leaned her body back into mine allowing me to support her weight, I let my hips gyrate between her ass cheeks as she bit into her lip.

The mirror had been very handy in seeing her reactions to my advances. Now it told a different tale, one of pleasure and desire. Sandra's hands had dropped to her sides, unable to fight me and now unable to resist me. Soon her hands covered mine as I continued to finger her pussy. I started to loosen my hold from around her waist, in an attempt to gage her response. She didn't move except for her heavy breathing. Cautiously I snaked my free hand up her body.

I fondled her stomach and chest before coming to rest upon her protruding nipples. They stabbed at my palm, touching the pleasure senses, pushing my arousal to greater limits. I encircled her small tits with my finger tips and rubbed them in a twisting pattern, closing in on her nipple. The small bumps around her areola jumped at my touch. Drawing my hand to my mouth I licked my finger tips before returning to her and wiping my spit onto her chest.

Her head dropped back onto my shoulders. I licked at the ear of this young woman I had watched grow for so many years. Her dainty young hands pushed harder at my fingers as I felt her start to quiver against me. She was starting to collapse with the arrival of an orgasm. I had heard of some women fainting from a big orgasm, but had never experienced it.

Her eyes still held tight together as she lurched forward against the sink. She gasped loudly and grunted her appreciation. Her wobbly arms attempted to support her upright as she collapsed to her elbows panting.

"Oh my God," she gasped " I have.....that was...(pant)."

I released her completely and stepped back from her naked body. Her ass was red from my cock sliding between her cheeks. That was no the only redness that caught my eye. Dripping down her inner thigh was a mixture of her vaginal secretions and blood. I pondered this thought for a moment as I wondered if she was a virgin too or was she menstruating?

Grabbing her by her ass cheeks I forced them apart. Her entire pussy was covered in blood. I noticed that my hand was too. Anger started to build inside me. There was no way I was going to fuck her pussy now. I wasted all that time getting her ready to be fucked and it is ruined by her being on her period.

"Damn it all," I barked.

She didn't move. Grabbing her by the hip I pushed her towards the toilet. As the cold porcelain touched her legs she tumbled backwards onto the toilet and into the tank. A loud crack rang out as she leaned back. She had broken the toilet seat in her fall. Oblivious to the damage she repositioned herself onto the toilet and started to pee. Within a moments time she had forgotten I was there.

Now I had more to fix tomorrow and I was still hard with no satisfaction. Frustration and anger danced over me as I looked for an outlet. It was just then that Sandra let out a huge prolonged yawn. I sprang on her and grabbed her head. I hooked my hands in her hair and jammed my cock into her mouth. At first she jumped in surprise at my rock hard cock suddenly appearing out of no where to fill her tiny mouth. Her eyes bulged as I forced her nose to touch my stomach. Her hands pounded at my hips as she pushed with all she had. I held her tight against my body as her throat moved around my cock. She gagged repeatedly as I could feel my pre shot start to drip down her throat. Tilting my head, I enjoyed the sensations of her hands upon my body.

I stepped into her forcing her shoulders to rest upon my legs. It was much harder for her to resist now. Bucking my hips into her mouth as she frantically pulled at my skin, allowed me to rapidly approach climax. I wove my fingers into her hair, holding her in place as I skull fucked her. Her attempts to scream were thwarted by my repeated filling of her throat.

Her gagging stopped suddenly as I felt a sharp pain in my cock. She had clamped down into my cock and was biting it as hard as she could. I pulled back and out of her mouth as my hand came down across her face. Vomit erupted from her mouth just as my slap connected with her face. She fell off the toilet landing partially over the tub. She continued to vomit. A foul stench quickly filled the air as the entire night's drinking was resurrected into my tub.

Thoroughly disgusted as she continuously barfed, I knew I was done here. It was something else to add to the list of frustrations. She had escaped my fucking her pussy and her mouth. This was getting frustration. I thought about fucking her ass while she puked, but the smell was too nasty. It was starting to make me gag. My cock started thinking for me in its eagerness.

I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed the KY in an attempt to overcome the smell. I approached her ass, but was repelled. Frustrated and angry I left her over the tub. Closing the door to the hallway trapped some of the smell inside the bathroom. The light pitter patter of rain falling on the window reminded me that Emily was still outside. She was not at the top of my priority list at the present moment. I wanted and needed to get fucked, but where and from whom?

Emily was outside and Sandra was getting sick, who else was left? The vision of the string disappearing down the crack of her ass jumped into my head. My cock jumped in approval. It was my daughter. Should I really fuck my daughter let alone rape her? Tormented by my frustration and ethical dilemma, I headed down the hall towards her room. I trickle of light seeped out form under the door.

Gently I pushed it open, forgetting that my cock was still hanging out. Her Minnie Mouse night light was cascading a gentle soft light over the body of my daughter as she laid face first on her bed. Her legs were strewn off the edge of the bed as she had apparently passed out. Her shirt hung partially off her shoulder and her skirt lay on the floor near her feet. The memory of that hot g string on the stairs was quickly replaced by my present view. Watching for a moment I noticed her little rosebud peaking out around her undies. Reaching back I pushed the door closed as I reached for the button on my pants.

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