tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDrunk Driving Ch. 04

Drunk Driving Ch. 04

byThe Freek©

I awoke to the sounds of giggling outside my door. My head was cloudy as I stretched and yawned to welcome the morning. I realized I had left my door open last night when I had gone to bed. It was in the same moment that I realized I was still naked and facing the door. The sounds of three girls clamoring their way down the hall let me know I had been spotted.

What a great night, I thought to myself. I wondered if any of them had realized what I did to them. I could hear them down stairs in the kitchen, talking and teasing each other as they made their breakfast. I rolled to the edge of the bed and paused, thinking well if I was busted at least I had enjoyed myself. Grabbing my robe off the back of my door, not bothering to get any other clothes on, I headed down stairs.

I paused in the doorway and watched them bustle around for a few minutes as they made their breakfast. Heidi hot ass was barely covered by her nightgown. The firm roundness of her shapely ass peaked out from under the hem. Teasing me and taunting me as I felt my manhood start to rise to the occasion. Heidi wasn't the only one who caught my attention. Sandra's firm tits were being accentuated by the skin tight top she had adorned herself with. Her nipples pressed firmly against the white cotton shirt, raising just enough to be visible. Emily too had noticed Sandra's condition.

"Is it too cold in here for you Sandra," she blurted as she reached for Sandra and tweaked her nipple making it jump to life.

The room erupted in laughter, as Sandra swatted at Emily. The two pushed and grabbed at each other tits, trying to pinch their nipples. I watched with enjoyment as they pulled at each others bodies. Vulgar thoughts started to fill my mind. What a great idea it would be to have these two girls have sex with each other while I prowled around them, taking them when I wanted to. I needed a plan.

"Morning ladies, did we have a good time last night," I questioned?

"Uhh, we think so," replied my daughter Heidi. The other two both just nodded in agreement.

"So anyone care to tell me what happened to my car," I pressed?

Emily immediately cleared her throat, loud enough to draw the attention of the other girls. Her head dropped to the floor as her eyes peaked up at me. All of the girls were silent. Only the sounds of the crackling eggs could be heard.

"Well, I was driving sir, It's my fault," she muttered.

I watched her heaving breasts rise and fall rapidly as her fear started to get the best of her. I was amazed at the way her body reacted. The harder she breathed the harder her nipples became. It was obvious that she had chosen to leave off her bra this morning. I was not objecting. I flicked a glance towards the other two girls who dropped their heads as well. I struggled with the words that escaped my lips, as they were the opposite of what I really wanted to say.

"Oh, its ok hunny, come here, as long as no one got hurt. We can fix the car, but you'll have to help pay for it," I said softly, using my best comforting voice.

The tears ran down Emily's face as she looked up at me with surprise. She flashed a quick look of amazement at the other girls as she slowly walked towards me. I smiled gently as I pulled her into my arms, sliding my hands around her waist. I forced her hard nipples into my body and hugged her tightly. One of her hands got caught up in my robe and slid inside against my skin. I kissed her gently on the top of her head, as I pressed my hardening cock into her hip. An audible gasp escaped her lips as she felt it press into her flesh.

"Now, now enough tears, ok? Get your breakfast. We'll sort it out later. I have to go out of town tonight and won't be back until tomorrow morning," I remarked. I was hopeful that my daughter Heidi would ask if her friends could stay over again. I wasn't disappointed.

"Daaadddddyyyy," she whined. "Can the girls stay over again? You know I don't like being alone in the house.

Casting a frustrated look towards the three I replied, "Well I guess so. Only if you drink you must stay here. You are grounded from my car, Understand?

I collective jolt of acceptance echoed through the room as they erupted into a fury of chatter. Struggling to control my temper, I grabbed a seat at the table and watched them as they puttered around. Their firm hard bodies swayed and lulled my anger to devise a rather devious plan for the party. Sandra stood on the opposite side of the breakfast bar firing quick glances at me. I sat and wondered, confused, but intrigued.

I looked away from her trying to catch her in my peripheral vision. I noticed that when she crossed in front of the stove she glanced down towards the floor under the table. I guess I am pretty stupid in the morning, as it took me several minutes to figure it out. I was sitting with my legs slightly open; she was looking up my robe, staring at my cock.

The other two girls seemed busy with the breakfast. They even offered to make some for me. When Emily and Heidi brought over the plate of eggs and a few pieces of toast I took the chance to open my legs wide to let Sandra get a good view. I peeked around Emily towards Sandra and caught her staring at my cock. I made it pulsate to keep her attention. She continued to stare as I slowly ate my breakfast pretending to be oblivious to her intrusion. Her distraction kept her as the last one to join us at the table. Her nipples were hard, as I recalled the feel of them in my hands last night. Sandra had gotten off easy last night, but not tonight.

Sitting across the table from me, I watched her tits bang against the table as she leaned in forward to eat. She struggled with her food and her hands fumbled with the fork as her eyes darted up mine afraid to make prolonged contact. She was hot and not just her looks, her internal fire had started much to her chagrin. Her nipples continued to point at me through the entire meal. I knew what she really wanted was to be riding my cock. The idea of fucking her friend's father had her aroused. Who was I to deny her?

After my shower, I returned to my room, leaving the door to the ensuite slightly open. I bustled around my room in an attempt to make it look like I really had a business trip to go on. Wandering around the room naked, I filled the bag with a couple of items I felt I could use. The bottle of lubricant, my cock ring and my rubber handled hair brush were amongst the mix. I paused with my back to the bathroom, resisting the urge to turn as I heard the water of the shower start.

I heard the door of the shower slide closed and I moved to peek at the occupant of my shower. I reached for the door and opened it even more, allowing me to fully see through the clear shower door. The steam was filling the room quickly, obstructing my view. I could tell by her shapely body that it was my daughter I was watching. I noticed the door to the hallway was also partially open as I saw the door start to move slightly. I backed out of the bathroom and pulled my door partially closed again. Peeking into the bathroom I could see a figure was peeking in at my daughter from the other side.

I went to the door to the hallway and edged out allowing me to see the scantily clad body of Emily as she voyeured Heidi's young hard body. I could easily see her nipples were hard and protruding from her shirt. Her mouth hung slightly open, closing only to swallow gruffly as her gaze remained unbroken. She was either a lesbian or just bi sexual. Either way I knew that this was a great opportunity for me. As the water stopped and the door slid open the look on Emily's face changed as her view had become unobstructed. Suddenly she ducked and stole away down the hallway and I recoiled into my room.

The day went day uneventfully, as the girls spent most of the day in and out of the house. Several times I reminded them that they better not bring any boys over. There were to be no wild parties or I would kill them all. Despite their agreement I wondered if they would ignore me. At roughly four o'clock I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. I drove to a restaurant and had a meal and found other ways to waste my time until I could sneak back after dark.

Time seamed to drag on forever as I pondered and planned my actions. I knew I could get in the house though the back door, but I wondered how I was going to stay hidden from them. I had left the keys to my liquor cabinet on the kitchen counter hoping they would find them and dig right in. Parking down the street I tucked my specialty items into my coat and headed down the street. As I closed in on the house I could hear the music blaring, but there were no extra cars that I could see.

I headed around back, careful to not stand in the middle of a window and be spotted. Raising my self up onto my toes I glanced over the fence. Sandra was laying on a lounge chair bikini clad and drink in hand. Her eyes were partially open as her head bobbed and wobbled. She was getting smashed. I was in luck. The other two girls were no where to be found. The glass fell from her hand and surprisingly didn't break on the patio.

Heidi appeared through the patio doors, staggering and weaving. She laughed loudly as she shook Sandra to try and wake her. Calling for Emily to join her, she laughed at the sight of Sandra old cold on the lawn chair. Emily too cast taunts at Sandra, but they fell upon deaf ears. Sandra was done for the night. In what seemed like an attempt to wake Sandra, Emily grabbed her tit and squeezed it roughly. Sandra didn't move, but Heidi fell silent as she watched Emily grab Sandra's tits exposing them for both to see.

Heidi stared at Sandra as her hand reached out for Emily. Heidi's bikini was one I had never seen her wear. I resembled her underwear with great ease. I thought it barely covered her nipples. She might as well have been standing naked in the backyard, for all the bikini was covering. Feeling Heidi's hand on her, Emily stopped pulling at Sandra's clothes. Looking Heidi dead in the face she smiled at her with lustful passion. The two girls headed back inside, leaving Sandra exposed in the lawn chair.

By using the windows on the side of the house I could see the girls laying on the couches side by side, still laughing and giggling to each other. The clock on the VCR read 10:52, awfully early to be hammered, but who was I to complain.

In the next hour I watched them drink themselves to the point of passing out for the second night. They obviously hadn't learned their lesson about getting totally drunk. I could fix that. Returning to the fence to check on Sandra, I was happy to see I was going to be able to help her realize her dream of fucking me, even if she was still on her period.

I reached over the fence and opened the gate, gently swinging it out of the way. I slipped inside and approached Sandra. Her young supple body staring back at me, I thought I had missed an opportunity last night by not fucking her in the bathroom, but now was my chance.

Emily had really done a number on her that I obviously hadn't been able to see. Not only was her top pulled up exposing her tits, but her bottoms had been pulled up into her crotch creating an incredible camel toe. Her shaved pussy was being cradled, exposing every crevasse of her pussy. Standing over her I touched her shoulder and gave her a bit of a shake just in case she was faking it for the girls. Not a single muscle moved even with a rough shake.

Not concerned with the girls inside, I slid my hand between her legs, engulfing her pussy in my hand. Drawing back I slid my index finger in the middle of her camel toe. Repeating this several times, I felt the dampness in her panties. The perfect form of her pussy kept me captivated as I continued to stroke her. Suddenly remembering my toys, I pulled the camera from my inside pocket before discarding the jacket beside me. The patio lights slipped over Sandra and the entire deck, illuminating her beautiful 19 year old body. I directed the lens at her pussy from different angles making sure I could see the dampness leaking from her pussy.

Her nipples had grown stiff alerting me to her further arousal. I flicked my tongue against her nipples as I suckled them like a newborn baby. The soft tenderness of her breasts made my manhood jump to attention. I snapped a few more pictures of her tits before returning to her pussy. I returned to my fondling of her young pussy as I slid her legs off each side of the lounger. Dipping my fingers deep into all sides of her camel toe, her wetness returned.

Spending several minutes gearing up her pussy allowed her natural juices to build to the point of over flow. With my middle finger I rubbed at her nub eager to find her clit. I was having great difficulties getting inside the folds of her wet pussy. Without removing her bathing suit I slid my hand down under her bikini bottoms. I grabbed her entire pussy into my hand, gently squeezing and massaging her folds. Exploring every fold and crack I could find, I cared not if she was menstruating.

I slid my middle finger upwards again trying to find her clit. This time it was easy to find. As soon as I touched it she jolted with excitement. I felt her knee pressing against my leg as she opened her legs as wide as he could. Gently flicking her clit didn't seem nearly enough. I used my wrist to pull her suit away from her body and snapped a few pics of my hand fingering her clit. Driving my finger deep into her pussy released the flood gates of her juices as my hand was instantly soaked.

I did notice that my hand was not covered with blood either. I took a few pictures of first one finger in her pussy and then two. Her arousal was in full swing as her hips gyrated to meet my intruding fingers. As she rocked back and forth I held my hand still allowing her to finger fuck herself. Each time she pushed down harder upon my hand, coating it with her juices. Setting the camera to movies mode I captured the action. When I had enough video, I reached down and pulled down her bottoms only enough to free her bald, dripping pussy to the air. She groaned and moaned along with me as I watched her intently.

I put the camera down on her stomach as I reached for my waist band. With great difficulty I managed to get my now throbbing cock out of my pants. Picking up the camera I repositioned myself next to Sandra's face. I poked my cock into her cheek but she didn't react. She was too busy enjoying my fingers. After several pokes I slid my cock against her lips. She pursed her lips and opened her mouth slightly creating an opening to slide my cock across.

I started to gyrate my hips as I dragged my cock across this young girl's soft lips. I really wanted to feel the wetness of her mouth sucking feverously on my hardness, but this would do. For now. Several times she bucked her hips and turned her head away as she gasped for breath. I was sure she was having an orgasm or she was trying to stop one. Finally I pulled my soaking hand out of her pussy.

I reached for face with my wet hand and worked my finger between her lips. At first she was hesitant, but eventually she relented and opened her mouth. My fingertips touched her tentative tongue as her juices dripped off into her mouth. Her tongue rolled over my fingers pulling of as much of her juices as she could. I stood stunned as she moved her own fingers to her pussy.

One hand rubbed her clit as the other drove three fingers deep into the dark confines of her love tunnel. Her circles started small but quickly grew in size. Catching myself, I quickly grabbed the camera and made sure I had a permanent record of her masturbation. I was stunned by her beauty and by her masturbation technique. She had forgotten about my fingers as she drew her own hand to mouth tasting her juice with wanton disregard. She had done this before. Her orgasm quickly rose as my own excitement jumped.

I had enough of watching. I was ready. I pulled off my pants and underwear completely freeing my hard on. A drip of cum escaped from the tip of my cock. As I yank my shirt off and flung it to the ground. Moving around to her feet allowed me to pull her down in the chair. Her feet bent behind her as I moved into position. She looked perfect as I dropped my head to her pussy to taste her. The pussy juices attacked my nostrils, filling my head with desire. I almost shot my load by eating her pussy, but I barely managed to stop myself as her hand grabbed at my head.

Holding me at her pussy, she forced my face into her wetness. Her gasps became groans that were not quiet. I never thought about anyone hearing us nor did I care at this point. I licked her clit and sucked on it with all the force I could muster. It was only when she released my head that I came up for air. Quickly I moved up her body. I didn't require a hand to aim my attack. She was so excited that my cock was directed into her pussy.

The feeling was something to behold. She contracted her pussy and gripped my cock with a vice like grip. Her bathing suit twisted to the side, out of the way. I lowered my face towards hers in an attempt to kiss her. My natural instincts took over as I started pumping my hips against my daughter's friend. This was the second time in as many days, that I had had this young beauty in my grasp.

Forcing my lips against hers, she appeared to be stunned as I flicked my tongue into her half open mouth. The taste of her pussy still consumed me. Once inside her mouth she seemed to snap out of her daze and sucked hard upon my tongue. She drew her own juices off of me and swallowed hard and quickly. Her hands grasped my waist and her fingernails dug into my ass as she pulled my cock inside her as deep as it would go.

It didn't take long before I reached my orgasm. I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. It excited me to know that this young girl liked to be fucked as hard as possible. The harder I drove her the more she groaned and dug into my ass. I came with an explosion as my sperm shot repeatedly into her pussy. I held cock inside her pussy pushing as hard as I could as she orgasmed beneath me.



"OH, OH, OH, OH, OHHHHHHHHH," she screamed as her orgasm hit her.

I collapsed on top of Sandra. The sweat poured off my body, dripping onto hers. Her hands rested on my ass as we both gasped for air. Totally spent we both got what we needed. The sudden end of the blaring music drew my attention towards the house. Looking up over Sandra's naked body I saw Emily stumbling out the door towards me. She spun around several times as she struggled to stay standing. Quickly I rolled off Sandra causing my cock of pop as it left the grasp of her pussy.

Slinking sideways keeping my eyes on Emily I moved to the edge of the deck. I grabbed my coat and camera as I slid to the side. Emily didn't even notice me. She barely made it to Sandra before she tumbled to the ground laughing. Heidi was the next to appear. She too was giggling out of control. Reaching for Emily, she grabbed her big tit, trying to pull Emily to her feet.

"Leave her alone, Emily. Let her sleep it off. Come on. Hey.. You have big tits you know that," she said.

Only laughter came form Emily as she struggled to stand up. Upon reaching her feet she drew Heidi in close placing her hand on her ass and gurgled in her face.

"You ass is dynamite too. I'd love to lick it," she spewed I her drunken haze.

Heidi only laughed as she put her hand on Emily's ass and the two turned for the house. It was a close call. Glancing back at Sandra I spotted her pulling at her bottoms before she collapsed into sleep. Grabbing my clothes I moved to the door to see where Heidi and Emily went. They had collapsed on the couch Heidi on the bottom and Emily on top, their lips locked together. I grabbed for my camera. This I had to get.

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